Arammus (EUW)
: the only thing about your post that made me confused is the part where you say that the game is run by a company that wants to "eliminate negativity from the internet". because this is just a wrong statement in many ways. not bringing up that riot got sued for sexism. but the fact that they totally ignore trolls and inters in 99.99% of cases the fact that anyone who afks INTENTIONALLY doesnt give a fuck about a 5x20min low prio q (because they just do other stuff on their 2nd screen) the fact that the systems feedback message is like a 1 in 100 doesnt make me feel any better about my reports either. the fact that the entire company decided to ignore every regions wishes completely and only listen to china. maybe they really WANT to make a positive game. but they arent/dont do the right things.
what confused me was the talk about lulu that made him lose his 7 game win streak and promos.
: you're a support that doesn't want an ADC? How can you carry games when you leave your lane up to a coin flip?
Because I already know 90% of the time I know I can win the lane and make myself and the adc strong. So that’s 2/5s of the team now say if I get one of the other roles as a duo and they can almost secure winning lane then that’s 3/5s going our way. At this point it’s hard to the lose game
Zubora (NA)
: D4 Adc main for another plat-diamond player with silver Smurf to smurf with
If your still in gold Elo after the weekend hit me up. Past dia support here hit it on. Ign hooks and hands. But ad best vi earth for play
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Febos (EUW)
: Try "Disable Eye-Candy".
Febos (EUW)
: Try "Disable Eye-Candy".
as far as i know thats only flare for seasonal base changes but i will try it.
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Kei143 (NA)
: Loll .. honors is tied to behavior, not skill of gameplay. In fact, many of the high ELO players are not that honorable. Their egos are just toooooooo huge.
when you take chat out of it its about how you play. lets just say if you play ashe support and poorly at that. people will be less likely to honor you
Kei143 (NA)
: Honors progresses are slowed if you get validly reported. Considering I play less than average number of games (and assuming you play at least the amount of games of an average player), I got to honor5 in mid August. I think your honors is progressing pretty slowly.
honors must come easy from silver 4. you know with the expectations being so little.
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=UrukabaarsShadow,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fZddsbRe,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-11-23T03:51:40.234+0000) > > OFC IT DOESNT WORK CAUSE RIOT FUCKING REFUSES TO DO ANYTHIG ABOUT ANYONE OTHER THAN SAYING BAD WORDS THEY LET EVERY TROLL KEEP PLAYING AND RUIN EVERYONES GAME Here are two recent examples of inters getting banned: If that's not enough here's some more: As you can see they do get banned. Not as fast as we'd like but they do get banned nevertheless. > [{quoted}](name=UrukabaarsShadow,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fZddsbRe,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-23T03:52:58.804+0000) > > AND THEY DONT DO SHIT AT ALL UNLESS 3+ PEOPLE REPORT DURING THE GAME SEEING AS HOW IVE DEALT WITH THE SAME 3 RACIST ASSHOLES FOR THE PAST 2 FUCKING DAYS. It only takes one report to flag a game for review. Multiple reports don't change that and false ones are thrown out. From [Riot Tantram]( (aka the guy who wrote the entire system): >4+ reports is the same as 1. >A report, or 9 reports, flag a game for review. >if (reports > 0) { reviewGame(); } _________ > AND RIOT WONDERS WHY THEIR BOTTOM LINE KEEPS DROPPING WORTHLESS FUCKING COMPANY Citation needed. Also resorting to insults and all caps doesn't help your case here at all.
i would be careful. acting like tribunal knowing if these are true bans
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BJ03AAPZ,comment-id=00190001,timestamp=2019-11-21T14:34:20.551+0000) > > thats the point for the mana regin atleast. forces bot lane to play smarter and safer instead of mage supports brainlessly throwing every ability off cd and deal major damage if landed. i approve of this go play support for once, you won't approve after some of the mage champions that aren't mana hungry, melee champions, rangers and non mana champions bully you out of lane, this is horrible for the support, for either you engage and get gold income or you wait until they engage to protect your adc, otherwise its 24/7 recalling..... this is not gameplay, champions that already spammed to no end never needed the cdr, champions that needed the cdr to engage somewhat can no longer..... this doesn't make anyone play smarter or safer, this is heavily crippling, either you lose lane, gold income or kdr, but you'll lose something..... and besides they lowered the damage on support items, and came up with a new assassin item once more to deal MORE damage..........{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} i don't approve of this at all.
iv been a support main since season 4. played since season 2. this isnt the worst change. look at season 2 support gameplay and youll know doing no damage and feeling poor feels like. we even had to buy vision wards AND pinks we didnt have sight stone. i mostly only play tanks leo thresh blitz and naut. this doesnt effect me this much. but i love nami and would love to play her if i could trust my adcs. also bot lane will be more jungle dependent once the game play shifts. so if you want to get a good lead in the meta constantly call your jungle.
: Never mind the fact that many enchanters/actual supports have mana costs just as high as those mages with much less impact in exchange for them.....
ok how are you going to change your play to compensate for these changes? this really only hurts yuumi he cant do anything till he gets a buff thats the only one i know for sure that it hurts. bot lane is only going to have 2 ways it can go. either hyper aggressive pushes or passive farming. botlane is going to be more jungle dependent. thats the only game play that will happen that im not a fan of but its been awhile so i cant complain that much. my concern is how our player base in NA adapts to these changes. if our adcs keep running it down like they have been the last 2-3 years. then it will only be a bloodbath bot. just played 2 games hook champions such as blitz and pyke are fine the 2 i played vs were fiddle and swain they were fine with mana. have yet to play enchanter support i assume the only 2 that will have a problem are yuumi and nami
: I've been a support main for at least 5 years. I can tell you without a doubt they made Laning phase MUCH healthier. Poke champions now aren't as abusable as before with lack of damage proc and mana regen. Tank champions can't just out Regen poke unless they commite to being useful in all ins such as Leona and Ali. Additionally the extra gold + Regen means supports will scale better into mid and late game and give ADC's some more agency early game when they will be bullied less. Anyone who complains about these support changes either 1) Doesnt know how to support without abusing poke spells sans auto attacks 2) Doesn't know how to survive Laning phase as tank without getting poked by auto attacks. If you fall into either category, learn how to position,auto harass and all in better.
Wild how these people are bashing long time supports because they never played a healthy support state before. but most of these people are newer and dont know about the good old philo stone or heart of gold days when support was truly a trash role.
: the constant deprivation of mana is more than annoying, and most casters build {{item:3285}} rather than {{item:3040}}, as a zilean i struggled in lane to keep the adc alive -.-, while non mana champions/tanks and adc supports remain in lane 24/7 whilst being able to cast abilities..... going {{item:3040}} on a zilean makes no sense... it will give you a lack of damage and its way too expensive compared to the stats luden give, going {{item:1052}} {{item:1027}} {{item:1052}} trumps going {{item:3070}} {{item:1027}} {{item:1004}} any time, and yeah 11 to 14 gold to 15 is not much, especially since it lasts longer rather then getting 22 gold per hit/minion/coin earlier by buying the upgrade....
thats the point for the mana regin atleast. forces bot lane to play smarter and safer instead of mage supports brainlessly throwing every ability off cd and deal major damage if landed. i approve of this
: Do Reports Affect Honor Level(ing)?
well you will hit check points first 1 through 3. what you probably saw was you hitting checkpoint 3 out of 3
: Ranked Rewards
in the past you would not get your skin. i do remember i grace period were you could grind up your honor with a extended time limit. now on that, not sure if they are still doing it.
: Boosting consequences
probably nothing since the companies own marc merrill got boosted and his account isnt perma banned.
: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
all this work for aatrox? i think less than 1% of the community will enjoy this. this is so out of left field. hell i would rather have quinn
: It totally should impede my progress, it has in the past, i lost my main account due to finally snapping on people. That's why I find it so strange, maybe its a coincidence or some shit, I dunno, but I found it funny enough to post on here... and I don't do that too often haha
more and more people are getting frustrated with match making than behavior its self. a win is so hard to come by that even people what preach positiveness are relieved to have a "toxic" player that has some sense of the game and that can carry. so its going back to you carry you get honor.
: True but the game could be 100% balanced and people will still be toxic against each other. Edit: a more balanced game will minimize player frustration but you will still see people cussing at each other, calling each other garbage, etc at the same rates.
that last part is blatantly false. you even said it yourself it will minimize player frustration therefore minimize typing of most kinds. this also means a perfectly balanced game would also have match making fixed. at that point the true "toxic" people would be left and easy to weed out.
: It’s not Riot’s job to control your emotions/tempers. Their job is to try and make it to make sure chat is an enjoyable environment as possible.
that comes with good game balance. this is a lazy solution if you ask me
: LF very skilled mid-high gold ADC to duo with
let me be a little bit more clear i want a adc who knows how to take control of a game.
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: Players picking Yuumi in ranked and feeding
thischampis so brain dead you dont even have to do anything. theres really no thinking involved half the time
: Anyone have any luck with Yuumi?
you have to rush 40% cdr or it is kinda weak.
: Anxiety after a 14 day ban
ditch this account for awhile level other accounts. easiest way to not get your man account with everything on it banned
: Is LoL really a team game?
in a solo que setting, no its not. with the lack of quick voice communications it will never evolve above where it is.
: How come riot only punishes the one type of toxicity that can be remedied with one click of a button
dude below me is right. takes very little resources to upkeep the automative system. for something like inting someone has to manually look into it which manpower and riot has a relatively small support staff.
: Being bullied as a new player is not fun
if you having already state how long you have been playing. most people tend to say ok mb when they know your new.
: Playing ranked: Team harasses me for small mistakes?
stay out of ranked or mute everyone and play the game. have the drive to get better
: Low lvl gameplay in a nutshell
ayyy louder for the people in the back. i think this is actually what riot wants tho. more people complaining about "toxicity" less complain about gameplay therefore less work needs to be done when you either give a person a ban or restriction. but fixing gameplay isnt on their agenda. i personally think the more people put toxicity on the top of their list the less riot actually has to deal with in game problems
: Is a bad forfeit reportable?
in a solo que setting it would be hard to 3 other players for that
Vexaeria (NA)
: A warning should be given to players every time the Instant Feedback System confirms a report.
that kind of happened before. once before everytime you get reported a notification popped up saying something like"you have been reported, you should be careful in the future to prevent more from happening" or something of that nature. not sure why it was removed
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=JbJPdLfE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-10T21:12:40.677+0000) > > why cant i down vote this REEEEEEEEEEE This is the rant section, it is for people to blow off steam.
but i want to rant.... with down votes
: Flamers not getting punished
why cant i down vote this REEEEEEEEEEE
Jo0o (NA)
: SirhcEz should be the model of good League behavior
: If they are valid, I'm surpised not gone.
pretty sure all of those are valid if im not mistaken.
: Everyone should be nice on the rift 💖👍👍👍
i wish more people would promote better play rather than positive play.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Reports data received from support - where am i standing?
20 hate speech you are walking on thin ice right now
PavLoo (NA)
: Heartbreak.
other than stop playing theres only one thing you can do. play with 2-4 friends for the best experience
: Justice, how I love it
thats pretty toxic mentality you have
: About to punch a hole through my monitor. Please talk me out of it
fix your mental. if you are good enough youll climb.
: Recieved a 2 week ban
just play on multiple smurfs and even out the rage i guess you can say
: support tickets
any tickets you send manually will be reviewed by a person. leave a comment with detailed info and it will be dealt with on their end. let them sort it out
: How to report someone who doesn't actually fit the criteria Riot sets out for reports.
if you feel like theres nothing to report for just report them under the closest thing/ things. make sure you leave a comment. then if you have the video you can send it to riot support. . again make sure you leave detailed information
: Toxicity in this game.
not sure if i ever see people on my smurf afk. but learn how to solo carry and look up videos on how to take control of the game in your position. once you learn that afks "should" decrease
: League of Legends I Think Has Changed Who I Am As A Person
play game modes you dont like in league. thats step one. easier to stay off for more hours. but i enjoy solo RPGs so its easy for me to stay away if i want to since i enjoy playing alone.
Buzzsuo (NA)
: Filter the toxic people in ranked
players where they dont belong skill/knowledge wise > toxicity . that should continue to remain the focus
Peechpy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=L5txy9vI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-01T14:19:01.911+0000) > > not only that it can be somewhat abused by boosters with a duo que aspect. games getting hairy the booster afks cuts LP loss Leaver can get full lp loss tho
yeah but if thats the higher elo booster it wouldnt matter as much.
Vyuprax (NA)
: In my opinion, the largest problem in league right now isn't damage, it's mentality
your 100% right about player mentality but not because of giving up. i think its because we have a lack of the "go next" mentality
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