: I love League, I played it for 10 years. But you make me want to quit.
Well, the issue here is, ironically, one I've seen, though in a different fashion, in For Honor (for those that don't know, it's a sort of medieval-esque fighting game in a 3D plane) of all places. There is no feasible reason to go on the offense or promote offense when a defense is incredibly strong. That game devolved to turtle wars years ago because throwing any attack and getting it parried would result in a crushing punish, and the best defensive characters with the best punishes were just the best characters. All of the possible offenses were reactable and easily countered. And now, the developers are moving towards an offensive game. They've made openers and other attacks **_incredibly_** fast and quick, or they go into an insanely difficult mix-up game that force a response. Any other offensive character that lacks these or has weak versions of these is not viable, period. And people are complaining that the offense for some characters is either too much or too garbage. The more defensively designed characters legit have too good of defensive options and are therefore frustrating, or too garbage of ones and unplayable. In League, when defense and tanks become good, it is often because they possess the offensive capabilities in tandem with their defensive power to simply survive and kill people in a decent pace during their lives. Or, their defense becomes so incredibly powerful that their mediocre or garbage offensive becomes enough to kill the opponent anyway. And tanks also have the issue where, if they're designed to be defensive walls with almost _no_ offense, they have no solitary agency, which means they basically have to stall until their allies arrive. All of these feel incredibly awful in some fashion gameplay wise. So Riot moves away from survival and towards damage, making damage so high that everything dies. Which makes what they're doing with {{champion:3}} incredibly frustrating, since they're apparently pushing him as a tank with even _less_ agency than other tanks, what with his ridiculously long cooldowns, mediocre damage, and a passive that cannot be utilized in its current state in this game climate. I ultimately blame Aftershock and the Resolve tree for a lot of the tank woes, because it inflates their tankiness across the board and therefore causes them to receive scrutiny and nerfs, before the true problem (Aftershock) is nerfed and the champions are left woefully terrible (what I call the Riot Special). The other runes cause this problem on the damage/healing side of things, where the baseline power of a champion is inflated and needs to be considered in tandem with runes for every change. Those that cannot use the runes well end up the losers. Others are unbalanceable because they use the rune system too well But what ultimately happens is that whatever meta arrives, a group ends up feeling powerless. In tank meta, it's basically everyone _but_ tanks. Whenever it's damage heavy, it's **only** tanks. Others can die instantly, yes, but they also can kill people. And if they have survival tools, they end up being just enough to prolong their lives to kill an enemy. In shielding/healing strong times, burst mages and assassins feel miserable. Poke suffers as well due to the power to mitigate the damage. Many people cite inflated, easily accessible CDR as an issue damage wise, but that's only problematic due to the level of damage. If damage was lower, having this much CDR isn't nearly as bad; in fact, it can be interesting, because it forces many won exchanges in a shorter period of time. CDR in this scenario becomes problematic when considering utility, because the utility - whether that be stuns, blinks, dashes, etc. - then must be designed to not be overbearing if it is frequently available. It can also be an issue for burst characters and their itemization, because they now must pick up CDR since their damage might often be inadequate to accomplish their job. If League could every reach a phase where every class has at least some agency, that would be awesome. But I'm not holding my breath for any progress on that front.
: Completely agree, Zoe W should apply some sort of debuff where, if you use the summoner spell while its active, then she can take it. And the E shouldn't sit on the ground and when they did the first round of nerfs on it, I am unsure why the true damage stayed. Zoe at the very least, isnt easy to play.
The true damage should 100% remain true damage because of the functionality of the ability is to double the damage of the next attack, up to the a cap that is equal to the damage of the initial impact of the ability. Therefore, whatever incoming attack hits the target will already be mitigated, unless it itself is true damage. If you change this damage to something other than true damage, the target effectively double dips on mitigation, and the proc/pop damage is lowered even further. This would be most evident with a move that gets mitigated to deal the only slightly higher, the same, or less damage than the pop. The pop will not equal that same value and be even smaller due to also being mitigated. You would effectively never deal the capped damage because it would just be mitigated.
: Are they playing on last patch or something? Pretty sure Zoe just got pwned by nerf gun in this patch pretty hard, which makes me happy btw, but yeah not sure if she is still cancer this patch since I haven't seen much of her after.
They hit the right things. She's better to play against certainly, especially due to the lowered range on her E from the wall interaction bugfix, as well as the slow severity being lowered so it is easier to move and reposition in preparation.
: When 90% of All-Stars' Zoe matches are casters complaining & awe-ing about Zoe's dumb damages...
Had people just bitch about how much damage she does, and that Q has no indicator. I was happy to have been called an inbred by an Ezreal for playing her. I understand that it is a transparent skillshot that is hard to see, but Zoe **herself** is the indicator. If she pops into sight range, then expect something to fly at you. It's just that simple. If you get hit while not crowd controlled by a very long range Paddle Star, which is a rather small projectile that, admittedly, moves quite fast, then you probably deserve to be hit. She clearly had some sort of vision advantage or awareness that you lacked, which is grounds for being killed by nearly any other burst champion. It happens all the time with other champions on stream even! Seriously, I don't get it. People want 75% of her damage gutted by nerfing her Q, or by raising it's cooldown. I understand nerfing W or E since they feel unfun to play against, but Q? You just don't want her to exist if you suggest that.
hoyohai (NA)
: That makes no sense whatsoever. Why would she have a higher base HP than Mordekaiser?
Because Riot doesn't want to give {{champion:82}} too much base stats, especially HP as that directly scales with his shield.
Hibeki (NA)
: No its not, high projectile speed and if you miss one, boo hoo shoot another in 3 seconds.
I might get a lot of flak for this, but I feel that the bubble is a bit easier to dodge than people say. It's not so much the projectile speed as it is the release time for the projectile that makes it so. It feels long in relation to many of the skillshots, as they seem to have quick releases but slower projectile speed. Although I admit that they need to force way more of the low CD into the reduction effect rather than baseline.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: her iusses: her Q can OS or almost but it is AoE and have 3 sec CD,it's a bit too much her W sumoners spells/items drop rate from minions is too high especially at early rank,i saw some zoe getting 2 gunblade/glp800 per minion wawe (in early game),don't forget her W does damage on its own,it's not only the item itself then the orbs for collecting items/summ last too much,at last if she already have something up let the new ones overwrite the actual (or make them disappear if zoe walks on them with a summoner/item her W) her E will be a reward in any case,long CC,long range (especially with walls),enought fast skillshoot,houge damage (half is true),and even if you miss it dw you just created an half-lane zone where enemy will get CC'ed anyway
The reason Q is AoE is so she maintains some semblance of waveclear, despite being rather outclassed in that regard. (She will require more than one cast of Paddle Star no matter what to clear waves, so even with a 3 second CD, she can't use it for harass/instantly killing someone for at least that long if she needs to clear). Waveclear strong champions will make sure that weakness gets exploited. The W damage itself has abysmal scaling (40%) and does 70 base damage at rank 1, the rank it usually remains at until level 14, if every single one of the bubbles hits the same target. You actually can swap the actives by right clicking on them, but they last too long. It's rather easy to nearly wait out the current spell thief active to simply pick up another.
: Her Q is fine, IMO. It's comparable to a Nid Q in damage, which I guess is fair if you don't dodge the skillshot. Her W is way too RNG-reliant (which is a balance fail but doesn't break her since it can easily give her something useless). But her E is absolutely overloaded to hell. It's got: * 1+ second of slow followed by up to 2 seconds of stun * If you miss it, you still have a chance to catch someone with it, and it ... for some reason rewards you for throwing it through walls. Why? Who knows! * It rewards Zoe for landing a hard CC ability on an enemy champion by giving her a CD refund on that same hard CC ability. WHY? WHO KNOWS! Usually landing hard CC on your opponent is reward enough! But not for Zoe! * And its 220+40% AP magic damage tooltip is a big fat lie. Sure, that's what it deals initially, but the double damage means that this BASIC ability can deal up to 440 + 80% AP damage, half magic half true! Ahri is weeping jealous tears because she only gets 280+70%AP damage if she hits both halves of her Q (and the second half isn't guaranteed)!
Actually, that second bit of damage is conditional: the true damage portion doubles the damage of the next attack, post mitigation, up to the cap of the bubble's damage itself. The reason this is true damage is to prevent MR double dipping; if this was plain magic damage instead, MR would reduce the damage of the trigger spell, lowering the damage that could be doubled, and then further reduce the capped doubled wake up damage. Anyone can trigger this damage, and stats/credit for that damage is given to the triggerer. So the only way Zoe is going to completely trigger the true damage is with her passive and a {{item:3100}} , or a Paddle Star. Mind you, I don't believe there's any difficulty to land spells on the Slept target, but her Q can only travel, what, 800 units away from her upon recast? (By this I mean that you can throw it wherever and recast, but when it gets 800 units away from Zoe in any direction, it fizzles out). Against another burst mage or even assassin (I'm looking at you, {{champion:238}}), 1 second is actually enough to kill her (I had a particularly amusing instance of such a punishment with Q R on {{champion:45}} recently). Her mobility is basically artificial, unless Spell Thief picks up some juicy stuff and is maxed for the 70% movement speed, but it's nearly always maxed last. Maybe gating minion spell pickups behind levels of Spell Thief will change that, but we won't see many changes for now. I do agree her E is overloaded. You can keep the spell mostly the same I feel, just heavily amp up the base CD, making her rely on the partial CD refund to maintain a remotely decent uptime on the spell.
: i honestly just want to play bard every game and run around the map doing fuck all. if i see a karthus, ult myself every time her ults.
This is someone after my own heart. Be that random wandering uncle that shows up with 70 chimes under his belt and 3 shots everyone who disturbs his journey. {{champion:432}}
: Again, you're being perfectly correct. In every scenario you said, someone picked an off-meta and sometimes even strange choice. But here's the kicker. They did their roles. The Malz supported. The Twitch jungled. In this case, however, the Nunu did not support. Didn't even try. Twitch jungle is fine. Twitch getting queued as jungle then saying "I'm going to go top lane." and doing it is not. Especially when the team is almost certainly not expecting something like counter-jungle Nunu 'support', you can't expect them to simply play along.
Implying support is explicitly restricted to the bot lane. While it is implied, if more pressure and results can be gained from moving elsewhere, especially in a meta where the ADC is considered gold if it isn't Jhin, Varus, or MF, is it wrong for him to assist elsewhere, **support** elsewhere?
Risen29 (NA)
: The only change I'd like to see: Take the gates off all the heroes that were nerfed in the past to accomodate free-pick urf. Why does kassadin need to be throttled when you can't automatically pick him anymore? Let us appreciate the glory of a fully overpowered kassadin if we happen to get him randomly.
This proves interesting. An actually 80% CDR {{champion:26}}? The horrors manifest...
Spârky (NA)
: I think people need to realize that this game mode isnt about playing champions well its about just having fun and exploring. I dont know i just find it so much fun getting anivia and trapping people in my base with her wall. Or getting singed and running around everywhere. Stuff like that. People just get so upset when they dont do good and when they dont win that they forget to have fun with the game at hand. If you lose oh well its freaking urf nobody cares just have fun!
I'd enjoy these things, if, you know, I wasn't dead every two seconds from the {{champion:28}} or {{champion:107}} or {{champion:86}}. The few times I had such peace, these sorts of shenanigans were awesome!
: Am I the only person who likes ARURF?
This gamemode adjustment has barely solved any issue. The discussions of more bans serve URF better than randomness. Randomness, while promoting diversity, sucks for the people who obtain something absolutely terrible. The randomness just makes stomps that much more prevalent and comebacks nearly impossible, especially since duplicates are nonexistent. Sure, it may have been "nice" for you to see new champs; however, I assume that many of these new champs were absolutely awful for some people to play. They did not enjoy them and getting stuck with them for up to 20 minutes (if everyone cooperates and they actually surrender) in a bad game did nothing to cure them of that problem. And that's the inherent issue. People with diverse champ rosters suffer from not being able to play what they want nearly ever due to horrifyingly terrible RNG and a lack of cooperation from teammates. For every {{champion:86}} and {{champion:35}} game I played, I played at least 10 others on champs I had no desire to play, like {{champion:33}} and {{champion:32}} and {{champion:201}} (some of my experience was on the PBE so it may not seem like it in my account history). Of course, one could argue that some of these champs are actually good; that does not stop me from being bored to tears and hating the game that I was playing. Not to mention the egregious error of "AR" accounts that simply pick up a few champs for their ventures into queues like this. Old URF may have gotten stale (so people say; didn't apply to me), but this new URF gives enough games that make me just want to walk away from my computer 5 minutes in. It is awful hard to have fun playing some garbage champ when your enemy's team looks like {{champion:45}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:12}} . A solution I'd rather have is the 10 bans everyone mentions, but they should additionally scan the win rates for champs with alarmingly high success and just... disable them. Like {{champion:30}} was initially disabled and they eventually did to {{champion:120}}. I mean, the gamemode is still fun; I had some good times. But the amount of games that were just over when I loaded in filled me with frustration, especially considering some of the champs I got aren't any good until WAY later ({{champion:136}} 6 stars; people don't even know about it since you have to get to level 25).
: Mordekaiser W Bug on Howling Abyss[GAMEPLAY]
Was playing on the PBE during the 6.10 cycle and I noticed this (really should've posted something but whoops). Yes, Morde's W is snapping to closest ally no matter how you target it. Proving problematic for escape if I want to throw it to the farthest away target to maximize the speed boost.
Asudurga (NA)
: Tried Mordekaiser mid vs Fizz for the first time.
The assassin meta has me dreading picking mid before the enemy. So, when such cases arise, I pick some extremely assassin resistant champ, like Malzahar, Mordekaiser, or the occasional Kayle. Nothing more satisfying than obliterating these stupid "big plays" assassin mains (and their jungler, in Morde's case) when they try to dive me thinking they're so sophisticated and mechanical with these champs' kits. Kinda hate assassins.
: If you teleport to a Zac blob, but he becomes whole again before the tp completes, is the tp canceled?
I know this one. The teleport is not cancelled if he reforms before the tp completes.


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