: No bugfixes for the client, no fixes for the crashes or the people who had crazy fps drops/disconnects caused by the game for over 2 months? Or are they just not even documented? Learn to communicate. Rito please. There are more important things than 5 less movement speed on a champion that is dashing around anyway.... Also "scaling tank"... good meme.
Riot's client has actually been running on a different engine for the last few weeks. They still have plenty of kinks to work out, but it is generally working for a lot more people. I no longer have the issue where my profile name, picture, and level wont load, the friends list doesn't appear, and the loot tab not working. These have all seemed to stop for me, and they have mentioned that they ARE planning on having it damn-near perfect within the next few patches. Just make sure you remember it IS Riot, so it will probably have some fixes about every other patch, considering half of the patches are just skins, chromas, bugfixes, and slight tweaks to champions.


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