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: How is the new Infinity Edge going to sync with {{champion:22}} ? Specifically I'm looking at her passive, will every hit deal true damage or just the "crits". Will the same portion of a "crit" be converted to true damage, or maybe is she just gonna get left behind and not deal any true damage? As a long time Ashe player I must know these things.
From her numbers here in Training tool, It shows me that ashe at 100% Crit chance (4 items, IE included) has her passive deal 110%(+150%) And that her AA, instead of dealing extra dmg, instead slow harder. Attacking the Scuttle, I dealt 405 Dmg with her passive, so lets use that number. New IE Doubles Crit Chance, so in theory, She only needs 3 Items to reach 100% (Phantom Dancer + Statick Shiv + IE in this case)(Yes i know thats more) This change means she can now Build less crit items, so she has more options. And now every time she perma slows someone, she's gonna deal 20% (Current PBE ratio) of that dmg as true dmg. So every 405 dmg, 81 of it is gonna be true Dmg. In theory, Dont know if thats gonna be like that.
: yah {{champion:67}} was unique as the "tank shredder" or the "true damage champion", but now look at all these new true damage items; runes. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Shes still better than them... cause she doesnt just deal true dmg... she deals MAX HEALTH True Dmg...
: his early game isn't been super strong anyway so waiting a little longer be too bad, he could also just get 2 crit gloves and sell them later(which you can afford to do if you are farming well). With the tweaks they are doing to jungle and jungle play it's unlikely that a passive yas will see to much of the enemy jungler. all this change means is that he doesn't HAVE TO take conqueror anymore which is good but he takes longer to get rolling. _** TL;DR it's not really a nerf or a buff. it's just different.**_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Yeah its not a Nerf... He will still be building any 1 Crit item and IE because it stacks with his passive. It means that all attacks on a Yasuo deal 20% True damage, Plus lets say PtA as his new main means that his True Crit dmg will be doing 12% more damage as well... how is this not an indirect Yasuo buff? I cant say.
: After playing all day, I can safely say that being able to pick your own champ is legitimately better. All random can give your team sub par champions, and even with re-rolls you could still end up with some bad ones. The whole point of URF was that it was supposed to be fun. At least, for us. (The people who have consistently been looking forward to playing it.) The old URF was perfect. Any naysayers don't get it. There were bans, so if people thought anything was "OP" it could be banned. There was nothing wrong with it. I'd say the only thing "wrong" with it for me is that it isn't a perm. game mode already. This URF isn't ~~as~~ fun. A lot of players are experiencing URF for the first time now, and they don't even get to witness it in its original glory. Being able to play stuff like Blitz, and pulling someone into a bush full of Shaco boxes or Maokai Saplings was so much fun. Being able to play any champ you wanted because you had a cool idea on something you wanted to try out is what **made** it fun. There's nothing like being able to choose your own champ in URF. I could go into a lot of detail on why being able to choose is better. To me, there aren't even any cons to it. But I'm keeping it as simple as I can. Please. **TL;DR**: At least bring the old URF back. I truly and sincerely even _beg_ of you. And I'm certain others feel the same way.
This is exactly my point, although the banning option i would remove if we get to pick because it would give more versatility (ill admit, not always) to the teams. Although something cool they could do so that people dont team spam wins or stuff.... the game could lock the last champion used by you in URF, that way you always have to pick a different option.... maybe it could ban up to 3 champs at a time and force the craziness even further.... idk tho.... thats just my opinion
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Thank you riot, i have been waiting for URF for a looong time!!! Although im dissapointed about how it turned out... is this set in stone or is it subjected to some change? I used to play URF when i wanted fun chaos... but the keyword there is fun. I keep getting stuck with champs i would never play in urf and with champs that i suck at, so im not having the fun that URF promises. If i may make a suggestion... if you guys are gonna keep it Random, at least give us the option of banning(that way we can either remove the ones that NOBODY wants to use, or just the champs that mean an auto win for that team) Or just give us back the pick option, even if we dont get to ban some... personally, i would choose number 2, but thats just me and EVIL plans :D
: Does a Quadra Then a Shut Down Count as a Penta?
Its a penta, the game gave more priority to the shut down cause she was on a heavy killing spree (Theres a 5 second minimum before the game doesnt call the penta) its happened to me too, i got a Quadra and instead of Quadra it said Shut down cause the guy i killed had a 9 man killing spree., THEN it called the penta on the next guy... so yeah... Weird as fuck but yeah
: So many mid champions have some decent mana regen
Galio is great... as long as you dont use his E for laning, and farm carefully, there is no mage that will beat you in mid, im serius, i have done it. save that E for ganks and teamfights, dont waste it to poke, cause its weak at all lvl under 4, especially considering it has a high mana cost. when going damage, max his Q the W When stalling the lane and waiting for jg, get 2 on W, then 1 on Q, repeat untill W is max, then finish Q. only person that i have problems with when i use galio, is brand, cause his abilities deal max health and the passive burns off the W stack fast (the W heals you less the more times you get hit, so when Brands passive hits you 3 times from 1 ability, the next ability wont heal you like you hoped) Other than that... BRING ON THE MAGES BITCHES!!!!!
: Why does Tahm's passive keeps its stacks after using his stun or devour AND decay?
Until you play tahm, dont talk about abilities. 1. Slow attack speed + slow movement speed. So "stickiness" isnt the word. UNLESS they are either really dumb, or you catch them by surprise, stacking his passive is not as easy as tahm mains make it seem. 2. His Q (Slow+Stun) at 40% cooldown reducion, is at 3-4 seconds at minimum, and since the debuff duration is 2 seconds at most, you can get away from him withought a problem. 3. his W (Devour) has the longest cooldown from all his abilities (no ult of course), and while it lets you move the distance at most would be 4 feet (In our real distance), so basically its a flash distance. and even IF he moves you, he cant auto stun you because The stacks dissapear after he spits you up. 4. even tho 3/5 abilities give stacks on the opponent, if you use your abilities to get stacks, you wont be able to use them to fight the enemy. the stacks dissapear after while, so just put some distance and play carefully. Play him, look at this list, then come back and complain if im wrong. Good day sir
: omg... and people call me unreasobable
Im not unreasonable... I just felt like being a smartass :D As for the post itself... Healing is a BIG part of League... In this game, at least 80% of the time, SOMEONE is healing at some point. There is a shit ton of numbers being put into EACH fight, so unless youre a math genius, you will never know the outcome of every fight. I get your point tho, someone surviving with "minion shot health" is VERY annoying. (One guy survived a fight with me with 2 health... AFTER poison... (I was singed at the time)). But here's the thing, that is a basic mechanic of the game. You're telling me that, since he survived, the next fight we do he HAS to die because the game is helping me finish what i started? NO man... as i said before, the numbers calculated in a way that he lived, REGARDLESS on me dying or not, should not affect how he does in the NEXT fight. And to be clear... there is no such thing as "Luck" in this game. There is "Skill", "Mechanics" and believe it or not "Basic Math". Leaving someone with 1 hp means that while your skills were good, your champion's predetermined/created (Base stats+runes/masteries/items/buffs, to make it simple) mechanics weren't sufficient enough to finish what you started, hence the basic 100 - 99 = 1. The CLOSEST you will EVER come to luck is in 3 things: 1.At the champion select (Getting a Great machup) 2.Getting good/competent teamates (Not getting trolls/AFK's is lucky) 3.The blind buff steals (blue/Red/Drag/Baron/Herald)
Clicked it only to Downvote {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: This is why I hate Ranked
1. While a Game Loads, pay attention to each enemies Summoners Spells, and keep them in mind all the time (If you forget, pressing Tab/O lets you see them) 2. YOU called JG first... if thats you best role, DONT EVER let it go, cause you dont know anybody elses skills. 3. Yeah you should have just kept to tower for farming, saving your Ult for ganks, and since you should have played defencively, maxing the heal first would have helped you (Dont know if thats what you did, just saying) 4. If they start flamming, just Mute them, makes you pay attention to the game itself, if they want you to do something, a ping is more effective than saying "do this you F***ing noob" 5 if he WAS Diamond 4**, he should have carried you to the win instead of talking shit. Sorry about idiot teamates, and good luck on your next games :)
: Runes for Olaf
So im gonna give you the ones i use on him (I use them on every AD/Tank champs for now) They are effective and makes you hard to kill early. Tier 3 Runes: 9 Atk Damage Marks 9 Flat Armor Seals 9 Flat Magic Resist Glyphs 2 Health Regen Quints 1 Max Health % Quint Hes my main Champion and i love him!! Nothing more eautifull than fighting a full CC team and yelling F*** YOU!! while i charge their adc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Arie (NA)
: What role do you main?
Im a fill person, i play any role EXCEPT ADC!!
Penns (EUW)
: Nasus is already an absuletely horrible champion to play against. As long as you dont kite and herass perfectly with a hard counter like Teemo **and** the Nasus isnt some kind of hardcore Nasus main, youre gonna have a hard time ""denying his farm"" when he just becomes unfightable and ignores most champs completely after 1 item lel.
Always surviving cause of them slows.... Now i get to clean houses like i wanted :D
: > [{quoted}](name=AyRe CoNteMpT,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fUTqUsw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-18T11:07:54.412+0000) > > 1. if you take warlords bloodlust on yasuo, you now give up alot of power in the earlygame which might even lead to him not ever becoming as strong as he was before. fervor of battle on him is too good as it synergizes absurdly with his Q and E so i guess if noobs gonna take warlords, its good for me. WAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? FERVOR ON YASUO? so the 100% crit healing every auto an q isnt good enough for you? "noobs gonna take warlords", this guy is fucking dumb FYI this is not close to my main account. this is my third account that i try weird stuff on.
He has a point tho... Warlords Bloodlust is OK on him, its not OP. Yasuo is a do or dont champion... Hes strength comes from a strong early game, if he doesnt manage to snowball early, hes not that good at late game. Since Warlords is a Late game mastery, your early game presence is not really good. And its not a Flat 25%... it goes up by lvl, 25% is at lvl 18, the starting % is 15%.... 15% health on a no health champ, that early game he get 3/10 hits on me, means that hes not sustaining enought for what im doing to him. On Low Elo he is considered "God" Champ, because most Low Elo players have no idea how to fight his kit. But in Regular and High Elo, hes actually not one of the most op champs there is. hes actually considered weak in high Elo.
Meanie40 (NA)
: {{item:3092}} and {{item:2301}} have tribute cooldowns added on the PBE.
Goddammit... Nvm my coment then {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Verdade (EUNE)
: Exactly, as a Vel'Koz main i was going for {{item:2301}} /{{item:3092}} only because of the ability to kill minions and still earn gold. With it im able to clear a wave if needed without getting penalized for it, be it in earlier or late stages of the game. Also helps when killing enemy champions - if i use my R on champion in the middle of minions i will now miss damage from {{item:3092}} because there was a minion in lazor's way? These support items reward you for ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING in lane, like putting yourself at risk, expending resources (health/mana) to get gold unlike {{item:3301}} which gives you gold AND health just by standing afk in brush. If we are nerfing {{item:3092}} why don't we also nerf {{item:3301}} and {{item:3302}} health regens? This is brutal change for poke supports and they've got hard time already thanks to all sustain buffs. This change sends {{champion:143}} Support to trash tier, as her plants can't be controlled and are bound to accidentaly kill minions in lane, nerfs {{champion:161}} {{champion:43}}{{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} supports because their abilities are either AOE or multi-target and barely touches problematic {{champion:63}} who abuses it the most because he procs all stacks from single spell. It's just enforcing boring tank all in supports like {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} just like the last season. These champions should be vulnerable to aggression (poke, not all ins) but strong against sustain supports (because sustain doesn't matter when they kill you in single trade). Sustain supports are supposed to deal with heavy poke by outhealing it.
{{item:3092}} and {{item:2301}} have no cooldown.... {{item:3098}} and {{item:3303}} do...
: If you use Imgur, when you open your picture there is a link titled "Direct Link (email & IM)" that works. Or you can right click the image, and press "Copy Image URL" (Some browsers will say "Copy Image Address")
FINALLY!!! Thank you :) This is the picture in question...
: How do some people absolutely never get salty :p Seriusly tho... Just do what i do... Just think that everyone is gonna disappoint you, that way you wont get mad when they do, since you expect it, you can work through it.
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: Upload the image to an image hosting site (I prefer Imgur), and then post the direct URL to it. This can either be found next to the uploaded picture, or you can right click it and press "Copy Image URL"
Do i permalink it? Or is there something else i have to do?
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: Can we fix an issue with bond of stone
To be fair... Getting it on Garen means youre gonna be going VERY tanky, and youre gonna be regenerating a lot of health, meaning your passive will be unimportant... since with items and masterie/runes you should be fine. Personally, i almost always go this build(Items vary): {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3075}} cause its an auto tank, and with this mastery, we end up winning most teamfights :) And dude... You're a Garen... One of the best tanks in the game this season... Like killing him is a 3 out 20 chance.... This mastery raises it to 7 out 20... Still very good odds for you, not so much for your enemies :D And his passive gets disabled on any sort of damage from the enemies... so the keystone doing it too wont matter. cause youre getting hit yourself anyways.
Onwodori (NA)
: Will Galio receive a rework as well now? (RIP LORE)
> [{quoted}](name=Onwodori,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=veE53fiw,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-09T02:16:45.310+0000) > > A new passive and a changed E is all that really needs to happen. NEW PASSIVE??? ARE YE NUTZ??? That passive is what makes him great!! He is (Fact, not Opinion) the 2nd best tank in the game. (Dont remember the first, but if i had to guess, it would be tahm, Mundo or Sejuanni) 1. He demolishes BOTH AD and AP created teams. Anti AD Items: {{item:3027}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} Anti AP Items: {{item:3174}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} Regular Tank Items{{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3111}} ({{item:3026}} /{{item:3512}})(These last 2 are very situational :]) 2. Going full tank doesn't hurt damage. 3. That passive makes him one of the most dangerous mid laners in the game (Yes... i said mid).For when hes fighting mages and AP assassins. (I have Proven that Le Blanc mains HATE fighting Galio.) As for the E... Yeah i believe they should change it too... And i never liked the old lore anyways, so changing that wont be too bad.
: So you actually think its possible to win vs jax soraka AND lee on one team? I don' think a pro team could beat a bunch of bronzies if they had those champs
1. You CHOSE to dodge. 2. Dodging is dumb (You lose LP anyways!!!) 3. It IS possible to beat that combo, IF you play smart. 4. NO champ is broken, if you know what youre doing, you can make shit of their teamwork. 5. Finally, and most importantly... Dodging is dumb (You lose LP anyways!!!!)
: How do you deal with Jax
Thornmail is always good :)
maikokk (NA)
: i think farsight might need a tweak
To be fair, its completely fine... its basically a 1 hit/infinite # of wards/ ranged pink ward that has a removed stealth vision.
: Warlord's Bloodlust
Did you crit champs only? Cause they changed it to work only on champions, because of all the heals they were getting on minions.
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: Should it matter what applies the passive though? Passives should either count as abilities or they should not. If it mattered what caused them, should Darius bleed proc DFT when his Q procs the passive? A single Darius Q into bleed is exactly the same as a single Brand Q into burn.
It matter because the passives themselves dont proc the Mastery, they just deal extra damage because of it. So while every one of his abilities proc it because they DO deal damage, only the Q on darius would proc it because its his ONLY damage
: Deathfire Touch and its Interaction With DOT
Death Fire Grasp: Your **damaging abilities** cause enemy champions to take 6 + 50% of your Bonus Attack Damage and 20% of your Ability Power in Magic damage over 3 seconds (Area of effect and damage over time abilities apply half of this damage over 1.5 seconds instead). You have to mentally figure out which abilities are benefiting from it. like you said, sometimes it also applies to passive abilities. Using you examples here: Brands Passive kicks in with the use of ANY of his abilities, so it works with any hit of his Q/W/E/R Combo. Meaning that anything Brand does other than AA triggers the passive. Darius however... Darius's** basic attacks** and **damaging abilities** cause enemies to bleed for 5 seconds. Darius only has 2 damaging abilities, which are his Q and his R. So only THOSE 2 abilities trigger the mastery. Why not the W? Because the W isn't a damaging ability, its an **Empowered AA**. That's the reason why DFG Applies to one passive and not the other.
: Selecting roles before champ select even begins.
This is something they doing with Team Builder... Although it WOULD be cool to see it be done in Solo Q too
Elastoid (NA)
: Is Tristana growing up right in front of our eyes?
You have WAY to much time on your hand....
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Jxg (EUW)
: He's extremely skillful. Downvote all you want, but it isn't just "dash, dash, Q, R". Perhaps in bronze, silver and gold, he's winning on autopilot. To win with him in high elos is something else.
Obviously not... his combo is Q,Q, Dash, dash Q, R... his combo wont work if you dont stack the wind first brahhh
JustSir (NA)
: Not down-voting because i honestly want to know where the skill comes into play...If people say he needs it, then it must come from somewhere
I have only played Yasuo once or twice (Prepatch of course) And i have fought him more times that i would like this season... And his kit is super easy to use, so there is no skill involved... HOWEVER, if you find yourself fighting a skilled player (Someone who mains yasuo or has experience fighting him) then there is SKILL needed to win, because even tho its easy to use, its also easy to dodge. Hes easy to fight with many champs, but the patch changes made him in some sense "OP" because getting 100 % Crit with only 3000 gold(more or less) is just too dam anoying, especially since a raduins omen takes 600 more gold to get. So when people use squichi champions, they feed him hard, and then its over. All you can do right now in low elo is ban him. Or you could just play like me, take someone who would bully him out of lane so hard hes forced to leave the lane or submit. my sugestions are Malphite or Yorick (need super great mana control with both) They can tank his Q/R, and deny him kills early, maybe even farm, making his late game severyly weakened. Also, dont shoot anything from the front of his Windwall... like really, i have seen so many players waste their whole kit instead of waiting for it to come down or just sidestepping it...
: > [{quoted}](name=Raykill24,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e7BbmvBb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-01T13:56:32.476+0000) > > Nasus isnt the only one with that heavy a slow. {{champion:122}} (90% on his W i believe) {{champion:30}} (60-65% (havent played karth in a while, thats just what i remember)){{champion:40}} (60-80% slow on her E) {{champion:112}} (60 at max lvl) > All have their own slows that can match or beat both nasus and tahm, even if the time duration is .5 - 1.0 less > But i like your math btw, its coherent and understandable, and its strue... Tahm is just op as hell. (Dont forget hes one of the meanest junglers too) Tahm has longer duration or a much, much lower CD in pretty much all of those cases. You're right about zil, though. However, Zilean only has 2 abilities that can interact with enemies, and only one deals damage. Tahm could survive with a 30% max slow on his Q. Zilean would be even more worthless if they did anything to his E.
Zilean isnt worthless... hes the savior... nobody can killean the Zilean!!! and the zilean makes sure that the killean doesnt die either ;)
Zero000 (EUW)
: Unfortunately, it appears as if neither her winrate nor her damage are top tier at the moment. I'm afraid I couldn't go along with that. Why can % max hp TRUE damage not be balanced?
Max% HP true damage is actually a viable damage form, its not op at all, the problem is that when you add this form of damage to a mobile kit like hers it gets annoying. Thankfully, she and Vayne are the only 2 who deal this damage (funny how both are "OP" in peoples opinion) But in both their kits, there is an abvious play around. DONT GET HIT. Evade Vaynes third AA, and just dont let Fiora hit your points(Ultiless obviously, cause her ult surrounds you, so you get hit at least once) and you should be fine( In theory, but most people dont know how to apply it)
: A Close, Math-Powered Look at Tahm Kench's Kit
Nasus isnt the only one with that heavy a slow. {{champion:122}} (90% on his W i believe) {{champion:30}} (60-65% (havent played karth in a while, thats just what i remember)){{champion:40}} (60-80% slow on her E) {{champion:112}} (60 at max lvl) All have their own slows that can match or beat both nasus and tahm, even if the time duration is .5 - 1.0 less But i like your math btw, its coherent and understandable, and its strue... Tahm is just op as hell. (Dont forget hes one of the meanest junglers too)
: Is Illaoi the least appealing female champion aesthetically?
What the hell do you mean??? SHE IS HOT AS HELL!! DAAM I would tap that and hope her god takes me, life OMG.... do you have any idea the amount of fun we could have with her tentacles??? The orgies will be REAL!!! and shes gonna make sure that EVERYONE is satisfied... or at least her god will ;). . . . . . . . . Yeah im twisted... Deal with it >:)
Shonjl (NA)
: Let's see. Urgot did have a time he was played a lot since if I recall he was played in Worlds. Then he vanished again since he is fugly to look at. Poppy is getting reworked and even without it, she has a dumb kit, with the most toxic ult in the game. Yorick is garbage and will probably remain garbage til Riot finally deletes him since they basically openly admitted he was a mistake and they hate him. Zac is probably because there is other champs that just does his job better, need that surprise gank? Get Rengar or Shaco, want a tanky jungle that can stir some trouble up? Hecarim, Udyr, Ekko. He does both jobs but poorly at them both. Taric is getting a rework, Swain,Eve and Heimer I see a decent amount of the time, but probably because they are just boring champs, with Eve being gutted so many times I wonder how she can even walk anymore. Kha is just because he is either OP and played every game, or they make his isolation garbage and he is an assassin that can't even assassinate.
> [{quoted}](name=Shonjl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZsAzmjEh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-30T07:14:36.998+0000) > > Yorick is garbage and will probably remain garbage til Riot finally deletes him since they basically openly admitted he was a mistake and they hate him. Correction, VLADIMIR is the one they hate and admited he was a mistake, Yorick is just something that they made and let it live in the shadows.
: If Sona and Karthus had a Child
Can we just apreciate the fact that an evil race lord brought his own music everywhere he went? Thats some dedicated shit right there..
: why are people so rustled by illaoi's E?
Its an anoying version of Darius E in my opinion... More dangerous in fact. But like you said, its not op or anything, its easy to dodge and play around it
: Play teambuilder. Ranked is just toxic and everybody plays blind pick so team builder is less likely to have some crazy guy.
I used to think the same thing... but even team builder is not safe from this... and it makes me sad.
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: Illaoi seems to hate any Shadow Isles champ because they like to eat your soul and torture it and they are generally not so nice guys. But isn't that exactly what she does herself? Ripping out people's souls (spirits, whatever) just to beat them up and potentially even kill their host. What justifies her soul-abuse techniques compared to beings like Thresh and Mordekaiser?
Casri (EUW)
: Cass doesn't want Morellonomicon though, she **needs** Tear or RoA for the mana pool. If you're forced to waste a slot on Morellonomicon you sacrifice the opportunity to pick up much stronger items, i.e. abyssal, zhonya, luden's, rylai, void, deathcap, heck even WotA. The only time Cass even considers Morellonomicon right now is when she really needs the grievous wounds to counter a sustain champion. I agree that Cass' passive should just give 30% cdr again. 25% is an awkward number with the loss of CDR from sorcery.
Personally, i always either get {{item:3165}} or {{item:3174}} on her. Bacause one is offencive, and the other one is defencive. so it depends on who im fighting. usually the grail tho, because of the mana reset on kill/assist
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