: At the end of the day the #1 seed from every region except for Korea has been eliminated (except for EDG but that's most likely going to still happen). So really this looks like another throw away double Korean finalist again. And are you happy about that? Are you truly happy that every single year no region comes close to even challenging them? I'm sorry for actually having hope that my home region could at least preform this year. I still do, and next year (if C9 doesn't do much this year) I will bring back the exact same amount of enthusiasm for NA, regardless of the results.
I respect your enthusiasm, but you gotta live in reality too man. You can't dream of being a billionaire every day without working hard to achieve your goals right?
XHoxhaG (NA)
: No I completely disagree, they played perfectly against WE and they simply got cocky with MSF. If doublelift just picked Xayah ahead of MSF instead of kogmaw, MSF would've gotten smashed. MSF draft of LeBlanc was super smart since they know doublelift is a corner stone for TSM and leblanc will burst kog everytime. Kog was just holding the entire game back and it wasn't of much use to the entire game play. TSM are doing just fine and most likely going to come out first in the group, Misfits are doing well but they probably gonna get dropped by WE and TSM and finish 3rd.
Nope, TSM did not get cocky. They are just not as good as WE or MSF
: WE looks like it should be a wildcard team, RNG looks to be on par with IMT, and SKT/LZ aren't invincible. If TSM "should be" the NA team that goes to finals than why did they lose to an EU team? Also, percentage based "chances" are highly inaccurate and only truly exist to show bias. If I were to guesstimate the chances of NA making it to finals, I would say it's closer to 30% than 0.1% chance (especially if more than one NA team makes it to semis). #NABiasBestBias
Man, WE looks like it should be a wildcard team??? Then what is TSM? from Africa region? RNG looks to be on par with IMT??? Did IMT and TSM even make it out of groups? You are saying that teams can not make out of groups are better than all the first place teams. Beat a EU team first and get into quarters then we can talk about winning the worlds.
: I respect your opinion as it is currently the status quo. But why not have wishful thinking? C9 beat EDG, a team that was legitimately one team fight away from winning against SKT, and they made it look easy. Sure C9 was dismantled by SKT in their game against each other, but that is to be expected when you consider that C9 had just come off an undefeated run through play-ins where they highlighted their weaknesses and became arrogant. I think that with the staff that C9 has, they could easily overcome that one loss and compete against SKT. And then you look at IMT who almost won against Longzhu. Their game against LZ was close enough to say that given another chance IMT might take a game off of the top seeded Korean team. If that doesn't speak for how over hyped Korea is currently, and how NA is not actually light years behind Korea, than I don't know what will. Perhaps an NA team winning worlds? That's true wishful thinking. You're welcome to disagree if you like, there's nothing I can do but state my opinion to try and change your mind.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Tell me, did TSM and IMT get out of groups? NA team winning worlds? NA close to Korea? yea there is nothing you can do to change my mind
: I disagree with why they think NA is strong, and more importantly what they said about TSM. TSM has the easiest group and they still are struggling, while C9 and IMT have the two hardest groups and are thriving. EDG and AHQ are not weak teams yet C9 was able to make them look like wild card teams. Likewise Fnatic is amazing yet IMT made a quick comeback after punishing a mistake by one person (much like a Korean team would do). As goes Korea, they could have two 1-2 teams and in my opinion they will have that next year if the current trends continue to happen. Korea is no longer a guarantee anymore, and if C9 and/or IMT cleaned up their play we could very well see an NA win over the "most dominant" region. This could just be NA bias, but NA is no longer a region that can just be ignored or counted out of finals. There is a very real possibility that an NA team makes it to finals, or even wins, this year. Feel free to disagree or agree, I'm interested in hearing responses.
NO. EDG and AHQ are the weakest teams C9 can get. C9 would not stand a chance if they were in group C or D. NA is just not as good as other regions. All NA teams failed to make adaptations coming out of first week. Their ban/pick remained same while their opponents developed new strategies against them. This is not a game where you can wait 40 mins with late team comp and win the game with a big team fight, like TSM did in every NA playoff games. This is worlds, not NA LCS, your opponents are much stronger and learns fast. They will stomp you in early game if you want to just wait the game out. The fact that IMT and TSM went 1-7 in week 2 does not surprise me at all. Every year NA teams are like this, hoping their opponents are like the teams they face in LCS finals, looking great in week 1 but fails to adapt in week 2. NA makes it to finals? what a joke.
: I agree completely. Playing at their best, C9 might be able to get 2nd in group C. Group A, because SKT went in as a number 2, will be real hard.
C9=RNG? You live in a dream boy
: That would be my placement as well. LMS and EU are pretty similar, but the best of LMS are probably a bit better than the best of EU... but LMS and EU are definitely both the current frontrunners for second place. Kr > EU=LMS > NA ~ CN I think there's a small gap between Kr and EU/LMS and a big gap between EU/LMS and NA/CN right now.
Lmao. Just cant stopping laughing. You guys are so confident. Good analysis guys, gj
: Protect the carry is very bad against SSW. IMO, SSW > TSM = SHRC, but when comes down to fighting SSW, I think TSM has a better chance, because they aren't simply pouring gold into the ADC. SSW's heavy dive comp will destroy ADCs, if SHRC wants to win, they need to diversify the gold pool to all their members, not just give all the gold to the ADC. I think it's logical to say that TSM has the capability to beat of the teams at worlds in a bo5, just not SSW. Hey, they're the only one took a game off SSW after all.
: TSM would have tied for 1st with SHRC if they hadn't lost to SK, and Fnatic was 1 auto-attack away from taking OMG's spot. Go {{champion:48}} somewhere else.
TSM threw against SK. And even if OMG had lost to FNC they would still have the tie breaker. OMG looks like a completely different team from the group stage, otherwise they would have lost to NJWS for sure. And we can't say if they had done something it would be better. You lost, and admit it. practice more and get better. Don't find excuse for your loss.
: EDG and TPA impress in close games Day 1
LOL face palm for TSM. LOCO said they found the weakness of all LPL teams and would beat them easily. Seems like they got beaten up easily.


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