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: Now I want Lux, Lulu, Jinx and MF laughs stacked on top of eachother. Will use as my morning tone. Thx.
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: (Upvote to support) Add all languages (including Korean, Japanese etc.) for all regions
You can download the korean client and then modify it to be able to play on the NA server to get the korean voices and language for any region
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Fuck rageblade. {{champion:67}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:145}} would've been balanced if there wasn't for that item. Unhealthiest most broken item in the game I'd pick {{item:3161}} over Guinsoo's any day.
Ya but {{champion:96}} and {{champion:110}} rely on rageblade too, you remove it and you kill both of them
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Kog NA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EeFQZb0a,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-22T20:23:43.111+0000) > > I see a lot of people saying that it's time to just remove Rageblade because of the interaction with Vayne's silver bolts, however if Riot does this without any compensation buffs to Varus or Kog it'll just kill them. varus and kog had multiple playstyles before rageblade and frankly could just get number tweaks > > Not every champ that builds rageblade is super oppressive, Kog and Varus rn are bottom tier adcs and they have rageblade as their core item. actually the thing about rageblade, is that it breaks the hard cap rules of the game meaning certain champs will always be so strong with it that they wont be able to *Not build it* as a repercussion for that potential power spike. they will be buffed and nerfed around rageblade. this is my same objection with spear of shojin some things are too good with it, get forced into the rageblade style, and then just get to be the apex or outmoded by other rageblade champs in their niche.
Rageblade is core to champs that build around on hit effects rather than crit just like how something like IE is core to champs that build crit. If riot were to remove Rageblade then on hit builds would take a huge hit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Kog NA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a4kRdwIM,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2019-04-22T20:26:19.759+0000) > > If you remove rageblade then you would just kill Varus and Kog'Maw even more then they already are dead in this current meta. All Riot would need to do is disable the interaction of silver bolts with rageblade like they did with runnans imo and it would be fine. That does not kill Kog'maw or Varus. Rageblade is not the main reason why Varus is currently playable... it's due to his R and poke and his scalings in general. Kog'maw is not even played right now and a lot of Kog players don't even care for Rageblade since they normally go for straight Botrk into Wits into Hurricane ect and Kog has issues due to meta not because of items (it's his lack of mobility and in a high damage meta). Rageblade has done nothing but cause an insane amount of problems in terms of balancing and meta like you legit should not have to build this item on most auto based champions just to be semi viable lol that's just Riots champion design flaws bud.
I mean I will admit the meta is not good for Kog right now, but rageblade still is built as a second item on kog after bork almost 100% of the time.
Shahamut (NA)
: I think reverting to an AP/AD/AS stacking item (no more pen, no more PHANTOM HIT) is the best thing. Just my opinion, but that was my favorite version of the item. It was niche to be sure, but for champions who are hybrid scaling and rely on auto attacks, it was a great item.
Are you talking about the old version of rageblade that gave i believe aoe auto damage at full stacks?
: Kog would be fine with rageblade being gone if they gave him back his 5.0 attackspeed. Varus on the other hand, would need a large amount of buffs. He needs buffs now tbh.
Actually that's not that bad of an idea, bring back 5.0 Kog'Maw and removing rageblade I would be fine with and I think most other kog mains would be as well.
: People don't care about rageblade too much, an item that makes you grow in power as you attack is a good idea the "apply on hit effects twice" part, phantom hit, is the bad part htat you don't really want. You can easily compensate on hit champions too, it's just that riot sees phantom hit as something that's fun
The 3rd post right now on gameplay right now: "either nerf Vanye or nerf BotrK for ranged champs or just fucking remove Guinsoos already since it's being abused all over the map and is easily the worst thing about this game right now" If riot just removed the interaction of Vayne's silver bolts with rageblade like they did with runnans I think it would be fine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bouwer,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a4kRdwIM,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-04-21T21:35:55.028+0000) > > We are still crying about Vayne apparantly. > 3 things I have to say about this as an ADC main who has played Vayne: > -She spikes at 2 items, not 1. > -Vayne is no longer a late-game carry, but more mid-game. Again, she spikes at 2 items, so if she gets ahead early that is easily achievable. > -Vayne has a high skill cap. Just because she can deal a lot of damage doesn't mean that she will. A good Vayne player can do crazy stuff against bad ones, but she is still a short-ranged adc. She has more mobility than most ADC's with her Q, but that is only applies if is used for poking so the cooldown starts ticking again. Her E doesn't mean much in teamfights. > > I don't see how she is better than something like Jinx other than her two item power spike. Though she doesn't completely fall off lategame it is no longer her strongest point. > > Also, Vayne has always done this kind of shit. Even if she is better than other ADC's, I think those other ad's should be buffed rather than nerfing vayne. Adc's have enough to survive already. "I think those other ad's should be buffed rather than nerfing vayne." And that sir is how you get power creep and we end up with season 9. There is nothing inherently wrong with nerfing champions to bring them in line. Especially if they're over performing like Vayne. If they would just make Guinsoo's melee only or completely remove the phantom hit, shit would be gucci.
If you make it melee only / remove the phantom hit then yes you would be solving the issue but you also would be killing champs that rely on it like varus and kog'maw
: I mean, Varus just needs another buff to his AD build and that would work (they've done a few changes to it, but it needs a bit more). Kog just needs to be worked on from the ground up to fix him.
As much as I don't want to agree with that statement about Kog unfortunately if Riot did remove rageblade something like that would be needed in order to make him playable again.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Boltonator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a4kRdwIM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-21T18:59:35.928+0000) > > The point being made was that nerfing it further is going to send ripple effects to other ADCs that use it, not just Vayne. > > Rageblade is the real problem but nerfing it would hit Kog’maw and Varus (the two other ADCs I can remember who rely on it.) Honestly Guinsoo's needs to go. Master Yi as well is insanely stupid once he finishes his Rageblade. Varus and Kog'Maw in particular have had builds in the past where they don't rely on the item. Kog has in the past used Crit builds, Trinity Force builds. Varus has used Crit, AP, Lethality, Manamune builds. Buff them to make those builds better. The only ADC I believe that would have problems with it's removal is Kai'Sa
In reference to the crit kog build you mentioned, that wouldn't really work anymore without some underlying changes to kog's kit, due to the nerfs on ap kog'maw riot made a while ago (which I don't think should be reverted because fuck ap Kog). Honestly I just think riot should remove the interaction with silver bolts and rageblade like they did with silver bolts and runnans.
: Pretty simple fix. Remove Rageblade from the game completely along side Spear and nerf the defensive side of champions that are hyper carries like for example Yasuo shield and wind wall and Kayle R also Vayne stealth / movement speed. In other games when a champion/hero is considered a 'hyper carry' or 'mid / late game' they normally are high risk high reward and are designed to have good ways of outputting damage and even cleaning up an entire team if left alone in team fights but has the downside of lacking defensive tools but these champions alongside items like Qss or Death's dance Hourglass GA on top of the abilities they already have just make them out to be huge problematic unbalanced champions that nobody wants to play against and a lot of times don't want of their team.. Riots design flaws have always been they give these champions items and abilities that allow them 'misplay proof' meaning they can get hit by a hard CC or even major damaging abilities and blow it off like nothing happened or even while being focused they have ways to take less damage like or have the mobility to avoid damage like Vayne R or Kayle R or Yi movement speed on top of Q and W with items like Death's Dance or Phantom Dancer and life steal. In my honest opinion there has to be major changes done to the game when it comes to items and champion designs like for example a champion like Yasuo should not have an amazing laning phase vs most champions unless he plays against something like Riven or Irelia or Darius ect but when against a mage who has amazing harass or even a ranged ADC ect he shouldn't be allowed to just completely have free all ins or trades due to wind wall and his shield passive on top of mobility with his E, this just make it so he HAS to make mistakes in order to lose instead of the enemy making plays in order to win so for example a Yasuo spamming E through minions to reach a champion just to E into their CC since he can't use W while in mid E. I'd like to see champions who have insane scalings to have more weaknesses like a more poor lane phase or have to reach things like 3 items or 4 items ect in order to actually do high damage instead of something like Yasuo getting Shiv / PD then being able to kill you within mere seconds without you having a chance to actually do anything as most champions. And yes I know I used Yasuo a lot as examples but he is a huge example of a poor designed hyper carry. Also Rageblade and Spear and poor designed items that not just hyper carries can abuse but majority of bruisers and ADCs ect and they add too much damage / problematic toxicity for champions.
If you remove rageblade then you would just kill Varus and Kog'Maw even more then they already are dead in this current meta. All Riot would need to do is disable the interaction of silver bolts with rageblade like they did with runnans imo and it would be fine.
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EdgeLady (NA)
: Baron was originally canonically from the void (and the Rift Herald is corrupted by the void rift he comes from; the void pit on the map), but of course, after the retcon, now we don't know if there's an actual Baron Nashor in Runeterra. I would assume there might be, though, since Voidborn can come in many shapes and sizes. Besides Vel'Koz, we actually don't have any info about the other actual Voidborn yet post-retcon, save for a little bit on Rek'Sai. But I would assume that there will be an actual Voidborn update in the future; perhaps that non-humanoid champion in the works is one. And hopefully we'll get some info on the canon incarnation of Baron then.
Only "official" thing i can find from riot about Baron is which implies that Baron also is from the void. Other than that I can't find anything even talking about Baron anywhere post-lore update
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: Shit. Now i cant help thinking about these probably meaningless but still annoying VFX/SFX issues.
I mean ya the sound thing probally isnt that important in the grand scheme of things, ~~I def didn't post about it cause it's been annoying me for YEARS now~~, i dont expect riot to like change any of the audio stuff, but you gotta admit the line on battlecast and hextech's ult does make an impact in game
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: What is the logic behind the RP system?
LP gains and losses are based on your MMR, which is a hidden value, if you're on a win streak you'll slowly gain more lp for each win, similarly if you're on a loss streak you'll lose more lp for each loss.
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Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: This lore update for Ashe is weird
I think this is another morde bug tbh
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Ryze NA,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4s6RbN1Y,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-11T02:38:46.130+0000) > > Riot's banned people for abusing exploits in the past, technically buying hundreds of the capsules count as abusing an exploit You see, normally they WOULD take away the rewards from a capsule glitch like that, but league is in such a horrible state that they are allowing this to keep players addicted to the game. I believe they just won a couple hundred permanent players with this.
> [{quoted}](name=Ferrinova,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4s6RbN1Y,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-01-11T02:42:00.951+0000) > > You see, normally they WOULD take away the rewards from capsules, but league is in such a horrible state that they are allowing this to keep players addicted to the game. I believe they just won a couple hundred permanent players with this. I wouldn't be surprised if more people quit because of this, it definitely feels like I've wasted all the money I've spent on this game since some people can just get them for free
: Well that sucks for anyone who missed the exploit
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4s6RbN1Y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-11T02:37:33.815+0000) > > Well that sucks for anyone who missed the exploit Riot's banned people for abusing exploits in the past, technically buying hundreds of the capsules count as abusing an exploit
: what the hell are you even talking about?
> [{quoted}](name=Ferrinova,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4s6RbN1Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-11T02:33:17.887+0000) > > what the hell are you even talking about? Earlier today the Blood Moon Capsules were released to the store for 1 BE instead of costing 750 RP, some people bought hundreds of them in the small time that they were available, Riot's only reverting the prestige points and doesn't look like they're going to refund the BM capsules that people got for free.
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: There will be something on this soon. Keep an eye out for it if anyone here falls under this.
I would like some clarification on this tweet: Does this mean you're working on how to revert it or are you going to let countless people keep the loot from over 300+ skins because they abused a bug?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
I've said in the past that I think Kog'Maw isn't in a good spot right now, but after the Rageblade changes I'm happy with the spot he's in, He scales into late game and is one of the strongest adc's once you get 6 items and have a team to protect you, are there any more changes planned to Kog / his core build in the near future?
faelight (NA)
: enchantress buffs, specifically lulu? adc buffs? i’ve tried to adapt to the shield/aery/spelltheif/adc meta changes and lulu’s 2.5 shield duration that stays the same if e is maxed feels like real garbage. maxing q is alright but the damage is lacking due to the damage reduction through multiple targets nerfs. any thoughts or changes planned?
As a Kog main I'm with you on that one
: You're right, Kog/Maw is so terrible right now that he has a 52.5% win rate, placing him at the #4 spot by win rate for bot lane, and #2 behind Twitch if you only count ADCs and not mages in the bot lane. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Look at the play rate and the ban rate, rn only mains play him so of course his winrate is going to be boosted.
yipikye (NA)
m8 i think you just miss his ulti
: what do you think about a passive for Kog'maw that allows him to cast abilities while auto attacking?
Would lower the skill cap of canceling animations that exists right now
: In mi opinion the major problem in kog is mana. W should not cost mana, E should cost less mana and scale with both ad and ap. I think 50% ap damage for so much mana cost is making his laning fase terrible, specially now that his late game is not as great as use to be. He is more a mid game champion that after 40 minute its win rate falls too drastically for a late game champion. The 7% damage on his w made him a great late champ, hi needs that back or compensate this in the other spells.
When I asked Cody_Sun about this post he shared similar thoughts. He also said that Kog's W should cost 0 mana
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Ryze NA,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=l9GERpEl,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-11-05T04:58:05.091+0000) > > The reason why his winrate is where it's at is because only dedicated mains play him, inflating his winrate. If we look at the pickrate / banrate you'll see that not only is he picked in only 1.04% of games, but he is banned in only *.04%* of games. His banrate is the lowest out of any champion in the game right now. He's the third least picked adc only losing to swain and heimerdinger in that regard. I did briefly mention his playrate is quiet low and you're definitely correct in this. I don't see the issue with Kog being the least banned imo. Any thoughts on the rest of the post?
Personally if we're looking at reworking some of Kog's abilities rather than just changes to his numbers / minor tweaks to some abilities I think his E and Passive are the two that need the most changes. **Passive** I completely agree with what you said about his passive, it doesn't fit with his playstyle of long range adc that stays out of the fight, but then suddenly when you die you want to go in and blow up in their faces. Lore wise it also doesn't really make sense as a passive. If Riot would change his passive I would like to see something using his "insatiable hunger" (I think that's the right word) that the lore mentions without being a knock off or a clone of Cho'Gath. **Q** I'm actually pretty happy with Kog's Q as is right now, it gives him a pre-6 tool to farm in lanes that just completely zone him off of cs that he wouldn't be able to get otherwise, if riot changes it I would be fine with lowering the amount of %shred for more flat shred, and maybe something similar to annie's q where if you kill a unit with it the cooldown lowers or refreshes, that might reward putting some more points into it or even maxing it first in certain difficult matchups to help Kog survive laning phase intact. However any flat magic pen / armor pen is huge, I feel like a nerf to his base numbers would have to come hand in hand with any flat magic pen and/or armor pen added to his Q. **W** I am super happy with his W right now, it adds an element of skill in managing the cooldown of it, making sure you have it up for fights, and offering some counterplay against Kog in working around his W's cooldown. **E** As ADC Kog I rarely use my E in lane, hell I sometimes don't even level it until I'm forced too, right now for AD Kog his E doesn't synergize with his playstyle that well at all. Its base damage is super low for the amount of mana it costs, and the slow at early levels is laughable, however if it was buffed AP Kog would become busted, as someone who plays pretty much only ADC Kog'Maw I think it's going to be hard to find a balance in the numbers with his E that would make getting it feel good without making AP Kog overtuned. Giving him and his allies some movement speed on it would be nice, but usually if you're in the spot that you need that movement speed you're already dead as Kog, and throwing it behind you to slow enemies is the norm when trying to run away.
: I don't agree with a good amount of things in this post. While it is true Stormrazor (You can literally type Item To Win in the shop and it will appear) is a great item it's also not the only viable rush item. As seen with Varus, Kaisa, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Lucian, and Kalista *Corki can be included but he's primarily a midlaner and thus ignored. Ignoring Kaisa and Varus who often opt for the item Ashe, MF, and Lucian all sport decent pick and winrates. **Several Sites Winrates.** Using sites such as LeagueofGraphs (7th highest ADC WR out of 18), (12th highest winrate out of 21), (10th highest out of 18), OP.GG (14th highest winrate out of 19), Lolalytics ( 15th highest winrate out of 24), and Blitz (12th highest out out 21) While non of these stats are amazing Kog does show to be in a decent power balance averaging around a 50.2% winrate at least from the date of these sites. does have him in the worst spot but even then Kog sports a healthy 49.07% winrate here although a low pickrate (As seen with every used site). The reason so many sites are used is simply for an accurate reading as all sights differ due to how Riots API works. **Communication** Kog'Maws main issues is team reliance in a game with flawed communication systems when compared to other popular online games such as Dota, HOTS, and OverWatch where there are two forms of chat being Voice and Text. Voice chat imo would improve Kogs winrate simply due to how the Protect the Kog strat works. While this isn't a 100% Winrate OP thing simply due to players macro/micro differing and peoples ability to listen and communicate effectively it would be a slight bump. Team reliance as a champion without any form of self peel, escapes outside of Flash, and rather low defenses it puts a lot of pressure in protecting someone who can easily be blown up within half a spell rotation. **Directly buffing Kog to fit this Meta** Now lets say Kog'Maw was buffed to compete at a higher level lets say around 4th-5th best ADC in the current meta. This creates a rather large issue in that Kog is now a dominant pick while playing with champions such as Thresh, leona, Pyke, Ali etc rather than enchanters. When the meta shifts and enchanters are the go to once more this puts Kog at a very dangerous power spot as he's gone from winning more than losing with champions he lacks synergy with to playing each game with someone who compliments his kit perfectly. This would overtune Kog and keeping him in this 50~% WR Spot in this meta is fine as is. **Spells** Buffing any of Kogs AD/Base numbers on spells is also risky due to his power budget being heavily spent on his W. This ability simply is Kog'Maw (at least AD) and when it's inactive your effectiveness plummets drastically to where a good AD Kog is simply one who can properly position and have good W management. While I would love for Kog's Q E or R to be buffed (Biased as I did spend most of my time playing AP Kog'Maw) it would have to be at a hit to his W. **Powerspikes** A big change from S4 Kog to now is Kog is no longer the 6 item demon people feared once he got his T-rex hands on. Kog spikes hard at 1-3 items primarily Rageblade. The only way this could change is nerfing Kogs base numbers while adding better Ratios into his spells. Making Kog less reliant on On-Hit would also introduce Kog into Stormrazor based trades Similar to S4 Kogs Sheen empowered W auto every time it was up. As it stands now Kog'maw has some of the worst ability scalings in the game due to him being a primarily AD Champion with only 1 AD ratio and it just so happens to be Bonus AD at 65% on his R(100% HP) while Kog will rarely hit above 200 Bonus AD off of items. Changing Kog'Maws R to scale worse with AD but increase the execute damage would balance out this for AD Kog'maw and give some potential to give some scaling into Kog'Maws Q or E while being a slight buff to AP Kog. While I do think Kog is overall fine although not the best/worst here are some things I've considered **Buffs I'd like to see attempted** **Passive** - Ghosted in passive or amping up MS. As it stands Kog'maw has one of the most confusing passives in the game and I don't mean confusing as say Jhins or Mordes. I mean confusing as in here we have a long range hypercarry who the team wants to protect so he can dish out as much DPS as possible. His passive completely contradicts this and makes him then go in after death. His passive lacks any actual scaling and is ironically his only mobility. Giving Kog'maw a ghosted passive will enable him to ignore creep block which while a small change would be a decent one without much impact on Kogs overall gameplay. **Passive2** Ramping move speed would make sense as his death is a semi chemical reaction. Having Kog'Maw accelerate similar to well Ghost would enable him to catch people who mistime dashes/flashes in order to escape this death passive. **NewPassiveIdea** Corrosion - Reduce Kogs Q %removal and W% Damage in exchange for Spells/Autos shredding Armor/MR per spell/auto hit. This however would basically be Kayle passive. **Q** Some flat shred. This would make the spell more effective against non tanks as someone with 50 MR losing 28% is a lot less drastic than someone with 180 MR losing 28%. This could also be a buff to Kogs early game as say 7 flat shred vs 12% level 4 versus say Kaisa you'd remove an extra 2.9 Armor and 3.2 MR. While this seems small when you lack any bonus MR/Armor this is huge. **W** I personally loved 5.0 Kog'Maw however it was unhealthy. The idea here would be removing the %ATK Speed off of Kog Q and adding a mini Guinsoos into Kog's W where after each auto Kog would gain a bit of %ATK Speed up to a cap. This would also work towards the nickname of the whole machine gun Kog'Maw thing and force a protection based thing. The longer Kog autos the faster he gets. This would be a nerf to Kogs early but buff his late game should he well survive. **E** Kog'Maw (and allies?) gains movespeed while on his E. Would increase his overall utility and I just think Kog vomiting up a slip n slide is cute. **R** I'm leaving this empty as I am incredibly biased towards this skill as it is my favorite in this game.
The reason why his winrate is where it's at is because only dedicated mains play him, inflating his winrate. If we look at the pickrate / banrate you'll see that not only is he picked in only 1.04% of games, but he is banned in only *.04%* of games. His banrate is the lowest out of any champion in the game right now. He's the third least picked adc only losing to swain and heimerdinger in that regard.
: they have a team dedicated to buff champions who a fall on hard times for prolonged period of time. Also the health of the game is more important than any one champion
I mean it's almost been 10 patches since Kog's been one of if not the worst adc. He's also like, the least banned champ out of every champ in the game, pick rate and ban rate are a pretty good indicator of a champ's health and Kog's banrate has been the literal lowest for the past 2 patches
Seenan (NA)
: I think phantom hit needs to go
Kog'Maw's already one of if not the worst ADC right now, if you remove phantom hit from rageblade you might as well also just delete Kog'Maw from the game.
sniperxl (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Ryze NA,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=o7Ts852E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-31T15:39:11.686+0000) > > I noticed that there isn't a lot of bot lane changes in the last few patches (compared to around patch like 8.12 and 8.13), is the balance team happy with the current state of bot lane right now or can we expect changes to be shipped once preseason starts? i can say bot lane is the most balance it has been. so i rather keep them where they are
I mean there's some adcs that are just super relevant and then others that are just unplayable rn, if you're not a crit adc you just aren't allowed to play the game pretty much
Galiö (NA)
: Kogmaw is a super late game God that mega melts tanks. Super late game doesn't exist and ta ls sont really exist, especially in non professional games. Also kogmaw only has a Q and W and if u level e by accident before you're forced to you hurt yourself for a few levels so that can be tilting.
Also Kai'sa just outdamages Kog at every point in the game while also being super safe
: So I looked up Kog'maw to see why I haven't seen one in a while...
It's because he is extremely weak, his winrate is inflated because only mains pick him. Just look at his ban rate, it's the lowest out of every other champ in the game
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 31
I noticed that there isn't a lot of bot lane changes in the last few patches (compared to around patch like 8.12 and 8.13), is the balance team happy with the current state of bot lane right now or can we expect changes to be shipped once preseason starts?
: Visual and Sound Effect Updates: Anivia, Dr. Mundo, Renekton, Gragas & Teemo
Any plans on making Trynd's ult less subtle since rn its super hard to tell when he's in ult other than just guessing
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 26
: and once again, Meddler ignored a Wukong suggestion on Quick Gameplay thoughts..
Same with the state of Kog'Maw o/ We're in this fight together brother
: Shurima is the strongest, change my mind
: > [{quoted}](name=Loli Booette,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=z5urEfMu,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2018-10-24T17:28:05.216+0000) > > 4. His passive is beyond terrible. They removed zyras passive too, why can't our friendly void monster get something useful? > > Also there is the fact that every popular champ can just jump on you and you die. There is absolutely nothing to keep you save with. Champs like Ashe have cc at least, kog only a weak slow But DPS isnt comparable.. Not even the range (since he only fights during W). Thats why ashe can have hard CC
My biggest issue is that Kog'Maw is just a weaker Kai'sa, even with these recent nerfs to her there's pretty much no point in the game where a Kog is stronger than a Kai'sa (assuming same gold). Kai'sa has a better early game, better/same midgame, and much strong late game.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 24
As a Kog'maw main for 6 years now I have a couple of questions about current/future plans for my favorite little void puppy. 1. Is the auto passive bug that happens sometimes where you're able to auto once whenever you're in your passive under VERY specific circumstances ever going to be fixed? Some more details on the bug: it happens more often at higher attack speeds, and I was able to replicate it more when orb walking around a target rather than just standing still and autoing. Here's a video of it happening with dragon: , this same bug also works on champions, any jungle camp, minions, and pets with the same level of frequency. It also works on towers, plants, and inhibs / nexus but is much rarer and more difficult to execute. I'm able to provide more videos and a more detailed walk through of how to replicate this bug if needed. 2. Kog'Maw's current state in the meta is not the best at all, in fact I would argue it is one of the worst. As an on hit ADC Kog has never really been able to use crit that effectively, so after the release of the new crit item Stormrazor Kog'Maw wasn't really effected directly by it, but because it's emphasizing earlier power spikes he's fallen in tier a decent amount because while he needs a few items to get going stormrazor adcs only need 1 item to really hit their power spike. However the main thing that's been holding back Kog'Maw in my eyes from the meta is the strength of Kai'sa and Varus. Kai'sa and Varus (mainly Kai'sa) are the other two on hit ADC's that exist beside Kog'Maw. However neither of them have been hit by the current meta as hard as Kog'Maw, for a few reasons. I'll start with Varus, he brings CC and reliable poke to the table in the form of his ult and his Q, Kog'Maw does outpoke him with his ult and q, but having a good form of CC makes Varus just that much better than Kog. But when it comes to late game Kog'Maw with his W will outdamage Varus, so it isn't really a problem late game. However with Kai'sa there's no point in the game where Kog outdamages her. She brings everything Kog does and more to the table. Where Kog has his W to deal %health damage Kai'sa has her passive which does the same. Kai'sa also brings waveclear, greater poke, and more self peel than Kog has. In a meta where Kai'sa is this strong there is no reason to pick Kog'Maw when Kai'sa is unbanned since she does everything Kog does but better. 3. The third and final point I would like to talk about is the impact current meta supports have on Kog'Maw. In lanes where common supports are Pyke, Thresh, and Leona, Kog'maw not only does poorly against these supports, but he has poor synergy with these supports as well. I'm not saying this is a problem, hell I think Pyke is super fun to play and I always love seeing thresh in the meta, but I'm just bringing up this last point because it's another contributing factor in my eyes as to why Kog'Maw's current state in the meta is one that needs changes.
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