: Hmmmm...it _should _ give you the option to auto-update the program when new stuff comes out. I also just did a clean re-install of League Displays and it looks like all the newest art is on there. If you can't see an option to update, try doing a re-install; it should show everything then!
> [{quoted}](name=RockemSockemRobo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E7PAIuFb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-10T01:06:22.311+0000) > > Hmmmm...it _should _ give you the option to auto-update the program when new stuff comes out. I also just did a clean re-install of League Displays and it looks like all the newest art is on there. > > If you can't see an option to update, try doing a re-install; it should show everything then! Oh, thank you so much. It looks like it got out of beta, but I just never heard of it coming out of beta to get the new one, so it never updated the splashes. Thanks!
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: Was Ahri and Jhin in love?
The artist that is mentioned has some stories on the Vastayan page from back at Xayah/Rakan release. He is an actual artist. Jhin was not a painting artist, he was a stagehand with a theater troupe who murdered people at the different stops they made. It is never mentioned that he paints or that he is an "artist", though he believes he makes art in his well thought out and theatrical killings. The only connection with the Ahri artist and Jhin is that they both like flowers. Which is not an uncommon attribute for people in general.
Talvaren (NA)
: Champions: DAS AGES
I think, if I remember correctly from his release, {{champion:202}} is in his late twenties or early thirties, not 44. He was imprisoned in his late teens and spent close to a decade there.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðeath XIII,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tdApTqmb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-04T01:19:15.288+0000) > > Its a % base for the passive. Just because you got a ranged kill for the last 15% doesn't mean Shadow Assassin becomes available if 85% was melee damage. Nope , thats not the case. I went mid against lux. So Most of the % would have been shadow Kayn. Then we fought top. I killed Kha first, and then Lux. The blue and red orbs came in at the same time. Rhaast then became available for me to transform while shadow kayn went on penalty
It's a bug. It's supposed to be percent damage based, but it seems that sometimes it decides based on most recent damage.
: Yea I've noticed the first 2 happens a lot with me. But the 3rd one is annoying but i dont' think there is any way to fix it.
Good to know that someone else has experienced these as well. Kinda frustrating because I really want to play him more often, but not when my performance is based on how often the bugs appear.
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Wolfeur (EUW)
: I'm disappointed by Pentakill Kayle, on all levels
Why can't she be a roadie? or a warm-up act?
: actually with the double cast her w casted faster then with vector casting. With the double cast the ability cast as soon as you hit the w key. with vector casting the game has to wait until you draw the line before the ability casts. this is at least .15-.25 seconds longer depending on how long it takes you to do that.
Double cast depends on how fast you double tap. That is much slower than moving your wrist slightly in a direction.
inplane (NA)
: After a year of one tricking Taliyah, I would think I'd get use to her current W.
I feel like her w now is a whole lot better than before the change, in my opinion. It's just so much more reactive for vector cast, than it is to double cast. If they were somehow able to add max range cast to vector cast, it would be perfect.
: Hey Barkingspider73! You have a horrifying summoner name. If spiders could bark they would be 100% more scary. We don't have any plans at the moment to return to the League Community Podcast, but yanno... "impossible to see, the future is". I'm really happy you enjoyed it, and I know the whole crew is happy as well. We put a lot of love and effort into making something that would give players a glimpse into the development of the game we all love.
Aw, that's disappointing :[ But I suppose these things happen. Here's to hoping it comes back sometime soon! Thanks very much for your reply! Also...if you are looking for another project to take on over there at Riot, I hear there is a forlorn and rejected podcast in need of some loving :]
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Pretty sure this is just a joke based off of the leak.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Placed in low priority queque after 1 game with client problems
I am pretty sure the system doesn't check ratio of leaves to stays to determine punishment, but just how many were done in a short span of time (which could be a month or two it tracks it over, I don't know)
Neamean (NA)
: If you could combine a human champion with an animal to make them Vastayan what combo would you make
: Movie Theater Taliyah Skin Concept
Wow, that's actually pretty clever
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: Mmmh, that actually sounds interesting. First time I read something interesting about those two.
Dang, people really don't like you insulting their new baes lol
: Those lines trigger on the death/killing of an enemy team Xayah-- and are thus meant as a joke. He absolutely loves her.
Ahhhhhh, okay. I was just watching the video that put them all in one lump audio without annotating which line was for what action. I had a suspicion that that was what it was for but I wasn't certain. Thank you very much!
: A lot of cool discussion over reasons why, but I will just say that Rakan absolutely does love Xayah.
Thanks for the response! That clears things up!
: Xayah and Rakan are the teenage couple that make out too loudly in a public place
They sound too old to be teenagers. Maybe like young adults in their early twenties.
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SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Arcade Twitch
If Riot doesn't hire you for their skin team, they messed up
higura (EUW)
: fuck off...this have been answered atleast 20 times in other threads...its over dumb fuck...
Not sure why you felt the need to flame the guy over a post you didn't have to open or read.
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBellBrute,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=hJHsyQwA,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-02-28T01:26:04.840+0000) > >He was reported for not following the principles of a team based game. Help only one person, instead of everyone?
Hey, so slightly off topic and I know you are probably slammed with message notifications and all, but do you stream or have footage up of your games? I am really interested in seeing this supp Nunu strat you have in action.
: Here we are again! The case of_ “Unusual Pick that Throws A Game on Its head”_ vs _“The Teammates going WTF Is Going On”_. [If you’re just tuning in we previously covered this topic with a similar case in December: “Support Singed isn't bannable, but that's not the point”. ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point?comment=006b) We feel that the situation between these two edge cases are very similar. But it’s obvious we need to keep updating a few processes to smooth out any rare repeats in the future. And rare is what we’d call this; it’s a very unique edge case that seems to only present itself once every few months among thousands of audits that we process. Let’s re-iterate our stance from before: **Q: Can I get banned for choosing a champion or strategy that is outside the current meta?** A: 100% no. Choosing a champion or strategy outside of the current meta is not a factor we take into account when reviewing accounts. On any given day tens of thousands of players are making unusual picks in the game and they’ll never receive penalties in any form. **Q: So why does this issue keep coming up? What makes it different?** A: Riot Gromp said it best in the previous post when they stated: “...common sense and good sportsmanship say that experimenting players need to clearly communicate intent and win conditions to their teammates.” League of Legends is a team game and sometimes the biggest challenge can be coordinating with 4 other strangers who share a common goal; victory. If a player is going to rewrite the rules for the rest of their team then there is more pressure to properly communicate to everyone what they want the plan to be, and what they think everyone should do to achieve it. But wait! Communication doesn’t stop after you press the Enter button on your keyboard; and that’s where we saw a problem in this particular case. All of us need to be aware of the difference of communicating “with” someone vs. communicating “at” someone. _Telling your team what you’re going to do and then ignoring them isn’t really working with them it’s holding them hostage_. Telling your team what you want to do and actually working towards a common plan is a central part to playing any team based game. In this case what we observed was an expert Nunu counter-jungler throwing the meta on it’s head with a respectable win rate of 53%. While pretty impressive on it’s own, we also found that nearly 50% of their games were reported by teammates as frustrating and unfun. Keep in mind, this isn’t just teammates in losing games, this is teammates across all of his games; victories included. The message was pretty clear to us, this player is serious about_ Making Nunu Great Again_ but they are leaving a trail of dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger in their wake. Winning is not the end all be all of League. We want players to have fun but not at the expense of teammates. Ideally this means players will coordinate among themselves in a given match and react to the unique circumstances they end up in. If a player is consistently forcing “their vision” on the rest of the team **and **refusing to adapt to their needs we reserve the right to intervene. That’s what happened here (and before with the Singed case); players cried out how terrible the experience was for them and we intervened. Moving forward we’re going to keep updating our processes for these edge cases. We will still be on the lookout for situations where a player is creating a really negative experience for everyone else and we will intervene when necessary. In this case it’s undeniable that TakeTheDraw wants to win even if their approach leaves a lot to be desired. The effects on others in his games were enough for us to lock the account and we stand by that. But our agents were not properly prepared with a process to handle this edge case when they wrote in and that is on me. I will be working with the team to clarify an escalation process that emphasizes clearer feedback and opens the door for ban reductions if we believe that someone can make changes to their play style allowing them to continue crushing the meta but not at the expense of their teammates.
Honestly, no offense to you personally, but I actually find that reason to be utter bullcrap. Riot of all people should know that when a majority of league players get salty for the tiniest infraction at all, they instantly hit the report button. I've had adcs report me because I accidentally stole one lane minion. A. Single. Lane Minion. Not only that, but I've seen even popular league Twitch.tv streamers report players for not playing meta supports, even if they won. So I can imagine the amount of reports this guy gets from playing something unusual as support, even if he is winning. Your response makes it very clear to one trick ponies that their champ will not be allowed in any other position other than that champ's meta position, or face the consequences of their team reporting them just because it wasn't meta. This case, as far as the current report system goes, cannot be treated as fairly as it should. The report system really needs to be overhauled because, as it stands currently, it is just a joke.
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Dang, I hope that Riot fixes this. That really sucks that that one employee seems to be blocking it from going to a more extensive review. If you are obviously playing your role, and playing it well, who cares what summoner spells you take? Especially when pros like Dyrus respect your play.
: TK lost major amounts of playrate (and winrate, for that matter) both top and support after his nerfs in 6.13 and his jungle is no longer doable it's the cycle of life and death - Jhin is allowed to have 55% playrate / 52% winrate and be called balanced, or Janna/Ahri/Vi/etc. can have extremely bloated winrate and playrates as well, but the moment a niche champion becomes strong they get blasted out of orbit fuck generalists and fuck this game's balance team
Actually, Jhin's stats are 36% winrate and 49% winrate over all divisions. It's 52% winrate and 54% playrate in plat and above.
: Support Itemization: Solving an Old Problem By Creating A New One
Yeah, it feels like if you aren't building Locket + Redemption on every support, you are going to lose every teamfight. All supports definitely feel same-y in regards to their build. Their is not much variation even between mage supports and tank supports.
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: ARAM bot epidemic
So, not saying this isn't happening, which it probably is, but how do you know they are bots? I haven't seen someone before that I was like "totally a bot". What exactly are the signs of botting in aram?
Danble (EUW)
: Jhin PBE nerf way to small
And so the circlejerk continues...
: *1 month ago* "WAAH caits winrate and playrate is too damn high! Nerf her into the ground!"
It's just the circlejerk of the league boards. If they aren't currently yelling at some champ, usually an adc, they feel is broke, they have to find the smallest shred of evidence to convince themselves one of them is broke.
rafflesz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Barkingspider73,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ku0pP0G0,comment-id=00310000,timestamp=2017-02-16T19:43:37.783+0000) > > He has zero escapes, and his 4th only zones if you are almost dead. If you are almost dead from 3 autos, you have other problems than Jhin's current "strength". You understand he doesnt have to auto you correct? Like he'll auto the wave and then walk up with the 4th shot and unless youre like leona draven youre gonna auto lose the trade.... Also outside of ultimates ashe has zero escapes. mf has zero escapes. sivir has zero escapes. varus has zero escapes, kogmaw has zero escapes. Why is not having an esacpe an excuse to have no counterplay... Whats truly awesome about this post is that indeed jhin has some of the best kiting in the game...you know ashes thing? he does it just as well as she does.
It is 100% telegraphed and easy to avoid. And you are not going to lose because then Jhin has to back away as fast as he can because he is reloading. That gives the enemy adc a massive window to harass and trade back, and if they don't, they need to learn how to lane against Jhin in the first place.
: "OP.GG uses data from ranked games Platinum and higher." ??
: ~~rito said multiple times that champion.gg is inaccurate, and that op.gg is a lot closer to actual data.~~ ~~so....~~ https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc turns out he has 55% playrate, not 35% playrate. Rito nerf plz
> [{quoted}](name=SAO T1 Yui,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6V1LRzp1,comment-id=002b,timestamp=2017-02-16T19:02:46.453+0000) > > ~~rito said multiple times that champion.gg is inaccurate, and that op.gg is a lot closer to actual data.~~ > > ~~so....~~ > > https://na.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/adc > > turns out he has 55% playrate, not 35% playrate. > Rito nerf plz ...In plat+. It's 34% overall.
Dominish (NA)
: When is Irelia getting reworked or powered up?
: It's not his design, more on that no other ADC matches his range except cait. All they have to do is ban her, and you have free poke.
Uh, what? Every adc has the same range as Jhin, if not more, except Kog, Lucian, Sivir, Jinx, and Urgot.
: Lethality will be busted in URF...
It is capped. Once you hit the full 20 of GB, for example, it's done. It doesn't keep scaling. If anything, it could be worse if they increase the scale to level 30.
rafflesz (NA)
: nerfs lol. hes too 'hard' to play with his super mechanical run away from a fight hes losing and ult from tower for a free double. or his 'super hard' i autoed 3 times now i get to zone you for like 4 hours...
He has zero escapes, and his 4th only zones if you are almost dead. If you are almost dead from 3 autos, you have other problems than Jhin's current "strength".
: both are tragicly overbuffed by riot for no reason
Except that lethality is the problem. Look at all of Jhin's top winrate builds on op.gg. All are full lethality or pretty close to it.
: Please nerf lethality before Talon
From a Jhin main to a Talon main, I feel you bro. I actually think Talon is pretty well balanced at the moment, outside of the brokenness of lethality.
: And bring tanks with Lockdown CC. Or assassins. They are his worst nightmare.
For example, Lee Sin, which is played like every other game, and can one shot Jhin with his combo.
Iron Wu (NA)
: as a player who likes ADC, I hope Jhin gets nerfed. If I cant play as him I hate to play against him. He is freelo and that shouldn't be. Every game its a rush to see if I am going to get jhin first or will my opponent. I can't remember the last game without a Jhin. If I don't get Jhin and get beat with Jhin, I get salty because that person is abusing a champ I want to abuse. Anyone who plays Jhin are pure abusers and I am in that crowd.
He is definitely not freelo. He is pretty easy to play against. Just learn how to play against Jhin and you will be fine.
: Caught Out reduced to 2 seconds. Curtain Call slow reduced to 0.5 seconds. -20% pick rate right there without gutting the champion.
Caught out at 2 seconds makes it worthless. His w takes a second for it to even finish the animation.
: He actually deserves some nerfs on his 4th hit Movement Speed, and his Attack Speed per level but that's it. He's probably the best Champion they've ever made at Riot so please don't ask for any ridiculous changes.
AS per level would be a massive nerf. Any change to his AS drastically changes his damage output.
: So Jhin has a 52% winrate......with a 35% playrate
I think his winrate is really due to lethality and the playrate due to the skin. Anytime a skin comes out for an adc, that adc is played the crap out of, and the fact that Jhin is currently strong helps that his winrate is high. But he is still only #5 in terms of winrate. Having a high playrate with winrate doesn't mean other than the winrate is consistent as he is played more. Should every champ have a winrate that is considerably lower as it is played more? **My Thoughts that Most People Will Disregard Because They Only Want to Hear "Nerf Jhin":** So I am a Jhin main with about 300k mastery points on him, played him since day 1. He was definitely not meta at the start because no one knew how to play him ( I even had him banned away from me _**by my own team**_ during ranked matches because they said "all Jhin's feed"). It wasn't until Sneaky played him in LCS that people started to realize how good he was. He got some good nerfs early that forced him to more carefully manage his mana. After that he was, in my opinion, one of the most balanced adcs. In that point of last season, the meta adcs were attack speed based ones (caitlyn, sivir, kog, lucian mf at one point) that benefitted from Ghostblades attack speed active. Jhin, on the other hand, only got minor AD from that active, meaning most GB adcs could burst him pretty fast. Once preseason hit, and lethality came into play with GB attack speed active removal, those adcs that benefitted from the GB active fell out of power, but Jhin still kept most of his power from the item because his AS never changed. When lethality was buffed, it really helped the adcs that can work without AS (Varus, Jhin, MF in some cases), along with assassins, etc. I think it was too strong of a change. i think they should've buffed it first to 50/50 scaling instead of the drastic jump to 60/40, just to see how it affected everyone for a couple of patches. I think the nerfs that are currently considered/on the PBE are fair. If Jhin hits a bullet of his ult, it pretty much means he will always hit that target with the rest of his bullets, unless the target blows flash or someone body blocks for him. Removing a little bit of the slow means it gives the target a little bit of counterplay to his bullets without completely gutting Jhin's ability to hit his ult. Also, while I think his wave clear depends on trap damage to minions, I can understand the nerf so that he is not good in too many areas. Just some thoughts from a Jhin main, like them or not.
AidanWR (NA)
: [CLIENT] Failing to accept the ready check after accepting it
Yeah I got this 3-4 times for me as well. I found restarting my client helped.
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