: Is there any lovecraft fan in riot :D ?
Duskmonk (NA)
: Not a question, but I just wanted to say that I really like how you all incorporated her character into her gameplay! She's telling her enemies to keep moving/never stand still and that seems like exactly what you need to do in order to survive fighting her. Gameplay+Story Integration's always fun to see well-executed.
Thank you very much. It's our belief that the ability to align character goals with gameplay goals makes for super strong characters. It's the thing that really cements my love for characters like Draven and Ziggs.
Chesha (NA)
: 1. What were some of the most memorable struggles y'all faced with her kit? 2. Funniest moment during development? 3. How did y'all go about deciding her color scheme? Any trouble there? 4. What were some other possibilities for her release skin? (or was it the same through the whole process?) 5. What would Illaoi's favorite genre of books be? Thanks guys for the hard work this year! The champs have been awesome! Can't wait to see what y'all create next! :D
1. Clarity was definitely one of the most dominant challenges, both in communication of action as well as the crazy amounts of visual noise that both she and tentacles bring into the game. 2. [Funniest moment by far.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-vVMAqT3A0) 3. Favorite genre of books: I'd probably say "choose your own adventure" Thanks for writing in!
LordAlaa (EUNE)
: I have been following the Q&A regularly, and there is a question I wanted to ask since forever :D Which comes first, the lore or the mechanic ? Do you always start with a mechanic that you think is fun, then you think of a good story for it, or the opposite? How much of the design process is influenced by the community ? Do some champion suggestions find their way to a champion kit? I think of Illaoi as the opposite of {{champion:268}} , he can move his minions to his target, while {{champion:420}} moves her target to her minions. What made you think this idea will work as a champion ? Do you think {{champion:420}} can fully utilize her kit in challenger tier for example ? I mean it is not hard to avoid her tentacles or kill them for experienced players, right ?
Every champ happens differently in regards to their jumping off point. Illaoi was a combination. We knew we wanted a big female juggernaut to fill an obvious hole in our roster. We also had her E in mind pretty much from the beginning. I've never seen an idea taken directly out of something suggested by the community. There are obviously a number of issues with this. However, I think that everyone draws influence from everything they consume at some point or another. It's the combination of these ideas in interesting ways that lead to the executions of familiar ideas that still feel unique. The core concept for a juggernaut is that they're immobile but extremely dangerous if they can get near you. For Illaoi, this concept is heightened within the areas where she moves. "Zones of power" felt like an easy fit inside of this space. I'm really curious to see how Illaoi will shape up in the competitive scene. I think there's a lot of room to play around her which might make her too unreliable to fit into a composition. Conversely, I think there are some really interesting compositions that can be built around her (return of the wombo comp?).
: When would you say Illaoi's release day is? Also what would happen if Blitzcrank tried to grab the spirit... would it: A. Grab the spirit and drag only the spirit along with it B. Grab the spirit and when the spirit moves so does the area that surrounds the spirit when she casts E C. The Skillshot only deals damage to the spirit with no Grab D. None of the above
I would say it's today! B - the spirit is grabbed and it's radius for leashing moves with it
LLyr (NA)
: 1. Love the champion so much! I've always wanted a melee tank heimerdinger {{summoner:17}} How strong do you intend on her being outside of her tentacle area? Any plans on changing how effective she is versus ranged, or do you like that she is pretty easy to kite and kill from outside of melee range? Finally how do you intend on her scaling? A friend on pbe told me she is good early but falls off late, is this intended/true?
She should be at a weaker baseline without tentacles nearby. Her ultimate is intended to give her a window to offset this weakness. The juggernaut class' primary weakness is being kited, and this is no different for Illaoi. A lot of our lane bullies sacrifice late game power for their strength early on. This is intended but the balance may shift over time. Thanks for the questions!
: What happens at the fourth?
It applies the first stack, of course.
Panetic (NA)
: How do you pronounce {{champion:420}} 's name?
: so you´re willing to support her jungle if she ever struggles in coming patches?
The core of her kit centers around persistent interaction with enemy champions. Future changes to the character will look to preserve/sharpen this. However, if there are needed and easy ways to make jungle more fun/interesting I don't see why we wouldn't.
: What made you decide to have her scale with AD as apposed to AP? Thematically she could easily have scaled with either stat but I'm curious as to whether there is a specific reason for the AD scaling.
Our intention was to create a character who uses magic in a very physical way. AD scaling helped this fantasy. AD scaling gave us an easy way to make her basic attacks feel strong and satisfying without needing to add a "also does a bunch of extra damage" passive. The Juggernaut items were also being developed in tandem with Illaoi's development. She was intended to be a Juggernaut from day 1 so making that the most favorable item path made a lot of sense.
: Could Illaoi support work? She has barely any CC but her E is too strong not to pass up.
Support has some cool interactions and she still functions as a bully. I do think she lacks the tools of a traditional support (peel, CC, sustain/mitigation for others, etc.) Though there's opportunity to run someone like a mid Lulu to cover that weakness. Try it and let me know if you have success!
Veraska (NA)
: Do her tentacles aggro to spirits created by her E? Or do they only attack things you attack with your W?
Tentacles will automatically swing at both Spirits and Vessels.
Ralanr (NA)
: Are you worried that her base AD might be a bit too high? I just played as her (loved it) and I'm worried that she may be nerfed in her base AD scalings.
Her base stats are generally in line with our other Juggernauts. As far as nerfing her damage, I will want to look for other places to take power away from her before I hit that. She's intended to be a carry and a damage threat. A lot of her power lies in her ability to put areas of danger down on the ground and if we soften how dangerous those are then her pattern as a zoning character will start to disappear.
Veraska (NA)
: Triforce or black cleaver? What do you guys think is better on illaoi?
I think both are good, but in its current state Black Cleaver is really hard to turn away from. It gives her all of the stats that she wants the most: Health, Damage, and CDR.
: Illaoi is the first champ I've seen released since I've been playing the game to not really have any CC. Yes Rek'Sai has her knock up but Rek can use it more often than Illaoi's situational slow on her E and Rek has her tunnel vision as extra utility. Is there any particular reason you decided to forgo utility aspects of her in kit in favor of an almost completely damage oriented champion?
By definition, the juggernaut class has very low access to hard CC and is intended to be a situational damage threat. They should bring some form of unique utility to the game which is where Test of Spirit comes in to play.
: Hello! Love the look, and the kit seems interesting. Question about her passive: Will the tentacles spawn often enough for her to jungle? Or does the randomness of it lock her into a lane?
While not intended to be a jungler, she's definitely functional. First clear is actually pretty solid if you can pre-place some tentacles before the camps spawn. Follow-up clears are less good and her ganks are significantly less impactful than others'.
: Rek'Sai QoL Buff!
Wanted to get this in for release but it didn't make it. Will definitely look to get this set up within the next patch or two.
Igotlazy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Beat Punchbeef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EvqxjaL6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-13T21:27:11.614+0000) > The tunnel will be destroyed (assuming they stand on it for the full duration) and the ultimate will complete. Oh jeez a Red responded. Mind if I ask a question? Exactly how does enemy vision on Rek'Sai's ult work? For example if the enemy has no vision of me when I begin the ult, and no vision of my destination Tunnel, do they see me as I move (as in the displacement of the earth and purple energy stuff)? What if they have vision of me when I start, but not where I am going? Or the reverse of that? Or when they have vision of both? I really would like to know because if the Ult takes me right through the center of mid lane, I don't want the enemy mid laner seeing me and reporting to the rest of their team.
You're visible during the ultimate, just not targetable. If the enemy team gets vision of you at any point during R they will see you.
Phife (NA)
: Rek'sai question !!!!!! help!
The tunnel will be destroyed (assuming they stand on it for the full duration) and the ultimate will complete.
: Regarding Rek'Sai and her Tremor Sense
The original design for Tremor Sense had it only visible to Rek'Sai and we actually played it that way for a really long time and it does make a lot of sense thematically that only she can see it. However, for teams that aren't using voice chat, each ping is crucial and must be communicated. The most efficient way to do this is generally through our in game ping system. This isn't ideal as pings are limited within a short duration and don't always clearly communicate exactly what you mean. Teams forced to communicate this way (solo queue) are at a tremendous disadvantage and we didn't want organized teams to be the only ones who get to see the full benefit of Tremor Sense.
Cale017 (NA)
: First impressions on Rek'Sai
Was super happy when I read this today. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying her!
: Rek'sai TThoughts and comments
Currently they work as you believe they should. They are only visible once the enemy has seen them. I'll keep an eye out but let me know if this isn't the case.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RlOPol2k,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2014-12-12T02:54:54.606+0000) > Unintentional and will be fixed. It's just a tool tip error bro. Checked it.
Yeah, this is just a tooltip bug. Will be fixed in the next patch. Sorry about the confusion.
: Hi, thanks for the Q&A! Just one question: If she is meant to hide her burrows, then how come there is a very visible line between each exit/entrance that her enemy's can see very clearly? do you think that could be altered at a later point or is that here to stay for clarity reasons? i understand that not seeing which tunnel leads to where would be confusing but at the moment it seems pretty easy to just happen through blue side red buff brush and see a purple trail saying "i'm right here!"
Enemies do not see the ground crack if the tunnel entrance is not visible.
: Hey, I have a question about her burrowed vision. How does shared vision work with that? Does she still see what her other team mates see like normal?
Azler (NA)
: I understand that Rek can see enemy champ movement while she is burrowed while they walk, but can you see this even if they are hidden in bushes and walking around? (The number of junglers I see "pacing" in bushes awaiting the chance to gank >.>) Logically, I'd imagine yes, as not only does it just make sense, but it'd be another reason for her to be burrowed. Still, I wanna make sure lol
Yes, she can see into brush if someone inside that brush moves.
Veraska (NA)
: you guys say both teams have vision of her tunnels. does that include in the fog of war? like can you see them the same way you would see enemy towers? or can you see them on the mini map? if so doesn't that create a difficult situation for rek'sai where using her tunnels basically puts a blip on the map for the enemy team that says "she was just here!" would y'all care to share some specifics about the enemy teams interaction with her tunnels? i would very much appreciate it ^^
The enemy team must reveal a tunnel before it becomes visible on the mini-map. After that point, the tunnel remains visible both on the map and through fog of war (tunnels do not grant vision to either team).
: From my understanding, the tunnels only appear to the enemy after they've been removed from fog at least once. I assume the same will hold for the minimap icons.
: For her ult will there be effects in collisions to enemy champs?
There is no effect for colliding with an enemy champion. Given the cast time and travel speed this would be insanely difficult to do and generally circumvents the use cases for the ability.
: Hello Rioters! Thanks for hosting this, even though I'm sure you're hard at work excavating.. O.o 1. I'm curious, how do you come up with Void names? How did you decide on Rek'Sai, or was it just because it sounds awesome? 2. On a scale from Teemo to Malphite how durable are the tunnels? On the same note, relatively speaking, about how long is "long-lasting?" 3. While burrowed, will friendly movement (if viewable at all) be differentiated from enemy movement? I'm assuming minions and monsters won't be viewable.
* Tunnels are fairly fragile, they require the enemy to stand on them for a short time. Currently tunnels last for 10 minutes. * Rek'Sai shares allied vision while burrowed so there's no tremor sense for allies. Minions and monsters show up with Tremor Sense but are easily differentiated from champions.
Blainezy (NA)
: Hello Riot! Great job with cranking out all of these awesome champions in these short time frames! I have several questions: 1) At the moment, Warwick is arguably the best jungler in the game, due to his lockdown, healing and the stalker effect. Given that Rek'Sai has none of these (except the possibility of using Stalker) how do you think she will fare against him? 2) If, while burrowed, Rek'Sai gets hit by a knockup ability, like Yasuo's whirlwind, what will happen? 3) When she is burrowed, can she see only in that short circle of reveal around her, or can she see whatever nearby allies also see? 4) I listened to her champion select audio that was released on PBE. Why does she not speak? 5) Since she has no lockdown, or heals, etc.. She seems to be a more skill based champion/jungler.. Is this true to some extent? 6) With the major changes to jungle for preseason, a new jungle champ seemed inevitable. Was she designed specifically for this jungle update and not so much for use in the older jungle? Thank you Riot! Keep up the great work! Loyal player, Blainezy
* Rek'Sai retains the burrowed state while knocked up. * She shares allied vision while burrowed but has a much shorter vision range while in fog of war. * We feel her current VO best expresses the "true beast" nature of the character. * Rek'Sai has been in development since before the jungle changes. However, knowing her release would line up relatively closely with the new jungle I worked closely with our games systems team to make sure she would be successful when it was released.
: I love the new champion. I've had a concept of a burrowing champion that "changed stances" (above ground, under ground) for a while now, but I could never build up the courage to make a discussion in the champion concept section. I do feel it could be fitting for Rek'Sai to be a part of the void but my question for you is: Was it intentional to make Rek'Sai's coloring to be clearly indicative that she's from the void or did you play around with other colorings? I.E. Did you try more earthy tones to match the Shuriman environment she resides in? After all, people have been wondering if factions were to have a strict color palette from now on, so I thought this must've been brought up at some point during Rek'Sai's development.
We definitely wanted her to be recognizable as a Void champion. That being said, we did play around with some other colors but ultimately concluded that the coloring was one of the key indicators of Void-ness.
: Did you wanna make Rek'Sai a jungler when she first popped into your head or were you thinking of making her, like a support or something?
When thinking about a creature that can burrow in the ground, it made sense to us that she'd have a lot of freedom to move around the map. This lends itself well to junglers who tend to do this from the very beginning of the game. Tremor Sense was one of the first things we put on the kit and the idea of tracking/hunting the enemy jungler with it cemented her in the role for me.
: Do you personally think Rek'Sai is a little hard to manage at the start? I've seen some PBE games and she seems pretty hard with controlling all those tunnels and stuff.
She has a fairly high learning curve. A lot of the elements that make her difficult to play are not mechanical hurdles but rather strategic ones. Where should I place my tunnels for what I need now vs. where I think I'll need them in the future? Where should I place myself that can help my team benefit from Tremor Sense? How can I best manage my Fury for optimal damage output vs sustain?
Polgerya (NA)
: Hey, I am glad to be able to ask a question or two. Thanks for reading if you do. -it is my understanding that Rek'sai gains health depending on her rage level while burrowed. She also has her Tremor Sence (I believe that's the name). Is there any other bonus? MR? Armor? Movement Speed? I feel that her burrow needs just a small bit more. Armor and MR makes sence (because she is covering the bulk of body), as does bonus Movement Speed sence she is in her natural habitat. -for such an ultimate as her's, will it have a short(-ish) cool down on it or are there more buffs that she gets after ulting than the movement speed (or AS, not sure which). -was the new Baron Nasher thought of while she was created? She has the leg things that Baron does, and their face are very similar. Is there some relation or perhaps a reasoning for their similiar features? -Going with my last Question. Is Baron Nasher from the Void as Rek'sai is? Even though his name does not follow the traditional Void Born name pattern, there can be reasons for this correct? Thank you for taking the time for reading, I hope you read this. Bye! :D
* She gains bonus movement speed while burrowed. * The ultimate has a higher cooldown early where tunnels are more prevalent. It scales down pretty aggressively as it becomes more difficult to use.
: hey guys! Rek'Sai is the first champ in a long while that i feel enthusiastic about learning to play 1. What are some successful builds you've tried with her? Tanky + Triforce, like Hecarim? 2. How intelligent is Rek'Sai? Is she like a non-verbal Chogath, or more like Baron Nashor? 3. When was the 'motion sensing' passive decided on? That is to me far and away the coolest part of her kit (Tremors ftw!)
1. I think the sweet spot is 2 damage items and the rest geared towards survivability. Ravenous Hydra is pretty incredible on her to give her bonus splash and crazy clearing power as well as a bit of lifesteal for sustain. Spirit visage has incredible value, increasing your passive healing while providing tankiness and CDR. 2. She's a pure beast, an animal operating on instincts. 3. Tremor Sense was there from the very beginning and we structured the kit around it.
: I've seen a few PBE games but i still can't quite understand how her tunnels work. When Rek'Sai creates a tunnel does she first have to wait a couple of seconds to go through it again or can she use it without having any 'cooldown' on it, if you know what i mean.
Tunnels have individual cooldowns. They go on cooldown after they're first created as well as when she moves through them.
kelijahf (NA)
: Q; it gives you an AoE=bonus damage clear tool with a very short cooldown. Then her W for the sustain. Get E level 3. E has the longest cooldown but also has the most damage potential so I personally would leave her W till last but other that it's more of a preference thing in my opinion.
This is what I do as well!
: Can I avoid Rek'Sai if I [walk without rhythm?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt0WoO7cZJ8)
You must be [oh so sneaky](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkwwSJ_Z740)
: What he means is that zac was designed with the jungle primarily in mind and as such became an average jungler but an overbearing toplaner with his inbuilt sustain and was quickly nerfed for it. As a result his ability to jungle has also suffered greatly. Rek'sai is in a similar position where she was designed with the jungle in mind but has several traits that could be fairly useful in the top lane. If she does end up becoming to powerful in the top lane do you have plans to nerf her without damaging her jungling ability to severely?
While Rek'Sai certainly has the tools to exist in top lane, she tends to get dumpstered by a lot of the powerful duelists that live there (Irelia, Jax, etc.) She also sacrifices a tremendous amount of her utility while on the top lane island which is a choice that she and her team will need to make.
Sirsir (NA)
: I don't have a PBE so can you see which tunnel she targets?
If you have vision of the tunnel she targets.
: Thanks for stopping by, just got a few questions about this awesome new champion. * I've seen some PBE videos of Rek'Sai and they show that she can extend the range of her tunneling ability if she uses it at specific locations. Was this intentional? Or a bug that needs to be fixed? * How long has Rek'Sai been in development? * It's been mentioned that Rek'sai is the queen of a special species of Voidspawn. Does this mean that our other Voidspawned friends are apart of their own special species? * How long has she been inhabiting Runeterra/Valoran? * Was it a conscious decision to not give her a slow? Correct me if I'm wrong, but her Q: Prey Seeker seems pretty useless as of now. Especially with it scaling off of Ability Power. Wouldn't it make this ability more impactful and encourage strategic play if we added a slow to the enemies hit by it? It also sounds like it fits well with her design as a hunter. Think of it this way, once she seeks out her prey, there is no escape from her. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, just brainstorming. * Why did you decide to give her Fury of all things? From her basic concept, you don't just perceive that she utilizes Fury, what inspired you to give a landshark a Fury bar? * ((Lightdragoon88's question:)) So, what made you decide to have it be a healing base fury like {{champion:23}}? Did you always have that healing passive since the beginning or was it a late choice? Thanks for reading! I hope anyone who reads this has a great day!
* Extending the range of tunnels works similarly to other move blocks that are cast into walls. There are a number of cases where Rek'Sai ends up somewhere different than her tunnel entrance and that is not intended. * I started doing early prototypes about a year ago. * Prey Seeker is Rek'Sai's way to feel around in the dark. She has exceptional mobility and is most successful when utilizing flanking approaches towards enemies and has to rely on that rather than slowing a man and just running at them. * Her healing passive was something I gave her early on. Initially it was relegated to a buff stacking system that lacked the visceral feedback given by a resource bar. Fury felt like it made thematic sense.
: Can a Rek'sai use another Rek'sai's tunnel??? Also can we have a Reksais Rex skin???? Pretty pwease!
No they cannot use each other's tunnels... One For All might be a different story ;)
Sirsir (NA)
: > No, forced state changes tend to be confusing for both parties. {{champion:150}} Just sayin :3
Gnar has a lot of ceremony around his state change and the core of the character is built around it. Everyone knows when it's going to happen and you can play around it. Alistar flash ulting Rek'Sai and suddenly her skills are different is an entirely different problem :)
: Will Rek'Sai be forcibly unborrowed if she is hit by {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:111}} and or any champ with a knockup?
No, she'll return back into the ground after the knock-up. Forced state changes tend to be extremely confusing/frustrating, particularly for the person who's being forced out of the state.
: Maybe you can get into the thought process on AP scaling abilities on AD champs then a little. I can understand the idea behind wanting sheen to feel more rewarding, but wouldn't AD scaling on the ability simply be better regardless? Why AP scaling at all? It feels like another Pantheon/Fiora situation where that ability is just not going to scale into the mid/late game, and the ability is only there for it's utility, which in this case, if you manage to hit a skillshot on an enemy you cant see, you get the utility of being able to see them. Have you considered hybrid scaling, or just scraping the AP for pure AD scaling?
As a shape shifting character with no shared cooldowns, AD scaling on both Q's as your primary rank-up lead to her being extremely snowbally in the early game. With AD scaling, the base damage has to be insanely low and generally feels unsatisfying.
Moobeat (NA)
: I always enjoy hearing about the ridiculous or scrapped iterations of abilities, any to share about Rek'Sai?
Early on we wanted to try using Tunnel as an ultimate that allowed your team to travel through with you (team Thresh Lantern!). The ability ran into a number of problems with some of the core patterns that were successful on Rek'Sai, namely that she almost always wants to flank into fights which didn't allow for your team to follow. As an initiation skill this one was particularly poor since it was used to get into the middle of a fight and a number of your teammates may not want to be there (basically anyone squishy). I think there's something really neat here in terms of a team-wide map mobility skill and could see this being used on a Tank or a Support character in the future.
: what kind of smite is the best for Rek'Sai?
I've been having a lot of success with both Ranger's Trailblazer (massive boost to camp clear speed when counter-jungling to get in and get out) or Stalker's Blade (helps with early stickiness for ganks and skirmishes).
: 1.Will the enemy team see her while she is underground? If so, will it be just her health bar or also her fin? If not, will they be alerted somehow (Like with Rengar's ultimate)? 2.Can she be knocked out from burrow? 3.Can the animation for burrow be canceled by another player (say Thresh hook or Blitzcrank pull after you used the ability)? 4.Will skill shots hit her if she is burrowed? What about AoE? 5.Do stats increase the amount she is healed from her fury or is that based off of a percentage of her health? 6.Does her burrow allow her to go over walls like Kalista can at certain areas, or is that only through the use of a tunnel? 7.Will her ultimate damage units she crosses while going to a tunnel or is it strictly for transportation? 8.Is there a limit to the amount of tunnels she can make? If so, will leveling up the move increase the amount she can have at once (Like Heimer's turret kits)? 9.Will her movement speed increase while burrowed based off of her own speed, including the stats from boots, or is it a flat amount making boots on her useless? 10.Can enemy players see your tunnels? If so, can they damage the tunnel and will putting it in a bush hide it?
1. Yes, she's fully visible and able to be interacted with like any other champion. 2. No, forced state changes tend to be confusing for both parties. 3. Her form swap happens instantly, so no. 4. Yes and yes. 5. Her passive healing scales up with her character level. 100 Fury gives her a full heal while 50 Fury would give 50% of the total amount. 6. Burrowing allows her to ignore unit collision but not terrain. Tunnels let her go where she pleases. 7. Strictly for transportation. Would be really difficult to line up to hit enemies given the cast time and how quickly she travels. 8. She can have 8 tunnels on the map (Each pair of entrances is 1 tunnel). This is the same across all ranks. 9. She gets a flat bonus to move speed while burrowed. Boots are still good. 10. Yes, enemies see your tunnels. They can destroy them by standing on top of them for a short time. Putting them in brushes hides them and is definitely advised.
Shahamut (NA)
: What did you guys envision being the main use for her Ultimate in game? The tunnels can be pretty easily destroyed if the enemy knows where they are. Is it just going to let them be like pantheon and gank two lanes within 6 seconds of eachother? Or did you have something else in mind?
Early on the game her ultimate excels at creating immense pressure in multiple places at once. She can use it after a gank to get back to an important objective or gank 2 places in short succession. Later on, when map control becomes more contentious, the ability serves to keep her up-time high for farming/counter-jungling. Rek'Sai needs to keep putting out tunnels as much as possible in the mid to late game to make sure that when an opportunity arises somewhere on the map that she can capitalize.
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