Tunny (NA)
: Champ Select Freeze
Yes this happens to sometimes but today my friend (who I was duo que with) lost two series because of this, like wtf rito fix this shit.
: yes was in a ranked game rip gonna get demoted
: Anyone else get kicked
yes was in a ranked game rip gonna get demoted
Korensky (NA)
: Hello, I have spent some time trying to diagnose potential causes for this problem. At this stage I can only theorize that we have some issues between TWC and Riot Games that are isolated to the Midwest region. I suspect this is related to the login issues that were experienced a few weeks ago where some of you in this region were unable to login at all. Can I request that you post here when you experience this problem (or the approximate time) and I will use the logs that we have here to try and diagnose where the issue may lie. I have been in contact with some peers over at TWC and there is nothing obvious that is jumping out at us. This information will help us correlate specific logs and hopefully lead is towards a solution. Thanks
: It happens to me in every game the last three days... I try custom games only right now to avoid getting banned, but it can't connect in any of my attempts. I have connection that used to be good enough... It's not the update because three days ago it started and i was able to play two games, but then it happened...
here i found a bigger thread and some one from rito even commented. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/8IATmjz1-513-info-needed-failed-to-connect-unable-to-connect-to-the-server-please-check-your-network
Rioter Comments
: killed my ranked game
same me and my friend just started a game and it crashed and we cant get back on ;-; damn rito!


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