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Sukishoo (NA)
: It's only on the Riven/Yasuo skins that were just released. They are limited, so if you don't get them then you cannot get them when the event is over. They do stay on the skins permanently though once unlocked.
: The border doesn't change your ranked border at all. It's more like the border players got for Project skins by buying them early. It makes the skin splash art a little more flashy. (And, yes, it only works with the appropriate skin.) Your ranked border will be around the splash art for your champion, and so around the skin border.
And just to clarify, does the border work specifically with Riven or Yasuo with the corresponding skins? Or does the border carry onto any champion? Also kind of pushing the limit of the extent of your knowledge, but is the border going to be staying permanently or is it limited like the project skins?
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