: If your MMR is that high you'll skip divisions. I've had it happen and have seen it happen to others.
I am skipping divisions and promos too, the problem is you can’t skip from division 2 to division 4 of the next tier OR division 1 to division 3 of the next tier so basically I have to climb 3 out of 4 divisions per tier. In the current system it would take a minimum 58 games to reach d4 and that’s with a 58/0 record if lp gains go to + 34 per win you might be able to do it in about 50 games with a perfect record, but I’ve yet to see anyone get above +32 lp. The point is the grind is too much once you get within a tier of your mmr you’ll quit skipping promos and divisions and you’ll have to grind another 4 divisions with promos so that’s another 30+ games Having to play 100 + games to get to your actual mmr is absurd and the last tier is going to feel like shit since you’ll be in your actual mmr playing the games (should have a ~54% win rate if you belong there) but you still have to play promos to promote. Also I can’t duo with ppl in ranked cause I’m silver, but I guess I could bring a legit bronze 4 player into my mid plat games, cause why not?
: Ranked Changes - Update & Known Issues #2
I'm on a fresh account with a 67% winrate across 45 games. Even gaining +30/-10 it took 45 games to get silver 2, my last 35 games were all in mid plat MMR with a 60%+ winrate. At this rate its going to take 80-100 total games just to get P4 and by then my rank would still be 2-4 divisions below my MMR. Unless you start giving +60 LP per win I'm not sure how my rank ever catches my MMR in the current system
: New players also start at Iron, which lets us test that one easily.
Theoretically if someone started provisionals on a fresh account on patch 8.24 how would they be matched with iron players if their are none to be matched with? Or will they just be matched in bronze IV?

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