: Yasuo Mains Group!
add me bestsniperafrica
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Mokuteki (NA)
: [NA][S][LF Plat 3+ Top, Jg, Mid, Supp][Tournament Team]
IGN- BestSniperAfrica Rank- P4 Role- Mid Top 5 Champs: Whatever you need me to play, best right now are Yasuo, Ahri, Akali, Viktor, Leblanc Availability- Once we get a set schedule, i can plan my work around it Why should i pick you for my team- I'm a strong mid laner who will often get himself fed, I work well with teams and understand the mechanics of the game, I am capable of shotcalling and I am often participating and communicating whats going on and what needs to happen in games, Good Mid, Better Guy
: Sponsered Tournment Team w/Challenger Coach Looking For Gold/Plat (Diamond Smurfs Accepted) Mid&Sup
Summoner Name: BestSniperAfrica Age: 18 Rank: P4 Times Available: Depends on work schedule, can plan it around practice times tho Position: Mid Champions: Whatever you need me to play, Best are Yasuo, Ahri, Akali Strengths: Strong Laner, Communication, Map-Awareness Weaknesses: Over-Aggression Past Experiences (on other teams): Been with many teams but none have stuck together Shot-Calling Ability (more important on jg/sup): I would feel comfortable shot calling
: High Gold / Plat 5s Team Recruiting
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: Plat 4 Mid Main looking for team Gold+ Pref
McGaw (NA)
: {NA} LF> Mid Main and ADC mains.
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Age: 18 Top 5: Ahri, Yasuo, Akali, Viktor, Leblanc Worst 5: I feel that I am pretty decent with most mid laners and I am always willing to learn and improve on whichever champs we need to complete a comp Experience: Have played on several teams but none have really stuck together for too long Time Zone: PST Strengths: Strong Laner, Communication, Map Awareness Weakness: Over-Aggression/Greed
: Plat 4 Mid Main looking for team Gold+ Pref
: Undead Bandits LF mid, jungle, and adc plat
Ign: BestSniperAfrica Role: Mid Rank: P4 Age: 18 Time Zone and Availability: PST all the time right now, a set schedule would work best so I could plan my work around it Top Champs: Ahri, Yasuo, Akali, whatever u need me to play Strengths: Strong Laner, Communication, Map Awareness Weaknesses: Over-Aggressive
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: LF Duo Que Partner that can do either 2 options
gates78 (NA)
: G2 support looking for G+ adc for Duo Bot
Hey G5 atm, plat 3-4 last season, i play luci and ez mainly at bot right now
Foxies (NA)
: Team No Luck Needed is looking for a committed top main
BestSniperAfrica Plat 5 Olaf, Irelia, Malphite, Lulu, Kayle, Fiora, Darius... and am always willing to learn new champs
: R5's looking for Top Tryout Now
You already have my information and will not accept my friend request, I thought I did well during my first tryout would you please tell me what happened / what I need to work on for the future?
Admyre (NA)
: Venom Academy is currently looking for a Top & Jungler! Tryouts NOW
Name: BestSniperAfrica -SoloQ/Ranked5's Rank: Plat 5 -Desired Role: Top -Time Zone: PST banana sammich
: Looking for Possable replacements for Qsnipe E-Sports 2016 team
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Mail Role: Top Rank: Plat 5 Top 5 champs: Olaf, Irelia, Malphite, Lulu, Kayle What you bring to team play: Strong Laner, Map Awareness, Communication Working mic/skype/CV/Teamspeak?: Yes
: LFM For Late Night Ranked 5s Team Plat 5+
: LFM For Late Night Ranked 5s Team Plat 5+
Mambu (NA)
: Plat + team in need of a Top laner that is interested in a starter position. (Must be plat + player)
im transitioning into becoming a top main this season, id your interested in trying me out add me
Alloba (NA)
: 3 Players looking to join a somewhat serious 5s team.
Hey Ive been trying to start a team, I play top / mid trying to main top this season, would love to make the team with you and then we would just need a mid or adc
: LFM For Late Night Ranked 5s Team Plat 5+
: Plat 3 Mid/ADC and Jungler both looking for ranked 5s team
Hey if you can play late nights then fill out an application for a team Im starting http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/YLchapAk-lfm-for-late-night-ranked-5s-team-plat-5
: LFM For Late Night Ranked 5s Team Plat 5+
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: Gold+ team with coach looking for mid.
Plat 5 BestSniperAfrica strong champ pool / I win my lane
: Looking to create a serious ranked team need top ad mid jg GOLD +
: Looking for a jungler and top ranekd 5s plat + must have the skill of a chanjor
: LF Main Mid for Serious Team
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Age: 17 Time Zone: PST Rank: Plat 5 Top 5 Champions: Olaf, Irelia, Malphite, Lulu, Fiora/Kayle Strengths: Strong Lane Control, Map Awareness, Communication Weaknesses: Vision/Warding Communication (curse or skype): both yes
: New Team looking for Players (High Gold to Plat)
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Role: Top/Mid pref Top as that is the role I will be maining this season Champ Pool Top 5: Olaf, Irelia, Malphite, Lulu, Fiora/Kayle Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a solid team that will stick together and can build up as a unit Strengths/Weaknesses as a Player: Strong Lane Control, Map Awareness, Communication. Weakness: Warding/Vision Control Time Zone: PST Past Experiences: several small teams that never stick together Teamspeak/Mic Y/N: Yes Able to Shot call: prefer to follow calls, may work as a secondary shotcaller
: looking to create a serious gold+ team (top/jg/mid/ad)
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Role: Top/Mid pref Top Rank: Plat 5
: Seeking SUPPORT MAIN (Gold 1+) for DEDICATED Ranked team! Read Inside!
I like the sound of your team but I dont know if ud be open to trying me out for Top Lane. Top Lane
: Getting ready for Season!!! Looking for 1 or 2
add me if still need people. BestSniperAfrica
FsN TK1 (NA)
: Incursion Gaming Looking Too Make A serious 5's Team G5+
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Rank: Plat 5 Best 2 Roles: Top / Mid Time Zone: PST Strengths: Lane Control (I am very good at winning my lane), Communication, Map Awareness, Weaknesses: Warding Things you want to improve on: Warding, Calling out my play as/before I do it(Im very reaction-oriented and I often will make the split-second decision to catch out an enemy) Teamspeak?: Yes Champion pool (both roles): Of Course I am always willing to learn new / meta champs Top: Olaf, Irelia, Kayle, Malphite, Fiora, Lulu, Darius, Illaoi, Annie, Lee Sin Mid: Annie, Ahri, Azir, Orianna, Lux, Viktor, Xerath, Fizz, Yasuo, Zed Team Experience?: Been on a few teams but never a serious one that sticks together for too long Why should we pick you?: I feel that I bring a strong lane presence and positive attitude to the team that can benefit this team to go far in the ladder Shotcaller?: Maybe as a secondary shotcaller but I am better at following a call w/o hesitation
Rectz (NA)
: Pengwingz LFM Ranked 5's Serious Active Players at Least 5x 7pm-1am PST
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Rank: Plat 5 Lane: Top Top 3 Champs: Olaf, Irelia, Kayle, Malph, Fiora Skype/Curse?: Yes! Active at least 4-5x a week ?: Yes, though I normally work till 8-830 on some nights if that would be a possible fix in scheduling
: Looking for some Cool People/Duo to do Norms/Ranked with
: Looking for some Cool People/Duo to do Norms/Ranked with
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: Plat 2 5s team recruiting one player
Plat 3 mid main, im interested
Bloobis (NA)
: Plat-Challenger team recruiting!
Summoner Name: BestSniperAfrica Solo Que Rating: Plat 3 Role: Mid Age: 17 Competitive Experience: Teams never stay together long enough Do you own a Mic: Yes
: looking for plat + players for serious rank 5's
Morolth (NA)
: Looking for a serious mid laner for our plat + team
Age: 17 Timezone: PST When can you play: Preferably nights, sometimes i have to close at work and get home around 11/1130 PM PST Best 3 mids you can play: Ahri, Annie, Azir... Ekko, Viktor are my combined top 5 atm but i play most all mids comfortably Your pros: Great Communication, targeting/teamfighting Your cons: warding, working on getting better at that What we should know about you: I am always a positive person, I look for a lot of picks / opportunities to take an objective or pick up a kill ( in a sense i'm a playmaker). I like to play carry-oriented mids but I will play whatever u would like me to play in order for the team to succeed. The team format looks like exactly what I have been looking for, hope everything can work out! Are you willing to do tournaments when the team is ready: Yes! Are you willing to attend practices when they are set every week UNLESS SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENS (We're still humans, y'a know): Yes!
: Recruiting for Team Ranked 5s
It says D5+ requirement but if you would be willing to give me a chance I am a plat 3 mid main, if yes then I would be happy to fill out an application, if no then good luck with the team! Thanks.
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: LF Plat + Mid Main for 5vs5 (Leave name and i will add you)
Twìst (NA)
: Caught Gaming LF Gold-Plat Mid
Ign: BestSniperAfrica Rank: Plat 4 Champs: I play almost all mids, top 3 atm are Annie, Ahri, Azir Age: 17 Location: Oregon Skype? (yes or no) Yes Why we should consider you: I am a strong dedicated mid laner with high play-making abilities, i tend to play carry oriented mid laners but I will do whatever is necessary in order for the team to succeed
: Seeking Mid main for ranked 5's (Gold+ pref!)
IGN: BestSniperAfrica Top 5 champs: Annie, Ahri, Azir, Viktor, Orianna, i play almost all mids tho S4&5 solo rank:Plat 5 / Plat 4 and going up Cv:(Y/N) Yes Playstyle:(passive or aggressive laner): Depends on the champ i am playing, prefer to be aggressive when i can tho (i like to make plays) Average Cs@ 12 minutes: honestly idk but i take pride in my ability to cs very well, i believe it was one of the main reasons why i got to plat in the first place
: Plat Jungler lf a duo in ranked or normals.
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