: True but the game could be 100% balanced and people will still be toxic against each other. Edit: a more balanced game will minimize player frustration but you will still see people cussing at each other, calling each other garbage, etc at the same rates.
that last part is blatantly false. you even said it yourself it will minimize player frustration therefore minimize typing of most kinds. this also means a perfectly balanced game would also have match making fixed. at that point the true "toxic" people would be left and easy to weed out.
: It’s not Riot’s job to control your emotions/tempers. Their job is to try and make it to make sure chat is an enjoyable environment as possible.
that comes with good game balance. this is a lazy solution if you ask me
: LF very skilled mid-high gold ADC to duo with
let me be a little bit more clear i want a adc who knows how to take control of a game.
Rioter Comments
: Players picking Yuumi in ranked and feeding
thischampis so brain dead you dont even have to do anything. theres really no thinking involved half the time
: Anyone have any luck with Yuumi?
you have to rush 40% cdr or it is kinda weak.
: Anxiety after a 14 day ban
ditch this account for awhile level other accounts. easiest way to not get your man account with everything on it banned
: Is LoL really a team game?
in a solo que setting, no its not. with the lack of quick voice communications it will never evolve above where it is.
: How come riot only punishes the one type of toxicity that can be remedied with one click of a button
dude below me is right. takes very little resources to upkeep the automative system. for something like inting someone has to manually look into it which manpower and riot has a relatively small support staff.
: Being bullied as a new player is not fun
if you having already state how long you have been playing. most people tend to say ok mb when they know your new.
: Playing ranked: Team harasses me for small mistakes?
stay out of ranked or mute everyone and play the game. have the drive to get better
: Low lvl gameplay in a nutshell
ayyy louder for the people in the back. i think this is actually what riot wants tho. more people complaining about "toxicity" less complain about gameplay therefore less work needs to be done when you either give a person a ban or restriction. but fixing gameplay isnt on their agenda. i personally think the more people put toxicity on the top of their list the less riot actually has to deal with in game problems
: Is a bad forfeit reportable?
in a solo que setting it would be hard to 3 other players for that
Vexaeria (NA)
: A warning should be given to players every time the Instant Feedback System confirms a report.
that kind of happened before. once before everytime you get reported a notification popped up saying something like"you have been reported, you should be careful in the future to prevent more from happening" or something of that nature. not sure why it was removed
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=JbJPdLfE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-10T21:12:40.677+0000) > > why cant i down vote this REEEEEEEEEEE This is the rant section, it is for people to blow off steam.
but i want to rant.... with down votes
: Flamers not getting punished
why cant i down vote this REEEEEEEEEEE
Jo0o (NA)
: SirhcEz should be the model of good League behavior
: If they are valid, I'm surpised not gone.
pretty sure all of those are valid if im not mistaken.
: Everyone should be nice on the rift 💖👍👍👍
i wish more people would promote better play rather than positive play.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Reports data received from support - where am i standing?
20 hate speech you are walking on thin ice right now
PavLoo (NA)
: Heartbreak.
other than stop playing theres only one thing you can do. play with 2-4 friends for the best experience
: Justice, how I love it
thats pretty toxic mentality you have
: About to punch a hole through my monitor. Please talk me out of it
fix your mental. if you are good enough youll climb.
: Recieved a 2 week ban
just play on multiple smurfs and even out the rage i guess you can say
: support tickets
any tickets you send manually will be reviewed by a person. leave a comment with detailed info and it will be dealt with on their end. let them sort it out
: How to report someone who doesn't actually fit the criteria Riot sets out for reports.
if you feel like theres nothing to report for just report them under the closest thing/ things. make sure you leave a comment. then if you have the video you can send it to riot support. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new . again make sure you leave detailed information
: Toxicity in this game.
not sure if i ever see people on my smurf afk. but learn how to solo carry and look up videos on how to take control of the game in your position. once you learn that afks "should" decrease
: League of Legends I Think Has Changed Who I Am As A Person
play game modes you dont like in league. thats step one. easier to stay off for more hours. but i enjoy solo RPGs so its easy for me to stay away if i want to since i enjoy playing alone.
Buzzsuo (NA)
: Filter the toxic people in ranked
players where they dont belong skill/knowledge wise > toxicity . that should continue to remain the focus
Peechpy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=L5txy9vI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-01T14:19:01.911+0000) > > not only that it can be somewhat abused by boosters with a duo que aspect. games getting hairy the booster afks cuts LP loss Leaver can get full lp loss tho
yeah but if thats the higher elo booster it wouldnt matter as much.
: In my opinion, the largest problem in league right now isn't damage, it's mentality
your 100% right about player mentality but not because of giving up. i think its because we have a lack of the "go next" mentality
Ulanopo (NA)
: Because LP loss mitigation would create an incentive to drive a player out once the game was perceived as lost.
not only that it can be somewhat abused by boosters with a duo que aspect. games getting hairy the booster afks cuts LP loss
wolf jade (EUNE)
: do you think i can make it?
yeah i dont see why not.
: Nothing much worse than....
nah. bad players that refuse help and only play for fun. those players are worse
: I'm sorry, but I find this hard to believe. I play regularly with someone who does nothing but BM ALL. THE. TIME. and he has never once even been chat restricted.
Mc Raton (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Vi Earth,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=G9ZdTIeW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-29T14:46:36.442+0000) > > it goes both ways should they do it? prolly not. but should you shut out everything they say because they are angry with you? no. just put it a format in your mind where you can at least try and understand what they want to get across to you. Understand rage and death sentence? What?
you already understand most of their rage. when people take it to far by wishing death yes theres no meaning to help you with it. but if someone calls you idiot or moron with some substance in the sentence. then take the useful words in not the bad
Mc Raton (NA)
: What people find satisfying in ...
it goes both ways should they do it? prolly not. but should you shut out everything they say because they are angry with you? no. just put it a format in your mind where you can at least try and understand what they want to get across to you.
Mulan88 (NA)
: Make toxicity more punishable!
a better way would be to promote competitiveness and denounce trollers and inters even if it means banning the false positives. yes manual unbanning would take some time and the man power on riots side would need to increase but would make a more tolerable experience.
: Its just unfortunate timing and bad luck. Generally the level of player maturity increases between 8am and 4pm while children are at school. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
this is the first time that i agree of what you said. most the time this is the case. the best time to play in my opinion is 11pm-530am CT. because the kids start waking up "let me play a couple of games of ranked before i go to school". just in general people arnt as good either in low to mid elo. but is the opposite at high to challenger elo. that would better playing in the day.
: Agree with most, this gaming community is pure toxic IMO
idk maybe people are actually pissed when riot set out a video called "is it meta?" to encourage people to troll. this particular season or preseason even i blame riot for the increase.
: I prefer "old" toxicity to "new" I feel you could have negative chat but for the most part people wanted to win. People throwing usually had to do with role stealing and fighting over pick/bans. That decreased and the game became better in that regard, but player attitude took a nose dive with pettiness. I think thats because the game straight up hunted out competitive players who were overly zealous about winning. We didn't like it but in hindsight I'd take shitty people who will still play to win over the petty entitlement I see now. You piss off players now and they will softly throw, refusing to contribute to the win out of whatever slight you gave them. FYI - NA/EU are becoming the joke servers. We don't even get all the updates and client changes they give to players in Asia, and both regions are on a steady decline. As of August both had lost roughly 20%
well NA is turning into a casual server. so games like smash will drop participation alot.
: That feel when...
so you feel bad about it right?
: Jax...
"please look at lower elo" i mean you guys are down there because the lack of game knowledge. champions are the smallest reason why people are low elo.
Zardo (NA)
: Except that advice is flat out wrong since i'd just get murdered by the diving garen if I did that
not exactly. there are many ways to utilize flash/ dash to move forward to your team. that comes with game knowledge. theres alot of things you can do to avoid garen . if you vayne you can flash behind him roll farther and E him really far away and make it a 5v4 for a few seconds even more if it stuns him. also you with holding information from me doesnt make you smart so hold the attitude sir.
Zardo (NA)
: Except I get literally nothing out of somebody telling me to "stop focusing the tanks trash ADC" as i'm playing Ashe.
thats wrong. you get input from someone on your team. "stop focusing the tanks trash ADC" take it from the important parts. turn it into "please ignore the tanks". its all what you take way from it.
Zardo (NA)
: I mute people who are annoying or just laugh at them, but even at that they almost always still have negative effects on the game. Your teammates will stand still for hours responding to them, plus the person who was flaming will most likely never group and either soft int or afk in a side lane the rest of the game and not try to win.
"or just laugh at them". thats not a good mindset my friend. focus on yourself and ways to improve your game at that point. that way its easier to get something out of the game.
Zardo (NA)
: This community is really sucking the fun out of the game
i agree but its not because of the toxic. its about the people complaining about toxic in my eyes. you can defeat the words with the perspective of your own mind. change the meaning of it and mold it to something you can understand. what people are doing including yourself is creating it more than lessening it. your focus switched to some other person other than learning the game or even taking their perspective and incorporating it into your build or even gameplay.
: What can i do if someone takes my role
first you can dodge. youll take a lp loss but thats better than doing something your uncomfortable with. first take some screen shots and manually report it. there you dont have to waste your time in a 15-30 minute game. once you get all that done your 6 minute lock should be over with so you can play another.
: Dissapointed of League
our region is wants to have fun over winning or learning the game. thus unskilled players are at a all time high and to make it worse these "toxic" people engage the 4fun players and call them out causing more backlash than there needs to be. but thats the price of what we have paid and we see it in our pro play as well.
: Permanently banned, not here to debate though, just showing chat logs cause sadness (I'm guilty)
i dont have much to say on this. but i played vs someone with a name like yours but with the " - " at the end
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