: How about instead of banning Neeko every single game...
You're right. Not much to add here, lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=BasedNerd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pJ1FqHMp,comment-id=00050003,timestamp=2018-12-04T11:24:15.287+0000) > > Cass and Malz have hard cc lockdowns that will instantly dick Akali. Maybe the lane is hard for them up until 6, but after they get their ults, it's no contest. Akali can't do anything. Except in her shroud akali can’t be targeted by malz ult. And the slow from the shroud will pop his passive.
She has to leave her shroud to do anything to him though. So the 1ish second she spends unshrouded, he can ult her, and that'd be her life.
: You see. Her problem is that some champions can litteraly do nothing to her because of her shroud. Cassiopia can do nothing of any real substance to her. Malzahar can do nothing to her The champions design makes it so that some picks are absolutely worthless into her, and it makes some games against her basically a 4v5. And if she gets a head in even the smallest amount she has no counterplay due to divin you under turret with no risk.
Cass and Malz have hard cc lockdowns that will instantly dick Akali. Maybe the lane is hard for them up until 6, but after they get their ults, it's no contest. Akali can't do anything.
: I don't get it, why promos are hell to do and the most toxic thing in the game to deal with
iirc, and someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it was explained, or theorized, idk, whatever, that your mmr was raised into the ELO you were promoing for, but not your teammates, so you match with people who are objectively worse than the enemy team, in order to prove you can play in the ELO you're shooting for. Assuming it's true, that's shit matchmaking beyond belief.
: I mean adc does need some form of changes. The role itself is pretty bad atm as most champs do not even get to scale, plus, as an adc, you don't have agency over the game; you're either depending on your support to get you fed, your jungler to get you fed, or your team to not feed and allow you to scale. Not to mention, there are only 4 adcs played atm; ezreal, jhin, mf, and lucian. Bot lane diversity hasn't been this bad since s6.
Yeah but the only reason people play these ADCs is either for obscene early game damage, self-peel so they don't get blown up in a microsecond, or some combination of the two. The other ADCs aren't as useful because they don't get to do much before getting one-shotted.
: The only nerf he needs is for his passive to no longer lower e cooldown or to not apply stacks of press the attack B00M he is balanced again
I agree with the not applying stacks, but the first nerf would gut his playstyle.
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: Alright it was funny for a while, now revert it.
Just played a game with a Nidalee running DH. Absolutely fucking AIDS. Between her Spear, execute and autos, there was literally no counterplay. She didn't even have to land a spear like Nid should, she just went in, pressed Q, chunked you for 80% of your health, then AA'd to finish you off. Sucks hot dick
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: Riot rules. Play through the game till it's over. If you don't agree, don't play the game. Simple.
Aaand it's over earlier when we hit that ff button instead of waiting around for the game to end.. I don't get your logic, lol. I don't understand people who would honestly prefer wasting their time than just moving on the next game.
: Just because you want to quit doesn't mean you should be allowed to quit. It's already a "One player has to do whatever the other 4 say" game. What more do you want?
You'd be willing to sit in a losing game with 4 aggravated people just to say you stuck it out til the end? Even when they game is clearly over? You guys are down 6 towers, the score is 20-3, you guys haven't won a single team fight, and most of you are just clicking around waiting for the game to end. No quitting then? That's just madness fam.
: Possibly unpopular opinion on this season's ranked rewards
I think the League community has a punishment fetish tbh. As someone who's currently Honor level 1, checkpoint 2, I would never say my punishment wasn't deserved. But it was also a year ago. I've been reforming since. If Riot wants to give people like me who are close, but not quiiite there, a bit more time to get where we need to be, how is that undermining the system? We're already reforming. It's like people who don't get punished get off on ensuring those who do get the absolute worst treatment possible.
: "Why Are Supports Alwayas So Toxic?" Venting/Ranting Post
Yeah supports have it rough. I hate filling support because I know in my ELO Im gonna get flamed if I dont play perfectly.
: If you are negative, it will slow or stall. If this doesn’t describe your chat, then write a support ticket.
This is such a throwaway answer lol He's asking for more feedback when you ARE being negative so you know when your honor is getting penalized instead of it just being slowed or stalling without you even knowing about it.
: "Honor feels grindy"reads to me like "being nice to people for this long is just...it takes a lot out of you"
Well if you wanna be negative about it, sure, I can see how it sounds that way.
Modi (NA)
: >Honor feels grindy That is by design.
I don't think making people grind their way into honor is a good way to reform them.
: Should I play only Ranked? Is Ranked getting worse?
I don't bother with Draft. People don't take the game seriously enough to practice. I play draft after a hiccup with my PC to make sure it runs properly when I play ranked, but that's it. Draft is a joke.
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Stargoat (NA)
: These Vayne buffs on the PBE lol
What the actual fuck is this
Meteora (NA)
: New emotes are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.
Look, I get what you're saying, but I think at some point we need to be responsible for our own mental state in the game. I'm sure they'll have a way to mute emotes, and if they bother you that much, you can mute them. If they don't, then... deal? Just report them after the game. It's not like they're hurling insults at you.
Doozku (NA)
: Why SA form Kayn is going to be difficult to balance, and an easy fix
I don't really feel like shadow form is that much worse than Rhaast. I've played a handful of games as both and found varying levels of success with either. Rhaast has issues taking down squishies, and that bothers me when I'm trying to kill a rather fed ADC and cant get through their damage and lifesteal. On the other hand, Shadow form works fine for that, because i can do all my damage, then render their lifesteal moot for several seconds while my CDs refresh with my ult before finishing them off before they can heal back. I thought it was a little underwhelming at first, but the more I played with it the more ways I saw to properly utilize the kit. Could it use a buff? Probably. Just hope they don't buff it too much.
: pretty much you are no longer safe undertower
No one is safe under turret when low on health. There's enough tank or mobile creep to render towers ineffective at keeping you alive if you have low health. And, really, as much as I want towers to get buffed, if you're in lane with low health and you get tower dived, you kind of asked for it, js.
: But its the part of his kit where you can express your skill with the champion. There are better ways to buff ezreal without making him easier to play.
...What? He's talking about the little projectile that fires out after you use your E? I'm not sure how this makes this easier to play? This is just a matter of consistency
: If you say GG EZ you ARE a jackass
I wish they'd let mutes carry to the post-game screen. Having everyone muted seems like a moot point if i have to see that "gg ez" during the split second it takes me to exit because _know_ someone is gonna do it
: "We should be able to see our ping pre-game"
Or they could just add it into the client? I don't see how this is an argument, it's more of a deflection. There could just be a "ping test" button in the settings and that'd be the end of that. I don't really care because my ping is below 50 90% of the time, but for other people, I don't see why not? You think everyone wants to, let alone is going to go through all that just to test their ping? Nope. At best they'll play a norm or a bot and rough it, and at worst they'll just hop into ranked and hope for he best.
TheKind (NA)
: I Just got Banned for Toxic Behavior
Turn off all chat, mute all. Do not speak unless you're saying "gj" after a successful teamfight or "ty" after a gank. Trust and believe, there is almost nothing important anyone will ever say to you in game. My best games are when I mute all, mute pings of people who ping me too much, and just run on autopilot. I come from console gaming, and I'm very used to trash talk, but it's not worth it if they're gonna ban you for it. Just keep to yourself. To clarify, I'm not saying your ban isn't justified, I'm just saying that I get it, and I've been there, and it sucks, but that's the rules of the game, so what can you do but play by them?
: Perfect quote about solo q.
Often times I feel like ranked is just a roll of the dice instead of anything skill related. You get matched up with people who are either so far below your skill level it doesn't matter how well you play, or you get one guy who carries and it doesn't matter how horrendous you are in lane. There's only two extremes and there's no middle ground. Maybe one in every ten games feels like it's an even match up. Every other time it's just a stomp. Dunno what their matchmaking parameters are but it needs to be looked at. Yes, I know, I'm a bronzie, I don't know shit because I'm in bronze and nothing I say about ranked matters /s
ponchey (NA)
: perma-banned for one semi-toxic game
Well you never just get permabanned right off the bat. You had a two week ban after several chat bans. No, you can't have your RP back. It's curtains for that account bud.
woobeee (NA)
: Offensive club names are really dumb.
I don't H1tLR should be up there, lol. But actual slurs? Yeah I understand.
Otterina (NA)
: Botting to Level Up Accounts - DON'T BE LAZY, COME ONNN!!!
IMO they should just let people pay to get their account to 30. Would prob turn bronze into even more of a shitshow, but how much worse can it get? As for people who bot for IP, I don't really get it, unless it's for runes, which are getting reworked, so we'll see.
lFraay (OCE)
: Thankyou Riot... for destroying Zac
The Q should go through minions and small monsters and either increase your AA range for a certain amount of time or allow for a double cast. The Ult change should be reverted, it's honestly one of the most useless ults I've ever seen.
Ritesh (NA)
: Why is IP gain so atrociously low?
GigglesO (NA)
: I don't think ADC's are actually weak...
Most ADCs are pretty useless until they either get fed early enough to buy items or the game drags out long enough for them to carry (Vayne, Jinx), but games are pretty much determined during the first 15 or so minutes, where ADCs are practically useless imo, cause they're very dependent on farm and their support.
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: She is mediocre in lane, until she uses her ult to fight. However, u can still read her and stun her, or juke her charm. If that is not healthy, idk what is. However, her numbers are overtuned - i would like her sustain to be removed or only vs champions - if u get poked down in lane, it should stick, so she is at even more risk when going all-in, instead of healing back off 2 minionwaves. She has needed a small nerf in 3 seasons in a row, with a 53 % winrate :)
I can agree with that, her healing could be toned down.
: doesn't have to be "point blank" at all, even if the protobelt is from max range its plenty of damage.
: with her ult on 45 sec cd its pretty hard to find her without her having it up, regardless if you are a squichy and are found by a ahri with her ult up that then proceeds to miss all her skillshots she should be the one getting punished for it not you.
How could you possibly be punished if SHE misses her skillshots?
: the problem is that she 1 shoots people without landing either of her skillshots.
She most definitely does not. She will take out a squishy IF she either lands her E or has her ult up and is able to dance around them whilst using all her abilities. If you get hit with her E, your punishment as a squishy that got caught out is death. If you are caught unaware with her ult up, you were by yourself, as a squishy, and your punishment for getting caught out is death.
Anidan (NA)
: Given how squishy she is, it's entirely likely that you don't even need a chain of CC. One of decent duration should do the trick.
Pretty much. I just played a game as Ahri, and all it took was an Amumu ult and a bit of focus and I was dead. Like I said, if they need to adjust her numbers, sure, but to me people just need to pick the right champs against her
Vesemir (EUW)
: Lol. How did we became such snowflakes... Everyone is getting offended by everything.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
There's a clear and distinct difference between getting banned for misgendering someone, which would make your snowflake comment even somewhat relevant, and getting banned because you potentially caused someone to finally give in and kill themselves. The fact that you can't see the line between the two means you're probably gonna end up banned at some point, and I'll have no pity for you when you do.
DJ Lucio (NA)
: You can never make a post about Ahri's broken gameplay
I don't see what the problem is tbh. She's a highly mobile mage assassin. She should be allowed to pop a squishy if she lands her CC. And she's squishy as sin herself. One good CC chain and she's dead. Just catch her after she uses her ult and attempts to re position herself to pop one of your carries. I guess if her winrate is too high they can tone her numbers down slightly but, unless I missed something in the recent patch notes, it's not like she's been buffed directly? Just play champs that counter her hard.
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dominusx (EUNE)
: Can we get rid of this meta. The meta of which botlane feeds more loses meta.
I think the real issue is the bot lane 4-man dive that happens EVERY game because people know the turret honestly isn't worth shit at any point in the game once the damage shield on it drops. Bot lane turret dives are just too rewarding to not go for. You get bonus gold, you basically get a free drag if it's up, and you free up your bot lane to rotate mid and continue the snowball. Turrets need adjustment, at least the first tier bot lane, because they are just waaaay too easy to shred. First tier turrets should be relatively safe if you play properly, but there's no way to play against the entire enemy team diving, and there's no punishment for mindlessly walking under the turret as the other team because the turrets really don't do a lot of damage at any point of the game imo.
: you complain about vayne? Bruh cait is so much better right now its crazy imo. I think everyone that kills you is op considering your elo and 40% wr kappa. Also you just played a game vs a vayne and she beat you cmon dude its one game calm down.
I really fucking hate when people use my ELO and WR as an excuse to say my opinion is invalid Ive played games against Cait, she's not as bad as Vayne, even at 18. Her traps are annoying, her damage is obscene, but she's still manageable. You don't need the whole team to dive in on her instantly and get melted anyway cause she's got four people to peel for her. Yes, I'm bronze. Yes, my winrate is below average. No, that doesn't mean my opinion is worthless, then that says something about your character. I dont think everyone that kills me is OP, you ass. I died to Eve as much as I died to Vayne. Zed got me a few times. Do I get mad at that? No, cause there's ways to counter them, I can use my E + flash to get away or count on a tank to peel for me. If Vayne gets to me, what happens? She ulted and Q'd, so she's invisible. She's got bonus AD from her ult and Q, so her Crit (at max build it's probably 70+%) Will chunk me, a squishy ADC, for a decent portion of my health. Then she Qs again. She's invisible and I can't do shit about it. Her next AA crits with the bonus damage from her Q. I'm dead. Where's the counter to that? End the game early? Don't let her get fed? Should I hijack her computer and force her to not build the items that will inevitably make her damn near impossible to kill? Honestly, it is so stupid to imply that just because of my ELO I get mad at everything that kills me. I recognize that my deaths are preventable, but me DYING is not my issue, it's dying to this BS champ that pisses me off. And it's not like she can't be fixed. Just stop letting her bonus AD from her Q let her crit for enough health to 3-shot a squishy and maybe give us the red trinket counterplay back so she isn't such a bitch to deal with? If you disagree that's fine, but don't bring my ELO into it.
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: AFK/Leaving
I dont think you get permabanned for AFK/Leaving.
: Ranked 2017
MMR determines your rank, not placements.
: "autofill activated"
On one hand, I understand, it is annoying playing roles you don't like. On the other, it's support. And once you play that one game, you're good for a good 5+ games. Just bite the bullet.
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: Except when you look at worlds it's 7-9 ranged champions per game And lol @ Udyr and Yi Two of the shittiest champs in the game
Ah yes, Worlds, where 99.9% of league players come together to play league of legends
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