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: Censorship of the word Testicles
As small as this issue is, it still is a double standard.
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=magewick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EwswTIrf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-27T05:08:07.395+0000) > > Lets face it, having a few champions underpowered is well worth the cost of making pro play more fun to watch. > > It isn't even like that are that many champions who were a problem that weren't a problem in solo queue. Those are the exceptions, not the rule. Why is it okay to have a few champions crazy hurt like the OP mentioned just for the sake of Pro play? More people play League then watch pro play, Riot should cater to the players not the watchers.
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: Project : KAYN
Hey now, don't let this get in the way of the next Annie skin.
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: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
: Is there a way to explain to my parents that one can not pause a online game
Absolutely LOVE the amount of adults applying the superiority of adults to kids by saying something like "don't eat when its dinner" or "do your homework first then." My parents are understanding of League of Legends and about online video games in general at this current time, so if I'm doing something like playing League and they ask me to do something, knowing I'm playing League they'll say "in 40 minutes, come". 2 years ago my parents were a lot less educated on the topic, and would turn off my computer no questions asked at exactly 9:00. The leaverbusters killed me, really. My advice (although probably already posted here) would be to explain it to them as a real life sport. It could go like this: "Video games are like sports. Let's take soccer for example. If you're playing a competitive game of soccer, whether it be the soccer tournament at your school or in the world tournament, you're determined to win and your teammates need you. If you were to take me out of the soccer tournament at my school and there was no one to replace me, my team would be at a disadvantage. Bringing it back to League, if you take me out of the game to do something my teammates are missing 1/5 of their players, putting them at a disadvantage as well. There is no one that can take my place, so the only thing my team can do is attempt to win an uphill battle. All I'm asking is that if I'm in a League game and you need me to go somewhere / do something, give me around 30 minutes to finish up."
: Hey look, Mr Balance is back, cuz he only had 51% win rate
In the lower elo I've had experience in, I feel like people will complain about Darius being strong rather than Ivern because he isn't actually flashy. Darius is flashy when he's swinging his axe at people and executing people, but from first glace Ivern can be underwhelming.
: It's kind of bullshit that Ryze gets this much attention
I feel like it has something to do with Ryze being a embodiment of one of the founders of Riot Games's WoW character?
: Is Varus going to get a visual/audio update?
I too wonder about this. Maybe in the future there'll be more transforming Darkins :O.
Is that not the monster from Gravity Falls?
: Kayn has no lifesteal in laning phase, and then he still has to choose between being Rhaast or his other form. Why aren't we complaining about nasus? He gets free lifesteal from the start of the game.
Because at the start of the game he can be outdamaged by most top laners?
Wygol (EUW)
: Aatrox, Varus, and Kayn turn off a light.
Varus is a Darkin? Or how is he related?
: So the darkin are living weapons that use their wielder as a host.
Wait the Darkin are living weapons that use the wielder as a host? I thought the Darkin Rhaast was just trapped in the Scythe... So what is the host of Aatrox then?
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ananke (NA)
: i feel like it'd be accurate even without the text
This was a salt post because it really happened
: #FreeUsFromTheRNG
If I wanted to play a game with stupid amounts of RNG I'd play Hearthstone. Please Riot, do what this man says.
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: We shouldn't lose LP for D/C's or first time dodges in champ select.
So true, Riot's new client isn't as perfect as they say it is.
: Is it possible to climb out of silver?
Don't know why this is downvoted, this is literally a help post but okay. I'm currently Gold 2 right now in my Gold 1 promos. Only way I climb is pretty much by playing meta shit. I play Caitlyn, Twitch, Zac, etc. Your not going to win by playing Miss Fortune, especially not when your solo queueing with a potential autofilled support.
yöon (NA)
: > just dont be a female is all i ask. but your main is gold 2 and I'm a female who's plat 3 :^) and I don't think you're p3 experience buddy
> [{quoted}](name=yöon,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=xiUAPEoX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-24T14:30:09.086+0000) > > but your main is gold 2 and I'm a female who's plat 3 :^) > > > and I don't think you're p3 experience buddy Oh damn shots fired XD
: Was in Champ select during ban phase when...
Same thing happened to me, but it counted as a dodge and I lost LP. So did my duo partner.
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: Guy's, I've found the Ryze of Items
TFW you're new to the game so you don't understand what's going on here what so ever...
: What if the person giving away first blood is a Tryndamere?
Pray to God asking him to forgive you for you have sinned
AD Yuumi (NA)
: I can still type "Feeder"
But is that really flaming?
: How to fix Fiora
I understand Fiora is a bit strong, but there's more pressing issues than Fiora having a good laning phase and a strong splitpush. Zac, Nunu and Ivern, Lucian, Draven, etc. are all stronger and all around better than Fiora (disregard the fact that they're all different lanes than Fiora, because that's not my point). Plus, if Lucian has a ridiculously high winrate and Riot decides to nerf is mana costs for his Q, do you really think that Riot will do the same for a champion moderately above average's mana costs AND attack speed slow?
: Saw that post showing his friend when he started playing, this was my friend in 2014
When I first started playing L eague I thought it was an RPG and saved my gold to try and buy a super expensive item... Little did I realize that when the game ended all my gold was gone... LUL
: {{champion:6}}
: Disagree. Fiora is supposed to be good vs Tanks/Bruisers/Juggernauts.
Plus, Fiora's literal champion design is around true damage. Like what?
: How is that "a gut"?
She already got nerfed on her passive pretty hard a while ago, her Q requires skill to properly trade and get value so I don't know why you would increase that mana cost but I do have to say the attack speed slow seems kind of irreverent on Fiora.
: Remove Att. Spd. slow, make her passive damage worse at early ranks, increase Q mana cost.
: So are fiora nerfs going to actually happen or will it take 3 more seasons?
To be fair, Fiora got nerfed pretty hard in her passive a while back.
Raiyza (NA)
: No, that was just an example. But yes BAN YASUO. I've seen many players with many champions that spam that shit.
I mean, as much as I hate Yasuo, Yasuo's not the only one who spams mastery. I've seen literally every champion spam mastery and it shouldn't be reportable/bannable. Riot should consider being able to mute it, because yes it can get annoying.
Raiyza (NA)
: I didnt say it was BM, I only said it's sometimes annoying. I'd like the option to turn it off if they enemy yasuo is spamming it every time he dashes throiugh a minion.
This doesn't sound like your mad at mastery spam, it sounds like your mad at Yasuo. Another reason to ban Yasuo RIGHT GUYS (don't hate me OP)
: Your best option is to quit. This forum will flood with people telling you to uninstall. They are toxic. But they are right. In this game you either /muteall at the start or you are destined for a un-enjoyable experience.
The fucking definition of a complete asshole, right here ^
Raiyza (NA)
: It damn well should be. That shit is fucking annoying.
Riot implemented it to be able to be used often. When I play Darius and flash my mastery 7 after I miss an E, or I kill a minion, it's not BM. It's just Leesyndrome.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!) Supernatural luck will win me this draw
: Now you're justifying forcing someone to surrender their LP because 4 other people have an unreasonable response to first blood.
What if, now this might be hard to understand, but what if, IF all 5 people react to first blood in your "unreasonable response" and just want the game over with. If you have 5 tyler1 wanna' be's who just want to surrender, let them. What many people aren't understanding with this is that implementing this feature won't make this feature be used every single game. If a game consists of 1 or more people who don't want to surrender at 5 minutes, then you won't. If the game consists of all 5 people on 1 team wanting to surrender, then they will surrender. It has little, if not any effect on the people who don't like surrendering early, but has a positive effect for the people who do.
: > Also, how's that mid guy going to win in general? His top lane gave up 10 kills, that's a lot of gold. The same way you win any game where one player on the enemy team is going off (pick any option): * Stall out the game. Wave clear and stealing away objectives can be a great way to slow the enemy team down. * Avoiding the fed player as best you can, focusing on his teammates or playing the rest of the map instead. He can't be Top Lane, Bot Lane, and Mid Lane all at once, get what you can, pushing hard when he's visible somewhere else. * Focusing on him as a team. I've seen several games that were decided by if the fed menace died before the fight or not. The enemy Top laner is 1,762 gold up on someone farming just as much as he is. Yes, that's a lot early, but it's not insurmountable. The ally who goes 6/6 actually feeds the enemy Top more than the ally who's 0/10.
The ally who goes 6/6 also gets fed the same amount. And all these strategies are useful, but don't always work. You can't stall out a game when the enemy team decides to group while they have more gold and are pushing down mid. You can't avoid the enemy fed Talon who has all 3 lethality items and mobi boots. And you can't focus a fed Fiora when you can barely 1v3 her. I admit, sometimes these things can work. But you can't always count on them to come back in a game, and besides some people might just want out of the game. If all 5 people want out of the game, again, why deny them?
: When people know they can't surrender until 20, they usually figure it's worth their time to try their hardest to bring the game back in that time. When people know they could surrender but a single person is back, they play like tilted maniacs and flame whoever they suspect of holding onto the game. Usually it's the person who's still actually trying to win. Last time I had this happen, we had a game that would have been easy to recover from except our Zac kept diving into the enemy team 1v5 until everyone agreed to surrender. Also, spamming surrender votes in cooldown is about the most tilting thing you can do to your team.
You're talking about having 1 person not wanting to surrender. My post is about ALL 5 people wanting to surrender at 5 minutes. Please.
: then whoever votes no gets flamede by the others
Riot released the chat mute button long ago. Riot recently released the ping mute button. They are not there to look pretty.
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