: I think Pyke might be the only chaotic evil assassin as of right now
Qiyana is pretty evil, go back and look at her "Fit to Rule" story. She takes actions she knows will lead to death and destruction for her people to better herself.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Not that I've seen. They mainly just had issues with this one.
They should put the two right next to each other. They are almost identical other than the color/style.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Prestige Caitlyn Splash updated!
Do people also have problems with the base arcade skin?
: What champs do you actually find fun anymore?
{{champion:2}} Olaf is good fun in top lane, you kill whoever you want at level one. Someone else already mentioned Shen and Swain, the other two I would recommend.
: A Legendray For Shen
As someone who usually plays a lot of Shen (learning some supports right now), I kind of feel like a legendary skin would be a waste on Shen. He doesn't have very much visual flare, so I don't know how a legendary skin could really do a lot with the visuals. That said, some kind of Arclight skin with angelic visuals could be pretty sweet. Big angel wings on the ult, some kind of embrace of angels visual on the W. Might be nifty.
Zapzya (OCE)
: Or because it’s Kayle, who has always been fully armoured and was loved for this unique visual appearance among the female cast. Also personally I think it just looks bad, I think Morgana looks good, my preference for whether a character needs armour changes dependent on the character, not the gender.
Kayle has always had a gap in her armor at the stomach. She had a breastplate and a tasset (the hip part), but her stomach was never covered by more than cloth. That tasset (which has been replaced partially) and the loincloth attached to it are the only things she lost, you are basically complaining that she no longer has a clasp which would do nothing defense-wise.
: Riot writers, what do you have against the "usual" good guys?
Kayle's old lore did not paint her to be a perfectly good being nor did it paint her as resembling humans in her mentality. She was a zealous force of destruction that was guided only by her own judgement. You can still find her old lore on the League Wiki under the history tab.
Juice (EUNE)
: https://youtu.be/oL25q8yZvyA Hyperbole? WHAT hyperbole? God I am glad to prove you naysayers wrong, btw she missed 2 of her skills AND aftershock damage , while I had MR and hp Yup, that's a 1 shot by a lv8 Seju on a lv10 Renek
That Sejuani did about a third of your life in damage in about 4 seconds, the Teemo did the rest with his Q and degen. You might want to rewatch that clip.
kargish (EUW)
: Everything is relative mate. 40%-60% slow for 1.75 seconds plus a minor pull versus 1.5 seconds root. Personally I'd go with the root any day. And let's not forget LB can choose to send out 2 of these roots if she so desires.
If we want to go with the "Everything is relative" idea, then we should be considering the champions these abilities are stuck on. A root is great when you want the person to just stand still, which is good enough for LB. Kled, however, is a melee champion who needs to be on top of someone to be killing them. A pull is a good effect for Kled because when he is beating on someone the Trap just needs to pull them back to him for a bit so he can finish killing them, with a slow tacked on for when he is trying to kill tanks. Sure, the pull isn't that long, but as a melee I would take a pull effect over a root. Also, LB only gets a second root if she ults for it, which is a decent trade off for her RW or RQ. Kled gets a huge map mobility/engage/shield ability. I'm not saying LB's ult is hot garbage, but it is just a second use of one of her basic abilities with more damage.
kargish (EUW)
: Since when did Kled's Q snare people?
True, Kled's displaces (then slows) them which is a much stronger form of CC.
Antenora (EUW)
: Seriously giving Akali TRUE stealth?
I would think giving her this "true stealth" (the tooltip in the video said that she was "obscured") might make her easier to balance. No more "sometimes visible, sometimes not" which allows for more power (like the duration) in the ability. Plus Akali doesn't need to be hard countered by someone picking Lee Sin. THe one shot potential that the video showed is what makes me really concerned, not the stealth.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: Thats so useless tho. Doesnt help vs spells, vs Electrocute, even vs Yasuo Qs that go through minions and Duskblade.
Yeah, because it is mostly so that ranged champions can't just poke you out with their autos alone. They need to invest resources into poking you out, which in turn opens them up to being all-ined since you can dodge the damage or cc with your troll-pole and then just kill them.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: But why does Zed and pretty much all other assassins have like 10 more base armor than him? :[
Because Fizz has a passive that reduces damage from auto attacks.
: > [{quoted}](name=SugeMinPikk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VrOPGltI,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-07-11T21:42:39.825+0000) > > Yasuo was an objectively terrible, buggy mess on release. > > Bard was buffed for like a year straight before he wasn't considered a troll pick. Thresh, Pyke, and Bard are all highly skillful supports. Because of this, I'm a little curious what would make Bard broken,
: *looks like a bunch of nerfs, but is actually a lategame buff*
It is a nerf to his lane phase. That ult cooldown, 30 base HP, and 10 damage from initial Q are going to hurt the lane a decent amount. It is worth remembering that the Q enhanced damage and the later staged Q damage are amplifiers on the initial value. If you were to hit all of your sweet spots in a combo at rank 1 Q you would be doing 56.25 base damage with the nerfs, which is less than the damage with no sweet spots hit without the nerfs. At rank 2 of Q if you hit all of your sweet spots you deal 56.25 less damage than if it was before the nerfs. When not hitting sweet spots the nerf is a bit less brutal, but it is still 37.5 less damage on every combo. It is also a late game buff, which is good because cutting that much power from his early game would otherwise completely dumpster him if there was no compensation.
: > [{quoted}](name=RekSai CoffeeCo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MwPXHsjF,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-07-10T15:02:44.835+0000) > > Show me a post where People were asking for scuttle changes. I will also need a post that shows where players before 8.10 said well jungle needs to be 2-4 levels under solo laners till mid game point so their impact on lanes is nonexistent. Go back 2 - 3 months ago and you'll find dozens of threads from whiny top laners that thought it was unfair the JG ganked them at level 3 when they still had level 2 despite this gank being super duper predictable and avoidable.
That gank may have been predictable and avoidable, but it involved any early lane pressure top laner to give up on that dream and throw away any lead they had generated. It needed to go.
: They didn't ask for changes not because of some superiority complex or some shit like every board member seems to believe. They didn't ask because it means exactly what happened; suddenly the class of champions that only has one lane compared to everyone else have two or three has no lane now. They can't survive their own lane and arent strong enough to go anywhere else. And, again, with feeling: #I started playing bot lane carry because I wanted to play ADC. If I had wanted to play a mage/bruiser/tank/assassin/whatever, I would have played any of the other available lanes. I didn't because ADCs can only be played bot.
>I got a bit riled by your comment so some of this is a tad aggressive. That was not the original intention. Hold up. Not every other class has multiple places (or any places) they can go. You see any tanks out there that are good? Don't say Mundo or Jax or Camille, they are all fighters (Mundo is a juggernaut). Tanks used to be junglers and top laners, but they don't exactly have much of a place to be right now. Those bruisers you are complaining about in bot lane? Not long ago they didn't exist on the Rift. You see supports anywhere but bot lane when they aren't gold funneling? The only ones are probably Karma or Lulu mid. I think I have seen one of them in the last 3 weeks and they got slaughtered. Where were mages before they invaded bot? Mid lane. A couple (Brand, Lux) could "support". You might occasionally have seen one get wrecked top lane. Where are ADCs at the moment? Many still live bot lane. There are a few that still show up in other places, like Graves and Kindred in the jungle, or Quinn and Corki in solo lanes. Not long ago there were ADCs in _every position on the map_. Don't act like what happened to ADCs is anything new or unique. Many of the rest of us are a bit bitter about the treatment ADCs have gotten over the years when compared to our positions because of how good you have had it. This is the first time you have had your shrine disturbed in LoL, and it has been _2 patches_ since the crit changes. Tanks haven't been a thing for about 5 patches now and it isn't the first time they have been missing. Get over it. Do you remember why ADCs got changes? Because everything on the map was revolving around the ADC role, and had been for YEARS. You didn't ask for it but we got the changes because __everyone else wanted there to be a change__. Now we have a game where the ADC isn't guaranteed the most important person on the team _every game_. About time.
: Rekkles, one of the best ADC's to ever play, basically being forced out of his role
> "more of a champion pool than 10 AD carries and Janna, which was legit my champion pool" That is the kind of champion pool that is not diverse enough for other lanes. 10 champions is enough, but that they are all doing roughly the same thing is an issue. Around there he also mentioned how he only started trying out the newcomers to bot 2 or 3 days before the interview. Being so slow to adapt, especially since he also expected Riot to change things back to an ADC dominant bot lane _the next patch_ (15:35 for when he says that), is something that doesn't work in other lanes. People in other roles don't have that kind of thinking. When our stuff is ruined we expect to be able to use it again in a year or so if we are lucky, not the very next patch. We all know ADCs aren't that strong right now but it has been 2 patches since the crit changes, once it has been at least 5 patches you might be in a situation that is comparable to any other role. > "kind of feel like the game is more fun again" Just an interesting little quote there. Seems that changing the bot lane up isn't all bad in his eyes, just not so great for his place in pro play. He had a couple of other thoughts I found interesting like how going a marksman made you free food for Nocturne, as opposed to the mage/bruiser in your lane, or how Kai'sa and Lucian can still carry.
: No tanks are boring besides Sion. What tank is fun to use and you dont just use it to abuse it's cc lock or w/e form of dmg they got? The only PURE TANK that is fun is SION and no Darius isnt a tank even if you build 6 warmogs.
: Both thornmail and randuins have HP...Not to mention sion already has a shit ton of base health... If your trying to argue that yi should kill a sion with 3 armor/hp items in 2 seconds how long should it take to kill a mage or adc? 0.1 seconds? Sounds fair.
Thornmail is pretty low as far as health goes (just 100 more than a health crystal), Frozen Heart has 0 health, and Sion actually has really low base health (the W passive makes up for it). Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen also don't get to affect Yi with their passives because of his ult. You pretty much went straight into the worst items against Yi you could, at least if he isn't going crit which he probably isn't. I would recommend getting something like a Sterak's instead of Thornmail (which you don't want to stack with Randuin's anyway, unique passives and such) and something with health rather than the Frozen Heart, even if it is an MR item. Sion is also one of the worst champions to deal with Yi on since you will never cc him outside of the occasional point-blank R, but you can't always avoid the match up. As for killing squishies, Yi probably does it in closer to a second if you don't include the time for Alpha Strike. However, if you keep track of where he will come out of Alpha, even Sion can land cc.
MadSeer (NA)
: Feels wrong that an assassin can bypass everything a tank has in his arsenal. Oh, he has a lot of MS, AS and physical damage? Guess I could build a Frozen Heart and a Randuin's! Nop, because he's also immune to slows. I mean there are clear ways to counter a Master Yi, but they're specific champions, not items, which is frustrating because it means you either have these champs and shut him down or you're screwed because he'll fly right past every resistance or disable items have.
Yi isn't really an assassin, he is a melee carry. Tanks are supposed to be things he kills if they don't have a burst champion around to follow up their cc.
: The fact that Yi has 100-0 me in ~2 seconds with Thornmail, Frozen Heart, and Randuins is actually unreal.
That's probably because you have very little health in that build and he has a lot of true damage. Resists are great but you need health to back them up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baron of Bread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IZBz5iBK,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-07-03T01:39:24.810+0000) > > The scars of losing your main/one-trick/favorite never really heal, but you can find other things to like in the game. So true. My first main was Akali, then Azir, then Kayle and now it's Shyvana. I also main Leona when autofilled. And when I main something, I really main it. I'm talking hundreds upon hundreds of games playing nothing but that champ and I've done it with each of them. You can always find something you like.
I went Sion, Mordekaiser, Shen. Truly I am blessed in my choices of mains. Luckily enough I liked the Shen rework, so I am still rolling with the "ninja".
: New Aatrox is a slap in the fact to all players
Where were you for Sion? Where were you for Yorick? Where were you for Poppy? Mordekaiser? Urgot? Galio? Many champions have been deleted from the game and several of them delighted the general fanbase, all while leaving the mains out to dry. This is not the first time, nor is it likely the last time. What we do is hope that in the future we get more Warwicks and less Mordekaisers because you aren't going to stop Riot from getting rid of what they deem (sometimes rightly so) mistakes. So pull your pants up, take a deep breath, and figure out what you are doing next. The scars of losing your main/one-trick/favorite never really heal, but you can find other things to like in the game. And though you may have been left with sorrow, there are others that have been given a dream come true. From the words of my first main to your Aatrox; I'm dead... so are you.
: Going by the size we seen on the teaser trailer, I made an image to show a comparison... https://preview.ibb.co/ipCejo/Aatrox_Size.png
I suspect his exact size varies wildly, since he seems to use the bodies of those he kills/comes across to alter his form (at least that is what I got out of his lore).
: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o33g9dGF,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-06-28T10:02:17.155+0000) > > The CDs I haven't had much trouble with (perhaps because I jungle with him?) but the Q deceives people because the CD starts at the first cast. So a long CD of like 16 seconds is more akin to 11-ish. 8 if you wait out your Qs all the way to the timer. W and E have decent CDs but I'm really not spamming them unless you go for an all in. > > The ult I find pretty decent too. The big thing for jungling is that it gives you a free dive and lets you soak skillshots while you're drawing aggro. I also think people kind of misuse it and wait til the very last moment when you should be turning it on around 50% through the fight. > > Again, all of this is personal experience and maybe your mileage varies. So far I haven't had too much trouble with neither CDs nor ultimate at least when played from the jungle. > > I remember a while back Teridax and I were talking. We both suggested Riot consolidate long ability descriptions with a shortform (Aatrox Q as is) and longform (Pressing shift) for those who want them. It should probably be a toggle in the options rather than a "press shift to see more" though. Or perhaps a mouse-over for more info? So everyone is wrong and you are right? I am not trying to intentionally add on negativity or troll; just attempting to hopefully get you to open your eyes. I read your reply about Q cd, and we both know that how your Q combo goes is hardly entirely up to you. So intentionally Q'ing to get minimum CD is unrealistic a vast majority of the time. Therefore Q'ing someone else, that doesn't want to get hit, can be more trouble than its worth given a summoners other options. The ult can definitely do what you said, but its impact and satisfaction are factually F-tier compared to the other champs in this game. Think about the ult's of Olaf, Yas, Trynd, Darius, Garen, Sion, Illoai, Kled, WuKong, Riven, Fiora, Ornn, etc.... then compare it to Aatrox's... Being biased to the point of blindness doesn't help your good friends at Riot.
Personally, I am not fond of comparing Riven and Aatrox (that can be reserved for a different post), but it helps get something across here. I think the ult is definitely at least on the same tier as Riven's. Riven gives you an AD steroid, a bit of range, and an AoE execute. Aatrox's gives an AD steroid, move speed (mostly out of combat), and a revive. I won't say there is a gut feeling of power when you press R, but that doesn't mean the ult (which has a strong defensive element, unlike most other ults, in the revive) doesn't have a huge impact. The cooldown on your Q is long because it has ridiculously high damage, more damage than Riven's Qs _even if you don't hit the sweet spot_. In lane you don't even need to hit the Q, you just need it to force someone to miss cs or take huge amounts of damage.
: im already getting pretty use to him. hes a huge bully early game and im able to easily zone off enemies from csing because his Q is actually pretty scary and keeps enemys away because they dont wanna get hit by the tip of it. so far im loving the new rework but if riot buffs him or makes him more smoother to play because of all the complaints then hey im in!
I would be unhappy if they buffed him now, he doesn't feel like he needs it and if it puts him over the top we can expect him to be pick/ban for a bit before getting nerfed hard.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZaxrielCaine,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=viglMNaa,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2018-06-20T21:07:28.973+0000) > > Strange thing is, if you listen to the voice lines and interactions for the skins, it almost seems like Garen is the evil tyrant, and Darius is just trying to be free. Just what I got from it anyways. White armor and Light powers do not a benevolent ruler make. this is why garens voice lines on the skin sucks ass. because people dont understand that there is no good guy on these skins. darius sure as hell isnt one. garen wants peace, but enforce it under his uncontested rule. darius wants to plummet the world into chaos and endless war where the strong prey on the weak. even if he manages to kill garen, he doesnt want the war to end. he wants to tear civilization down and have the world in a perpetual state of chaos and bloodshed. if you ask me, when it comes to the individual, garen is still the better choice out of the two. you have to worship him, but youre protected and wont die, because someone wants the piece of land youre living on. but the event is supposed to be about order vs. chaos and not good and evil. people will just go for darius because hes either the stronger champion, or riot failed in making both seem like equally appealing/disappealing choices.
Some of us like Darius more, as a character and otherwise, than Garen. It isn't always because Darius is a strong champion. But I do agree that a lot of people seem to gloss over the part where Darius wants to cause endless bloodshed.
: Magic tanks running Conqueror?
I have definitely been thinking about running it on the likes of Shen.
Geneseid (NA)
: There's practically no item in this game you can build against Yi
Worth remembering that building health helps against flat true damage, even if it is the gross amounts Yi puts out. It will get shredded by a Bloodrazor or BotRK when Yi gets those but they aren't always early buys on him anymore.
: Riot wants to make it easier to win stalled out games
The issue they are trying to solve is that if a team has a lead and will inevitably win then the inevitability will kick in sooner and you won't be stuck in a lost game for 20 minutes more than necessary.
: Nami fanart
Well that's pretty nifty.
Ifneth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=revliledpembroke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=NPRrEv3Y,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-15T23:45:03.431+0000) > > Similarities *are* striking. You've got a plural noun and it requires a plural verb. You have comparatively paraphrased without single quotation marks, and the contracted phrase ‘you have got’ contains a redundant conjugation of ‘to have’. Consider rewriting your statement as follows. ‘Similarities _are_ striking’: a plural verb must be used with a plural noun.
When you change what is in a quotation you are supposed to use brackets, not italics. As an example: "Similarities [are] striking."
Nea104 (EUW)
: "It's only pre-Season", 6 MONTHS ago. Wonder why this game is losing so many players :D
It is currently mid season, you know, the other time of the year where Riot piles on changes to shake things up.
: (Rant) Riot, your system makes it very hard to maintain principles of good sportsmanship
Did you know that the IFS pop-ups only occur when your report was for the final game they are punished for? It is not unlikely to report someone, they get punished, and you to never get the pop-up. As for a source for this, it was posted by a Rioter at some point and I doubt I would be able to find it again. Feel free to take this with a grain of salt.
: thats not true he is innocent you want him to just let them kill him?you would have yasuo let himself be executed just for some fake justice? the people who chased yasuo knew the risk and still went to kill him for his "crime" yasuo was just defending himself.
It is worth thinking about how Yone set out to capture Yasuo, not kill him. Yasuo chose not to let Yone capture him and this led to them fighting and Yasuo killing his brother. Yasuo probably could have run away as well, I would expect those wind techniques would make it easy to evade a pursuer.
: Except that the fragment hit Souma in the neck, which means he was very close to the blade and it was beneath him. In the case of Asa Konte, Yasuo had a lot of time to stop the fragment before it hit Asa, something he wouldn't have had with the explosion that killed Souma. We don't actually know if Yasuo would have been able to prevent his death or not, but either way, he is in no way responsible for the actions that Souma took that resulted in his death.
The fragment was going to hit Konte's neck as well, plus the idea that where the blade fragment strikes is dependent on distance from the blade at time of breaking is nonsensical. Yasuo might very well have been able to prevent Souma's death if he had been there. It is true he might not have been able to, but that is nigh impossible to prove and thus Yasuo should be held accountable for abandoning his post and enabling Elder Souma's death.
: Sure, but "hunted across the world for killing his master" vs. "he left his post which resulted in the accidental death of his master". I get that it's still a crime but the severity is several notches from where it was. There are still questions to be answered without any hints like why Riven's sword has an old-person-seeking missile hidden in the blade.
He could still easily be a wanted criminal. Killing a whole bunch of people that were sent out to legally arrest him shouldn't have zero consequences. Before you say "self defense", self defense works if you didn't have other options. He has shown significant capability with his wind techniques, if he couldn't run from those fights then he must have gotten a lot better at those techniques since he killed Yone. The people he killed were also sent out to arrest him, at least Yone gave him a chance to go peacefully and Yasuo chose killing Yone over being captured.
: She never loved her homeland though. She was an orphan there. She used the military to elevate herself to escape from the orphan farm and try to have a better life. She didn't particularly love Noxus because it was never anything to her other than a means to an end.
I think you are downplaying Riven's dedication to Noxus, Darkwill didn't go around handing everyone a fancy runic blade. Her bio makes it sound like Noxus really did mean quite a bit to her.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baron of Bread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ra1sjJVz,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-21T19:12:15.798+0000) > > Are you split pushing? I find that if I am grouped with the team then I usually can't find something to auto since my ranged allies clear out the minions before I have any chance of touching them. I try to hit stragglers/fringe fight. rift scuttlers, birds etc. Early game though, enemies massively underestimate you so if you can get something going on a rift scuttler poke fight etc. they have no idea why you're getting so aggressive on a little crab with them there, then you jump. So not just late game tank shredding, but early 1on1. Minions also help yes, but it can be harder due to allies as you mention. It's like any yi game really, it's 99% positioning due to his "hard counter" of "just cc him". Honestly, it's the mobility that allows him to do it so effectively. It completely shuts down the enemies ability to even consider a split push, and generally, it's easier to catch tanks out alone because they're used to playing less safe. They expect team followup, but melt before the team can with Conqueror Yi. That said, early game skirmishes people try to avoid jg minions or kite them on the other, when they do this with Conq Yi he just charges before stomping them as they sit there confused. It's way, way more powerful early game than you'd expect, especially when you stack his E, that first hit just does so much damage they have very few options which all involve narrow escape or death.
Alright, I see how you use it. I might switch up my style and try it out again, thanks for the explanation and revisiting the comment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baron of Bread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ra1sjJVz,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-04-15T06:31:16.367+0000) > > If he does, but you do not always have a way to be in combat for 4 seconds before going in. Don't say it is with any of the enemies because if you had 4 seconds of fighting them without going in you are dead or a tank build which does almost no damage. I've since played quite a bit of Yi like this, even with the temp buff, and I gotta say, finding 4s of combat before an engage is EASY. This thing is crazy OP, and I love it.
Are you split pushing? I find that if I am grouped with the team then I usually can't find something to auto since my ranged allies clear out the minions before I have any chance of touching them.
: kench should say that tasted purple when he eats lulu
{{champion:223}} "My, what a distinctly violet flavor."
Venomar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UVnEQfv1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-18T17:16:39.931+0000) > > you're literally clueless about this game lol. "entering with full energy is not what I said is hard. Entering with no mana is not hard either. The thing that is actually hard is the fact that a full rotation makes you go energy on champs with energy, hence why akali can\t stack cdr, she runs out of energy if she spams e, hence why zed is out of energy if he misses his double q, hence why shen taunt costs half his energy bar etc. Speaking of literally clueless, every energy champion has built in energy sustain. If you execute your combo, and get the returns that are in place, you will have more than enough energy for another combo even without the static regen. MOST energy Champs have enough built in sustain to get off upwards of three consecutive combos in a fight if they hit thier combos and get thier returns, this is without any downtime outside of Cooldowns. On some Champs like {{champion:238}}, there is some skill expression here as it requires hitting enemies with your Shadows. But for literally everyone else, it's as simple as auto attacking. So...no, especially no with your examples of shen and akali who have the best energy sustain of any of the energy based Champs. If shen hits his taunt>triple auto buff, that's 200-250 energy returned at w rank one if he hits his Q sword pull too, and a double Q akali if executed properly with a Q>wait 4 seconds>Q>R>AA>E>Q lands>AA, will be at full or near full energy after the combo. So... No, no "management" outside of "do your stuff". Stay in school kids.
Just want to throw this out there, but your Shen math is jank (I didn't check your other math, but I play Shen so I could tell it was off just by looking). At level 13+, Shen gets 40 energy back for each hit of Shadow Dash and Twilight Assault. If we assume you hit two people with your Shadow Dash and get all three procs with your Twilight Assault then you get 160 energy back. This means you are 90 energy down. Hitting more than one person with Shadow Dash is great, but not all that frequent so you are probably actually 130 energy down. Are you likely to run out of energy? Not in a short fight since you have an energy pool of 400 and each Twilight Assault will get you net 20 energy if you get all of the hits off. Don't forget what you learned in school, kids.
Ayzev (EUNE)
: The moment when a 10% mana refund on demand is made out to be a disadvantage
Think about Lissandra's passive. Getting mana back or having a free spell is often associated with the need to make efficient use of the effect, which we can see might be the case here with Ryze's Q now costing twice the mana at max rank. If he wants to clear much he will have to use his Rune Prison for the mana instead of the CC pretty frequently. If he uses it for mana then you have a window to fight him when he has no CC. If the changes work out then the mana back merely allows him to function at all while being more fun to play against.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baron of Bread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ra1sjJVz,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-04-14T18:21:02.833+0000) > > Conqueror is actually not that good on Yi, he already has plenty of true damage and would rather have attack speed or burst from Lethal Tempo or Press the Attack. If he is alive in a fight long enough to proc Conquerors than you were going to lose against him even if he had Aftershock as his keystone. Its after 4 seconds in combat next hit on a CHAMPION, not after 4 seconds in combat WITH an enemy champion...So if he goes in and insta procs it...yeah no. I haven't tried it yet but that's how it says it works.
If he does, but you do not always have a way to be in combat for 4 seconds before going in. Don't say it is with any of the enemies because if you had 4 seconds of fighting them without going in you are dead or a tank build which does almost no damage.
: How to make your lane ACTUALLY gankable
Worth noting about baiting the enemy laner into using abilities on you before your jungler swings in: if they can kill you before the jungler gets there you should just wait for the jungler since they aren't going to 1v1 your laner when you are dead.
Elohaven (NA)
: Hey Riot - I think Yi needs a 100% look at with Conqueror
Conqueror is actually not that good on Yi, he already has plenty of true damage and would rather have attack speed or burst from Lethal Tempo or Press the Attack. If he is alive in a fight long enough to proc Conquerors than you were going to lose against him even if he had Aftershock as his keystone.
You should put this in the "Report a Bug" board.
: {{champion:61}} is pretty close to a scientist, creating the first ever mechanical heart powered by hextech.
My issue with considering her as a female scientist champion is that the "scientist/engineer" aspect of her character is completely eclipsed by the "human turned into a robot" aspect. Vi is also an engineer/mechanic type, but for her it is overshadowed by her also being the beatdown cop.
meowwow7 (NA)
: wait does his q ad reduction stack if so i might want to try that
The 5 pillars are also nice.
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