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: And became a metaphor for map awareness
> [{quoted}](name=Awesomeasf ck,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=waFe0qEc,comment-id=000300010000000100000000,timestamp=2017-12-14T08:08:09.388+0000) > > And became a metaphor for map awareness A small tear forms under the champions eye whenever they leave a skillshot particle or ward on the rift.
Ralanr (NA)
: Most Americans will call native Americans Indians.
> [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=waFe0qEc,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2017-12-13T23:32:31.125+0000) > > Most Americans will call native Americans Indians. Most Americans are uneducated morons.
: Looks.terrible and has no place in the game
You shouldn't talk about yourself that way man. Take it easy on yourself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eFXyAYax,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-12-14T02:35:22.814+0000) > > tbh more candy/sweet skins would be really nice I'm holding out hope for candy kayn
> [{quoted}](name=SangreDeNoche,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eFXyAYax,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-14T05:24:27.635+0000) > > I'm holding out hope for candy kayn Elect this man president.
: The only times I've ever had issues like that are when the internet shits out, and when I tried to use my wireless headphones with my old laptop...Oh, and possibly in a few hours, if Net Neutrality dies.
oh gtfOutta here with the net neutrality apocalypse bs. you're only revealing how uneducated you are on the subject matter by posting garbage like this. Its bad. Its very bad. I support net neutrality, and I'm running around throwing it in people's faces too, as much as I can. I'm right there with you saying its a bad idea to get rid of it. But at least pretend to educate yourself on what it means.
: Building attack speed should increase the speed of Aurelion Sol's stars
We already have one cancerous cosmos-themed champion. We don't need another.
: When I was in school, dorm wifi was average 300 ping with jumps up to 2500 to 15k ping
were you on an up-to-date machine? where was this? When was this? Were you doing anything else simultaneously? I'm trying to figure out wtf people are doing to get ping this high. I feel like I would have to try to play league of legends from another country or from space, or be playing on an Apple Macintosh SE30 to get ping this high.
xelaker (NA)
: I'm on college wifi and don't stray above 20...
: Or they could be on college WiFi where everybody and their mother is using as much if not more internet than you
Am currently on college-provided in-home wi-fi at SIUE in Edwardsville near St. Louis, and play every day with 15-20 ping. I live in on-campus family housing with my wife and my kiddos. My wife is basically ALWAYS on netflix + her phone. My kids are occasionally on their little YouTube for Kids thingy. All of this happens while I'm playing, and the highest my ping has ever gone is in the mid 30s. < --- speed test results at 11:35 am, 12/14/2017
Chermorg (NA)
: 1. How do you know he purposefully did it and that this wasn’t an unintentional oversight? Each ability is coded independently - they may very well have just thought “well every other recast ability doesn’t let you so this one wont too” and overlooked the fact there’s an extra line of code in each of them. I recommend reading up on [this “policy” on Wikipedia for contributors]( which you should try to do. There is absolutely no reason to assume bad faith here - until evidence is provided to the contrary we should assume that it was unintentional and will be fixed. If it *was* intentional, we should not assume that CT was trying to do anything other than make a fun champion. Champions are never loved or balanced at the start. Never. 2. That all being said, I haven’t personally seen any cases where it was *fully* recast while stunned/stasis. That being said, there’s a chance that it’s a thing, so I’ll assume it is - maybe it’s specifically to allow Zoe to have that unpredictability about her. There’s many reasons that it may be in the game, and simply being unique does not mean it should be removed. They will tune the damage for her kit to a level that makes her a quite high skill cap champion (in that she literally has 3 skill shots and very little surge in power at 6 due to her ult hardly doing anything except making her other skill shots more effective if she plans them). Zoe is likely to become someone who isn’t overpowered unless you get someone that knows her kit well like the back of their hand - which is what a high skill champ is designed to be. Nerfing the kit would not allow this to happen - my belief is that Riot will play a lot with the ratios (and maybe the times/CDs) over the next couple months to get her in a place where she isn’t pick/ban but in the right hands she’s still deadly af.
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: I think we need a new type of exclusive skins. Let's call them charity exclusive skins.....
The fact there's no red post on this yet is disappointing. I guess they're too busy arguing with 12 year olds on whether or not yasuo is broken. Much more important.
: I think we need a new type of exclusive skins. Let's call them charity exclusive skins.....
(Pulls out wallet) Where do I throw this for a CMN skin? Just tell me where to throw it. Without CMN, I have no wife, and I have no daughter. They both almost died during my daughter's birth. Tell me where to throw my money and I'll throw it. I already participate in Extra Life every year.
: Inviting Friends in Practice Mode
I want this so bad, but I can also see a lot of valid reasons why Riot wouldn't do it. Namely, people using practice tool as some kind of weird cheaty 5v5 map for weird in-house bullshit games. Particularly for a mock URF mode-style game. Could possibly detract from the actual competitive queues. Nevertheless, if they found a way to prevent that kind of behavior, I'd love to see practice tool be open to more than just yourself.
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: As I always say To all the gold/silver players I find in my games KDA means nothing it does not reflect what you exactly did in the game or how useful you are (exept if you are 0/20/0) But no one seems To understand Btw kill participation is in KDA lmao
nah. If you are part of 10 kills in a 50 kill game (not uncommon these days) you were basically a non-factor.
: The Nunu buffs were not even funny.
Nunu and Amumu were the first two champions I ever learned how to jungle with back in season 2. Spammed them relentlessly. Now they're both shells of their former selves. They just feel so bad to play.
Rockman (NA)
: so close
(Uninstalls league)
Okuma (EUNE)
: Highly unlikely.
They just kept coming. They wouldn't stop. The whole thing took like 45 seconds to a minute, maybe a tad longer. It was like the game went into ARAM mode, except in the enemy jungle.
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: The visual representation of giving up
Why do people think KDA matters.... Show us your kill participation, damage to objectives, vision score, damage to turrets, turrets killed, wards destroyed, damage to champions....
: Can we have a funny "Bot Coach" mode? xD
I would play the shit out of this.
: Coached Team | LF Silver Players, AD, SUP, TOP, MID Open
IGN: Barkley Role: Any Current Rank: Gold 4 Peak Rank: Gold 3 Top 3 Champs: Jarvan, Taric, Orianna Headset/Quiet: Yep Strenghts: Shotcalling, macro Weaknesses: Micro 1v1, Individual mechanics (lose lane, win game), Can only play in evenings.
: "With mystery mini Icons apparently being the most desired item"
Same. I only bought so many because I wanted a particular one, only to find out later (my fault, not blaming anyone here) that the one I wanted doesn't even exist. I thought there were mini icons for every champ, and I also didn't know there was a cap. (Again, my fault, no blame, didn't do my research) But yeah... The way they're sold is BS. If you wanna sell these things in a random pack, that's ok I guess, but there shouldn't be a cap as to how many you can buy, and there should also be an option to just buy the one you want for like... 2x or 3x the random price. I'm fairly certain OP is correct in thinking riot just saw the volume people purchased, and took the opportunity to pay themselves on the back for a job well done, when really the system just inherently produces high volume sales, and most people are indifferent about it or unsatisfied. Riot might wanna take a second look at this.
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Þaragon (NA)
: A Better Zyra Ban Quote
A harmless, easy to implement change that makes too much damn sense to ignore. Upvoted and commented for visibility. It would take riot literally ZERO effort to make this happen, and from the looks of things, it'd make a decent number of people happy, and nobody sad. So uh... what are we waiting for?
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: Duskblade + Zombie is TOXIC PLAY for us Supports
Upvoted this post for the nifty idea on a better way to use my duskblade Jarvan to get more freelo. TYVM.
: I am so sick and tired of this ****
Normals matchmaking has been a joke for several seasons now, and is only one of many problems on a laundry lists of problems right now. Queuing against people that massively outrank you is bad, but queuing as a solo player against a premade 5 is even worse. Sometimes you get REALLY lucky and get both simultaneously. Its all over the place. Something is pretty clearly wrong.
Accenix (NA)
: Why am I stuck, like, honestly.
Its a common misconception for bronze players, silver players, and even gold players to think "I have 10 kills, I'm carrying" when really they're accomplishing absolutely nothing. I don't know about any rank higher than that. Gold 3 is the highest I've gotten, but I'm climbing. Slowly but surely.
Accenix (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eYR1Egjv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-12T07:18:45.291+0000) > > You wanna know your problem? > > You think K/D/A matters. > > K/D/A is possibly the least important metric in the entire game. At the end of your games coming up I want you to look at several things that are INFINITELY more important. > > -Damage to objectives > -Damage to towers > -Vision Score > -Control wards bought > -Gold earned/Gold spent (They should be pretty similar) > -Kill participation (found on > > > If your numbers aren&#x27;t up to snuff in these measurements, you&#x27;ve found your problem. > Check out these stats at the end of your games, and tell me again if you &quot;played the best on your team&quot; Honestly I participate in so many objectives, I cs so well, normally top in cs or top 3, on both sides. Map awareness is my weakness as a player but my mechanics, farm, and I get the first tier tower in my lane probably a solid 70% of the time. I've mained Nasus, Riven, Vayne, Draven, Eve, yasuo, and nothing can help.
> [{quoted}](name=Accenix,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eYR1Egjv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-12T07:22:56.860+0000) > > Honestly I participate in so many objectives, I cs so well, normally top in cs or top 3, on both sides. Map awareness is my weakness as a player but my mechanics, farm, and I get the first tier tower in my lane probably a solid 70% of the time. I&#x27;ve mained Nasus, Riven, Vayne, Draven, Eve, yasuo, and nothing can help. so when you get that tower 70% of the time, what do you do next? You should be snowballing your advantage to the rest of your team. If you stay in lane and farm, you're wrong. If you go run around the map chasing kills, you're wrong. I looked at your OP.GG and you have several games where your KP (Kill participation) is in the 30's. That's WAY too low. That's awful. It seems like in some games (not all) you need to participate more. Go through some of your games that you're speaking of, the ones where you have a crazy KDA but still lose. Check the stats on them. Is your tower damage good? How many towers did you take? How much vision did you provide your team? Perhaps more importantly, what were the stats of your lane opponent? Were they BETTER than yours? You may have won your lane, but they had a higher impact on the game. The end game stat screen is a wonderful tool for self-analysis, if you know what you're looking for.
Accenix (NA)
: Why am I stuck, like, honestly.
You wanna know your problem? There's two of them. 1.) You're worrying about your team mates and blaming your team mates instead of concentrating on how to improve your own gameplay. 2.) You think K/D/A matters. K/D/A is possibly the least important metric in the entire game. At the end of your games coming up I want you to look at several things that are INFINITELY more important. -Damage to objectives -Damage to towers -Vision Score -Control wards bought -Gold earned/Gold spent (They should be pretty similar) -Kill participation (found on If your numbers aren't up to snuff in these measurements, you've found your problem. Check out these stats at the end of your games, and tell me again if you "played the best on your team"
: The irony is great.
There's no irony. Just laziness on your part.
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: LF Team (Gold)
If you're also looking for a JG, add him and me.
: Why Kayle shouldn't be nerfed and how to fix why she's slightly overtunned
I'm actually pretty happy Kayle is out of meta right now. When she's in meta, its such aids. She does so much bloody damage.
: Rabadon is still way too overpriced
Rabadon's Fedora 1500g +70 ability power passive: Grants additional ability power based on your current bonus ability power, but only if you buy and wear it before it becomes mainstream.
Ookaji (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] [BUG] Ok yeah lets take dragon real qui-
Rocket Leeeee..... Burning out his fuse up here alone...
xelaker (NA)
: the operative word is stuck man...
You're right it is. And its an ambiguous word. It can mean stuck, like can't get out. Or it can mean stuck like you got placed there. So the misunderstanding is quite understandable. Don't be a jerk.
: >creates thread trying to preach about how to stop being toxic >proceeds to post asking why he's still honor zero after three months {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
It's been longer than that. Idk how much longer, but definitely longer. Also, the chat restriction was for telling my team to report someone for trolling. Because apparently telling people to report is toxic now. Won't be doing that again.
: > ultimate that's on a 6 second cooldown that allows them to blink at you, uninterruptible by CC Speaking of uninterruptible she can still recast her Q while being crowd controlled.
Didn't even know that. Add it to the fuckin list.
Kaeblen (NA)
: I am also S5. I've NEVER had problems with Yasuo. You really just have to know how to play against him. If you even TRY to learn, it's not difficult. It's not cancer. it's not any more irritating than a dozen other champions. If being S5 is so terrible, and you are above that, How exactly have you avoided figuring this out yet? And why the high and mighty attitude when all you're saying is "it's not fair. it's not fun. and I'm a victim of it". If that's all you want to say, you have no room to act so superior.
That **_is_** all I said. I only brought up his rank when he started getting lippy and toxic about how "people who don't like yasuo are just bad players." Typically, I don't mention rank at all. I think its an irrelevant thing when discussing the state of the game. I've played on 5s teams with all different ranks, from bronze to master, and I can tell you that I've played with some really mechanically gifted bronze players, and some really horrible master players that made me wonder if they bought their account. If you ask me, rank is 50% skill and 50% luck of the draw. Rank has nothing to do with intelligence or game sense. I'm not trying to be high and mighty. Just trying to shoo a mouthy 12 year old, and people in this game tend to be pretty sensitive about their rank. It was easy ammunition to shut him up and put him in his place. You cant run around getting lippy and being an asshole to people, and calling people "bad" or "noobs" when you're nearly the lowest rank in the game. What you've said here is tactful and respectful, and if you said something like this to me somewhere else, at another time, I'd likely entertain it with an equally tactful and respectful response. But if you came out of nowhere, like this assclown did, and just started running your mouth in a toxic or disrespectful way about how people are bad, or how people are noobs, or started talking to me like you're better than me or know more than me, then yeah... I'd probably bring up your rank.
: Let CertainlyT rework Volibear :V On a more serious note, he did knock it out of the park with Warwick.
CertainlyT's Volibear rework: Passive: Volibear constantly regenerates 3% of his maximum health, even when in combat. This, on top of his existing passive. Q - Now on a 6 second cooldown, and if you get within 1200 units of a champion, you dash to them. W - Now also stacks on ability hits instead of just autos. Also converts part of his ult damage to true damage when target is marked E - Now also fears champions. Feared champions now also take true damage instead of physical from W active. R - Lightning chains are now global and hit all enemy champions, applying a 50% slow for 4 seconds on each hit.
: Boards is not a proper representation of the player-base as a whole, so your data set is flawed.
If you can come up with a better data set of player opinions, I'll use it. As far as I can tell, there isn't one available. All of the complaints you see on here are the same ones you see on social media and reddit. Unless you plan on going door to door like a Runterra's Witness, we'll have to settle for what we've got.
: everyone is broken... yet first blood on adcs= win game huh.... sounds like you are just bad at the game if youre losing game as soon as enemy teams adc gets first blood
Says the guy who's 40LP higher than me. May as well be the same rank. You've been in games where the ADC gets FB/tower/drake/mid/top/snowball game and win. You know you have. It happens often. You just wanted to stand on a soap box and be a jerk. That's fine, it's a free country, do what you want. But let's call it what it is.
: Can you compile a list of problems the game has please? I’m tired of reading posts that follow the same formula: “I’ve been playing since season (pick a number) and I’ve enjoyed the game up until now. This game sucks! Riot do something about this/I’m done playing.” No flame at the OP. I’d be annoyed as a Rioter if I constantly read posts like these but don’t see a list of things people didn’t like about the game. (Then again even with a list of problems, Riot will still somehow screw it up.)
If you put any effort at all into reading the post, you'd find what you're looking for. It's literally like the 2nd or 3rd thing.
: Don't you know? Trolls are nocturnal creatures. That or, the acursed only morph into trolls at night. Or maybe, it's just that trolls don't sleep, and so they rule the night when most animals are asleep.
I just picture some 14 year old on his mother's work laptop hiding under a blanket in the front room with pop tart filling stuck in the corners of his mouth, just rage typing away. Mom - "honey are you still awake?" Kid - "SHUT UP MOM I TOLD YOU NOT TO BOTHER ME WHEN IM WRECKING NOOBS, GOD"
: It feels like people really don't know how to play from behind
I think I love you for this post. Please accept this wedding band, and my seed. No? Ok how about just a pat on the shoulder and a thumbs up, then. I'm gold 5 and my biggest struggle right now as far as figuring out how to continue to climb is that I don't know how to make my team stop doing dumb shit, and I am a tank player - so its really hard for me to go split lanes by myself, or secure objectives by myself. The only way I've found so far to combat this is to start playing champs who can, and its .... well.... its not bad, but it could be going better. I still need practice. Jarvan's been working well for me. Hopefully by the time S8 hits, I'll have a few champs in my toolbox that can handle the macro game on their own (or at least better than tanks can)
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