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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Step one: Make sure I have plenty of oranges Step Two: Be k.
i had an orange in my pocket thanks for reminding me
: Thank you for explaining yourself. It just seems a little odd that I'm the one being downvoted consistently.
tbh nobody cares who made it
Kritty (NA)
: I've seen Vel'koz get stacks during his ultimate since the most recent change, so I'm not sure what you're doing wrong.
I think maybe u cant reapply stacks soon after u procced passive. but i dont see that info in the tooltip
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: Cough *kindred is a carbon copy of another artists work*
If you are talking about Literally none of kindred's art includes pictures that artist made. Being similar or even extremely similar has nothing to do with this thread.
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Serika Zero (EUNE)
: coz allien vs predator sure its a myth and legend, or like that hero from dota released a while ago admit it, league steals from other shit to. And other stuff steal from league too. You know what, in real life, people sing other people's song for money. And you know what? They don't get sued. Why? Because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Those people truly believe that what they copy is very good. So, instead of waving your originality stick. How about you be proud and happy that other companies are copying the game you like? It means that at least that small part of league is actually good. Or you can shove the originality stick back in your ass and complain some more ;)
youre literally retarded. alien vs predator is an idea. League hasnt stolen any artwork what so ever fro alien vs predator. This is a post about stealing actual art created by another company. Not ideas. Art Not ideas. Art Say it with me. Not ideas. Art. Do you understand? This post isnt about using ideas from myth/legends/ or MOVIES> its about stealing actual art that exists already. They stole artwork that is inside league of legends. League of legends did not steal artowkr even when it comes to rengar and khazix. They DREW rengar. The MODELED rengar. They ANIMATED Rengar. They VOICED rengar. they CODED rengar. NOTHING is stolen. League of angels took the art LEAGUE OF LEGENDS made for RENGAR instead of creating their OWN art. How hard is this for you to understand? Not IDEAS. ART. you fucking retard. I already know league uses IDEAS from elsewhere. whats your fucking point? That has nothing to do with this thread. Learn to fucking read.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: And League of Legends stole art work from the old Greeks (medusa, centaur), even from the bible (angels, fallen angels, demons). Yet I don't see anyone losing their shit over it. Get real. Most things are copy of a copy of a copy. Close to nothing is original. Not even what riot does. Rengar and Kha in particular are copies of alien vs predator. Even their abilities and looks are meant to resemble that >.> Get your originality stick out of your ass already. Especially in gaming, everyone is copying everyone else.
No they havnt stolen art. Claiming so is 100% completely wrong. They have used ideas from culture like medusa, but they did not steal artwork created by another company. The fuck are you even talking about. This thread is about someone else literally stealing artwork that exists inside of league of legends which is an entirely different thing than using ideas from myths and legends.
: The forums response to Dynamic Queue was worse than RIOT's handling of it
this was in reference to pokemon, but it works for league and every other game
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: I found this "League of Angels II" advertisement that is using a picture of Rengar
Jesus, in their forums players are actually defending League of Angels for stealing the artwork. "The thing to keep in mind here is that this game is basically a Chinese-made game. The original is from China, and is designed with many classical Chinese cultural/mythical references. Thus, it is to be expected that it will share a number of characteristics and concepts with other games from the same region. This does not equate to stealing art or ideas directly, but is simply a matter of two game developers drawing off of the same pool of inspirational materials." Yes, so that means its OK to steal a picture of Rengar created by Riot for their advertisement "And... Why would you care about it? I've played another Browser Games which even have THE SAME heroes than LoL in their games, if you are going to complain about just 1 picture cmon... you should flame those others games then " This guy is just stupid "Now we found out the league of legends fanboy lol" I guess calling out the company for stealing art makes me a fanboy of whatever company they stole art from.
: I found this "League of Angels II" advertisement that is using a picture of Rengar
I posted this to their forum and this was the response I got from their moderator "Thank you for the message. I shall have a senior mod check this."
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: I just played nunu top
Abussos (NA)
: How does it make sense that Champion Mastery has to be partially bought?
because it makes 0 impact whatsoever on the games and is essentially a cosmetic.
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arguyle (NA)
: Being unable to get loot for getting an S quality game means you cant.
They can still buy boxes and craft. They cant loot. They can craft. Saying they cant craft is plain wrong.
Jo0o (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PDE5 Inhib,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A2iOEPe1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-23T21:03:00.335+0000) > > League has a toxicity problem because they only thing they do to address it is hand out chat bans/permas. You also sound like a pretty big dweeb lol. And now, in addition to chat bans/permas, toxic players miss out on hextech crafting. It's a step in the right direction. I'm not a dweeb =(
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: While it frickin' sucks that it happens, let me try to explain a little as to why: When you first enter the queue, the system attempts to give you a position and time based on how many people exist in the queue, and how quickly players are getting in. The problem here is that the "players getting in" part is fluid. Every so often the system re-calculates the rates in which players are getting in, realizes it is slower than it thought, so it pushes your wait time further back. This is why one of the main focuses of us is not only to solve this at the root cause level, but also find ways to get players past the queue and into the client as quickly as possible.
what do you guys do to the guy who finds the solution? carry him around on your shoulders screaming praise?
: Am I the only one that's having an EASIER time? Not sure if its just my ELO, but keeping one side pinked and saving totems fir the other works out well. It's probably just my ELO.
you probably havnt come across a jungler who checks for your pink every minute or less. 2 or 3 spots is all he needs to check.
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: Am I the only one that likes the new HUD?
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: Time to play Chinese LoL server guys(Cuz Chinese Sever still use old HUD)
: Riot, can you give us the old HUD back?
id be happy for them to shut me up with an option for the old ui
: Get used to it, it's not going to be reverted back into the old one.
Can you read? I didnt ask for that to happen, I asked for an option to enable the old one.
: Agreed, i don't see where my total ap or damage is
They made everything tiny as fuck and you cant see a lot of things anymore. Theres literally not even a way to see someones summoner name without looking at their champion. the health bars are so fucking small for your teamates. You no longer have access to see their mana bars at all. (dont know if you soraka or karthus or ez or anyone else with global ult can assist you without having to actually pan the fucking camera over their champion anymore) all of the stats you now have to press C to see, and the numbers are so fucking blurry and small the lvls of your teamates on their portraits are so fucking hard to read now, i hate everything about this new UI holy shit
Visigoth (NA)
: The announcer is just temporary for the Bilgewater event, as for the HUD, eh, I'll give it a week before I can say I completely can't stand it
im sure if im forced to use it id get used to in a few months but i stopped playing today solely because of the UI. I just fucking hate the dame thing so much.
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: she required SOME skill before... to be fair her R cool down is VERY long.
Hypothetically, if you had an R that instakilled someone, but had a 10 minute cooldown, that is not skill whatsoever.
: Silver to Gold
the thing is a lot of silvers should be in bronze and are in silver because of one reason or another, so golds are way better than these players. My friend's friend is silver III but is one of the worst players ive ever played with. Ive played in plat with plat friends a few times and people play much more safe and ward a lot more. in silver people are like, "i have no idea if i can kill him or not lets try and see what happens" in plat and above its more like "Im not sure i can kill him so im not even going to try" and as you get higher and the margine of error gets smaller its "im sure i can kill him" or "im sure i cant kill him" In gold its only slightly better than silver _some_ of the time
: Question about ranked restrictions!!!
You need to win normal draft. not just play them.
: "Hi my entire kit revolves around chucking Qs and hoping they hit"
"Hi i press buttons to win" Please delete these cancers
: toxic players and your stories
I like how you pretend to care about other peoples stories so you seem less like a whiner.
ceral4 (NA)
: Can we make it clear that TROLLING is not the same as "BREAKING THE META"
For my next trick, Ill make my health bar disappear _- AD leblanc_
: Why do some foreign players like to use American servers?
I have a friend from chile who plays on NA because he joined the game after I asked him to so we can play together,
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
MUNDO LIKE! _Flails tongue sexfully_
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
Lowvyr (NA)
: A list of cancer champions, IMO
gubigubi (NA)
: Tier 1 Tier 2 runes probably shouldn't be in the game. Everyone is better off if they don't even get runes until the good ones. As far as the free week system I don't have much of a problem with it. It lets new players see different champions that they will have to know about if they want to play the game.
This dude lost me at " legally be considered a form of abusive hazing if taken to court." Lol, get the fuck off video games kid.
: need to start banning ranked noobs when unskilled is reported instead of just takeing all the toxic
You cant ban people for losing the game. And people already get banned for dying intentionally. If you honestly think people should get banned for legitimately losing, please get off of league.
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Asiriath (NA)
: Going to get banned because of a bug.
Do you have any background apps installed? This sounds pretty wild and out there, but when I installed Curse for curse voice, some stupid bug caused by curse voice literally made every single place I click some how click me into the enemy fountain. Like, I could be in our home base, and click 2 feet away from my character, My character would begin pathing directly into the enemy fountain. Doesnt matter where I clicked, It was always the same exact path straight into the enemy fountain.
: You fool, it's the other way around. You should be the one asking to smite him.
I thought you meant frog was about to smite me.
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