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: I know this might sound harsh but don’t say stuff like “my grandfather was diagnosed with alzheimers”. By saying that the person flaming you knows for sure that they made you upset and that gives them more fuel to insult and flame you. I wold recommend you to stay so focused on how you are playing and pay attention to the game so you hopefully won’t see those provoking comments. That is _if_ you think the person might actually get their shit together and type something useful in chat then do that, if not then just mute them. I feel kinda the same way with you, I got super sick when I was a baby and nearly died. The doctors expected me to die but I stayed alive but I had a bunch of brain damage that resulted in ADHD (not that sure if I got ADHD from that, if I had it before or if I just have some of the same symptoms as ADHD). So it makes me sad and very disappointed when people use brain damage and ADHD to try and insult somebody (mainly me). But I have learned to ignore what they say and focus on myself playing the game. Usually in a normal game and in champ select, I say in chat “I want to try something new” or “I am not good at this role” and end it with “so expect me to feed” or “so pls don’t flame if I feed” . After that I will say something like “but I will try my hardest to not feed of course”. That way I can hopefully make the people on my team know before hand that I am a possible weak link in the team and that I am out of my comfort zone with this role/champ. Most of the time people understand when they see this and they won’t flame, if they are instead the complete assholes that will flame you anyways then just ignore them and focus on pulling your weight.
I know that you're right. I thought it immediately after I said it. But I just thought that, maybe somewhere deep down inside them, they might gain empathy and be more understanding of the people on the other side of the keyboard. I'm sorry about what you've been through.
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