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: Maybe your role isn't support at heart :P
well the point im trying to make is that if they made support less of a painful role to fill in for i would gladly take it some games if i cant get the other role i want but support feels like such a slave role i just don't even want to do it ever. i dont like to support i really dont i avoid it like most ppl as much as i can. i know my role at heart isnt support i prefer adc/jg those are fun to me. my problem is them making me actually not be upset about support like most ppl r if they have to support
: Team builder is pretty much coming back with flex queue.
still doesnt solve the other as mentioned problem about them making support more fun because as is all i do is stand around bot lane and engage/disengage fights and get no gold for doing so. its boring as fuck and if u mess up once u get a whiny bitch yelling at you YAY!
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: yea i guess that's a fair point she is in a decent spot rn too she isn't incredibly useless or anything but i still feel like she needs maybe a little buff to her whatever it may be i have to play her a bit more and practice my kiting still too bc i cant seem to do the attack move and click thing like everyone else does so well ive been just clicking and unclicking again after attacks
she still feels underwhelmingly strong compared to how strong some marksman are when they start a game off like jinx and caitlyn. maybe they should give her an attack speed steroid on her w like u move and stack it and when consumed gives x seconds based on level of x amount of attack speed because until you get enough move speed ppl frequently walk away from ur e without getting it stacked 3 times.
: > [{quoted}](name=BattleBrute,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M4tQQp0N,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-06T15:55:57.874+0000) > > i want it because it was good for dueling early game now its hard to duel anyone at all on her before level 6. because it did bonus damage as well as heal like botrk does Kindred is a marksmen not a duelist. If a marksmen {{champion:67}} can 1v1 {{champion:67}} an assassin, diver, tank, {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} and literally have no early game weaknesses then it shouldn't be a marksmen. If you want to duel somebody you gotta kite them (orb walk) and kindred can easily do that in her current state like most marksmen. She should be running and attacking, not dueling rengars, kha'zix, elise, and literally every other early-mid game burst champion pre-6 and just get stronger after that. A marksmen should suck early game and be a hyper carry late game and kindred with that passive had no weak points in a game unless she was 0/12 and even then they make combacks off of one really good grouped ultimate. (and if you;re 0/12 that s just the kindred players fault, not kindred.) What you want is their damage to be high enough to turret duel enemies like twitch or kog'maw and that simply isn't healthy, but atleast those two don't deal %HP damage + build %HP items + have invurns and mobility like kindred. {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} Right now, kindred is really strong with the {{item:1419}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3022}} build. See, didn't take buffs to put kindred back in the meta, just experiments.
yea i guess that's a fair point she is in a decent spot rn too she isn't incredibly useless or anything but i still feel like she needs maybe a little buff to her whatever it may be i have to play her a bit more and practice my kiting still too bc i cant seem to do the attack move and click thing like everyone else does so well ive been just clicking and unclicking again after attacks
Zeekit (NA)
: RIP Kindred
their jungle clear is fine without the heal i can do a full clear just as well with the new w effect. u just gotta kite it right and pop pots and use smite at the correct times. the only problem is that without the heal and stuff they cant duel anyone before they get either botrk if u doin lane kindred or blood razor. plus the heal they had was so forgiving when clearing tbh u could pretty much not kite at all and still be at almost full and if u ever got low all u would need to do is heal to full off skuttle crab. if they buff anything it should be either the damage or frequency of her q or her movespeed just flat out because people always run away from me before i can kill em. i literally need youmu's with botrk plus blue smite and sometimes flash to catch some of these enemies that run
: I don't see a difference honestly. On one hand the heal made her always healthy during the clear, On the other hand the new effect with the slow to jg camps makes them much much better at kiting, makes rift scuttle easier to kill, and makes you take reduced damage due to the attack speed slow. It removed mindless healing but it didn't make jungling harder at all, you actually have to buy a pot now. The only thing bad about the change is lane kindred has no reason to exist anymore. It was a fun little thing to do once in awhile because the heal kept them in lane longer than average champions, but that doesn't work anymore. Generally champions are designed to work in more than one role.. and kindred I don't believe does. Hell I use a role of thumb that any jungler can work in top lane, kindred is the only one I can think of that doesn't work besides maybe fiddle.
i want it because it was good for dueling early game now its hard to duel anyone at all on her before level 6. because it did bonus damage as well as heal like botrk does
: Kindred Hunter's Vigor
i think her q in w should be 2.5 no matter what the rank i would rather have that because at least i can still do my qwq q to chase but at 4 seconds i leave circle before i can q the second time or have it 3 seconds down to 2.5 then 2 i mean i feel in a lot of situations tho when i use my ult and i try to kite around ppl in it before it goes off a lot of the time after the effect ends they are up my butt and just murk me
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Statikk (NA)
: Assassins Pre-Season Class Update - Systems Tweaks and Smaller Scale Updates
what about rengar i thought u guys hated his play style dont u want to change him? or is he just in too weird of a position to change bc he is like a fighter assassin type champion?
: Kindred
so ive taken to playing her recently and while i win quite a lot with her bc of hard scaling and late game im having tons of trouble fighting anyone on the enemy team without people on my team helping heavily. if i dont have 2 to 4 seconds of stuns on a target i cant kill them or catch up with them on her. and her ult needs to be changed if its such an equalizer then how come when i get people to the same hp% as me and try to kill them after ult i always get crapped on? if anyone has found good ways to play kindred and can tell me please let me know because as of late her ult feels more of like a suicide tool to help steal a baron or dragon then die yourself. the only time i had more than 395 movespeed was when i had a deadman's plate and that doesn't slow for ranged attacks just adds more damage but thats the only thing i could think of getting to help catch up to people. and sometimes when i actually catch up they turn on me and disintegrate me ult or no ult. im just looking for some help in playing her thats all guys any idea's / tips would help also i play her lane when i do not jungle so im fighting someone who can see me when i'm coming at all times. tho the only difference between lane and jungle is that you get shit on when trying to all in/ult and kill the enemy carries sooner than later
: Looking for Fun people
nah not a top laner but i do jungle/adc kindred. seeing as u were diamond and upper plat this season idk if u would want a trashy season 3 silver player like myself on ur team xD if u dont really care tho im down to learn how to play top lane
: That first face though ... I nearly spilled my drink LOL. [Just look](
i knew someone would have something to be said about it lmao
: Different leagues experience
: Done.
: Until you take this toxicity problem seriously, im done with this game, Riot.
: New idea?
I want to clarify that this group isn't strictly about people playing other champs in weird roles this group is mainly about connecting not toxic players with other not toxic players making the game more enjoyable for everyone even if you follow meta feel free to join i and no one else should feel offended if they don't get invited to a game because of wanting to play with people following meta. even i still play traditional mid champs and junglers but sometimes i don't always want to do that.
Frozted (NA)
: The Problem with League of Legends
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: Back after 6 month break just leaving this around the boards for ppl who want to have some fun with their games in a nice enviroment
: The best community :3
: I genuinely hope this works for you, ... however, I foresee trolls. People who will claim that all they want to do is "try new things" but will intentionally make things difficult for those who are genuinely trying. Then when people call them out on it, they claim they the ones who are raging. I do hope that I am wrong, Good luck
I have thought about this being a problem but i'm sure the people that actually want to try new things and not troll outweigh the bad. and also if everyone knows who a player is that intentionally feeds and tries to lose every game its not raging or blaming someone if you just don't invite them to games anymore. plus i feel the main reason people will try to feed intentionally is due to not getting the role they like and or having some game that set them off. but thanks for wishing me the best and i hope this works too
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: /ALL Chat | Go Back to School With Triton Gaming
meanwhile waiting on the new champs abilities to be announced and every day they aren't im like {{summoner:3}}
: Imagine {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:432}}{{champion:26}} plus and the new guy, in the same team, how u gonna kill them..
: I'm pretty sure me meaining {{champion:8}} tells us something about my period,question is.....what?
maining vlad means like nothing tho to me at least
ithidor (NA)
: so what does viktor and rengar say about someone
viktor main says well you probably just copied lcs when you saw him being played one or two weeks ago and now u want to play him because someone did good with him and he has high damage cuz he is basically never nerfed because no one really plays him
Xudorea (NA)
: Well I main as {{champion:157}} and the only thing I do is just hard carry for my team.
every yasuo i come across generally just wants every kill in every fight and after getting all of said kills gets focused by the enemy team dies and blames everyone else for being shit cuz we dont have 20 kills after they take them all and wont share any at all
: I main Bard{{champion:432}}
that tells us you dont talk much or at all unless ur complaining
: I main {{champion:101}} . Maybe I just don't like interacting with people.
maining xerath just means u like being an untouchable brat with a q that does half of a caitlynn r while still keeping the range
: I main {{champion:245}} and {{champion:150}} so what does that say about who I am?
for me i dont think of anyone as a jerk in game on there main champion unless they spam taunts and stuff then they are just likely trying to be rude and resemble an asswipe
: "brand is a high risk, high reward kinda champ" ooookder
{{champion:63}} throws r w into a fight gets a double kill tripple quad or pentakill
: I main {{champion:107}} , so I guess that makes me an extermintor? ✞R.I.P✞ {{champion:121}} 2012-2015 ✞Oh and R.I.P every other ADC and mid-laner that ever existed✞
for me someone who mains rengar=annoying person cuz i hate how much he snowballs and is able to 1 hit people
: {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:92}} The 8 most toxic in the game
im a nice ekko leesin and zed player i dont ever shit talk anyone on my team unless they say something to set me off. make a bad comment about me and if im frustrated in my lane i will likely bring up all of your bad plays so far and look like an asshole to you
: Patch 5.15 notes
Its Ivy (NA)
: We need a waiter {{champion:90}} for the setting as well... Maybe even a blacksmith skin for Taric. Imagine him holding a hammer while in blacksmith attire. So for his abilities: when he e's his dazzle is a flaming piece of charcoal, his ult makes him have an outburst of fire and his w sends a wave of flames out. Wouldn't be a bad idea and his q is called cauterize instead of imbue. (ideas just hit me sorry it is irrelevant)
Cmon waiter needs to be rammus because ur like man i need an order of your finest wine and he is just like OK. Siv hd's idea not mine tho
Jynx (NA)
: Braum’s Birthday Bash!
I crave to know more about ekko its killing me rito at least let me know the passive!
: Team up for Party Rewards before they’re gone!
Jag (NA)
: The interesting issue with DFG is that despite being a nuke scaling off of percentage health and therefore in theory being a tank shredder, it ends up being arguably more potent on squishies since it reduces the threshold required to one shot a carry's low health pool by 20%. Your point suggests to me that maybe there's an itemization hole for mages that want to deal with health stacking (that Liandry's is not currently serving). I think that's a good issue for us to keep an eye on.
So i would like to personally tell you my opinion on {{item:3151}} whenever i build this item on a mage carry it literially does like 1 damage every secobd to anyone i apply it on. I literially feel that its passive is one of the most useless item passives in the game like someones base hp regen negates all the dmg it does and i honestly find it useless aside from a tanky ap item.
: Champion Update: Tristana
i have to ask what are you doing with her passive or is it still the same? because i remember someone hovering over the passive and it just read the title of the old passive with numbers behind it.
Pika310 (NA)
: Because she's the weakest support in the game with: * The lowest spell range of mage-supports * The lowest base damage * The 2nd lowest maximum trade potential * The weakest and most expensive heal in the game * The weakest and shortest duration shield * The weakest MS ability * The least pre-6 CC * No pre-6 hard CC * 5th lowest HP in the game * The lowest base movement speed * An ult that increases in mana cost per-rank This patch brings the 20th and 21st nerfs she's seen since July 30th.
maybe the reason she is the weakest is because she is among the easiest to play. she has 1 skill shot. and i would also like to point out half the time i cant even trade with a sona on my adc in the beginning of the game she just sits their and heals or shields off any attempt to stop her from poking with her q.
: If this doesnt come with a tremors skin, Rito will have failed us.
She has an eturnum skin like nocturne does i woukd assube because they have such simmilar ults
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
you can read mine if you want lol i dont know how bad they will be but i usually don't talk in chat unless raged at or spoken to. hope mine are good tho.
: 2014 World Final heads to Seoul’s World Cup Stadium
Fli Kild (NA)
: Exactly, WHT Riot. I was in a match a while ago and i was kha zix and there was a rengar on the other team and there were a lot of Adc's on my team ( some weren't but we were all squishy) and i heard was "Double KILL", "TRIPLE KILL", "QUADRA KILL", "PENTA KILLLL" " ACE".
sucks to suck
: {{champion:107}} Skin => THEN NERF.
rengar skin sucks dik tho so it doesnt even work like smart person should have ever bought it anyway
: im more in favor of darth vader {{champion:62}}
u mean darth maul? or however its spelled
: Dev Blog: The Design Values of League of Legends
i think it would be pretty cool to have a champions passive disable enemy's passive/passive abilities (ex: vi's w ability and her passive shield) for about 5-7 seconds then cannot happen again for another 10-15 seconds? maybe make it proc after the target takes damage from this champ? idk just thought it would be a pretty cool idea seeing as sum champs passives are annoying to deal with for sum champions like {{champion:22}} using slow on {{champion:39}} when her passive makes it harder to keep the slow up or something? maybe make it a mid mage or tank/support champ anyway just my 2 cents thanks for listening
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