: You can tolerate flaming but you can't tolerate a simple "ez"? And some people wonder why "ez" is said in the first place...
Bruh, i only use it if i just got a quad u can use it if u deserve it
: {{champion:350}} . because she is an item. she is basically adaptive free {{item:3089}} and will get more AP than your current mage team mate
BRUH, so happy we finally got a new item, i mean it heals me sometimes and gives me ap stat :) but for some reason but for some reason i can never find my support... anyone wanna help?
: New Kayle
i mean if you are so worried, buy grevoius wounds to stop her heals, and kayle isn't too broken mostly cuz of her early being shit and it actually hurts to play her pre 11
: Alright folks, this is going to be a big one; Let's talk ALL the current Tier 1 VGU priority champs
I would love for that Chogath VGU but I really just want him to still keep his growing size ( really fun as you slowly watch this little cute monster transform into a beast bigger than tower xd)
Ayzev (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bag0fDirt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7AgEy43A,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-25T20:45:13.042+0000) > > 1. make them automatically target the champ with lowest current hp Tanks would just become worthless and ADCs would need 2 lifesteal items without an enchanter support
> [{quoted}](name=Ayzev,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7AgEy43A,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-01-26T03:49:27.960+0000) > > Tanks would just become worthless and ADCs would need 2 lifesteal items without an enchanter support I meant as if you just got out of a 5v5 and take baron but your ADC has 100 hp left, it just doesn't seem fair she can just sit there and melt while taking no damage but then again I do see your point
Kivolan (NA)
: Healing is the main issue. Baron / Vilemaw should apply Grievous Wounds to anyone attacking it.
> [{quoted}](name=Kivolan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7AgEy43A,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-01-26T01:29:43.283+0000) > > Healing is the main issue. Baron / Vilemaw should apply Grievous Wounds to anyone attacking it. Yea i do agree but that would leave champs such as {{champion:19}} and {{champion:20}} super weak against them and thats kinda their job xd
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: My first game, had an AFK Miss Fortune. We were losing in the beginning, but due to the fact that I had Dark Harvest, I began chunking people with Jhin. Eventually, I began to chunk 3/4 of their health in one shot, and the MF came back so we won, even though it was 3-15 in the beginning
yea you can really pop off with the on fire buff, espically if ur an adc, high dmg mage
: /mute all Best feature in league
I would agree but... not typing that command has won me countless games, you can untie your whole team with just chat, or understand your mistakes when people point it out But if toxic players really annoy you just mute that oneso you don't turn s blind eye to the good teamates
: So... being new to a champ means you're braindead now?
I went through through the same exact thing, I was lvl 40 on my first ever account and I played kindred (I thought they were cool even though I was pretty average at her). She was soo hard to play because I didn't know how to dodge and I usually spammed my abbilities. Not AA ing because I had 15- games. It was horrible. A lot of smurfs or players that knew what they were doing would spam ping, flame and report me for "inting" like I was playing in gold.(I was unranked because my first ranked game was soo toxic I gave up on it) Later I just had a mindset I was always the worst player in every match and this lead to me making a new account just playing aram And God aram helped, I learned team fighting, dodging skill shots, champions and their abilities and even started to carry most of my matches. Don't worry man you will get better and even surpass those who flame you.( btw give aram a shot)
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: My **only** hope is that this doesn't mean that his current Ult is going in the dumpster when he gets reworked.
Yea it's a very unique Ult
: reached my limit with this game i think (generic rant)
Aram is fun.. because it's not fair, you might have 4 adc while enemy has 5 assassin's. Try stuff like tank yasuo if they have assassin's
: Fastest way to level
This is personal preferable. .. but I say Aram, it's fun, fast and gives good experience
: Next year. Reav3 gave a nod for Morde
Really? I thought they were gonna do a lot of other reworks before like {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}}. But if it's true I really wanna see if they give him a primary role or keep him as a melee caster
Eggbread (NA)
: The ghost is a little hard to control, but it can be extremely rewarding with certain champion ghosts. The dragon ghost isn't shabby either. Even the DoT part of his ultimate is really good simply due to its duration and the subsequent interaction with items like {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} and other items.
I agree with everything you just said
: It pains me to watch Morde players who don't even utilize the ghost.
to be fair he is a very underplayed champ and probably wont be getting a rework any time soon
: Idk if it has been fixed but you can Ulti Jhin on his 4th shot and his ghost will always shoot his 4th shot without needing to reload.
I have heard of that but i never got one of those 4th shot jhin
: You would see it used better if it wasn't loaded with so many bugs that the only way to make use of it it's as a meat shield against towers (which still isn't assured to work as the ghost will time to time refuse to attack). Any attempt of outplaying the enemies will result in AI randomness.
True, there are soo many bugs that riot still doesnt wanna fix. Prob because it would take alot of work but even though it seems hard its very possible to use these ghosts (kinda like playing 2 champs at once)
: {{champion:223}} yes we get it for the cdr so we can spam stun enemy champions with q over and over again.
that is quite true... for 1v1 or 2v2 that is, but considering that you will be team fighting almost all the time, being on fire isnt really that great for tahm cuz ur gonna be at the front, and ADC wants to kill you because she gets like 700 gold so you kinda cant just die beacuse ur gonna feed her tons. And trust me you will be easy work for her, and even if you somehow get to the ADC their buddies would just let you and will prob end you. Then again you can go to the back lines and play it safe, but your value really drops espically if you only have 1 other front line because if he drops, its ez game for them
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: There is a serious problem with this game right now
To be fair. Getting kills is the assassin's job and if he cannot kill an squishy fast he gets deleted. It's would be hard to balance assassin's cuz people hate being 1 shot and assassin's hate not doing enough dmg But I do agree some assassin's need a nerd, but don't nerf them to oblivion {{champion:30}} <give buffs
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