: I fell asleep playing it. It's just button mashing and SHAMELESS plagiarism of Gaurdians of the Galaxy.
What the fuck is with the slow camera panning? What the fuck is with the slow move speed? What the fuck is with the tiny arenas? What the fuck is with the ripoff velkoz sprites of varying sizes? Like..... what the FUCK?
Rioter Comments
Cantrip (NA)
: You have to _literally_ boycott the game. I'm not coming back until the fix their shit. I'm not having fun, I'm out. Came back to check on it, was my second love (after guild wars one)
I'm in the same spot. I've literally stopped playing in favor of Monster Hunter World except in the rare case of some norms here and there when my friends are on. But as a solo experience, I put literally zero time into this game anymore. Its a fucking joke.
: People make excuse for Riots lack of care for the game. the more it happen the more Riot think its ok to get away with just doing what they want and ignoring problems
> [{quoted}](name=Gamer Life,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=hn0ZKQyV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-02T21:14:49.198+0000) > > People make excuse for Riots lack of care for the game. the more it happen the more Riot think its ok to get away with just doing what they want and ignoring problems I agree, to a point. We see now where that's gotten them.
: Well, the point of PBE, largely, is bugtesting. So there's still a point. Your overall argument is correct, but you're not doing yourself favors by asking questions that have obvious answers that totally circumvent your point. "Why have PBE" is a bad question to ask. Better question: "since you have PBE, why not listen to the feedback and adapt to it when people point out problems?"
Tweaked op a tad to clear up this issue
Rioter Comments
: Oh look, Janna is at 54%~ winrate. Again.
> Oh look, Janna is at 54%~ winrate. ~~Again~~ _STILL_. Fixed that for ya.
: Sure, you can give someone the benefit of the doubt. But clearly, the police don't think they should ignore death threats online. So if someone ends up getting arrested because of something they typed, I wouldn't jump to their defense and I wouldn't have an issue if a case such as this was taken to the authorities.
I would. At what point does it turn to Minority Report where we're arresting people because we **THINK** they might do something? Words are words. That's all they are. And these aren't even SPOKEN words, they're words typed on a keyboard over the internet. The probability of them actually amounting to anything is nearly insignificant. Now if I said something along the lines that I was going to go shoot some people and "here's my plan on how to do it" then yeah, I'd expect to be investigated. The key word there is INVESTIGATED... not arrested. Innocent until proven guilty. Any 12 year old with their mommy's laptop can talk up a big game on the internet, and if we want to take these threats seriously, we're going to need a lot more funding for police, because there's gonna be an awful lot of sexual assault cases being filed for all the "I'm gonna fuck your mom" that goes around. Its asinine. Its the fucking internet, people. Its not real life. People say all kinds of crazy shit, and 99.9999999999999% of the time, it amounts to absolutely nothing. Get over it. As I stated before, and I'm not going to say it again after this -- I'm done with this post because its petty and just reeks of safe-space libtard -- just report the guy and move on with your life. You're never ever going to meet this person. He's never going to do anything to you. You'll never be within 500 feet of him. Let riot ban his toxic ass, and let that be the end of it. Suing? Legal action? Police? Are you fucking serious? Get outta here with that shit. The police have REAL problems to take care of in the REAL world. They don't need to be wasting their time and my tax dollars hunting down some KID who said something someone didn't like on the internet. He's probably some 14 year old obese neckbeard in his mommy's basement munching on cheetos and drinking a 711 big gulp of mountain dew wondering why he doesn't have any friends and has never touched a woman. Who the fuck cares. He doesn't matter. He's a nobody. Let him keep being insignificant, let Riot take care of the problem, and move on with your life. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go ahead and move on with mine.
: Yeah we don't know. But if there was a random dude who was yelling at someone and saying they'd kill them, I wouldn't mind calling the cops. Anonymity shouldn't be an excuse for behavior like that.
It shouldn't, you're absolutely right. But I don't see a couple ill-intended keystrokes on a keyboard to be a very good reason to negatively impact someones actual, real life for the next however many years. Especially without knowing anything about them. Report him, let Riot sort him out, and move on. You didn't know him before you played this game, and you won't know him after. So why be vindictive?
: Is Riot out of their mind?
is 20 base damage on his E really gonna break anything, though?
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Rules make the exceptional stay exceptional. How many school shootings will you need to realize that maybe there is a reason why the country that sells weapons in supermarkets also has most (actually almost all) school shootings in the world?
Yes, it must be the availability of the guns... considering there are literal, actual CHILDREN walking the streets with guns in their hands in some middle eastern countries -- THATS how available guns are in those countries -- and yet no school shootings. Weird. Its almost as if its a societal problem, not a gun problem. But this is America, and that's what we do here - we point fingers everywhere but where they need to be pointed. 'Tis the American way.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Yes, and there is enough of that without it being permitted, so imagine what it'll become if we let it be.
And you see how effective these rules are at preventing people from literally telling each other to kill themselves and threatening to rape each others families. This is the same mentality behind people thinking stricter gun control laws will prevent school shootings and gun crimes. Rules only work on people who follow them. For everyone else, more extreme measures are needed.
: Okay, but I'm pretty sure everyone wants Pool Party more.
Probably. Doesn't make this any less awesome.
: Please add a report feature for little fucking babies who constantly feel the need to report, usually out of jealousy that other players outplayed them.
I'm not sure how a player on my own team can outplay me... seems like you're just looking for an excuse to be a jerk here.
: Mute the pings. That's a new feature now.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Because answering violence with violence doesn't work. This would just turn this board into personal vendettas and bullying.
What the hell do you mean turn it INTO That? Have you been on the boards? Ever?
Barkley (NA)
: The year is 2042...
LCS players are hand picked from youth training camps set up around the globe. Children are sent to these camps on their 8th birthdays.
: Twitch still gets buffed immediately if he isn't owning the game like a bitch, Dragon pit is still 10x more valuable than Baron pit at almost all stages of the match, ADC+Support meta is still the best and only meta the game has, and top lane is still pointless.
There is only one item in the game, it costs 1400 gold, and allows you to insta-gib any player you auto attack. Can only be bought by ranged champions.
: Shyvanah got the Year of the Dragon Skin and the second Dragon year had a Dragon update with MF getting a Skin.
CertainlyT is revered as a God, and worshipped religiously.
: Yes, it was this guy. My point was that there is a good chance the police might do something if these pics were taken to them.
Meh... the dude's an asshat for sure, but I'm not sure its worth giving someone a criminal record over something in a video game. You just don't know. The dudes girlfriend could have broken up with him, his mom could have died yesterday, and he could have gotten fired from his job all in the same week and he just lost his shit for a brief moment. You don't know his story. I don't think ruining someone's record is a suitable punishment for something that happens online with no actual physical implications. He should be perma'd for sure, but arrested? Cmon.
: Had someone like that yesterday He told me the right solution for my life is to cut my throat and make it bleed till death I even sent a support ticket and the asnwer was " he should harrass many other people to get him banned "
> [{quoted}](name=Hikari Sakata,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a0270tyi,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-02-27T20:54:45.364+0000) > > Had someone like that yesterday > He told me the right solution for my life is to cut my throat and make it bleed till death > I even sent a support ticket and the asnwer was " he should harrass many other people to get him banned " No it wasn't. The response was "We'll handle it, but we're not going to tell you any details about how we handle it." Because that's the standard cookie cutter Riot response to these emails. Trust me, I've sent dozens of them. Don't make shit up just to support your own agenda (even if its probably correct.)
: I would love to know what happens after you send a support ticket.
> [{quoted}](name=Papa Andrei,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a0270tyi,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-02-27T21:44:33.462+0000) > > I would love to know what happens after you send a support ticket. He'll get an email back saying "we're handling it but we're not gonna tell you anything about what happens to the player." And that'll be the end of it, probably.
: It should be encouraged.
> [{quoted}](name=DeportTheNoxians,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a0270tyi,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-02-28T06:00:07.675+0000) > > It should be encouraged. THANK YOU. I don't know why there's this big protection policy against name shaming players, especially in a situation like this. These types of players should be hung out to dry and made an example of, if not by Riot themselves, AT LEAST by the player community. We should be able to openly express our disapproval of this kind of behavior in whatever ways are available to us. People should be genuinely afraid of acting like this. Fear is a wonderful motivator.
: Wow, you shouldn't be posting a private conversation without the other persons consent. It's an invasion of privacy. Maybe you deserve those threats.
Nobody deserves those threats. Except maybe you for thinking anyone deserves those threats.
Arammus (EUW)
: just had a person tell me kys twice and that he will kill and rape me and my family.
lol @ "I'm gonna sue you." No you're not. But yeah, wow, hope this guy get's perma'd.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: WTF why is Riot giving Tristana buffs without taking anything away?
Top lane is awful right now
: I'm not hard headed or childish, and neither am I throwing a fit. I'm expressing my anger at a god damn champ that doesn't belong in this game. If you don't have anything nice to say, then you will be ignored.
> If you don't have anything nice to say, then you will be ignored. "If you don't stroke my ego and tell me exactly what I want to hear, I won't listen"
: Oh that's good, only took them 3 years to attempt to fix it. Doesn't change the fact that solo queue will still be lottery queue for most of gold/plat players.
Solo queue is a lottery for everyone right now, from bronze to master/challenger.
: Top Lane - Jungle. The game i've enjoyed for 6+ years in the gutter.
Jungle is absolute garbage right now. So much so that I just stopped playing it all together. Jungles are afforded too much agency over the game - both negative and positive. If I get a good gank off, my chance of winning goes through the goddamn roof. That feels really great. But if I fuck up at all, I could have just lost my team the game, and that feels absolutely awful. The game is just too goddamn snowbally. That, combined with the absolute ZERO vision I can contribute now that tracker's knife is gone - an item I used HEAVILY - makes counter jungling a huge risk, or at the very least a resource gamble. Its high risk, high reward - because if you can set up an effective counter jungle there's virtually nothing the enemy jungler (or yourself) can do about it anymore. You can't put down your own vision, and you can't sweep it out. If you buy a sweeper, you can't place vision of your own. If you try to put your own vision down, it dies to fast and is insufficient - because the enemy support CAN buy a sweeper, and can just come clear it all out. You can buy control wards - but you're just putting yourself even further behind in gold by doing so. Its awful. That, and most of the champions I like to play are sub-optimal right now. (Amumu, tank jarvan, Ivern) So I've sold my soul to the devil and started playing mid/adc. I don't enjoy laning nearly as much as I do jungling, but I have a higher win rate overall, and I feel like I have more leeway to make mistakes - and as a silver/gold player, I make plenty of them. I really hope they do something to get the jungle back on course, because I really do miss it.
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: If Nautilus ever gets reworked, I hope he's more like how he acted in "A New Dawn"
Nautilus the tanky top laner: Q: **Dredge line**, unchanged W: **The bends**, Nautilus creates a pressure bubble around himself, which reduces the effectiveness of projectile based attacks. Melee attackers inside the bubble have some of their damage returned to them in a manner similar to thornmail. If a champion stays within the bubble for its entire duration, they are dramatically slowed for a short period after it expires. E: **Anchors Aweigh**, Nautilus swings his anchor in an arc that knocks all enemies it hits to whichever side he swings it to. Players can control the direction by either click-dragging, or just smart casting the skill to a particular side of nautilus's sprite. The skill always casts relative to the direction nautilus is facing. Enemies that collide with terrain are stunned. R: **Depth Charge**, After a brief channel time, nautilus smashes the ground with his anchor, causing a massive shockwave that radiates outward in multiple waves (similar to his old E, but much bigger, and considerably slower). All enemies struck by the shockwave take damage and are briefly knocked up. Passive: **Vengeful Spirit** Nautilus gains a stack of vengeance for every second a nearby enemy is under any crowd control effects. At 12 stacks, Nautilus gains the Vengeful Spirit buff, which prevents him from being stunned, knocked up, or slowed for a short time, and breaks all currently applied instances of these effects.
Ralanr (NA)
: Predeath Sion.
rewt127 (NA)
: well lets put it this way. All the viable tops right now are ADs and Tanks. There arent any Viable AP jungle champs other than AP tanks so its all tanks and AD Mid Has diversity but people like to play AD assassins. ADC is ADC And support in most cases doesnt do damage so its irrelevant. It does feel kind of shitty that Mid is basically forced to play AP champs if you want to the perfect roster
Lets not forget that if you don't play a tank jungler, you don't get a tank. I'm so fucking tired of playing sejuani/zac/skarner/warwick every single game because my team just outright refuses to pick tanks anywhere else.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I'm not at my computer, but basically everything is tied to champ levels except for baron buff stats, turrets stats, and minion stats. It would be easy to just go into practice tool, get the trinket and write down the cds after levelling up and placing one.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1plLgKmY_MEiz_Evld3pWsq_NaWsWByAHxq-iL0XtLKA/edit?usp=sharing There's that. Now I just need to figure out what the average player level is at each minute of the game.
Barkley (NA)
: What is the actual breakdown of the warding totem
I refuse to believe that nobody knows the answer to this. Come on people. Google searches give me nothing. All I get is the tooltip, which doesn't give me the algorithm I need to calculate out what I'm looking for.
Rioter Comments
: The cd on the trinket isn't a problem. And just because it's off cd doesn't mean "use it RIGHT now" You can hold 2 of them it's fine calm down. If people aren't using their trinkets frequently, they're retarded. It's not something that's hard to notice. In normals idc what you do with the trinket since that's just where you go to troll and feed. In ranked, if I see you holding two fucking wards for 10 minutes I'm reporting you ass on principle. As for your support. Don't try to burden your support to get you global vision all game, they get 4 wards per back. And they run the scanner to get rid of vision and maybe they'll frequently buy pink wards. The support should definitely ward but don't try to burden the support to be ALL the vision score. You have free wards. Use them. It works in practice if you aren't fucking stupid.
Well I guess you and everyone you play with are stupid then, because in virtually every game in your match history you place about 7-11 wards in games that last average about 30-35 minutes. Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit holier than thou attitude. You ward less than most people on your team in most games.
: Nasus spikes at 6 way too hard
The cooldown reduction on his Q during his ultimate has GOT to go.
Gelmous (NA)
: {{champion:107}} time to react ? react to what, to your grey screen?
SO glad he got reverted! I love zero counterplay champions!
scottca (NA)
: Im the guy who.... Just does not vote
no vote is a 'no' vote. Legos for you.
: Because you all have free wards fucking use them.
I get one ward every minute and a half that lasts 2 minutes. That means if I use my trinket every time its off cooldown, I get to have 2 wards on the map at any given time if I want to keep consistent, uninterrupted vision. I'm not always standing exactly where I wanted to put a ward the moment my trinket comes off cooldown. Which means there will be lapses in vision. Also, there are many occasions where placing multiple wards at once is the best option - which means there will be plenty of times where the action of the game moves to a different location - and I have no wards to place. Also, I don't care what elo you play at - people don't always remember to ward. Especially since, for the first 10 or so minutes of the game, everyone is kinda sorta confined to a general area around their own lane. So there's plenty of lapses in vision during that time simply because people can't move the way they want to due to wanting to stay close to CS - and rightly so. And its not as if placing vision in a certain area guarantees productivity in that area. If you're planning on warding around dragon, and you burn 2-3 wards from your team trying to set it up - only to find that you're outnumbered, or one of your laners dies, or any other infinite possibilities - your vision is now useless. You can't capitalize on it. What about counter jungling? Invades? Jungling is a guessing game. An informed guessing game, but a guessing game nonetheless. If I burn both of my wards early in the game expecting an invade, or preparing for my own - and I get nothing from it - I now have no vision to place anywhere else for 90 seconds (120 early in the game). This feels a whole lot like gambling, to me. Mostly because that's exactly what it is. And lets not forget about our friends, the supports - who can not only still place vision DRASTICALLY more liberally than I can as any other positional player - but they can also access the sweeper trinket ON TOP OF having much, much more access to vision. So if I - as a jungler - am being bullied by the enemy jungler/mid laner/support, I have virtually no options. I can either a.) buy a sweeper and try to sweep out the vision - which is a fruitless battle because I can't replace it with my own vision, and the support/laners are just going to replace it anyway OR I can NOT buy a sweeper and try to keep up with my measly 2 wards, and put myself EVEN FURTHER behind by buying a ton of control wards. Its a lose-lose. So "You have wards, use them" is a nice little catch phrase, but unfortunately in practice - it doesn't work that way.
: Players should have the option to ping "Need Vision"
But wait... this would imply that non-support players can actually buy vision With what?
Rioter Comments
: Let's talk about Dark Harvest Shaco...
First and foremost, everything about what you just said is situational. Shaco is weak as hell unless he gets hysterically fed, in which case the only argument you'll ever hear is that any champion can insta-gib you if they get fed. So yeah. But beyond that, you did make one valid point when you mentioned trackers knife being gone and I'll stand by you with that. Aggressive counter-jungle champions like shaco, ivern, nunu are just absolute cancer to deal with right now because you simply can't ward enough to stop them. You have to resort to creative pathing and attempting to counter jungle them right back - at which point it basically just becomes a 50/50 as to whether or not you guessed correctly where they'd be and where you could eke your own advantages. If you get lucky, you're fine. If you don't, you're just screwed. Counterjungling has become a coin toss because there's just not enough vision available to support it. That said - some champions are just inherently better at it than others because of their kit, and if you happen to find yourself in a matchup where you're a CJ susceptible champion vs a CJ proficient champion - good fucking luck.
Barkley (NA)
: What is even the point of counterjungling anymore
This needs attention so I'm commenting on it. I really wanna know why this acceptable.
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