: Today I've faced a support Yasuo
I actually played a lot of Yasuo support back in the day, because it was fun to protect your carry and catch the enemy ADC off guard with the windwall. Then Braum came out... It's actually not bad if you're competent enough.
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: Lucian's Patch History
Lucian buffs! YES! Now _this_ is a bandwagon I can get behind!
KaminoX (NA)
: I take it you must have just got smashed by a Yasuo XD
[He did.](http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1946784420/50293975?tab=overview)
: Is it just me or are normals no longer... fun?
People try so freaking hard in a game mode with no consequences or crazy-strict rules. Sorry I missed a few cs, Vayne, I thought I was playing for fun. Jeez.
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: Why are Turrets so worthless?
This has frustrated me to no end. I used to run teleport for sneaky ganks. Now I run it so my turret doesn't disintegrate while I'm absent. Plus their attacks are so slow and pathetic, they can't even burn through a few caster minions without losing a good chunk of their hp.
: Fiora's ult feels absolutely terrible to use.
Would it be a good idea to make the vantage points spin when you ult somebody?
: Darius and Garen, will they still beat Riven?
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: @Meddler: So Garen is scheduled for a gameplay update
-Q is now a skillshot -Nerf to every base stat -Shitty stack mechanic "And we're done!" -Balance Team
boodybad (EUW)
: I'm an avide Ezreal main and yes, I noticed his auto attack animation was rougher than Graves or Caitlyn. Wish they would give him his deserved Visual Update, I can't stand his current Ape face and plastic made clothes :/
: Real life lessons you can learn from playing League
League: Community IRL: Life is full of disappointments
: My smite mid lane ezreal shit on a viktor earlier maybe u should stop copying lcs
> [{quoted}](name=M Schumacher,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k3EEy7RT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-25T09:02:36.791+0000) > > My smite mid lane ezreal shit on a viktor earlier maybe u should stop copying lcs Funny, cause you wouldn't be playing Smite mid Ezreal if you weren't copying them to begin with...
Laraso (NA)
: What is this from? Aside from the picture book style, it hardly seems like it was made for children.
This is from the book called, "Through the Woods" by Emily Carroll. 5 short horror stories. Really good. It's also really spooky.
: Does Anyone Actually Like The New HUD?
I like the direction it's going. It's gorgeous, but I feel like a couple things are messy and poorly placed. It'll be easy to get used to it, but people are blowing it way out of proportions.
: Riot, why does Fiora look like Taric now? Are they twins now?
Fiora looks like my stepmother. I fucking _hate_ my stepmother.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stephanie Stone,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EarriqlO,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-19T14:28:27.757+0000) > > "Stand behind Braum!" > > "Except wards man, wards can go fuck themselves" > > ??? The problem is clearly that wards don't stand, they sit.
They don't have feet, man. They're trying their best.
ceral4 (NA)
: ADCS don't need to be strong
"WOWOWOW new tank meta guess I'm a Vayne main now gggg bad time for adcs" "WOW sated devorer rip adcsss" Boo-friggin-hoo.
Dremiist (NA)
: lost a game because i didn't have ignite yup will of ancient balanced.
: How to pronounce "Xin Zhao"
I just never said his name for months, until I heard somebody else say it for the first time.
Lajneen (EUW)
: Assassin is by far the most difficult role in the game, case closed
[Everybody knows that the only people who call Assasins easy are he ones who aren't skilled enough to play Assasins themselves. At then end of the day you will just come off as salty, unskilled and jealous.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism)
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ShuffledPancake,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xvQHXaxw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-07-13T05:20:04.087+0000) > > Shen can too, even soraka. I forgot about Shen, but yeah I do usually build it on him.
I buy it on Trundle sometimes for health regen overkill.
Avlivar (NA)
: Lissandra Q indicator.
Good job. I didn't read it, I just wanted to compliment your adorable rendition of Sion.
: The champions I don't enjoy playing against
{{champion:67}} I've been a tank main since I started playing, so naturally I avoid Vayne like the plague. {{champion:7}} Two flashes that happen to reach farther than flash and deal more damage than my ass can handle. {{champion:31}} My first main. It's sad to see people playing him because he's good, as opposed to because of how fun he is. {{champion:25}} {{champion:20}} My first sworn enemies. Morgana Q was the bane of my existence, and Nunu Bot was obnoxious as hell.
Laraso (NA)
: Malzahar
If you think Mid Malz is an asshole, try playing him support for maximum dickery. Buy {{item:3116}} on him and permaslow people with your E, or slow multiple people with your W. Each tick of your E gives you money from {{item:3092}}, so I fully upgrade it for maximum dolla and the bonus slow. Win every bottom lane spar with your ultimate, or use it whenever you like for free summoner spells/kills.
Visigoth (NA)
: Daily reminder that Runeglaive only benefits Ezreal
{{champion:81}} You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! You belong in a museum! {{champion:81}} OH GOD MAKE IT STOP
Arsames (EUW)
: ***
LOL, you had me going for a second there. Never change, man.
Arsames (EUW)
Vlad is one of my fav champs, but these nerfs are justified. The W was basically the protection of a Lissandra ult, but mobile. Raising the cooldown will help give jungers the chance of ganking him while it's on cooldown. And the E is supposed to take health, but buying spellvamp completely negates it's cost. So far, I think they know what they're doing with him.
: Why has Sion fallen out of favor?
The W nerf was the end of the line for me.
: So the new Rylai's is downright DIRTY on Kayle.
Please no, any meta with Kayle involved makes me wanna shoot myself.
: Tahm Kench, worst idea Riot ever had.
But you can't use summoners with somebody in your belly?
TomA3X (EUW)
: Did you not learn from Warwick?
Junglers can't get anything nice without assholes exploiting it.
: hey look im blitzcrank and im gonna zone you simply because i exist
: Azir is the epitome of damned if you do/damned if you don't
Is it just me or is Azir less about dueling people, and now with Luden's Echo, more about Q + Auto? Cuz that's all I see Azirs ever do nowadays. They play him like he's Ziggs or something...
: http://i.imgur.com/L7qsd3J.png[/img] hate this sht
Not even any magic pen...
: I got Fizz as my mystery champ. Right as I finished my AS Jungle rune page. I guess I've faced so much cancer that I've become one with the cancer.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
: Can We Have a Serious Discussion About ARAM "Random"ness???
Arams feel like the winning team is decided before the match even begins. One team has global spells and auto attacks, and the other team gets three shot under the tower. Unless you're a hive mind, as the melee team, your engages will never be in sync. Somebody always dives in 1v5 before a fight even starts. The amount of times I've come back from a melee V.S ranged match can be counted on one hand.
: Yasuo will soon beable to get 100% crit chance with no items
If the support or jungler rushes Zeke's Herald, then roams mid lane to bind him, then yes, he'll get 100% crit chance for 6 seconds. Assuming, of course the binder is within 1000 units of him. OP
DropFill (NA)
: Remember when riot nerfed Lucian's range but gave him a lot of mobility?
"He has too much damage!" "Ok, we'll nerf his damage and range and give him more mobility." "He's too mobile!" "Ok, we'll nerf his mobility." "You nerfed his damage and his mobility; now he's not that strong anymore." "Ok, well nerf him again." "He still has the range nerfs you gave him, to compensate for the E buff that you got rid of. Could we have either the mobility or the range, and not both? At least there'll be a trade-off." "No." *Kalista has been revealed*
woobee (NA)
: Scuttle Gromp's W
Uhhhh, I think he's cool, so... _YES_. He's superbalanced. Shuddup. >:(
: confirmed by riot, he has 14 passives, every ability has cc and is a blink or dash and his ult scales 100 percent off of his health and ap and ad and stuns for 6 seconds.
: > [{quoted}](name=ILUVBARRELS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Z6cHlUqU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-21T04:59:54.699+0000) > > Then they're going to go "Oh crap we better gut the champs that are good with these items!" instead or reverting the changes...{{item:3070}} if vlad got gutted or reworked into a totally different champ that isnt a goddamn pain to play against would anyone care? rumble always flies under the radar so he'll win every game but avoid bans somehow
Sorry, DongLord420. Didn't mean to _rub you the wrong way_. ;)
: Vlad and Rumble are going to be autowin after the AP item changes
Then they're going to go "Oh crap we better gut the champs that are good with these items!" instead or reverting the changes...{{item:3070}}
: Fuck Fiddlesticks, we don't give a shit
Thank you for your... "contribution". {{champion:161}}
Uiru (NA)
If my hatred for ranked could manifest itself into something, it would be this post.
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DropFill (NA)
: After Shunpo's nerf, katarina win ratio is now 48.91%
: If you make a thread complaining about Tryndamere in any way
All fun and games until your favorite champ gets played and suddenly everybody hates him. {{champion:31}} {{item:3070}}
: Can we please change the image on Alistar's Q?
This is precisely why we should keep it.
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