Terozu (NA)
: Lulu is herself a little witch so thats her basic skin
Yeah I just did sort of a redesign for Halloween. But her basic skin and this one do not look the same lol
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: Man love the drawing do you post any more of your art? Great job btw :D
Thank you so much!! : D I am kind of bad about posting but I'm trying to post more at undergroundcaptain.tumblr.com : ) I may make a seperate art blog sometime soon for people who would rather see just the art : 3
Solaxo (EUNE)
: Proportions are slightly off but it's still a really good drawing
Thank you for your constructive criticism! I started off drawing very very stylized so in the future I hope to achieve better proportions in my works! : o
: :o I totally started a doodle of this skin and I picked almost this EXACT SAME POSE! Great minds, I suppose <3 I didn't finish it though, because I get frustrated really easily ;-; I want to try again though, I keep seeing really good Lux art like this and it makes me all inspired~
Omg finish it I want to see so bad ;v;!! And I get frustrated too wowy we are super similar : O You are super sweet good luck with the Lux drawings! :3!!
: Great work Miss! Really cute.
Thank you! Normally I draw curvy sassy women so this was a change for me haha
: I propose a toast to Star Guardian Lux and this talented artist!
From the Baron of Bread himself. Thank you!! I live for toast puns : D
: I guess we found the splash art early xD
Gahhh this comment made my night Q//Q
3lancer (NA)
: My Pool Party Leona Fanart
I really like the shine you put in the hair and your choice of paper :3
: Really kawaii desu
: Yaaay! I love it!
Thank you Lux haha!
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