: Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox costs a hundred prestige points. You can, as stated above, only get those in bundles. If you didn't buy the gemstone pack yet (which includes 20 Prestige points for the best possible price in the store right now, 1750 RP, but is limited to one purchase per account), the total (1x Gemstone Pack, 2x 9 Blood Moon Capsule Pack) comes to **15250** RP. As a comparison, Elementalist Lux costs **3250** RP. Now, if you pay this using a method that doesn't yield any bonus RP, you will have to put down the nice slim sum of ~**122€** in Europe, or if converted to dollars: **140.28$**. Seems worth it for what is essentially a golden Chroma and not even an ultimate skin, amirite? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yes, and I agree it's stupid they'd name something you HAVE to pay for a "prestige skin", but you're forgetting that you're not paying 140$ for that skin. You're paying 140$ for that skin, PLUS all the other stuff you get from the bundles you bought.
: > [{quoted}](name=KRF Gandolphin,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tzZsGBtE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-06T23:33:42.957+0000) > > the reason they aint giving full refund is cus theyl lose money they actually said it. "We want to encourage champion sales. So that's why we're not giving a full refund." It's still based on greed.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tzZsGBtE,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-11-06T23:38:24.672+0000) > > "We want to encourage champion sales. So that's why we're not giving a full refund." > > It's still based on greed. "Oh, woe is me. Riot needs money to keep making new content? What a ludicrous claim that is! It's obvious their money just goes *poof* and appears in their pockets. Then they needlessly charge us extra money so they can get filthy rich." You know how you stupid you guys sound? It's a free game. You want more content don't you? You'd whine about lack of content just as hard. They're pumping out new (free) stuff like madmen That costs money (surprise!) THAT'S WHY THEY CAN'T GIVE AWAY UNLIMITED FREE STUFF. Did I mention it's a free game? Greed is taking an unnecessary volume of money or otherwise, and HOLDING it to yourself. Riot may take your money. But you'd be damned sure they give it back - and more. They make you new content every week, and STILL pay you back a portion of your old stuff. Neither of which they had to do. Seriously, people still pay money for abandoned, overpriced games. I said it was a free game right? Take this time to realize all that Riot's done for their community. I'm no Riot mega-fan either, but at least I'm being rational here. Stop complaining about gifts, as you could easily have had nothing.
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Vhan8765 (NA)
: Sounds about right; since when did Riot punish toxicity? You could send them a replay file of someone running it down mid to int and Riot still wouldn't do anything. In fact I have, and nothing happened.
Keep QQing, you and i both know they try their best.
: So Hyped for the New Runes!
I'm not. It's looking to be a real shitshow. Too much "WOW! You can do that now?" and it's really not necessary. Flashing while you don't have flash? 60% AS? Changing summs mid-game? How do you balance this? I haven't looked much into it, but I'm guessing you won't be able to have every single large rune at once, right? There's so many new mechanics and things to worry about, things that are hard to nerf or change ... it's going to not be a choice, as they want it. It will be pick 'X' Rune or you lose, because that's the meta right now. I don't really see how changing summs mid-game would synergize with a specific champion or build. That seems like something everyone would want ... so if you're the odd one who picks something else you're fucked because they can change their gameplay with the click of a button. Same with if all 9 other people take Flash, but you're the one bozo without it ... unless you have a highly mobile champion you are royally screwed. Why can't they just keep the old stuff? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Bard To School Bundle
This was a thing of beauty.
: Dear Riot
So obviously they don't do the "best" gamemodes very often because it would have a "Christmas every day" effect. Would be great for a few days, then just ruin the event more than it being a rarity. That's why URF is rare. And I think ARURF was a smart change, as regular URF made it frustrating to always fight the same overpowered champions. I believe Riot should change the gamemodes weekly, instead of biweekly however. 2 straight weeks of PoroKing or Ascension is kinda underwhelming, they're fun at first, but not for 2 weeks straight. And I reallllly want BlackMarketBrawlers to return. was fun af. Despite all that however, you don't seem to realize swearing and raging at Riot, blaming them for everything etc as so many people do actually DOESN'T help your cause. Mind blower? I should think not. If you want changes to be made the way you are going about it is extremely inefficient. Try a respectful and insightful comment next time, not insignificant raging.
: It's trash talking. Walk it off. He didn't even flame. I even trash talk sometimes when I start winning the lane to tilt opponents like you so I can have better chances of winning.
See, the difference is: - Trash talking after getting a kill in lane IS psychological warfare. It tilts your enemy. That does improve your chance of winning and can be a worthwhile strategy, despite it making you look like an asshole. - Meanwhile, at the end of the game, when you've already won ... there is no reason to be an asshole further. Like I said, you already won. There's a difference between being a jerk to better your chances of winning, and just being a jerk.
: Why not just make Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank a good behavior reward instead of wasting them?
Yeah I agree. Or make it a 520rp skin. Or even 260rp. I don't really care. Either way, those who want it would spend the money necessary to get it, it's not like there would be an uprising, social order would fall apart, etc if they just released these skins. They'll make more money off releasing them than not releasing them. As a good behavior gift or even some little "participation award" thing would be fine by me too. I don't think they're low quality. There are far less thoughtful skins that remain in their current state right now. (Deadly Kennen? Even Ironside Malphite looks lackluster in game compared to splash art. Same with the newly released updated Darkrider Sejuani ingame skin.) I actually was really hyped for these Sewn Chaos skins to be released.
Raoul (EUW)
: 90% of all people who use the mastery emote in game be like:
Nah I use mastery emote out of irony when i mess up! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Eedat (NA)
Lmao well donep
Beäšt (NA)
: Status not saving on new client
Even still, this hasn't been resolved for me. It was working okay about a month ago but now once again its still reverting to "Online" whenever I relog in.
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Woook3r (NA)
: this game needs a clown horn emote.
Riot, Do It! I logged on just to say how great of an idea this would be. That way when I accidentally flash or throw an ability backwards or something, *HONK HONK* ... "Make LoL great again!"
: Since there's been two events in Canada in the last year, maybe they'll stop bitching about it. I wont hold out hope though.
Logged in just to downvote lmao ... you're the only one bitching here.
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: Super Sustain Nunu
The music is so fitting for poro related endeavors.
: Power ***Overwhelming!!!!*** ...shit, wrong game...
: Meanwhile at Riot... Com-pu-tor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8h9HyoZAa4
aítch (NA)
: Can we have AnchorMan Nautilus?
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