: So, Bard Discussion
Is Bard's ultimate a projectile and being blocked by Yasuo Wall/Braum Shield? How does it interact with Braum's shield?
LANWhale (NA)
: Ya another one of the problems with the recent champions, overloaded kits. Is it the champion's designer fault? IF you want it to be. Is it the balance teams fault? If you want to. I don't really care who is responsible for making these champions, all I want to know is what is Riot going to do about them. When a champion comes out and has like 3 passives, on lets say a ADC, something isn't right. When you actually have a champion that is a: -Range -ADC -Tank -Caster -Support -Bruiser You've gone wrong some were ( also the champion that is this is {{champion:150}} ) Its getting harder to deal with these champions and the longer it takes to deal with them, the harder its going to be.
The problem is that ADCs without the mobility have huge trouble dealing with the assassins and bruiser/fighters who almost instantly kill them once they get in range. There is a reason why immobile ad-carries are rarely played. I think the cc-creep (if you will) especially with all the slows is just a symptom of the mobility creep sort of as a countermeasure. It's a vicious circle really and I think the next 2-3 champs and reworks will define where this is going. Either Riot gave in to the creep and just rolls with it or they try to fight it.
LANWhale (NA)
: But then how many other older champions had dash? In fact, I asked my friends to tell me there most hated champions, I wasn't surprised when they started saying champions such as {{champion:7}} , {{champion:35}} , {{champion:76}} , {{champion:64}} . I told them they all had something in common and then i pointed it out for them, gapclosers. Kassadin sure has alot of mobility, this is true, but to say hes the greatest offender seems wrong. He was around when dashes weren't as common and as such thrived for at least 2 seasons. If you would to take away his ult, what would you be left with? Not much of a champion really. Which is why I actually like Kassadin. His mobility *defined* him. Unlike these resent champions were Riot says, "There mobility defines them". Sure it does, but it defines them as toxic and hated champions. But Kassadin relies on his ult, he has one of the worst laning phases in the game for a reason. Have you noticed that? That every Kassadin has to start flask to just get past laning phase. I even argue that before Kassadin is six, he isn't even a champion.
There is no doubt that those champions are obnoxious and that the new Nidalee warrants a formal apology from whoever remade her but if Kassadin is not even a champion without his ult then it's a significantly deeper problem that should be fixed with a full rework. Shaco isn't really hated because of the dash but because of the instant invisibility I think
: Is the war on mobility creep beginning?
While it's true that the newer the champion the more mobility he has you do have to remember that Kassadin is a very old champion and one of the worst offenders at the same time.
: Why is Nidalee getting buffs?
Check when the thread was created. :) Also: > The thing is with the Rek Sai nerfs you are seeing lots of talented players who used to main Rek Sai switching to Nidalee and showing the rest of us how fun she can be to play. PLEASE tell me you are joking. I am quite bad at detecting it over the internet. :/
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: Why is Nidalee getting buffs?
Feels good to be right....
: I think the Rek'Sai nerfs were quite on point
If they removed all the things that make her unique they might as well remove her completely. She feels a bit weak right now because she is being compared to stuff like Vi or Jarvan who are heavily overtuned.
: I think the Rek'Sai nerfs were quite on point
What do you not agree on? Everything? Parts of the statement? The general rules for forming a full sentence?
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: Changes coming to web login bar
Will it be possible to reach the redtracker from the frontpage again? Right now it is either not possible or well hidden.
: Ladies and Gentlemen, Zed,Lee, and J4 actually take "skill" to play
" J4 you actually have to land your ult" I think I understand what you are trying you say but you may want to phrase that better. Landing the skill is the easiest thing in the game.
: Are you sure about that? It just says that it scales with boot tier on the wiki and in her in-game description. Obviously an attack speed slow would affect it because it would proc less often.
Movement speed slows make you "dash" slower as in the dash-speed goes down. It actuall feels really awkward. Obviously atk-speed slows make you attack less and thus jump less.
Kuroi86 (NA)
: >You guys keep talking about champions not paying for their mobility Do you really want to go comparing the level of CC, damage and restraints placed on utility champs vs mobility champs?
Sure go ahead. Lee Sin has an AoE slow and a knock back into AoE knock up. Gnar get's access to two AoE stuns and a long-raged aoe slow (either form), Ahri has a long ranged taunt, Yasuo has an AoE knock-up and his ult extends knock-up durations, LeBlanc has 1-2 single target slows/snairs, Riven has an AoE stun and an AoE knock-up, Jarvan has an AoE knock-up and can trap people in terrain, Zed has an AoE slow, Vi has an AoE knock back and a knock-up with an AoE knock-aside effect. I think we get the pattern here. All of the above have a pretty good chance at out-damaging you easily or just straight up blow you up while having virtually no limitations on their mobility, utility or anything in general really. Do I say they have godlike cc? No not all of them but they are DEFINETELY not giving anything up for their mobility especially not damage or cc.
: I'll be happy once {{champion:429}}'s passive actually has to care about slows. Right now it's like IDGAF. I still have t2 boots, even if you slowed me by 80%, Vel'Koz.
> [{quoted}](name=Kitten of Evil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IqcwE6Yb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-01-30T05:52:55.910+0000) > > I'll be happy once {{champion:429}}'s passive actually has to care about slows. Right now it's like IDGAF. I still have t2 boots, even if you slowed me by 80%, Vel'Koz. Actually he passive IS affected by slows. If you are slowed your jump will also be slower.
: Riot did you just accept the powercreep or...
I don't know. Do they? They keep sending out mixed signals.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Basil van Yhun,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dIE1t7UA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-25T13:22:57.251+0000) > > I really don't understand it, why is the most horrible experience that a person can have in the game getting buffs? She also is frustrating to play against and now her jungle is getting buffed? I would rather trade places with [Wilson and get tortured by Lee](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-Z7f3w-Ck) than play a another game versus Nidalee. > > In all seriousness though. Why is Riot encouraging jungle Nidalee? Thematical reasons? Are there any compensation nerfs planned? ...Why would she get compensation nerfs for being able to use half her kit effectively verse jungle monsters? This isn't a "Nidalee's Q now has an extra .4 AP scaling" buff, it's just a "Nidalee can now use cat form abilities on large jungle monsters without sucking".
It is a buff because it makes here even more flexible than she already is and she can already use her ability as good as anyone else. now it's just getting better.
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Aèrith (NA)
: Ahri's State after 5.2
I see a lot of "adding mobility" stuff flying around here. Was it ever considered that even these days it's possible to make a champion without 3 dashes and 4 mov-speed buffs? The mobility creep is as bad as it get's already, no need to play into it imo. :(
Pika310 (NA)
: > I basically refused to play her before the rework because she felt weak without her ult and was boring to play. Basically, since you chose to NOT play Sona before the July 30th nerfs solely because of your own bias, you're telling us you're unqualified to weigh in on her current kit in comparison.
I didnt really comment on before/after. I just voiced my personal opinion and I don't think you are in any position to decide if I am allowed to provide an opinion or not unless you are some board-mod maybe?
: The PBE has been down for 2 and a half weeks, first update is a nerf to... SONA??
I played Sona for quite a bit this season and actually reached plat with her. I basically refused to play her before the rework because she felt weak without her ult and was boring to play. I think nerfs are justified although I felt the heal nerf was a bit mean. You spend tons of mana on a heal that is almost weaker than Alistar's heal. Regarding Q powerchord crowding out the others. That's just not true. Yes early on you generally want to use the Q proc but during ganks you always want the E proc for the slow. Lategame in teamfights the best proc will almost always be the W proc to protect your carry. If you can get the W proc on one of the assassins you basically ruin them with the dmg reduction. Reducing a potential 2000 dmg burst to 1600 or even further is huge and may well save your carries. The W proc has the same problem as the old Sona auras. Stupidly powerful bordering on being op but almost completely unnoticeable. I mean when someone is exhausted you get the huge visual effect and everyone knows what's happening. I think her W proc needs a similar effect to become more visible.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Does this work with EUW accounts as well or is this NA only? edit: nvm I saw your post about euw too late.
: LCS/Worlds Casting Champion Select music played on FOX for Football
: We were a bit bummed at the time. It's always a bit disappointing when someone spoils the party. In this case though, thankfully the leak was only limited to a single piece of art. So, despite being a bit of a bummer we were happy that the leak was fairly limited in scope, and the majority of the character and the event surrounding his release remained a mystery. Also, it helped that the time between the leak and his release were big enough that I think a lot of people forgot about it and were still surprised.
Actually when I saw his reveal I had a hard time believing it because it felt so unreal especially after the leak. Minionmaster? Sandmage? Horuschampion? All the old requests fulfilled in one champion? I really thought it was just another leak that wouldn't mean much. :D
: Azir Q&A: Art & Sound - COMPLETED
I have a question about his login screen and his splash. His left arm is kind of transparent-ghostly. Is that intended? If yes, why? Is it to tell us that Azir himself is just a memory/ghost, like his own empire, Shurima?
: We thought about it :) But the "Galactic Brotherhood" launch skin seems like the best opportunity (matching launch skins with Nasus and Renekton):D Although the Necromancer theme is definitly cool idea to be one of his future skins :D
Halloween is around the corner. :3 No pressure.
Opeli (NA)
: He's not arrogant in an "I'm better than you" sense, it's more of a "I know what's best!" sense. He'll interact with his soldiers because he's still a good, fair leader.
Ah that's why his quotes felt off sometimes. I was expecting a Goa'Uld (stargate) kind of guy going "follow me, I am a god (ascended)!!" so I kind of never noticed the caring leader aspect. I guess my expectations where too strong to give the reality a chance. :P
: The dash, to me, is a more aggressive skill that just so happens to double as an escape. Using E on a soldier that's near a champion knocks the champion up briefly and grants you a shield, great for initiating and closing gaps. So, I see it as an Emperor coming to the aid of his soldiers, soldiers scouting an area for him, as well as him using them as a means of escape.
But why would a proud and (formerly?) arrogant emperor come to help one of his many soldiers? It just kind of breaks with the typical "die for me" kind of emperor trope. (It's not a bad thing, I am just wondering)
: Brand - The Burned Out Vengeance?
I think the small change that I suggested for his ultimate don't really change up his core-weaknesses. It just alleviates certain moments of weaknesses that he (in my opinion) shouldn't have. "You have great damage, unless your target is isolated" is kinda weird. I personally would prefer to see the dog on his ult go down for repeated hits onto one target in exchange for always priorizing champions over minions/monsters with the blaze buff increasing the priority on the tagged champion. Priority would look like this: Champion (Blazed) Champion Minion/Monster Brand And while I like Brand hey s definitely not in a good spot atm. It's not terrible but definitely not good. The BV nerd helped him actually but Yasuo walks all over him and there are more champions just like that. Brand is one of those few champions who has hard-countes that basically shut him down just by being picked. While I am all for defined weaknesses and strengths right now his weaknesses far outweigh his strengths and his strengths even get counterbalanced by being highly unreliable and very counterable.
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: Gnar Reveal
Whatever happened to not giving champions tons of free stats anymore? Especially free defensive stats. You know, the thing that made toplane such a pain to balance (aside from tech overload….oh….). Did you give up on trying to avoid giving free stats and instead try to make it less accessible? If yes, what is going to happen to the others with free stats like Shyvana? I mean there is currently a nice trend away from those boring statballs but I am sure that won't last forever. It never does.

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