Thelem242 (EUW)
: Give us 10000 blue essence so that you're forgiven 0:)
Chesties (NA)
: [RESOLVED] 11/21 Patching Issues
At first, when I patched I couldn't buy anything which was nuts cause I just wanted to throw my RP and Blue essence at the new champ. Then I got in long enough to try Zoe in a custom match and suddenly I get a recurring pop up saying that I need to patch. Which I clearly don't :/ Anyways thanks for keeping us posted.
: Karma's New Bio
Omg same. I know Karma mid is busted at times but they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
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: PSA: Stop pinging people off of farm you cant get anyways.
I don't care if Jung/Supp last hits. I care when Jung/Supp pushes out the lane I'm already apparently losing. Please. I'm trying to survive to late. {{item:3070}}
AD Yuumi (NA)
: He's gonna have to get in line behind Bee Sin, Nekko, and Sandy Swain.
NEKKO I'M SCREAMING. ....finally a friend for Kitty Katerina
: Pinging glitch PLS HELP
Psst. I got this error too. Gonna try the instructions in the thread, just figured I'd let you guys know in case it's a different problem. :D
You basically either have to have really patient friends or you're literally some kind of masochist.
: Among all the complains, I just wanna say...
I'm a girl, and I'm kind of on the fence, but its mostly just because there's never been a champion with this much intentional sexuality in their character, and her voice over is honestly terrifying to me. Like honestly, it's an interesting design, and it makes sense for her. Generally that's how you can tell I think- does the Sheriff of Piltover wearing a mini skirt make sense? Doubtful. Does a half naked moaning lust demon thing make sense as a concept? Well, yeah. It making me wildly uncomfortable in game isn't the point. So like calling her over sexualized is true? But also literally what they were going for???? Saying she's badly designed because your idea of feminism is "everyone's a prude"- not helpful or accurate. Get back to me when we're talking a new design for Syndra or Morgana because Christ. (Or Janna. I feel like she gets Wind burn like. Constantly. Poor thing.)
: Why would a champion who's all about having a blast no matter the consequences have to be disturbing? I'm so tired of people treating her like soms generic psycho killer around here.
Pretty sure the "no matter the consequences" part is what implies the psycho killer thing. Not to mention she's clearly meant to resemble the Joker, if you're looking for a character archetype.
: "Unpopular opinion: Ahri shouldn't have gotten a Star Guardian skin."
Honestly we all knew she was gonna get one. I just don't think she needed the legendary. Personally I think it shouldve been Syndra. She doesn't really fit it, so VO just makes no sense now. Same reason why Jinx needed it last year tbh. Also Lux is my fave, but every round of new SG skins make me mad jealous. I'm glad they updated her a bit last year but everyone else is waaaaay prettier than her now :/ I'm still gonna buy Ahri, and either Syndra or Ezreal tho. havent decided yet :P edit: and SG Soraka? Never crossed my mind but now seems like a no brainer. But MF?????? tf??
: I mean... Remind me how a pirate hand-cannon-toting pair of breasts with legs fits the anime magical girl fantasy?
How does a Joker-esque mass murdering lunatic fit the fantasy either tho?
Ququroon (NA)
: Adding Skin Portraits to all skins
Well I was gonna say "use some kind of animation for the portraits in Ultimate skins, so it's special" but I can already guess it'd be hell to make animations for all of Lux's elements.
: It's a good time to be a female gamer
Me, a bisexual girl: Meh I dunno I'm more into girls these days tbh. Kayn: exists. Me: What was I talking about?
: New Karma Splashes!
Sun Goddess's new splash is my desktop background she's slaying my life and I can't handle it.
: Seriously that bit irked me so much. If she lands her medium-long cd hard cc on both enemy squishies, she deserves the kills.
Thank you! do you know how much time i spend sticking wards in weird spots and walking perpendicular to my team???? not my fault they didn't ward for me to snare at an angle.
: What every support main says when a new champ/rework is announced
: NA LCS Offseason, Scheduling, and more
At least _something_ good will be happening on my birthday.
: Everytime you get S+ you get a key fragment.
I have the opposite problem lol
: Your main champ is now your roommate. How screwed are you?
Either Karma or Lux so either we have a really chill good time or the GIGGLING. NEVER. STOPS.
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: Check out Elementalist Lux!
Do you think when the practice tool ships we might be able to switch forms however you want? Its kind of silly but I think it'd be fun.
Slendork (NA)
: Also there was a lux skin that just came out...
Star guardian was last year
: Check out Elementalist Lux!
I just wanna know what inspired the idea. This skin is incredible. Life changing or something. I might have to rob a bank to make sure I have the RP for release.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I'll be honest. Here we have a skin that is worth 10 of them plus all the necessary tech to swap it at will. If they have THAT much time and resources how about dedicating them to updating outdated assets at a rate faster than 1 champion per year? This is what I hate about Riot in the past 3 years or so. They continue to push forward burning down whatever happens to not keep up with them. Lore is still in shambles, **legendary** skin Magnificent Twisted Fate is barely a recolor, a big number of champions had Visual and Gameplay updates while their voiceovers still consist of 10 lines recorded in 2010, we just got a "maybe" that a seasonal Summoner's Rift skin is in the making (after like 3 years) and there's a number of champions which haven't gotten a skin for years - meanwhile we have champions who get a skin annually or not biannually. --- Excuse me that I'm not overjoyed that a champion whom just got a whole line of skins made in commemoration to her skin, a cinematic and multiple songs, is getting ultimate skin on top of that. I'm never not happy about this kind of decadence.
Remember that Riot is still a business. You can be salty or cynical about that if you want, but Elementalist Lux is gonna make mad money. And eventually I imagine they'll get to all of those things anyways. Bitching at a company that doesn't have to care about you gets you nowhere.
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: Players, what mains do you respect the most or least?
i never understand why but {{champion:37}} mains are salty/toxic af. Like. Idk. It's kind of jarring having a Sona call me a !@#$% *&(%$^
: Fast food azir tough, sand soldiers would be so funny
Dear god this idea is the best
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: Ahhh, i remember when i was new to league.
Lux was my first champ. I thought Final Spark was global :/
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: Player says "I'm leaving for Overwatch because Riot is using DQ instead of Solo and it's terrible"
I never understand this mentality. Like, I love Overwatch. But its really new and frankly reaally basic right now. It's not the new God of video games, and frankly Overwatch and League somewhat share a genre. That's it. They occupy entirely different spaces. You're allowed to play both, or neither. You're allowed to choose one over the other, but comparing them isn't really logical. Overwatch isn't fully realized yet, in a few years it could be an entirely different case. As for League, it's free to play??? How entitled must you really be to expect this company that has to meet bottom lines and still attempt to keep this game fun and playable will cater to your every whim? This game has problems, but I've gotten enough enjoyment out of it to ride this out, because this is only one season, and League will likely continue regardless of what the boards shriek about.
: Meanwhile at Riot HQ
Omg the feels this movie brings. I've performed When You Believe in concert that song is really powerful.
: For those that dont know AND THIS IS NOT BEING RACIST THIS IS FACT china rewards lying, dishonesty and taking advatage where you can. It is considered unintelligent to do otherwise. The rewards structures in china actively reflect this truth and there are many many many many many scholarly works that align with this premise. Its a problem that needs to be fixed in china pretty badly
I promise you that the majority of the times people feel the need to precede their statements with "THIS ISN'T RACIST" the following statement is racist..
: > [{quoted}](name=RangerofShadows,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=k6KVKAG3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-19T18:10:08.826+0000) > > Dragable mastery page hype! Drag and drop friends from your friends list into your lobby FTW, too!
: League client update Q&A: The Play Loop [Now Complete]
I got my invite I've been doing my best to watch out for bugs and look for constructive commentary to make but so far I can't seem to see past how pretty it is give me time :D
: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
I just sincerely love everything about her, even little things like her eyebrows that so many people seemingly hate. She's visually interesting, her kit seems to flow really well (Rock surfing! Hell yeah!), her VO is incredible, and tbh I always get hyped when things start happening lore wise so I am just a very happy player right now! Congrats on the awesome job!
: How About A Support Class Rework At The End Of The Season?
I wish there was a way to safely give supports a summoner spell, like Smite with junglers. That way support items could be created around it and given more power without screwing up the power balance in mid lane for example.
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: who gives a fuck about the lore?
You must be lost. This is STORY, ART, and SOUND
: My mom walked by and looked at my computer screen as I logged in...
Personally I think these should be a Pop Star Taric in honor of Prince.
: Why is Azir's ult a wall?
its even better because i have the plug in that changes his name to Drumpf XD
: You have to feel sorry for the mains of a champ before their main became a flavor of the month champion. Just like my udyr, granted it takes slightly longer to clear jungle, but Udyr will always be my jungle main even after the nerfs. I'm kinda worried for Karma after she gained popularity with being played for the LCS but that's because Lulu got nerfed hard.
Don't even speak of it I couldn't take it if they wrecked her again.
: The New Rumble Skin Looks Great
Star Guardian Rumble anyone?
mvmlego (NA)
: I think he was using the word "like" in the literal, generic sense.
: ''prepare for trouble, and make it double'' ''to protect the lanes from devastation, to unite the champions within our nation'' ''to denouce the evils of ganks and premades'' ''to extent our reach to the lanes above'' ''kalista, taric'' ''team bondage blast of at the speed of light'' ''surrender now or prepare to fight''
: ...
I had a derp moment when I saw your region and read it as "Ewww". I agree.
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: When you own every skin for a champion
I have every {{champion:76}} skin. I play her a ton too. But i suck at Jungle. Whoops. _midalee for the win i guess _
: Riot, Please give us Pool Party Taric with his Rework!
whatever he gets, i need the splash art to be in an anime-esque style.
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