: Average game length of 30 minutes is pretty healthy I think. Why are people complaining about this again? Nostalgia from watching old EU LCS reruns?
because people are chasing an impossible world where they win 100% of their games because losing isn't fun. And in order for that to be the case, games have to last longer so that they can get their sick hero plays and give the enemy team as many opportunities to throw as possible. If it's possible to win the game by playing smartly and grouping at 20~25 minutes it makes them angry.
Rozzeta (NA)
: Addings some more bright really did the trick for him, though I kind of miss the very first version of his Pentakill skin, with all the details on his Guitar Axe of Soul Gathering and little scratches on his armor. Sona got kind of a similar treatment, only that her first penakill skin was pretty bad due to the size (still looks kinda weird at the end of the dress, but that's a shared issue with most skins). Also got a recal, which is just a repetition of attack (2), crit, joke, and ult animations. Even though that's kinda lame, that makes the 975 RP Pentakill have a recall animation, while 1350 RP Arcade doesn't. Also, somehow, Riot made her breasts bigger.
didn't they recently go back and give everyone a recall animation? I could be wrong but I seem to remember they took the idle animations for champs/skins and use them as the recall animation since... when was the last time you saw your idle animation?
: He was still really garbage even with his old ulti in season 6. When they changed him in the mage update they removed it because of how his new passive gave way more AP
I never said Veigar was good before, but his ultimate was one of those things people swore you could easily counter when the reality was that it's basically only countered by not being a mage. While his kit overall was not that great and he wasn't very in the meta at the time, his ultimate still left a lot to be desired on the whole "counterplay" front.
Rengooo (OCE)
: Lol, yes... I realise the distinction, however if you want to take a completely literal approach then there is no difference other than flat armour pen is a set value, or now in lethalities case a scaling flat value based on the targets level. % pen works by the same means, except instead of the targets level, it is based on the targets total or bonus armour. For example, if you have an ability like say Wukongs Q at max rank with a 30% armour shred, and you hit a target with 100 armour, then technically speaking you have just reduced their armour by a flat 30. The only difference between them is in the way that the value of armour reduced is calculated.
But if the target gets 110 armor the value changes, meaning it's **not flat**. If you wanna be SUPER pedantic about it I guess you're not wrong, but it seems to me you said something dumb and are now trying desperately to defend it, which just makes it look even dumber.
: I was fine with veigar's old scaling on ult. It punishes people who don't know how to build MR
until they hit max build and their 1 MR item means literally nothing because it's entirely negated by their own AP. :logic: there's a reason it got changed.
: PSA: Redemption was not buffed so much
Rengooo (OCE)
: I mean... Technically speaking all armour reducing effects are flat amounts.. % pens a flat amount of armour, the value is simply determined by the targets total amount.
no. flat armor pen no longer exists except in the form of lethality, but it reduces the target's armor by a # and not a percent. % armor pen is what black cleaver gives, because the number is not "flat" (it changes based on the target's armor). The distinction is important because they're good against different kinds of targets. Flat armor pen is most effective against targets with no armor and quickly loses effectiveness as targets stack armor, while % pen is the opposite.
: I must be fucked up. You are changing your behavior for a post-game graphic? There are some pretty fucking awesome reasons to be a nice person. You choose a post-game graphic? To be clear: the only difference between new and old honor system is the post-game graphic.
it seems more about highlighting players that consistently display good behavior, more than trying to incentivize good behavior for loading screen flair. But if someone chooses to not be a dick because they get some shinies out of it I would take that wholeheartedly 100% and beg for more. Who tries to flame someone for choosing to be a nicer player?
: And that's a bad thing because LoL has shit pick diversity as a result of their lack of hard-counters?
I never said it was good. It's just the way that DotA2 chooses to balance their game that is different than League of Legends. Each herp has a way to be a monster to specific heroes due to interactions in their kit - when everyone is OP, no-one is. I haven't kept up enough with the game recently to speak to the current meta but there have been tournaments with really absurdly high pick diversity because of this specific mechanic... But it also means that in casual gameplay and even in pro games the games can be super decided in match select. Strategic ability to pick/ban appropriately is a way more highly valued skill as a result - knowing what counters what you intend to pick and banning it out without giving away your picks as well. It makes the game way harder to access for more casual players, and it also makes it fairly hard to have a good time in solo queue unless you're really good at the game. If you want to play a role or hero that requires a lot of coordination with your team it can be really hard to do that in a solo queue environment.
: but if the purposed changes by the OP were to take place then crit would increase her AD therefore making it viable on her
it doesn't increase her AD. It makes AAs do bonus damage. Think Ashe's interaction with crit.
: It's how Dota works and Dota is arguably as balanced or more balanced than league.
Well yeah, but it works in DotA2 because you can purchase items to shut down specific characters/pick characters to hard counter specific characters. DotA2 has ridiculous pick diversity as a result, because you can shut down/work against characters with the correct item/hero combination.
YambrinZ (NA)
: Your post literally states you want for free what others worked for lullz. Maybe you shouldnt be going to ranked mode until youve spent the time practicing champions in normals, thus giving you the extra ip to decide what runes you will be needing and how many pages. But naw, screw that, gimme gimme gimme.
the problem is that Runes have been unbalanced and unfair in a competitive environment since the beginning of time. People have been bitching about the IP cost of runes since Season 1 (people including me) and seeing the system finally go the way of the dodo gives me happy feelings. Framing a grind as if it somehow adds to the competitive and strategic experience just because you did it and don't want that to be invalidated is pretty shifty as is, but trying to imply that a competitive PvP game with no PvE mode should have any form of resource grinding is asinine. If I could go into a PvE gamemode and farm IP it might be a completely different story but unless I want to hang out with bots in Co-op vs AI there's no such option. It astounds me that people defend Runes as some sort of high quality addition to the game when they've been a blatant IP sink since the game's inception.
Mig89 (NA)
: Having the skills to play a champ in a specific lane is kinda a bad argument for not doing it...
I never argued against doing it though. Not once in my entire post. I was just saying that the winrate is inflated for mid because it's likely that it's people who are skilled Zyra players picking her specifically into matchups they know to be favorable. Nowhere in the post does it say people shouldn't do it.
: This is how he looks like. He looks goofy with that smile. Assassins dont look like that.
he's the best assassin! he tricks you into thinking he's not an assassin with his cutesy voice lines and disarming smile!
: Being a support doesn't prevent your champion from being played mid
I just want to point out because I hate people that just trot out winrates like it means anything: Look at the **play rate difference** between support and mid. 95.6% of her games are support, with less than 4% being mid... Which leads me to believe only mains/skilled Zyra players play her mid, which accounts for the higher w/r. I'm not saying she should or should not be played mid, I'm just saying that the winrate being slightly higher in mid can be explained by only people with Zyra skillz playing her mid. It doesn't necessarily mean she's "better" mid than she is support. Winrates don't work like that.
: Factually by definition an exploit of a bug. Riot left it in because they'd have to rework the entire champion to bugfix it. They won't do that.
They actually left it in because their attempts to remove it basically trashcanned the character. It became really clear that she didn't function as a fulfilling character without them, to the tune of either a huge rework or leaving the cancels in. It's not that they would have to rework her to bugfix it, it's that they would have to rework her for it to not be pre-rework Eve level garbage after they were done bugfixing it.
: ***
so is Sona support but it's not bannable to pick her just because she's not meta, which is what the OP was asking
: Guess your main!!
can you guess my main without any hints? I bet you can.
: Just for the people who might have missed it; Malzahar is basically being reverted
It's actually pretty big buff to him compared to pre-change, at least imo. Still stacks voidlings but can summon multiple at once now? Naisu. And he got to keep his new passive.
: It pisses me off to the max level when I tell my teammates what to do, they do the exact opposite, which means they completely fuck up and when I ask why don't they listen to me, they say "It's a normal game" - like admit your fucking fault! Edit: To be clear, I'm not making this shit up, one example for all: We get Baron and ace enemy team. I die because opponents use everything on me. My team, standing by the enemy inhibitor turret. They: "Let's drake! But I don't have Smite." I say: "Then push, you have Baron, take drake after!" My team splits in half: One goes to the enemy jungle to give our Ashe Blue buff, the second one manages to get the drake stolen by the enemy team that respawned - and that did NOT even have Smite at all!
you are the only player you always play with. Focusing on other people's behavior will never improve your gameplay because you'll probably never, ever play with them again.
: Wait, for real? How did that even work? To go from plat to silver in a couple of games.
It was just a flat Elo number like in something like OW, no divisions/etc. Maybe "a couple" is a bit of hyperbole, but you could move from gold to bronze/plat to silver etc within 10 to 15 losses. On the flipside, you could climb the same. So winstreak/losestreaks were INCREDIBLY damaging to the matchmaking quality - you would get players who won 10/15 games in a row that were considerably higher Elo than they really should've been, and then they'd go on a huge losestreak. It was pretty ridiculous. The Elo system was incredibly poorly suited to a 5vs5 game it turns out.
: Perfect quote about solo q.
Okay well let's go back to Season 1 and 2 where you could go on a losing streak and fall all the way from Plat to Silver in the span of a couple games if you got unlucky. The system is -way- better than it used to be, and constantly being iterated on and improved upon. It just takes time - radical changes create only problems, even if they're "good" changes on paper.
: i don't think hashinshin is toxic then again i never played with him i remember him on the old forum tho, he had pretty good point especially on vayne
I don't think he's a bad player or anything, but it's like a meme when people run into him in solo queue and watching his stream is pretty trying. He just rages and tilts super hard and blames his team a shit-ton.
: Not sure why I wouldn't like him. I've never even heard of him.
hashinshin is pretty legendary for being toxic and throwing games for dumb reasons. and he's been playing since like season 1.
Junkο (EUNE)
: Who even builds Stattik on Yasuo outside of Bronze anymore.... oooooh now I get it.
hurrdurr or you could just make a {{item:3046}} {{item:1018}} and have it too! I don't play Yasuo so I can't say I know what the "meta" build on him, but implying somehow that the problem in the post is "people only make statikk when they suck" and not "**YASUO CAN REACH MAX CRIT WITH 1 COMPLETED CRIT ITEM AND 1 COMPONENT**" is ignorant as fuck dude. Come back when you have something better than a random ass red herring insult.
: Can we get balanced blind pick matchmaking please?
It's likely that the Master Tier player rarely plays normals, and so their MMR in normals is considerably lower than their ranked matchmaking.
: Yasuo is like the only champion standing in the top 10 most banned champs for 4 seasons.
Well I mean it probably has something to do with getting 100%crit with just {{item:3087}} {{item:1018}}
Salron (NA)
: If normal people complain about getting autofilled, they're told to learn more roles If support mains complain about getting autofilled, they're upvoted Lol.
because the (supposed) reason that we have autofill at all is primarily because people don't support or try to spam roles like mid/top that are more popular... I've been autofilled out of support in a game where a mid/top laner was autofilled into support. It just doesn't make much sense. I mean, I am capable of at least 1-2 champs in other roles, but that doesn't mean I want to trust some random autofill to support my team.
Salron (NA)
: You got a source for that? Because after Runeglaive's interaction with spell effects was changed, the ap mid ezreal build that abused it was effectively dead since that interaction was what made it possible Ezreal had absolutely nothing to do with the item when it was removed There was no "fad of taking it into other lanes", it was literally only Ezreal using it outside the jungle Look at patch history: In 5.13, it no longer proc'd spell effects, meaning it was worthless on Ezreal after that change In 6.1 it was replaced with Runic Echoes That was the Season 6 patch where they made significant changes to several items, runeglaive included Once again, nothing to do with Ezreal, it was changed to echoes because it was garbage on ap junglers like Fiddlesticks who couldn't make good use of the sheen proc
Maybe my memory is faulty then. I don't recall there being much call to change Runeglaive aside from the abuse it received. My bad then! =P
Salron (NA)
: It didn't get removed because of Ez They simply made a change so that spell effects would no longer proc on that item (runeglaive's sheen proc) because of ez abusing it to proc Luden's on his Q which isn't supposed to happen The item was reworked into runic echoes for other reasons
actually I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there and say that while Ezreal ALONE didn't cause the Runeglaive change, the fad of people taking it into other lanes and using it mid lane and doing silly crap like that was certainly a huge factor of the change, and Ezreal was the poster child of using the item that way. While the Runic Echoes change happened to help out junglers who didn't necessarily benefit from Runeglaive, I don't believe for a second that that was WHY it changed.
: I agree. Sightstone is s feel bad item. I think it needs stats to not feel so bad
It had more stats. And then it got changed because everyone was getting it. If the item is gold efficient for the stats it offers (feels good for supports), it's bad for the health of the game because then junglers/top laners are buying it too and wards are everywhere. This is not a theory, it has happened before - Sightstone Reksai was pretty common in LCS for a while. I would rather it just work differently - either eventually not take an item slot (replace trinket at level 9? I dunno) or offer some specific sort of utility. Just stats in general won't help, and if you make the bonus effects too attractive to too many people it'll become a must buy on non-supports.
: Sightstone rework concept
I kinda think wards should be something you buy into out of game instead of in-game. Like, leave standard trinks where they are now but allow me to opt in through masteries to a stronger trinket that functions more like Sightstone. Or allow me to place my Sightstone in my trinket slot, but lose the stats? Maybe make it work like old Eleisa's Miracle where you have to have the item for a certain amount of time/place a certain amount of wards to prevent it from being too strong early? I don't really know, but that extra item slot reserved for sightstone at all items has felt bad. It's better than when you used to just fill your inventory with stacks of wards as support, but not by much.
Eedat (NA)
: Not trying to be a dick but you can always play this thing {{champion:40}} and not really have a good idea of what to do and still be very effective. Thats what I do anyway
I mean, you can, but you could also just pick Soraka and do the same thing without having any mechanical complexity. People talk shit about Janna being really easy but if you don't know when/how to monsoon you can actually ruin your own team's fight pretty easily, which is a distinction she has that not a lot of other supports have (she can actually save entire enemy teams if you monsoon inappropriately).
: I feel like we're beginning to have too much mobility in the game.
we've had too much mobility in the game since season 1. With everyone having a free flash and being forced to take it, any champ with built in mobility just becomes even more busted in comparison. #removeflashalreadyplease
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lucky Moniker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M37ucwlz,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-05-05T16:45:25.608+0000) > > The problem is that the new coin is shit on him. The lack of health regen means he gets poked out of the lane at level 3, and his range is too short to poke for the Spellblade so the gold generation is too slow. Honestly all the support gold items just really suck on him right now. Thats not a problem with rakan, its a problem with the item hes supposed to start itself.
I don't understand all the hate for coin, but I will say that his Q range is increased by 100 on PBE right now which should hopefully make fang a more attractive/useable start on him, since I think it synergizes better with his kit (mspeed on proc seems really nice for his playstyle).
: Most builds I find right now for him mostly focus on AP, not tank stats. And when I said assassin, I didn't mean that he is just killing with burst. I already explained: his **playstyle** is close to be an assassin. You jump in with mobility, do your stuff (traditional assassin: killing the carry, Rakan: CCing the whole enemy team) and then he **immediately** escapes from the middle of their team, again, with mobility. Assassins have the same pattern. Jump in, do your stuff, jump out, while being fairly squishy.
Rakan is a **disruptor**, but he is not a tank, which is why people are getting so wigged out by him. Calling him an assassin is disingenuous because he's not going to oneshot anyone by himself, but he's very good at setting up people to get rekt by his team and causing chaos in the enemy backline before jumping out himself. I think the Q range increases will open up his laning phases (it has +100 range on PBE right now) and people will actually get to later stages of the game more successfully as him. The only issue I have right now with Rakan's kit is that his heal actually doesn't scale with the level of his Q but rather with his character level, which is nice if you're not maxing it but gives you no option to increase your sustain, a kind of crappy place to be as an enchanter/disruptor without hefty tank stats or survivability.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Did you know: Basic attacks, enhanced basic attacks and unit-targetted abilities don't give a flying fuck about dashes? Irelia simply doesn't have an ability to miss until level 6.
oh man I forgot about Irelia's ranged autoattack _oh wait_
: > [{quoted}](name=Fed by Snu Snu,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AX2iIdEc,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-04T13:39:23.177+0000) > > Obviously not, since he only had 1 kill at level 6 and still couldn't duel. > > Why? Simple, because HE HAD FUCKING DOUBLE CS. It's not a hard concept to grasp on how much this matters in the current state of the game. > > "Not feeding" is absolutely useless in this meta. If you get zoned you're just as useless as having fed. Looks like someone got outplayed.
someone got outplayed _by a champ with infinite dashes, what a surprise_
: It's not that hard to believe. Vaping as a tool to quit smoking isn't amazingly effective. Plus, it's hecka expensive.
in most places vaping is cheaper than smoking actually. And in Britain they found it 95% effective as a smoking cessation aid. don't spread misinformation =D (for reference: I vape. I paid 80 dollars last November to get my supplies. I haven't had to enter a store or spend another dime on it since then. And I live in Alaska where it's 10 dollars a pack for cigarettes, so, pretty fair trade for me.)
: > You wouldn't look at a carry who was 32/8 and call them a feeder so why would you call a support who was 0/8/32 the same Because assissts are obtainable by only AAing the dying target once or shielding one of the other champions in the last second before the kill happens, which is no effort - how many of those assists did they get with the same effort as the 32 kills the other people get? 15? One shield on a carry in already a won teamfight and you got a pentassist. And 0/8/15 is as impressive as 15/8 - not that much. Good, but not that much, especially if you compare it to 32/8.
because it's SO much harder to get a kill, right? You have to deal a certain % of the damage, and you have to... oh, wait, you don't? All you have to do is secure the last hit which is just as easy as getting an assist but people act like it's SUCH a big deal? Seriously. Your entire argument for why assists are easy to get also applies to kills - you can deal 0 damage but deal the last 10 and get a kill. The implication that it's somehow harder to get kills only applies if you are, I dunno, playing a support who generally doesn't deal the kind of damage to reliably secure last hits, or something. It's like the entire reason assists exist is to show that the supports are participating in the kills, or something, and yet people continue to try and talk shit about assists like they don't matter.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: nice assists,, but still too many deaths . 8 deaths can make someone get fed and lose the game after all.. by the way, being support is not an excuse for dying :p .
0/8/32 is a completely acceptable score. Securing 32 kills in exchange for 8 deaths is way more than okay. You wouldn't look at a carry who was 32/8 and call them a feeder so why would you call a support who was 0/8/32 the same, especially since there are no killstreaks to really worry about so they're only giving base gold each time they die. It's not that it's an "excuse" for dying, it's that for some reason people's brains don't work properly unless the big number is in the K slot instead of the A, especially considering supports are the people least able to flexibly build items for personal survivability, since you're generally filling your inventory with items to assist your team more than yourself.
: Any reason Xayah and Rakan are not being released on patch day, as champions always have been?
always have been* *back in season 2
: I'm one of those people that prefers to play champions that I enjoy playing I suppose. Sorry
that's why I always recommend a different way of rolling than most people recommend - the game should roll up 5 random champions from the entire pool and then ASSIGN them based on who owns them, rather than choosing only from your pool. It would improve the overall picking feel of the game since ARAM only accounts would still have to roll one of the 10 champs that they own (kek), people who don't like getting champs they don't know how to play could still have a pretty high chance of getting someone they owned, and people (like me) who own all the champs wouldn't just get shamelessly rekt every game because we had the audacity to unlock all the content.
Mannny (NA)
: Quit asking me to tank for the team if you suck at being the damage dealer
yeah man I hate it when my team picks widow/genji/hanzo and then begs for tanks and healers and won't swap wait a second...
: It was dishonor to be Ninja as you were hiding in shadows, striking silently and shortly but deadly, giving enemy no option for defense. Samurai were the opposite, prefering fair battles for honor. That is, in case these aren't mythic misinformations, Samurai were disgusted by Ninjas, that's why the mix is unlikely.
I think "disgusted" is a strong word, but per wikipedia it does seem that Shinobi were essentially the spies and Samurai were the foot soldiers/etc. So just like today in America for example - while the armed forces understand the need for espionage from a tactical standpoint, it goes against their specific training. I mean, Shinobi and Samurai would've worked together in some ways, at least in that they would be employed by the same person and working towards the same goal, so it's unlikely that there was outright disgust - but there might be dislike or at least disagreement with their goals. The whole Shinobi vs Samurai as a direct confrontation is (I think) more of an invention of today's media, or at least an extremely watered down explanation of their interactions.
koshkyra (NA)
: Lee Sin has a 42% pickrate in jungle.
but what can Riot do to stop people from memeing? Because let's be real, I'm convinced half the Lee players are just trying to inflate his playrate to rustle jimmies and cause posts like this. Meme/edgelord alert!
: > [{quoted}](name=Battlecast Janna,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nN9ELE95,comment-id=000000040000000200000000,timestamp=2017-04-08T08:38:13.881+0000) > > of the 13 champions you listed, 9 were either birds, monsters, or children. or robots. Oh I did, did I ? lte's check again, little one. Annie; child. Anivia; Bird Irelia; Does not qualify for your BS categories Kallista; Does not qualify for your BS categories Karma; Does not qualify for your BS categories Kayle; Does not qualify for your BS categories Lulu; Does not qualify for your BS categories Lux; Does not qualify for your BS categories Leona; Does not qualify for your BS categories Nami; Does not qualify for your BS categories Orianna; Robot Sejuani; Does not qualify for your BS categories Shyvana; Does not qualify for your BS categories Soraka; Does not qualify for your BS categories Vayne; Does not qualify for your BS categories Rek Sai; Cockroach So basically, your argument is trash . You never had an argument to begin with. Only Ariel had somewhat of a decent argument and even he admits that it's a really weak argument. Your position is untennable.
again, you set the parameters of what is correct and then describe me as wrong. But I'll bite. Rek Sai is a monster. Shyvana is a half-dragon. If you don't consider that a monster, you're crazy. Soraka is a half-goat. So I guess I should've included celestial beings in my description? I thought it went without saying, but... Nami is a FREAKING MERMAID. Lulu (looks like) a child and is (actually) a yordle who is 100s of years old who gained immortality through magic. Do I have to even explain this one? Kalista literally has spears growing out of her back. GROWING. OUT OF HER BACK. Kayle IS A FREAKING ANGEL WITH ANGEL WINGS. And again, Annie is a child and Orianna is a Robot. That's 9. I know you really like being right on the internet, but when you just say "doesn't fit into your BS categories" like a god damn HALF DRAGON is not a monster or a MERMAID is somehow not a non-human being (which is apparently how non-specific I needed to be in my initial post, instead of trying to be flippant and sarcastic), it gets a little silly. Do you understand how ridiculous your posts look? You've literally spent each of your posts telling me I'm wrong by parameters you set yourself, which (unsurprisingly) favor your opinion. Also, I think it's hilarious that you want a cookie for proving that 4 (since I'm not counting the ones I listed above, for the obvious they're-not-even-human-at-all arguments) women aren't sexualized (in your opinion), when there are over 100 champions and a myriad of examples to the contrary.
: > [{quoted}](name=Battlecast Janna,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nN9ELE95,comment-id=0000000400000002,timestamp=2017-04-07T17:38:27.463+0000) > > HMM, it's like every, single female champ you listed is either a bird, a monster, or a child. Oh really? every single one? want to check again and try once more? At least Ariel and I will have a good chuckle about your arguments later. Tumblrinas are an endless source of entertainment.
of the 13 champions you listed, 9 were either birds, monsters, or children. or robots. try using actual arguments instead of weird elitist bullshit when you argue with people... I don't really understand your arrogance or your attitude.
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
gamesense. People ask what the counterplay is but the counterplay is to know that Lee Sin is probably going to start looking for a gank around 3-4 minutes at level 3 with red buff. So ward your gank paths. Your post only talks about what Lee does but it says nothing about the state of your lane. If Lee is ganking you at level 3 with red and your entire river is dark you deserve to die. same at level 6. If you know Lee Sin can do this, and you know he's going to want to do it because it's one of the primary reasons he's picked, you need to properly prepare BEFORE he comes to your lane. Like you have to with a plethora of other junglers. (Eve and Shaco, for example, though they can be much harder to ward against because of invis/camo.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Battlecast Janna,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nN9ELE95,comment-id=00000004,timestamp=2017-04-06T08:46:50.174+0000) > > That's called a "male power fantasy", and it is targetted (also) at males. That's mythology. Reality is different. Romance novels are obviously targeted at women and prominently feature muscle-bound , idealistic men, which obviously, mean they highly sexualized. You can pretend your mythology is reality but reality does not bend to your emotion. So basically http://es.tinypic.com/r/2rwtcgl/9 Gee I wonder why all these "Male power fantasies" ended up being prominently featured in female-orientated literature.... could it be that your argument is complete BS or that all these authors made a mistake...? massive sarcasm aside, I've heard your argument many times and it's always nonsense spewed by the typical Tumblrina that wants to spew mythology. >As a (gay) man Your personal sexual activities are not something that I care about or care to know, so please keep your private life private. >Also, I see your "every male champ is sexualized" and raise you And my response to you is; {{champion:1}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:421}} The prosecution rests. You lose..... only Ariel is a challenge. I need more Ariel. Inb4 "But Vayne is totally sexual, she's like the 1990s Jenny McCarthy of League !!!" or some BS argument like that.
HMM, it's like every, single female champ you listed is either a bird, a monster, or a child. Or I guess a robot. But you definitely proved me wrong! I'm happy to have sparked such a heated debate in which another straight cisgender male tells me that I'm wrong, provides inadequate proof, and tells me that my sexuality is irrelevant (while also telling me how I feel about male characters). It's like being mansplained to only I don't have tits!
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