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: NA Clash test starts August 19
been honor lvl 0 for 6 month now how is this fair? Got trolled from a 4 man after i called them out for trolling me.
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: You won't demote for a while - typically it takes about 4+ losses from just division to division, and it takes *significantly* more to demote a full rank. As long as you win at least one one of the next ~10 matches, no, you shouldn't demote. The protections in place make it almost impossible to demote a full rank.
okay thank you
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: Correction, they did. I even made another post where the rioter admitted that I did infact get banned off of one game. Also, the fucking logs are in the post, what are you even talking about?!?!
: How is it a lie? Tell me
Rito wouldnt 14 day you unless you said something to deserve it obviously you edited the logs to make it so you seems like the good guy and just want people to back you up and flame rito for something they did right.
: Just play first win of the day. This is why they changed it to include 40 or something BE
But getitng those blue essence is so hard now a days play all day only get 700 BE but in all other seasons you could easily 1200 like tf and its based on rng if you get a good about of BE
Evil (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=nerak23,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0d9iAvsQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-08T15:20:31.517+0000) > > Post your chat logs if you want he!p determining what you may or may not have done to be punished. > > Edit: Yes I have seen a few get unbanned. Evil: let me axe you something Evil: ayyy lmao Evil: dude can u not get owned Evil: :> Evil: ok Evil: cya Evil: i dont like losing to ppl in silver Evil: tbh Evil: and i got auto filled Evil: lol Evil: oh man Evil: u should play ashe Evil: or easy adc's Evil: ^ Evil: pretty much set up the vayne Evil: and she dropped the ball Evil: its not because youre in bronze or anything x_x Evil: facts Evil: :> Evil: lol ok Evil: how am i toxic Evil: being called your actual rank isnt toxic, its a fact Evil: gimme dat ass Evil: go bot Evil: and farm Evil: lol ok Evil: tru Evil: ill take cs Evil: if u want Evil: if u dont want it Evil: ^ Evil: troll Evil: maybe i just shouldnt duo w/ silver players Evil: in normals Evil: noble effort Evil: what Evil: i guess ziggs was afk Evil: for 5 mins Evil: defending what Evil: lmao Evil: ahaha is an example of a game that I was reported in. Literally just said "I don't like losing to people in silver" Which isn't a personal attack against anyone. Then I said "u should play ashe or easy adc's" which I said after they were going on about vayne being difficult to play. And again saying their actual rank.
this is edited other wise he wouldnt have been banned
: I posted the logs, nothing was changed, and I swear to my fucking life, this is my FIRST infraction on this account, like yes I know that's hard to believe, but I just got a fucking honor capsule yesterday lmao.
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