: Well, league champions are often meant to capture at a glance and "the one word" question actually tells you quite a bit. Kai'sa is a being from the void who survived its horrors and somehow made it out with her sanity in tact. She's also a pretty hot girl who has the big baps. With this question, Riot wants to nail down _exactly_ what people feel when they see Kai'sa. Is she a scary monster-person from the void? Is she a hot grill in a skintight body suit? Is she a survivalist badass who can fight all sorts of eldritch horrors? Is she a goofball character who is more joke than champion?
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8YZEXK6y,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-14T03:08:44.568+0000) > > Well, league champions are often meant to capture at a glance and "the one word" question actually tells you quite a bit. Kai'sa is a being from the void who survived its horrors and somehow made it out with her sanity in tact. She's also a pretty hot girl who has the big baps. With this question, Riot wants to nail down _exactly_ what people feel when they see Kai'sa. > > Is she a scary monster-person from the void? > Is she a hot grill in a skintight body suit? > Is she a survivalist badass who can fight all sorts of eldritch horrors? > Is she a goofball character who is more joke than champion? She's a hot girl in a skintight suit but also a survivalist badass who can go toe to toe with eldritch horrors. If you can survive for days with only rotten food that will put you in a worse spot than if you hadn't eaten anything and a few mouthfuls of water at the age of like 10 and then STILL kill a void monster bigger than you are, you're pretty fucking hard.
: It is completely pointless in every capacity and doing absolutely nothing to help the people of Hong Kong.
It's less about that and more about that these companies are supporting china and not human rights, so these people want to get the companies banned from China in retaliation.
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
lmao Riot out here tryna remake everything but always making it worse.
Rioter Comments
: Dota 2 came out in 2013 and league came out in 2009, maybe you should research before posting stuff. The first dota was not it’s own beginning either. The genre began way before anything was created.
I think it would be important to take note of the "2" after "DotA", which denotes that is in fact the second game, and not the first.
: Why can Tryn ult during hard CC/Silences? Why can Hec still hit/push you back with E despite flashing away from him? Why can Rengar still auto attack you from the bush despite blinking away? why has Riven and Yasuo still not received proper changes? The answer to all these questions and more are as follows. Riot: Because of we Just. don't. Care.
The Tryn one is because otherwise his R would be literally useless lol, think a little. E is because it's how auto attacks work, any melee champ can auto you if they get most of the way through or all the way through as you flash, I do it a lot on Mordekaiser. The Rengar one is worded in a way that is confusing, please clarify. Riven/Yasuo are moneymakers, just ban them out vro (No but seriously they really need some nerfs).
: What if we removed runes and masteries?
Or they could do an internal test or something instead of removing all the items from the PBE.
: Is it just me or is Aurelion sol missing from the patch
Pikachau (NA)
: No {{champion:121}} or {{champion:254}} buffs. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: %HP true damage should exist
: No, it doesn't even mention her halfbreed status anymore. Yvva hunts her down to kill her just because.
Just went back and re-read the Bio, she's "akin to the half dragons" of legend or whatever, but for actually no reason. The thief didn't do anything to the egg, Shyvana just hatched that way. Nor does it say Yvva is trying to kill her, I think it was more like a misunderstanding where the mom wants her daughter back and kills the theives but Shyvana kills her mom for killing her human family. Yeah, story poop now.
: Yvva previously hunted Shyvana down to kill her and purge her from her bloodline. Now she hunts down Shyvana and tries to kill her... just because.
"Because she's a halfbreed reeeeeee" but yea kinda eh
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: Dragonslayer Taric Yes or No ?
Nah, Taric stopped a war to save a flower. There's no way he'd kill dragons. Another dragon themed skin would be cool, but not a dragon slayer.
: You Know what I'd like. A boot upgrade called something like heavy boots. Essentially they would only add the 25 ms or add no Ms at all and either cut knockup duration in half(like you go up and fall down faster) or you just can't be knocked up. Literally no other stats. I think no bonus Ms or stat is a good trade off for not being knocked up at all. And probably bruisers or a lane vs a nasty jg knock up champ like j4, or seij, etc.
Why not just make a weight mechanic that scales with armor?
Naymlyss (NA)
: Yeah, no. There is still a huge difference between silver and diamond, your silver friends would get smashed.
Except that the diamond players are all support mains playing in their off roles, and half were diamond 4/5 last season. So not really, it'd be a more fair fight.
: pictures?
In the new story Volibear gets up to like 16 eyes and has horns, and has a bunch of rusty weapons sticking out of his back and is covered in blood and gore. Oh, and he's full of lightning and his scars glow.
: Matching Volibears kit to his lore
This doesn't match the lore, where's the giant storm? Where's the healing from corpses? I'd imagine a giant zombie bear full of rusty weapons and lightning would also be able to fear or something when he roars.
: Riot sucks.. confirmed
That sounds more like countries with high tax rates suck more than a company trying to make a living.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Keep in mind that those are merely the ursine, not Volibear himself. Also the big one with the deer skull has a child face inside its mouth.
And also keep in mind that the little girl spews foul brown sludge from her mouth. Also keep in mind that Volibear is bigger than a mammoth, has horns, and four eyes on top of being covered in blood and guts, impaled by countless weapons, and has lightning on his back. Oh, and when he first showed up half his face was missing and you could see his skull.
Alzon (NA)
: He already lost plenty of armor in the juggernaut rework :^)
: "Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence
I dislike the lack of chest armor and the hairstyle looks awful. My two cents, everything else is fine.
: Fam welcome to zero suit samus also Kayle never looked andro wtf?
Classic skin it was hard to notice Kayle was female if you weren't scrutinizing the art. Hard to tell if male or female tbh. Part of what made her unique.
: While now it isnt like that huh? Most champions (those who are viable) have certain runes they can get strong with, for example, lucian, what can he get? sorcery keystone? nope, inspiration keystone? nope, domination keystone? resolve keystone? nope. Oh at least he can take more than 1 at precision...oh wait....only press the attack works. Your point does not stand here.
It does because he's not forced into taking press the attack. He takes press the attack because it has the most synergy, he can take fleet footwork, electrocute, dark harvest, predator if he wanted, or even grasp or kleptomancy. He's not forced to take PTA, and the other keystones might not be as great or consistent, but that's due to the synergy between Lucian's kit and the keystone, not because he was forced to take a certain keystone. You could take any one of those and make them work.
: How about a balanced solution? For example, urgot is a champion who has a shield bigger than the player who mains him right? He is also a champion who can proc courage right? Well, if courage was to get into the game again, he should have his shield gutted and forced to take courage which would give him a about 10% more shield than he had pre-gut. What would that translate to? Him being 1v1 able without courage (all those unsealed spellbook urgots can go to hell) while with courage, he would lack a damage rune but would have more time and power to scale. At least thats what i think.
Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. If we went by your logic, we might as well get rid of runes and masteries all together, because there'd be no point. It'd be "Take x or you're literally trolling and going to get reported."
: > [{quoted}](name=Beast Brawler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pGvrElw1,comment-id=001800000000,timestamp=2019-02-12T14:58:56.225+0000) > > I like the Morde community, usually really chill. I could see that being the case. Personally I don't like the champ enough to have found my way into the community, and I rarely see a mord. Still I can't say I've ever met a toxic Mord.
And you hopefully never will, at least not a main. I can see someone trying Morde after he's reworked, doing garbage, and then getting toxic though. Mordekaiser might be a buggy mess of hot pasta code, but he's satisfying to play. I hope you have a great day!
: > [{quoted}](name=Shinjusuke,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pGvrElw1,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-02-11T18:40:58.448+0000) > > As right as you are, keep in mind you're preaching to a group of players who're one of the only groups (if not the only group, I think it happened to Riven once too but I can't remember) to literally *have their champion rework cancelled on the PBE* purely because *they bitched hard enough*. > > That's not even an exaggeration, you can still find the Riot comments about it. They literally whined like children hard enough that Riot said "nah, this isn't worth it" and cancelled his rework, despite the champion being oppressively dominant in the jungle like he had been for season after season after season after season. Not for design reasons, not for balance reasons, but *purely because they didn't want to upset the Lee Sin playerbase*. **LITERALLY**. > Lee Sin players are some of the worst players in this game when it comes to entitlement, rational thought isn't going to get through to them. They're as blind as their champion is. Isn't funny how OTP tend to have similiar characteristics with each other? Personally my favorite OTP community is Katartina.
Jo0o (NA)
: But none of those are gameplay. Shotcalling, being tiltproof, and being sportsmanlike are all about how you treat your fellow players, not about your KDA or performance.
Shotcalling is tied to your performance though, good performance = good shotcalling and making good calls is part of playing the game. You can't disconnect shotcalling and gameplay.
Jo0o (NA)
: I mean, that's kind of working as intended, no? Bribery or gameplay performance aren't meant to be the deciding factors of whether you receive honor, sportsmanship is. Regardless, the actual accumulation of post-game honors seems to be a miniscule facet of the honor system. I'm more concerned with clarifying expected behavior, transparency in punishments, and proper reinforcement of good behavior.
I would disagree, with the "great shotcalling" being one of the three possible honors, one being sportsmanlike and the other just for not tilting during a bad game, we know that good gameplay is a basis for honor. It's not the only one, but it is one, and it is important to keep that in mind.
: They plan keeping Pentakill Mordekaiser as close as the splash and music video as possible
Thanks for responding! Does that include the flaming pauldrons?
: I Miss Teambuilder
Yeah and you were able to chat with your teammates while you waited and kick anyone if they were toxic before you dedicated 20-60 minutes of your life with them. It was great, and I don't really know why it got removed either. At least for normals I'd love it.
: I think that would be really cool, though i think they'd have to adjust some stuff on him because i believe his W damage is applied on spit out rather then eat
Any teasers or tantalizing tidbits on Mordekaiser?
iiGazeii (NA)
: Why is the Versus Event not Kayle vs. Morgana?
Why Kayle vs Morgana and not Mordekaiser invading Noxus and half of Runeterra? So much frigging lore potential with that one, and it'd be epic thematically. Plus they'd have time to make a really cool gamemode by then as well.
BigFBear (EUW)
: why? Just give it X Armor/MR for every X bonus HP This would make it bad for squishies but good for Tanks AND bulky champs who dont build much defeses from start on, like Voli. Every champ who can make good use of Aftershock is healthy but not every champ who can make good use of Aftershock is healthy has tons of armor.
Alright I agree with that. What if we have the armor value from it initially proccing scale with %bonus HP so it's not good like at all on squishies and then maybe change the damage to scale off of bonus Armor/MR and not HP at all because it'd do too much damage. Sound good to you? What kind of numbers do you think would be good?
BigFBear (EUW)
: I am talking about making the Armor and MR depending on bonus HP.
And how do you see that scaling exactly? I think it'd be better if you got some flat resists (but a much smaller amount than currently) and a percentage of bonus armor/mr. The damage should definitely scale off of HP but I think it's more fitting to scale off of defenses.
: So to note, your post was brought up in Gameplay+, which has an approval process and a higher standard than the Gameplay subboard does. >The absurdity of this logic can be saved for other posts That does come off as somewhat rude. Enough to detract from the point your making in the rest of your post? Eh, possibly. That being said, I don't approve many of the posts there, but I'll try to get in touch with the moderator that did not approve your post. They could be at work, though. If they've got feedback regarding the rest of your G+ submission, would you rather I leave it here or do you want to discuss that with them on the discord?
BigFBear (EUW)
: if u want take it away from Liss why not use what OP said? Make it worse with range champs. or why not make it dependent on bonus HP, like i said.
It already scales off of bonus HP, and it scaling off of Armor and MR is more fitting than AD and AP. Why not have it scale off of tank stats? I disagree with making it worse on ranged simply because of Thresh, he'd get shat on if it was made to be worse on ranged. However, if it scaled off of HP and defensive stats, it would actually be better for him than currently, same for any other tank.
: I agree with all of this, but the hair on Pentakill should stay, THO, it should be put forward to the front, over his shoulders
In the Mortal Reminder video, there was NO hair at all on Mordekaiser, so I think it's fairly safe to assume that the hair isn't going to stay.
BigFBear (EUW)
: i dont say they dont build tank at all but they may build it with the second or even third item and until that half of the game is over.
Perhaps, but at least it would be worse on Lissandra. Besides, I don't even know of any juggs off the top of my head that take Aftershock aside from Volibear. Got any examples?
: @Riot, ideas for the Visual aspects of Morde's upcoming rework.
I feel like Dragon Force should stay, and it might actually. After all, he already has Dragon Knight and the lore about it is enslaving dragons. I think any dragons enslaved with the skin should get more epic than the other skins honestly. I want Lord Mordekaiser to probably be set in the Elderwood/Deathblossom universe, or stay an independent skin. Make it the Penultimate Mordekaiser, taking the power and magic to the max. Infernal should either be like Nasus' Infernal skin or like Surtr but with hardened magma armor and a massive earth shattering mace. I'd like King of Clubs to be a skin where he pretends to be a paragon of light and justice, but is actually just as evil and more wicked than the others, think 2 Corinthians 11:14. Pentakill, just please remove the hair, make him play music for his dance like Yorick, and set his pauldrons on fire please!
BigFBear (EUW)
: Riot never said that Resolve Tree is only for tanks. They actually said the exact opposite. They made those runes that also non tanks can profit from them. It's intended. Also did you read what I wrote?? As Jungler your first item is the Jungle Item and it has ZERO resistance. So Jungler can't profit from that Keystone the first 10 Minutes?? And even after that (or as laner) many Juggs build one or two from these nowadays: {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3800}} And that means still (almost) no bonus resistance. Making Aftershock (the only real defensive choice they have at Keystones) useless for those champs would be totally dumb. That would force them to pick Offensive Keystones and then you all would cry again about too much damage in the game. But luckily Riot will never do this change because they know it's a dumb idea.
Yeah I know the tree isn't only for tanks, I never said the tree was tank specific, I said Aftershock was tank specific, as you need CC to go in and actually use it. Many juggernauts would just take Conqueror, Phase Rush, or Kleptomancy (Illaoi). You've still got armor/mr from runes and rune shards, and it will help you more overall than the measley amount of AD you'd get from a tri-force and a titanic. You act like because it's not the first item you build you don't build it at all, try to be a bit more objective and factual and cu back on the bias bub. It wouldn't be useless, as Juggernauts get usually Trinity or Cleaver and probably Sterak's (Darius and Illaoi are the two I'm really thinking about right now.) and then literally build full tank to stay alive in a team fight because they already have high base damage. Having a defensive rune scale off of damage would cause people to cry about damage because it incentivizes damage, meanwhile having defenses scale off of defenses incentivizes building tanky which would make it much harder to kill you and overall lower the amount of damage in the game.
: - nerf aftershock for ranges - Lissandra is balanced
Make it scale off of HP Armor and MR instead of HP AD and AP so it's instantly a LOT worse on mages, and also better on tanks.
: Aftershock resists should be reduced for ranged champions
No, Aftershock just needs to scale off of bonus HP Armor and MR instead of HP AD and AP. Then we won't have Lissandra taking it anymore, and it's better on tanks who are supposed to be the only ones taking it anyways.
BigFBear (EUW)
: No! Aftershock is the only Resolve Keystone that is good if you play bulky Juggernauts but it can happen that only your second or even third item has resistance. For example: I play Voli Jungle. My first Item is Jungle Tank item (0 Resistance) finished around 10 minutes. My second item is Righteous Glory (30 Armor) finished around 20 minutes. So the only bonus resistance I have after 20 minutes (2/3 of the game) is just 30 Armor. Do you want me to be useless with that Keystone for the entire early and mid game? The Resolve Runes already are very niche and it's thy only keystone who give a bit tankyness. If you want it to scale of with something, than with HP because that's what every bulky player builda from start on. Even Junglers.
Bulky Juggernauts generally get one offensive item and go tank, so it doesn't affect them. Scaling off of bonus resists instead of bonus AD and AP is better for you anyways, and it already has an HP scaling. It really needs to scale off of resists instead of damage, or else Riot can't really say it was intended to be a tank rune.
: I don't agree with the Camille changes and other champions being forced out of the jungle but that is a separate issue. I think having a kit like karthus has means there has to be consistant counterplay. I don't want karthus gutted as I said lane karthus should remain the same. maybe if its needed after a jungle nerf he can be buffed but IN LANE but his kit is toxic in the jungle the way he can pressure+scale without actually doing anything.
Have you tried playing Xin or Kha into him? You're saying you don't want to force champs out of lane but with this one champ you disagree with you make an exception. Well what happens later when some other champion takes his place? Do you make an "exception" then too? Does it just become whatever you want in the jungle and anyone else gets their kit manhandled?
: The point I'm making isn't that there shouldn't be different game strategies. Its that to actually shutdown a karthus consistently you will have to break 'basic' rules of the game ie invading with 0 pressure. Having to do something that is objectively bad just to have the chance of shutting down a scaler like that seems very bad for the game.
Sounds fine to me, I'm not very much for stagnant meta and "every person in this role plays exactly the same." Something that changes things a bit is great imo, and you've got the ability to counter Karthus' ultimate with nullifying orb and Hexdrinker. Buy a GA on an AD champ if you need to.
: To me nasus q isnt the problem, the problem to me is the slow spam, especially whem people are like kite him.........how... nasus is better off stunning me, cause I cant move and even if I burn flash he catches up and then boom another slow...tbh his kit is a little overloaded.
lmao no it's not, he's got tools that work. Being able to cripple you with W doesn't mean his kit is overloaded.
Anl0rian (NA)
WAIT WHAT THAT'S BADASS I WANNA LOOK STUFF UP NOW BE BACK SOON I didn't find anything saying she has a stinger :(
: Yes. Just imagine it: Green a purple Mord, his face is a skull with white hair. No helmet, but a crown and badass armor with green champion ghosts!! When he has w up, he can float ominously mid air, with green tortured souls encircling him, moaning with agony. When he uses Q, he powers up(think a green Kio-Ken), but his mace top glows with a black/dark grren+purple flame When he ults, you hear these qoutes: "Your soul shall be mine, in due time" "Be strong of soul, lest you fail my trail and be encroached in darkness" "A slow, torturous, and tedious death.. how befitting" With a slow Huehuehue at the end of each quote.
I think a better line could be "Be steadfast, lest ye succumb to the ever darkening mist and hearkening calls of the spiteful spirits within." Or you could just reword it a little and say "Be strong of soul, lest you fail my trial under the encroaching darkness."
: Jungle exp is so garbage, that its beneficial to just sit around in someones lane to get a level advantage over the other jungler. Its r%%%%%ed. May as well just play 2 top now.
*Hues in Mordekaiser getting bonus exp for killing anything with an ally nearby*
Kioshek (EUNE)
: {{champion:236}} is getting mana increaes as well as dmg nerf. With that... he won't be able to use it so often without running out of mana easier. And mana is rather important for Lucian imo. And with the fact he won't be using it as much his E won't get as much CD reduction and he won't proc his passive that often. {{champion:127}} Similar nerfs here. Her Q is getting it's mana cost increased. So again... she won't be able to use it as often. With the fact that on champ dot gg her most frequent build and her most optimal build doesn't have any mana items, on pro build a lot of build doesn't have mana item either or build some next to last... this nerf may result in build changes... which would affect her dmg and gamestyle. With {{champion:14}} you yourself said his Q needed nerf. So I will focus on W. What they did is basically just nerf is early game.. where tanks SHOULD be vulnerable. His late game shield won't change at all. Or rather... once you lvl up W to max you won't feel any difference. > [{quoted}](name=Grympwns,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gQ5XWJNa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-30T11:26:27.343+0000) > > Yeah man, I know when I see Liss my thoughts are "Man that e damage is BROKEN" > Totally isn't the aftershock making her broken at all, def the e damage. You can't nerf a RUNE bc some champs are good thanks to the rune. It would affect champs that are perfectly fine with that rune as well.
Okay I want to have a constructive argument on tank balance. I personally feel they should be stronger than most other champs in the early-mid game but fall off a bit later when everyone has their items and abilities. The reasoning for this is that tanks should have higher base values on their abilities and lower scalings, so they're not very good going full damage to incentivize them building tanky, or be useless later. This is where I feel Sion and Cho'Gath are unique, due to their infinitely stacking health mechanics. Malphite and Rammus are also rather unique, due to the fact that at least some their damage scales off of armor and mr (and ability power) meaning they can do damage by being hard to kill. Thoughts?
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