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: what is rengar's Q like? ive only really played the current rengar, and i do like the idea of his AOE slash and the short lunge forward. So what made his old Q so loved? curious {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
It was nice because it was an auto attack reset, with a huge attack steroid on it. Also, unlike current Rengar, it didn't inhibit your movement nearly as much. Current Q locks you in place for the cast duration which is why there is a camp of Rengar players that believes it is "clunky" or feels "unnatural." I certainly don't wish to alienate people who like Rengar as he is, nor do I wish to alienate ADC mains (lol). But old Rengar had a satisfying kit, and the biggest issue was always that it was difficult to buff/nerf him without his damage being op/negligible. I certainly miss the old Q more, which is why I'm happy about this revert. But a part of me misses a few things. One, the empowered Q was even MORE damage, not an AS increase. I may be okay with this, but I'll have to try it out first. Two, his passive stacks used to affect gameplay rather than just be steroids. I enjoyed faster MS in brush, and larger jump radius, given I met a certain number of kills. Rengar IMO got the short end of the stick when he managed to win the hunt with kha'zix, but even then, you didn't have to kill every person on the enemy team to fully utilize the passive. I think the current passive is thematically pleasing, but I am very reluctant to want to get those stacks when almost inevitably ONE if not more of the enemy get fed. On top of that, if you decide to take Rengar anywhere other than jungle, you inherently lower your chances of getting those stacks until you're able to roam. ASSUMING you're able to roam in the first place, cause most people you ask will tell you that Rengar is not good in lane under usual circumstances. Too many tanky bruisers in top lane that will out tank AND out damage Rengar in his current form, Mid is #nobrush for the most part and thus no easy engage w/o ult, and bot is usually only pulled off with a thresh support and an enemy support not doing their job well. Also I was never a fan of the disappearing passive stacks. I get this was to stop triple q or something else entirely perhaps, but it made me feel more in control. Now I feel like I have to fill out a checklist to keep my stacks, basically just keep auto attacking stuff as opposed to still be able to freeze a lane (more applicable to top than jg) AND save my stacks for whatever I planned on doing with them in the immediate future. Three, his ult. This was my biggest qualm with the rework. The introduction of camouflage vs. invisibility vexed me. I totally get that people were sick of a fed Rengar bursting them out of nowhere, and I totally get that part of me is simply obsessed with being on the dealing end of that damage transaction, but when it went from being able to stand next to all of them with none of them knowing, to them being able to see you from a (seemingly to me) huge distance and know exactly who it is that you are closest to and you only have vision of who ever is targeted, rather than everyone in the area, it became immensely unenjoyable for me to play him. In fact for the first 10-20 games I played as him post rework I still had to smack myself on the head and remind myself that they could in fact see me coming. I would always get frustrated and say "How did they know?" only to immediately remember the camouflage mechanic. Allow me to state that some of these issues go away if the player is extremely good with Rengar, or the enemy is just bad. I'm sure there are those who pull off even mid Rengar with ease, but I am not among those, and I THINK I'm not alone. (No I'm not asking Riot to make Rengar mid viable btw) All in all the first paragraph is the answer to your question and the rest is ramblings, but I just needed to vent how I felt about this and took this opportunity.
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: When i open the 'projects' folder, there is nothing in their, it is completely empty. Also, when I open 'solutions' the folder is empty and the same goes for the folder 'temp'. :(
Sorry I didn't respond on time, (i'm not on the website very often) but if it's empty that's a problem and I would just reinstall. If reinstalling doesn't work I really have no clue how to help. Sorry! Hope you find a solution elsewhere!
I doubt you're having this problem since it's usually the first thing I personally check, but the only times I get this issue is when my wifi is not connected. Sometimes my symbol at the top right (I use a mac mini) tells me that it's connected, but it really isn't. The way I tell is by connecting to safari to see if my connection is working. If that isn't your problem I'm sorry! Oh, and also another time I had a SIMILAR but not exact same issue I found the solution by finding League in the Finder. After that you right click, select show package contents, and open in this order: 1. Contents 2. LoL 3. RADS 4. projects 5. select any of these ( I don't THINK it matters) 6. releases 7. select anything with numbers and periods (sorry I don't know what they stand for) 8. make sure there is an S_OK file I don't know the purpose of the S_OK file, but I've been given the impression that each and every folder that says releases (you will find them all past "projects" mentioned earlier) must have the S_OK file. If this does not solve your problem or someone else knows this to be untrue I apologize and please correct me. Hope I helped! Good luck!
Xersias (NA)
: What they mean is they don't have long range or reliable dashes to react their target Yasuo is hyper mobile but will have to dash through several people to reach the target while Fiora's dash while annoying is fairly short ranged when compared to something like Ekko blink or Zed's shadow. Assassin have reliable ways to B-line to a marksman or mage without much opposition.
That really cleared up the dashing for me, but would you say they don't have burst damage? I will admit it usually takes both yas and Fiora a bit longer than fizz and zed for example, but I would still describe the time it takes to kill someone as pretty quick. Or perhaps it's just relative?
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
{{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} "Skirmishers lack high-end burst damage or reliable ways of closing in on high-priority targets" Excuse my bronze, but dafuq? XD I'm by no stretch of the imagination good at this game but in my experience that has never been the case. If someone can explain this to a Yung silver by all means go ahead!
: > [{quoted}](name=Be Boss 26,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=w6Z7nxEU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-09T02:00:32.448+0000) > > I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I said that if even one player says yes, they should get leaverbuster then they get it. Meaning if they bothered you, you're included as a player who could vote yes. Am I not understanding what you mean? I'm talking about a guy afking in a game and then tells w/e story(true or not) and convinces everyone to vote no. Then someone in a future game gets matched with him. But because everyone believed his story he never got punished for leaving so he keeps doing it. What your asking for basically exists, its just done through an allowable leave rate. You don't get punished for leaving once, you get punishing for leaving games at an unacceptable rate.
Oh ok, I see what you're saying and see how that could become a problem. I suppose the reason I still believe it would be a good idea, is because in league's community, people get reported all the time for way less offensive things. Taking cs for example. Oftentimes when I get kicked off I ask my friends what's going on in the game through Skype on my phone, and they say that someone is asking everyone to report me for leaving. That's why I don't believe too many people would get through the system with a sob story; because most people don't wanna hear it.
Calabok (NA)
: Overall a pretty good idea; I would suggest one tweak though: rather than the "one vote and you're punished," instead have it ignore the players who premade with you. This would keep you from getting screwed over by one player on your team that gets salty because they don't understand or care what reason you might have for leaving and just hates that you left (we've all met that player). On the other hand, if you premade with two friends who both would vote in your favour, but the other two team members both had their experience ruined by you leaving, it would only take into account those two votes.
Although I COMPLETELY agree with you, I feel like riot wouldn't go for something that is that forgiving. Frankly I'm not even sure that they would go for my idea. I just figured humans would understand easier why you don't deserve leaverbuster as opposed to a bot programmed to give it to you.
: No thanks. Id rather not have some guy who should have been punished before but didn't in my game because someone believed a sob story.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I said that if even one player says yes, they should get leaverbuster then they get it. Meaning if they bothered you, you're included as a player who could vote yes. Am I not understanding what you mean?
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Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
{{champion:412}} : I think we're soulmates! :D {{champion:429}} : Aww. <3 {{champion:236}} : Don't trust him. >:L
: This event has been going around for a whole week and was announced even before. That is your problem for not looking or doing anythingy about it. Not Riots. People on Reddit and a lot of other social sites have been helping the community achieve the goals. Please do your research and look around the communnity. Riot set all of this up to encourage people to use the 5-man Queue. So don't blame Riot on something where you didn't even know about when clearly everyone else did
I'm not sure if you were talking to me or the thread, but I'm by no means blaming riot. I'm just saying how things ended up happening to me. I did do my research because when I found out about the icon I wanted to do whatever necessary to receive it. I am aware of the requirements to get it ( Win 5-man queue during team up week) I just posted in the hopes that someone would have an idea as to why this happened to me, I apologize if it came across in a childish manner.
Wido508 (EUNE)
: I didn't get my Pool Party icon ( I have a Pool Party Rek'Sai )
Yeah... It's the 28th, I haven't been notified for any sort of bad behavior and I'm really sad because all of the friends I played with to contribute to Team Up and Pool Party have the icon but I don't. (To add insult to injury I love that icon to death because zac is prob my favorite champ and my friends are kind of meh about the icon) I wanted to wait and believe I would receive it later but I still haven't got it. :(
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 5.11? Click Here!
BTW, to anybody who has the 32% or 33% unspecified log error occurred problem, I want you to know a trick that I've had to do for pretty much every patch since February of this year (Keep in mind I use a mac mini so this may not work for all or there may be different folder names preinstalled): *Note:You should close league prior to starting 1.Find LoL in Finder or Applications 2.Right-click and select Show Package Contents 3.Open Contents 4.Open LoL 5.Open RADS 6.Open projects 7.Open lol_launcher 8.Open releases 9.Open whatever file is there (usually looks something like this although the numbers change: 10.Copy the S_OK file 11.Go back to the projects folder 12.Open lol_air_client 13.Repeat steps 8 and 9 14.Paste S_OK file Hope this helps anyone with this problem because it sure has helped me. Yes, it's annoying to do every single patch, but it gets the job done.
: Leaverbuster!
Please Riot, I am getting 20 minute leaverbuster all the time. No matter how much I help the team, no matter how many times we win, when i d/c I almost always get leaverbuster. I've only d/cd and not made it back to the game before the end once. I know that it's not just for d/cing till the end, and it's meant to punish those who d/c period, but I'm getting sad everytime I'm in a 5 queue with friends and I d/c for five minutes, come back, support my team (who doesn't care that I left) and still get leaver buster. I think it would be a GREAT idea if you kept the leaverbuster system in place now, except before it gives the person leaver buster, the team is required to take a vote on whether or not the person in question really deserves it. Because the only people getting a bad experience from me d/cing would be my team, but if they don't mind, then their opinions should matter.
Sukishoo (NA)
: and you know they said they won't make a recolor as their next Zac skin right? They want to make a REAL skin first.
Although this makes complete sense, having read said articles where they said they didn't want to just come out with new colors, the timing is hilarious considering they just came out with chroma skins. XD
: Patch 5.7 Can't finish past 32%
Alright guys, I believe this link has fixed it for me. I will update to tell y'all if it actually worked, but it seems to be patching. Hope it works! (Crosses fingers)
: Hey Man I was having the same problem i uninstalled the game once and tried to update it didnt work then i just reset my computer it came back online and finished the download i hope this works for you.
> [{quoted}](name=bigpapaturk,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=lpk4mMa5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-10T18:02:03.625+0000) > > Hey Man I was having the same problem i uninstalled the game once and tried to update it didnt work then i just reset my computer it came back online and finished the download i hope this works for you. I appreciate it, but yeah, that didn't work for me. It's like Riot, I love you, and I know you have a lot of important stuff on your plate, but please fix this. All of my friends are playing without me, and this is my first year playing urf. I've enjoyed it so far, but I would love if I could get back into the game before it's over.
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