: If there was a doom bot Ivern, what would he do?
I would say he should create 8 daisies that only need 2 marks to proc the knock up, Q's in a web, and brush maze that had garens in each bush.
: Save The Date!
Who else is getting meowkai The day it is released?
: Nope, {{champion:223}} ate Urf.
Kirby {{champion:223}}
: And fun af except against yasuo or leblanc.
: Inb4 a bunch of people thinking they're gbm are gonna spam {{champion:26}} mid
{{champion:26}} mid is actually really strong
: ***
The patch notes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: ***
It says so in the patch notes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: when is he going to be released to play???????
He will be released a week from the next patch :)
: so....when is it gonna be in the pvp?
Around the same time when Jhin will be on there
: Link to Amazon and unlock FREE Starter Bundle!
: New in 2016: Jungle
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Is it possible to get any harrowing skins?
: Guard the forest soul with Elderwood Hecarim
ooh fancy gif of the idle centaur himself.
: Nightmarish Legacy Skins descend into the Vault
Who else got haunted {{champion:57}} ?
: 2015 ranked season is ending!
I only played 1 ranked game lol.
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
Speaking of which, when is the harrowing going to start this year?
: Burn eternal, Spirit Fire Brand
Does anyone know when the harrowing skins come back this year I am really looking forward to playing as a spooky{{champion:57}} before i get him badge 5. any leads would definitely be helpful. :)
: Patch 5.20 notes
{{champion:119}} Draven :P


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