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: dude i see your stats ... you arent as good as you think and by insulting me shows how immature you are.
Ok kiddo winrates mean nothing if ur team is doing everything u can to keep u from winning this is the last time im gonna reply 2 u
: last lucian game you played according to you performed 8th best out of 10 players in that game
ur obviously a kid and ik ur brain is fully developed but if my team ints how do u expect me to do good against someone who can one shot me because they have 50 kills
: you legit have a 40% over all win rate in rank. you dont belong any higher
ur obviously trolling get a life smh
: he may only play normals but if you see all the badges he has, he has been higher then you ever have been in rank.
no shit hes a higher rank than me im being inted every game
Kai Guy (NA)
: Ok. I mostly play ranked. Here is my opinion. If you can’t leave bronze, that says far more about you then the system.
Literally watch any of my games i always get inted
: how is it trolling? if you were good enough to get out of the rank you are in you will. if not you will struggle like you are.
I mean u can literally watch my games i always get inted
Jamaree (NA)
: If you can’t leave bronze, that says far more about you then the system.
u literally only play normals
Lemexis (EUW)
: If you failed your promos once because of that, it happens, bad luck. If you _keep_ failing all your promos to silver, it means the problem is you, not your team. Generally it's toxic people that lead others to int and troll. Stop being toxic, and you'll notice things will start getting better.
Do you guys post on peopls threads just to troll them?
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