: Recieved a 2 week ban
Just start every game with /mute all until you get a lead, thats what i have to do - pretending everyone is a bot also helps
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: My account got hacked
this same exact thing happened to me, when i reached out to riot they said that the could not address my concerns without revealing their process of catching people. No help was rendered :(
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: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
Any thoughts on removing tower shielding from Janna's kit? similar to removing solider to turret damage from Azir, just seems like its not a good feel for either side.
: Patch 8.2 notes
I think making relic shield 50% on ranged champions is a good idea, and an effective way to counter the current relic shield meta. BUT i think this is a huge nerf to thresh. Thresh prefers that item, and its already much harder to use on him because he doesnt get the execute damage because he is ranged. However, now that the proc is 50% on ranged champs, he will be even more worse off with what is arguably the best support item for him.


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