: I feel like this game is falling apart and I hate that.
Former Plat 3 player - I played since Season 1, everything turned horrible after Season 5. I don't know, ADC is probably the worst role to play. I remember when you can get 3 kills as Vayne and most likely dominate the game afterwards if you didn't make any huge mistakes afterwards. Now you get one shot AF by assassins easily, not really rewarding. Most of my friends stopped playing. Not sure if it's because of life but I had like 8-15 people from school always playing. Now it's completely dead. The veteran players haven't played in months and maybe even years. I can't exactly express what subtle changes have been made but I felt it going downhill since Season 5. Season 2-4 was amazing and fun. It was stressful, but fun. RN we'd watch highlights on Youtube but not play the game, it's kinda weird. I kinda miss playing 3-4 hours every day on this thing. I suppose I'll work on my business and social life instead of this. I never comment on forums I was seeing if there were posts just like this.


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