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: Ideas for "balancing" garen
I agree that Garen's spin needs some tweaking for early game. Tying the number of spins to champion level really hit Garen hard.
: Can Garen be buffed?
Eh, I wouldn't mind seeing Riot give Garen back some move speed. I don't exactly think that Garen needs any major buffs. Though, I wouldn't mind if he did get some more power because I like playing as Garen often. I just think that Conquerer needs to go (new and old versions). In just my opinion, Conquerer made everything go south for Garen. All of the champions he used to hard counter suddenly bodied him with the attack damage increase and true damage. All of the champions who had already hard countered Garen got even worse to deal with.
: Nerf Riven
I personally think her shield is what causes so many issues at Plat (I'm sitting at Plat 1) and below. Sure, the higher levels can deal with Riven before she can tank everything (because of that damn shield) but, the rest of us "normies" can't. Just look at the post-game statistics. Riven consistently mitigates as much damage as a full fledged tank with no resistance items. Who thought that this was a good idea? Higher level players may be able to execute her within the 3 second window before her next shield comes but, once again, us not-so-good players have no way to deal with that shield. I think that the cooldown should never go below 8 seconds (are there any other champions with a large shield with such a short cooldown?). But, if they want her to keep spamming abilities, cut the shield numbers. Base shield, the silly 1.0 scaling, whatever.
: Unnecessary Sounds on the Client
Hey, I logged on to post about this too. There's no single option to turn this off. I want the other effects on, just not this background noise.
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: [Gameplay] Garen Q stops him from attacking SR Nexus
: [Gameplay] Garen Q stops him from attacking SR Nexus
: I actually just encountered this. I went to Q Nexus for final strike (to win the game) and just stopped attacking. Literally just finished playing that game a few minutes ago.
Thanks for the comment to show more evidence.


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