: I feel like my eyes are deceiving me...a nice comment from a high elo player? What on earth is this? Jokes aside, in low elo he outplays everyone and everything and as a lowly adc sliver main I feel that I can't do jack about him one shoting me with a spin. A lot of low elo Trynda mains bans Teemo for some reason as I've heard numerous times that he hard counters Trynda but I don't know. My Teemo always feed Trynda for some reason. I just checked u.gg and he sorta does counter him with a 47% win rate but it is so weird.
So basically you are proven wrong but because low elo can't handle a champ he needs a nurf despite him being hard to play in high elo? You are illogical
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: All you need to do against tryndamere is play a high-mobility champion like {{champion:39}}, {{champion:157}} or even {{champion:58}} , and then just bait out {{champion:23}} ultimate and kite away from him while it's up, only to destroy him after it's over.
Yasuo isn't accurate lol, he can mess up Tryndamere only like levels 1-5, after which Trynd can pretty easily start solo killing, especially after first back. Renekton is extremely accurate and so is Irelia, but after the 9.10 conq nurfs he may be much better against Irelia. Don't forget to include champs like {{champion:126}} , {{champion:84}}, {{champion:266}} ,{{champion:24}} ,{{champion:85}} ,{{champion:57}} ,{{champion:54}} ,{{champion:78}} ,{{champion:8}}, {{champion:75}} ,{{champion:223}} as these champions are all extremely difficult through my experience of over 400 games in platinum! Especially Jayce and Kennen in particular
: trynda
Ignorant, as a Plat 1 hard stuck {{champion:23}} main, playing a champion who rocks a fat tier 5 rating and 48% win rate on OP.GG you are basically asking for Trynd to be deleted because your top laner's can't play around him. If Tryndamere gets ahead and kills your top laner under turret with the """"no outplay ultimate"""" as you call it, you realize that's quite normal for any top laner? When you die and feed a top laner you lose mad levels, exp, and gold. Champions like {{champion:92}} , {{champion:58}} , {{champion:39}} , {{champion:122}} , {{champion:80}} , and even tanks like {{champion:54}} do the same exact thing with very little outplay possible. If you die and lose you get punished, you need to get a jungle gank or pray they make a mistake, this is simply the nature of top lane. If Trynd loses you are forced to address him, meaning even if you get fed you can't do anything? Literal fake news. You need to make shot calls, you need to push the wave and control minion placement to set up fights, gank, get picks, make a good engage comp or play around your engage to start a fight and push for the win or huge advantages. You in no way ** have** to address a feeding Tryndamere and most top laners can easily solo kill him when he falls behind or force him to back, currently Tryndamere has the most counters he's ever had in any season before, hence why riot buffed him and stated "he's struggling* due to high mobility meta". * Not to include as a earlier comment stated this is simply the nature of league of legends, you need to make appropriate choices and shot calls in every game regarding split pushing, going for picks, ARAM'n mid lane and trying to end, and pressuring multiple lanes etc. If your team fails to ARAM mid and get the 4k and push for more advantages and Trynd ends up getting turrets, your teams fault period. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 1. Where are the akali buffs? We're sitting under 40% winrate and were promised buffs. Why is it so hard to add a little power back to make this champ remotely viable? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
She is nurfed out of meta until riot can think of a way to fix her, stop playing her. This was the intent from the get go
Rauven (NA)
: If youre losing to a Karthus with frozen mallet, SV, and maw, you should stick to aram bud. Id avoid calling out ranks/KDA seeing as yours is non-existent/negative on your main champ
Also if you did a simple search you'd see karthus is rocking a 54% ban rate in diamond+ elo, if that doesn't send you signs you are clearly blind
Rauven (NA)
: If youre losing to a Karthus with frozen mallet, SV, and maw, you should stick to aram bud. Id avoid calling out ranks/KDA seeing as yours is non-existent/negative on your main champ
Karthus and his absolutely brainless occasional R click for Dark harvest stacks one shot mid game is incredibly annoying and not very balanced. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. While the Q nurf is good for putting karthus a little behind on his jungle clear it doesn't address what makes him such a powerful one shot mid game jungler.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hello meddler I was thinking the buffs on adc’s recently has been extremely discrimnatory towards draven which has led to him being a bottom tier adc as of the current moment. But aside from that I think the recent buffs are unhealthy because they may in fact be over powered when the item reworks and changes happens. Would it not be better to finish decisions regarding item changes and seeing how the meta is thus impacted, then place buffs and nurfs where needed? You’ll need to do multiple patch’s on buffs and nurfs if you delay the item changes. Just a thought.
: Patch 9.1 notes
Instead of buffing marksman like a blind fool it would be wiser to simply do the item changes planned FIRST, then see where adc's and the rest sit after the IE, PD, Stattik Shiv, and Storm razor changes. There's a very high chance these aimless buffs on marksman throughout these patch's (particularly Vayne and Sivir) will greatly hurt the game with the upcoming item changes. But I guess riot will do it in the order they see fit


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