Syte (NA)
: dodge these lanes for winnable games
Why not dodge every game eh ? Just play the damn game Jesus
LP Blaze (NA)
: Ranked. If you give up easily, please don't play.
KingMack (NA)
: That was...unnecessarily harsh.
> [{quoted}](name=KingMack,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=fVQiaf3c,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-19T21:06:20.523+0000) > > That was...unnecessarily harsh. Not really. Just opening his eyes. Someone has to tell him that he lacks common sense and that he shouldn't type bullshit when he has no knowledge of the topic he's typing on.
: Riot and their trash system
Firstly there is no down voting in the RANT section. Secondly, what you said was a 100% truth. Don't care what the mods do or say. They cant change the truth. Mute all next time mate. These assholes aint worth your time or mental. Some people like you who try to actually win and rage only a few games cause of damn inters is the reason the community is still going on. I hope you cool off and try to win ahead. Np mate shit happens just 1 trash game. You'll win more. ggs and don't tilt more next time. You don't want a perma ban.
: ranked is confusing
It happens. Shit games come to all. But remember this that you gonna get a win streak soon. Keep trying to carry and keep playing good the way you are right now. It might seem dim right now but it will surely pay off and get you to climb. Happens with all mate just don't lose hope. Tilt is what gets most of the people. You cant win a 100% of the time ya know. It sucks to lose but it wouldn't matter when shit becomes worth at the end of the day. Maybe a 10 more games, 15 perhaps but the win streak will come. Play for it.
: Hardstuck
Yep. It happens man. Don't take it in offence but you aren't the best player in the town are ya now ? Good players don't usually face this but for an average player like yourself its true that it happens. 90% of silver players been through this. But trusts me pick a meta champ, grab your focus and you would be headed towards a win streak. Once that happens you gonna be outta here in no time. A good day and a win streak is the only way an average player gets out. And trust me you might feel hopeless now but it would surely come. Just don't over tilt before it happens.
Ryvaku (NA)
: I don't care about Trolls anymore.
: stealing auto-chess was a mistake
Yeah I don't think so bud. You've seen the number of views and players it fetched ? Its a goddamn gold mine for riot. Finally something that's fun again and something people are liking from riot. A few dumb people like you who don't understand common sense and just blabber what they listen from others won't change the truth. If it were a mistake and people didn't like it, it wouldn't be #1 on twitch all day long and players wouldn't be waiting in an hour long queue to play the damn thing. And please don't make your opinion look like a whole 'playerbase's' opinion. Just cause you and your little friends don't like it doesn't mean no one does. And wait why again are you saying riot 'stole' this idea ? Taking a genre and innovating it using their own style is not called stealing .... Its like saying Fortnite, apex legends, pubg etc 'STOLE' from H1Z1. LMAO. Sigh man you people need to get your common sense up. Stop posting shit you don't even know about. It just makes you look dumber.
: Riot is on a personal mission to make me lose every single game I play
: MMR/RNG / And Unfairness
Finally when they fix most of the stuff in the game they ruin the Biggest fucking thing. Matchmaking is ass this season. Be it high elo or low. But NOPE they gotta get MORE SKINS OUT. Dog company. Keep spamming these posts until they fix it.
: fix match making please
Sooo trueee. Literally every gold game I play either my opponent or my team has 1 bronze 2 or bronze 1 player. Like what is this matchmaking man. Like you said bronze should maximum be restricted to silver Elo and not any higher. Its just so dumb
: 1v4 laning phase, clearly my fault.
Same bro. I feel ya man. Just had a guy lock in swain jg and continue to int and then blame me (the mid laner) for not helping him with his int plays. Tower dive lvl 4 as swain jg like come on man. If it aint an int idk what is.
: Yuumi's WR proves Yuumi isnt bad, YOU ARE!
You expect success from a champ that was meant for super team play in 'Solo' Queue. Nice on mate. Currently as per her base stats and her ratios, she's pathetic. One of the worst champs riot has released. Trust me if you pick in her ranked you're just inting your own team. She's bad period.
Dreamesa (NA)
: Yuumi isn't bad.
I mean if they kept banning her in norms then that's bad. But if it happened in ranked I would like to thank them. Yummi might be or might not be bad but currently shes unplayable in ranked. No one knows how to play her and her kit as a whole is super underpowered. Name me 1 other champ with ratios as low as yummi and a winrate as low as her. She has a fucking base hp of 433. Like what ????? Trust me if you're picking her in ranked then you're just inting your own team. Its not just my own opinion but almost all the challenger players have said that too. You wanna play and have fun then please go to normals and try her. But don't take her to ranked just yet. Tell me what can she do once her adc dies ? I played voli and killed her in 3 autos and 1 W from full health XD. VOLI a tank champion. Imagine what other mages and assassins would do to her. Shes has the lowest winrate in the history of all the new champs that riot has released. a goddamn 30%. I hope you enjoy her in norms and don't int your team in ranked
: Getting this removed
Well Rip my friend riot sadly does not remove any bans unless the system made an error. Even if you beg them or cry and keep sending them tickets, they wont do shit. They don't take this as answer "It was the mistake, I am reformed now so please remove my ban". You can try but nothing will happen now. So a tip for when you make a new account. All mute when u join a game. The only way u don't get a ban. Its better if u forget this account and move on. No way on earth riot is unbanning this one with such a toxic behaviour.
: I got banned of this?
Mentioning 'Kys' twice is enough for a ban. Also we don't know if this is the original logs or you edited them. Many people edit their logs and post on boards to make them look like they're playing the part of the victim.
: Mages in general
Nice ! A good post in RANT section. I got 3 major tips for ya 1] Identifying a strong jungler and abusing it until riot nerfs it. See jungle is simple as long as you play the strongest champion in that role. You need to know and learn how to play the champion whose in meta currently. J4, Hecarim, Rek sai are the op 3 right now. Hecarim is strongest among the 3 in lower Elo. With ignite and conqueror he carries games easily. I can see that you have a low win rate with him. You should probably learn him first then proceed to abusing him. Also ignite is better for duelling as compared to ghost. 2] Watch and learn the pathing, builds and the champion itself Watch high Elo player's videos and streams where you observe their paths, builds and how they play the champions. See you just need to get 1 thing straight in your head. If you wanna climb you need to have the mentality of a high Elo player. You cannot expect silver/ gold players to carry you. You need to carry yourself. If the game is completely unwinnable or someone is afk/trolling then just open the game and go next. But keep your mental calm so that you don't carry forward the tilt from the last game to the next one. People will blame you half the time cause you are the jungler but you need to keep cool and perform your best. Also do not rely on low Elo players for anything. You take the kills and you become fed so that you carry yourself ( unless you are playing a tank champion then it would be better to give the kills). A few good high Elo jungles would be IWD, Metaphor, Tarzaned. Watch their YT vids and learn from them. 3] Just play the damn game man The more you play jungle with different champs the more you explore and learn. Keep playing games and trying your best to carry yourself. Remember that no one will carry you except yourself. Good luck man
Critty92 (EUNE)
: Feeding in ranked should actually be punishable
IKR ! I 100% agree with the post man. I had 4-5 games in the past 3 days where I get my top liners first timing champs in ranked. Like why lol ? These players ruin the game. That game otherwise is fine by itself
Barkley (NA)
: I seriously do have worse luck than everyone else. Its not just me.
Then just answer me this. Why doesn't show all this that you mention. You are so delusional mate. Like do you not get it ? Your says everything against what you mentioned. cannot be wrong. I have proof to back up my statements. While you are just ranting and lying cause you wanna look good. look at this. Its your Have you ever even visited it ? 48% 220+ games and still silver LUL. Then you have the audacity to complain about your team mates. I don't need to know you or to fucking meet you to bust your lies. I have proof for that. Like you must be super delusional to have the balls to deny facts. Also, Preseason doesnt count for climbing. If you climb during pre season it doesn't make you a good player. But another thing. If you were having High Gold mmr during Season 7 preseason. Then how did you end Season 8 as silver 5 0 LP ??????? Even if you are super bad at the game no one can end silver 5 0 LP having high gold mmr. Which clearly shows that you never had a high gold MMr to being with. You peak in this game is Gold 5 0 LP. Thats a fact and you should know that too.
: Team combines for 45 deaths so I get suspended
Damn its sad you got a ban for this. Sometimes their ban system is a bit crazy. I think you typed a lot in this game. Hence, the ban. Sometimes typing this much and frequently using the word 'ff now' ' gg this is over ff' and 'int' could often lead to a ban. I know its weird but riot doesn't want you to write essays while playing the game. In these types of games where its very obvious that your team is inting and its unwinnable, you should either open or just wait out until they end asap. Typing in these types of games wont lead to them not inting nor would it lead to something helpful/productive. I usually refer to these games as 'Bait games' where because of everyone inting you tend to get baited towards typing a lot due to the frustration. Which ultimately leads to them having a 'fun' time by inting and you getting a ban. Trust me man its not worth getting a ban cause of these players. Hence, I urge you that if you continue playing , try to type as less as possible and mute inters and people who start blaming you.
: Sick and Tired of Bad Teammates
Lmao amazing rant. But change that tilted though. Its not 'Sick and tired of bad teammates' it should be more like 'sick and tired of how dogshit I am'. You are fucking bronze and you have the audacity to blame your teams ? You have 430 games in bronze .... Yuck that's pathetic. Lemme tell you a fact. Its not your teams its you whose bad. Cause no one would be stuck in bronze if they are good. Like you cant even 1v9 in bronze games ??? Pathetic. This is all idiots like you can do. Come on boards and cry. Cause shitters like you cant get better at the game and have no other option than crying. Learn to carry and climb rather than shit your pants and beg for your team to carry. hell na you aint never climbing. enjoy the taste of dirt in bronze
: My Account
Hey man sorry to hear bout that ban. I hope you get your RP back, at least some of it. But regarding your discussion I got a few points. Firstly, it doesn't matter the amount of reports you get in certain games to get a ban. Even if 1 person reports you and the system detects it valid then its gg my friend. The system basically judges based on any of the trigger words you mentioned. The reason you got the ban must be the amount of toxic words you used in those certain games. Some words like the R word, the N word, 'stfu', 'kys' etc are low tolerance words and gets you an easy ban if you use them frequently in game. Also, you cant be a 100% sure that all you got were 5 reports. Some people usually tend to not even mention the fact that they reported you. I am a jungle main too so I do know how it feels when 4 other people dump the game on your head when they get solo killed with no enemy jungle pressure. But you just either need to keep your mental cool and mute them or just open the game and go next. But because you typed back to them and that too in a toxic manner I have to say it comes down to you who played a major part in getting the ban. Getting a perma means you must be toxic frequently cause you must have gotten the 10 game, 25 game then the 14 day ban too. So yeah all I can say is that use that mute button that you mentioned for yourself too when someone blames you rather being toxic towards them. Also Riot did not run away with your money as it doesn't matter how much money you spent on the game for you to get a ban. People spending thousands of dollars will be treated the same as someone who spent 0 dollars on the game regarding the bans. The system treats everyone equally. P.s Could you explain to me what you meant by that overwatch thing that you mentioned. I'm not aware of it and would like to know about it annnd the last thing. Your post doesn't belong in rant. Rant is for you know ranting lol. Your post is a relevant topic that can gather some good discussions. Posts in Rant section barely get any disc. So try to move it to GamePlay or general. Cheers lad.
Barkley (NA)
: Here's a non-BS answer that's a fact with some proof -- you need anger management classes.
> [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=vetMykNa,comment-id=0001000000010000,timestamp=2019-04-21T00:33:58.885+0000) > > Here's a non-BS answer that's a fact with some proof -- you need anger management classes. Yaawn. Another BS answer but that was quite obvious cause you don't have anything to defend yourself with cause of the lies you put. Anger ?? Lmao I'm having fun busting an idiot who cant even lie properly on the internet. Prove atleast 1 on my argument wrong and I will agree that I was wrong. But oh well you cant even have a proper argument with me hence all this crap you reply me with. See kid I know you are upset being hardstuck and bad cause you put in so much time in the game but that happens man not everyone is good at the game and sometimes you just need to accept that. So, lemme give you a tip. Stop lying on the internet and try to improve at the game yea ?
Barkley (NA)
: Would you like me to hop in a game with you and show you my judgement kayle skin? A skin exclusive to season 1 players? You're not exposing anything other than the fact that you're an idiot.
> [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=vetMykNa,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-19T22:29:09.710+0000) > > Would you like me to hop in a game with you and show you my judgement kayle skin? A skin exclusive to season 1 players? > > You're not exposing anything other than the fact that you're an idiot. Is lying ?? All the stuff I mentioned is pure facts as it has been taken from a reliable source. You have never even been close to plat promos buddy. Atleast not on this account. I can see all your history on and its not wrong so no point lying. Agree already that you are bad. And that's a fact. It shows you been playing since season 4 and that's a fact too, if not then why doesn't it show up on huh. Answer that kid. Is 'fake' or did it specifically delete your history. Pls don't reply with a BS answer unless its a fact with some proof. Ah, love busting liars like you
KueˆT (NA)
: I've been having to Dou for higher elo games.
I agree a 100% with swift4. If you cant carry your own ass then stay stuck
: First they took his wings, now they want his revive.
Good !! Keep ranting and stay silver you pepega.
GymE (NA)
: Quiting LoL
Gg wp bye bye. No one wanted you in the first place.. Enjoy your emulators though.
: Wish I had the power
Its just 1 game calm your tits. Move on and don't carry that tilt so you perform better on the next one where it matters. Everyone faces inters/afks/trolls. You aren't a special person who gets their attention. Everyone faces them and the ones that climb are the ones that accept those games and move on to perform better later on rather than come here on boards and rant. Thank god you don't have that power and never should have.
en2que (EUW)
: Ezreal
I mean you just want him reverted so that it nerfs him lol. Ngl hes annoying but reverting him will make him a dead champ. And his old W wasn't healthier like no one used that ability for combat as it was just like his Q except worse. And if someone did use it the thing wasn't impactful at all. His Kit should stay as his new W is more interactive and gives u equal risk and reward. If you hit a W on a champ you need to step up or hit your Q to get the damage. Like how is that Overpowered ? You have to take an equal amount of risk as compared to the reward you get. What needs to be done is lowering his numbers. Reverting isn't a solution nor is it ever gonna happen. His W is great but its strong cause of its numbers so that is want needs targeting not fucking gutting the whole ability.
Barkley (NA)
: I seriously do have worse luck than everyone else. Its not just me.
It isn't a baseless 'assumption' if its literally what you have typed buddy. Ive seen like close to a 100 hardstuck silver players give the reason " Oh I was gold 5 last season but I cant climb for the past 4 months now because my teams are always trash". And this is exactly what you mentioned. You have 200+ games in silver and you still have the audacity to rant ?? Yuck ! Also I got a few questions. You mentioned you been playing since season 1 right ? Which account was it that you played on ?? Cause on this one you been playing since season 4 Also you mentioned you peaked plat promos right ? Which account was that on ? Cause on this one you peaked Gold 5 0 LP XD. Like atleast try to lie well if you are this bad lol. Lemme tell you something there is this thing called mate. You cant hide shit from that. You been hardstuck silver since season 4 hence your reason to rant on this boards. Want me to expose you more lol ?
: can still kite you easily if you have no mobility, and even then its hard
> [{quoted}](name=Dewott610,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=UHGlT80r,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-18T02:52:45.179+0000) > > can still kite you easily if you have no mobility, and even then its hard Yea idk what more to say to you if you gonna complain about the worst jungler in your elo who is literally the least picked and has the worst winrate as a jungler in low elo. Smh.
afmghost (NA)
: Rant boards
Rant is actually the most fucked places I've seen. Worse than reddit. The amount of hate and flame in this place is absurd. This is like the shithole of Boards. Good thing riot made this it separated shitters from normal human beings.
Fluph (NA)
: I love this game! <3
Bruh its good u got banned. If your team makes a poor play or does not listen to you, it doesn't justify flaming. Being positive and not flaming/ having a strong mental is a part of this game and it seems like you are missing that. You investing your time thinking that its all about skills but nope. A strong mental and Positivity is just as important as being skilful. If you think otherwise then I am a 100% with riot and believe that you deserve that ban. Maybe just calm down next time if your team fucks up or think about what to do next rather than becoming a keyboard warrior and flaming your team. It wouldn't make them better or lead you to shit other than a ban which you clearly deserve.
Debanus (NA)
: Is it just me?
Or maybe you're just bad. This is like what a 1000th time I've heard a low Elo player crying about how he is stuck cause of his 'teams' right ? Its fine bud. But just a tip, you wont climb until you realise that you could be the part of the problem too. Rather than crying about the game or your damn teams maybe look at yourself sometime yeah ? If your lucky you might just see that ah it was you all along but if not then well shiet mate enjoy being hardstuck :)
: I lose games in ranked....and I am ok with it :)
Your post and your title don't match though. Your post makes sense and I might agree with it but Your title is pretty sarcastic compared to you post as you sound mad as fuck judging from your post. Inside you are still that guy who blames his reason not the climb as 'Team' but doesn't show it and accept the fact that he is bad. Its fine buddy some day one day you will climb :) Kapp.
: brain dead amumu
And riot still doesn't ban assholes like this guy. Poggers Riot
: Ivern the asshole troll jg
Really man ? You gonna cry about one of the most useless junglers on NA now ? Like it would make sense if you rant about Rek sai or J4 maybe Yi but Ivern really ? The only place he's viable is high Elo D1+ and from what I see you aren't even close to that place. So like don't rant about a champion who beat you like 1 time it actually makes you look more Pepega than you are Lul.
en2que (EUW)
: Ezreal
Why do you want him reverted ? You liked that useless W he had earlier ? People only used that thing to stack their tear lol. It was hardly ever used in combat and even if it was it did like - damage. His new W does such a good amount of damage after being proced and is such a good ability against towers and monster. idk man what goes through the mind of idiots like you who can't even understand whats better or worse. And what does his revert has to do with being Veigar ulted every 20 sec ????
: First they took his wings, now they want his revive.
Aatrox is getting a buff on patch 9.9. Its pretty litty if you read it through rather than rant here on the boards LUL.
Barkley (NA)
: I seriously do have worse luck than everyone else. Its not just me.
No, maybe you're just bad LUL. Every Silver player's reason for being hardstuck is 'my team feeds but I'm the best on my team'. You fit that perfectly.
Terozu (NA)
: Hey, moron. I NEVER SAID HE WAS BROKEN. In fact, ive said many times he's weak right now. He has an aggravating and unhealthy kit. How about you stop projecting your attitude on people. And furthermore, I've never really been stuck. I didn't play ranked beyond placements until last year, where i stopped playing after a week having gone from bronze 5 to SIvler 5 very quickly. I then hits Silver 3 100LP in the last couple days in the ranked season. I'm not stuck. And rank has nothing to do with him being aggravating to fight either. He retains high banrates even in high elo. Noone wants to deal with him.
Tf you meant no one wants to deal with him ? If you lose against a Yasuo doesn't mean everyone does. He's legit C tier in mid lane (which is considered very bad/not recommended to climb). I wonder if you're still crying about Yasuo. Lol you legit typed "I'm not stuck 3 times" How insecure are you. Cant hide the truth buddy always shows everything. Enjoy being hardstuck and ranting. You are never climbing take my word on that :)
: Team Riot Logic
There can't be a discussion under this thread until and unless you post your unedited logs. It looks pretty one sided by the way you showed it. The penalty bot would never give a chat restriction over what you mentioned. So yeah post your logs and then we could look into it.
Terozu (NA)
: Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)
Bruh you been bronze stuck 3 seasons and silver last (most prolly this season too). How about try to perma ban him or learn how to play against him ? You ranting on boards wont help you for shit. Try to improve at that game rather than being a 'keyboard warrior' on boards. Also pls don't reply with bullshit like 'oh yas is so broken that's why ive been hardstuck bronze for 3 seasons and gonna be hardstuck silver for the next 3'. Watch some yas counterplay vids or some shit. That is prolly gonna help more than you crying here.
: Just a small rant
: > [{quoted}](name=BetterjgwinsNA,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fJ4MEUiW,comment-id=0020000b,timestamp=2019-03-04T15:47:42.740+0000) > > Uhh, I don't understand your statement " will not be punishing your account for this post" . Can our account get banned in game for toxicity on boards ? Or perhaps a ban on boards ? Clarify pls Your account can lose board access. In-game punishments do not affect your board access, and board punishments do not affect your in-game access.
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fJ4MEUiW,comment-id=0020000b0001,timestamp=2019-03-04T15:50:11.670+0000) > > Your account can lose board access. In-game punishments do not affect your board access, and board punishments do not affect your in-game access. Thanks for the clarification!
Tezerren (NA)
: I got banned for being abused
My god these logs are uber toxic. Like actually insane my dude. I hope you got a perma for this cause this language is insane. You know a mute button exists right ? Can you not press that ? I agree that if your team mates typed with the level of toxicity that you did then they deserve a ban too. But don't justify this behaviour with saying that this is 'defence'. What you got is what you deserve. 'kys', 'fucking degenerate' isn't regarded as defence. Try to use the mute button often if you cannot control your anger. You wouldn't need to type if you cant read all the bad things they type to you. Also if report button doesn't work for you type in a ticket to riot. That works most of the time if the person you reported was actually at fault.
: >Okay, lets follow the rules I thought, so I reported the post. Today I checked what happened to that post. Fucking nothing! Sometimes it takes us a while to get around to actioning a thread, due to the fact that the team *is* comprised of volunteers. That thread has been handled, although I opted in favor of editing it due to the visibility it seems to have gotten: I felt at this point action taken should be visible, rather than simple having the thread vanish. The line calling Riven players monkeys was definitely *not* okay. Nor, in fact, is calling moderators (or anyone else, save perhaps actual monkeys) monkeys -- as such, I have edited this thread, although I understand your frustration and will not be punishing your account for this post. For future references, the correct approach would have been to approach us on Discord or Discuss the Boards and get some eyes on that thread as a higher priority, not do this sort of call-out thread. If you're concerned you're not getting through to someone you can always ping me or another Herald, and we'll make sure it gets looked at *when we're available to do so.*
Uhh, I don't understand your statement " will not be punishing your account for this post" . Can our account get banned in game for toxicity on boards ? Or perhaps a ban on boards ? Clarify pls


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