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: Sometimes when you take the time to rage at and attack other players, you actually can contribute to a downfall of a game because you create a negative atmosphere for everyone, including yourself, and, you type more than you should be during in game in most cases. Perhaps, the best thing to be would be trying to give advice and not flame. If you have a sucky teammate, give him advice or try to help. Don't say something like, "gg stupid, fed bot" when you never suggested at first, "hey, i'll join bot with you and we'll take them out together' or something. I also understand, that sometimes this does not work and sometimes you have to wonder if people even read the chat or care. In those situations, it's extremely frustrating but i'd say if you gave advice/offered to help and they're still making the same mistake over and over again without explanation, raging won't change their behavior either and is most likely a waste of your time when you can at least keep trying as oppose to sitting down and typing to someone who isn't listening anyway.
That's the thing. This is new behavior, and I've been playing since season 1. I've never been like this til now, but that's no excuse.
: Well, the first step is realizing that you have a problem. Isn't that what they always say? And it seems to me that you've recognized your own faults in spades. Now, I do know what it's like to know that you have a problem, while also feeling powerless to solve it. But remember, there are a lot of problems in life that you won't be able to solve yourself. It's when you have these problems that you start step two: *Seek help,* which is something you've done here, on the boards. The only thing that I think you have left to do, which is probably the most important one, is step three: Forgive yourself. Realize that, while it's not good behavior, being toxic does *not* make you a failure at life. And look, I know what it's like to insult yourself and everyone goes "oh, he's insulting himself, so he can't be as bad as he says he is," so I know that that's not what I'm doing here. I have no idea if I sound like a complete idiot or something, so cut me some slack. After all that I've typed, the only thing I can suggest is take a break from League for a while. Take up racquetball or something. Watch RWBY (now that's a good idea). And if, after everything I've said, you haven't changed your mind, I think it's a pretty good idea to make a Normals/Aram-only account. --- Gl hf, _*Tattersall*_ P.S: I have no idea if I sound like a complete idiot. Cut me some slack.
Nah you were far more literate than me. I might just wait til my old baby SoloQ is back. At least that felt more fair and controllable. Gonna go spam some World of Tanks and grind some exp til then I guess.
: What elo are you trying to reach? I know that you know the season is ending soon. Sometimes it's best to take a break. For me, after a good couple of months of playing League, I take a 3 month break. When I come back, everything is fresh and new. Usually there's 2 new champions with one on the way, along with a rework to try. As for ranked play, I never really cared until now. I've gone from B4 to B1 to S1, and hit a few rough patches. Hell, I still have to get to gold. I've been demoted at times (7 losses in a row!!), but I never let it tilt me. Id just pick a champ that I'd know I'd do well with and hope for the best.
I wanted to try to get to plat for once, and I keep bouncing at promos to gold 1 back to gold 3 over and over. It wouldn't be upsetting if it was win one lose one, but it only happens in extended streaks for me. like 5-7 game streaks.
: Geez, man. I respect you.
Why should you? I'm a shitty gold player who's only thing going for him was his sense of respect for others and the game. And I've lost that too.
Feniks (NA)
: An honest question, do you think a 14-day ban and then a permanent ban is/would be more effective than replacing it with a word filter that prevents you from entering inappropriate words or a permanent chat restriction to reforming toxic players?
They set rules for not being a jackass in place, you broke those rules. You got warned, you didn't heed the warning, you get punished according to their rules. I still don't see what's wrong here.
: It sounds as if you've been putting some real effort into improving your performance, which is commendable. And the more a person invests into something, the more likely they are to become upset if it goes badly. This is perfectly normal. Where it becomes a problem, is when it makes you lash out. But you're already so much ahead of the game because you realize that it's becoming a problem. You know you're getting angry and frustrated with your teammates, and you seem like you don't want to be the toxic person. So you're in the unique position of knowing what's going on BEFORE Riot comes along with a punishment. And it's now up to you to decide how you want to handle it. Now, I don't know you personally, but given how well you write, how much you seem to have thought about this and all the reasons around it, and how much you say you've been improving, I suspect you are both smart enough and strong enough to be able to realize when your temper is starting to flare up and disciplined enough to force yourself to take a few seconds to take a deep breath. Backspace whatever it was you were about to type to the feeder in the other lane, block the 5 doran's blade soraka jungle so you never have to play with them again, /mute all if you feel like you are about to get into a fight, and just focus on what you can do to keep making your personal game play better. I can't remember who it was, I think it might have been Gbay99, who was talking about elo hell in a video a while back. He had a good point, in that it may not exist as the place of excuses that most people use it for, but that doesn't mean that a form of it doesn't exist. He said elo hell was any level you played at where you were visibly higher skilled than the other players on your team, but not so much higher skilled as to be able to carry them higher.
I love that statement from Gbay. It's just tough seeing a rabadon's deathcap warmog's support Bard in Gold 2, and my entire rest of my team losing when I am unable to do anything to stop it. I can win my lane, roam and push, but it feels like the better I do, the more often the game is over before I get to help (when I'm doing well) when I am on a winstreak.
Kei143 (NA)
: its probably lesser about you being matched with people less skilled, but more about your enemies are stronger. Your MMR will climb if you are on a win streak, thus your opponents will naturally have a higher MMR as well, thus in theory being stronger. Stronger opponents can capitalize on mistakes that the lower MMR people make. But hey, I've been through that cycle before of having 10 game win streak, and then a 10 game loosing streak. I was able to climb when I was able to tweak 1 small thing in the laning phase, and I got my target goal for this season. But now that I have gotten better at the game (because of that 1 small point), I somehow am able to see more mistakes done by the weaker players I'm playing against, and I can capitalize on it. It may not be easy for me to execute on the capitalization right now, but at least I can identify it.
Yeah I understand that, and I use a lot to see what runes my opponents are running etc. It's just weird seeing my opponents elo's going up as I win, but my teammates ranks actually seem to go down (in relative distance from me).
: Take advice from me who saw the same thing and thought "ya know what, I'm going to take a step back and breathe." It's been said many a time by many a person from bronze through diamond and possibly onward: it's just a video game. There is no reason to be upset over something that is meant to entertain you first and foremost. I'm not sure if anyone else shares the value I have in video games which is I enjoy them on a slightly higher level than others. It's not enough that a game gives me some sort of enjoyment, I'm always curious as to why and how some things were made one way rather than the other. I would love to see a full development of League from pre-alpha to release. Learn to laugh at mistakes that you or someone else makes instead of seeing where the problem is and hang them out to dry. I want to win as much as anyone else, but there came a point where I wasn't having fun when I did because I was always assessing what went wrong where. Since I've gone on break, I've gone from being this huge pile of salt that wanted nothing more than to see that nexus blow up to now that I would hug my laner if they manage to outplay me. I really miss the days when I would be in that match having a conversation with the enemy. It's always nice to farm and talk, sharing stories of anime and movies.
> Learn to laugh at mistakes that you or someone else makes instead of seeing where the problem is and hang them out to dry. I want to win as much as anyone else, but there came a point where I wasn't having fun when I did because I was always assessing what went wrong where. That's kind of where I'm at. I try to see it that way because that's how I've been for years in this game, but as I get better finally, it's gotten harder to not feel as strongly. I played soccer and than rugby for years, and I sustained enough braim trauma that I can't risk getting more again. That's why league has become my competitive outlet. And when I get better, I expected for my mmr to change with it. it just feels so artificially unfair, like it's rigged. That's the first time I've felt that in a competitive environment before.
Feniks (NA)
: I respect your opinion, but you act as if myself and others are akin to murderers or simply rage for the sake of raging. When in reality we're, well at least myself, are usually reacting to players who: 1. Do not communicate. 2. Are feeding, and not accepting advice. 3. Feeding on purpose. My toxicity is normally reactive and not proactive. Also, sure there is a majority of players who don't get banned, but the percentage of those banned is greatly under exaggerated by Riot. The percentage is probably a lot higher than their "0.04%" or whatever of people are banned if you take into account those getting banned have to play quite frequently. Anyway. Not that important. I'm not here to justify my behavior, but propose a way to reclaim our accounts and reform our behaviors more productively than the system in place. By the way, the "rules" or the "Summoner's Code" are vaguely written and can be loosely interpreted in many different ways.
Like I said, you have to cross some really far lines in regards to toxicity, more than just calling someone trash, over many games to get to the point of perma'd. If you hadn't reformed by then, what reason does Riot see to give you yet another chance?
: I thought you were asking for a *permanent* ban. Assuming they did give you just a 14 day ban, if you came back and continued to be negative you'd be at a very high risk of a permanent ban, which doesn't seem like what you want at all. Having your account deactivated until you choose to reopen it doesn't risk that (though they don't grant punishments on request anyway).
I guess I was just saying idk if I deserve any kind of punishment, and if I do then punish me. I just don't know why my behavior has changed, and I don't like what I've become.
: If you're finding it difficult to put the game to the side, you can request your account(s) be deactivated or deleted entirely. There is a wait period (so that you have time to think it over), but all you need to do is submit a [Support Ticket]( and follow the [instructions here](
Thanks, but that's something I'd like to avoid. I'd be walking away from a lot of friends and time invested etc. If push comes to shove, I'll just make an aram only account to play with them and never touch summoner's rift again.
Feniks (NA)
: New Feature: One-time Permaban Buyback
You don't follow the rules, you deserve to be banned. They set up the rules and you agreed to them. There's nothing else to it. The VAST majority of players never reach the level of getting permabanned, which means you'd have to cross some SERIOUS lines to get there. Edit: Please don't downvote without replying. I'd love to discuss what you think is wrong with my statement.
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: A rioter on the boards specifically stated that if the plants failed in the preseason they would remove them. I know that everyone has PTSD from DQ but just wait and see at least until PBE gets to see them...
The reason everyone has "PTSD" is that they said they would pull DynaQ if it didn't work, and it took them an entire season to do it. An entire season of having something going wrong.
: LF ADC Sub for 5s Team Tonight - Silver - Curse Voice and Mic Required
Champ Pool: Any Describe your playstyle: Flexible. Focuses on farming unless advantage is gained, in which case I become very aggressive Curse Voice (Y/N): yes Mic (Y/N): yes Available for practice as of this application (Y/N): yes
: > "We know Solo players are vital for a game, but we're not focusing on their problems." We are trying to focus on their problems. We launched the emblem system as a way to quickly determine if someone earned their rank from playing almost exclusively solo or by focusing on premades. We want to add additional ways for solo players to achieve recognition for their accomplishments and give them goals to strive for. We believe that is the thing solo players lost the most in the new feature. This thread has focused a lot on the rewards that players get for forming premades (such as IP when party rewards are active). To be honest, that hadn't been a major component of the feedback we've heard so far, but since it seems to be a big issue for some of you, we're looking into it. Having a separate queue for solo players isn't feasible. Turning off dynamic queue just so solo players never have to worry about would do a lot more damage to the game than the benefits it would gain, we believe. We are focusing a lot on making sure matches are fair, even there are premades on one or both sides. We are still looking at queue times and getting your primary role more often, though those aren't solo problems exclusively. What other problems do you see for solo players that I didn't mention?
The issue with the Badge system is since it only counts the last 25 games ive seen friends of mine play with or against players who had a soloQ badge in high elo, but they were duoqing the entire time to get to plat 5, diamond 5 etc. Once you hit that "safe spot" then playing Solo from there on out can "identify" you as a solo player even though your solo skills are nowhere near where they need to be to compete at that level. That's kind of the main reason dynamic queue is extremely hard to make reasonably accurate. if you dynamic queue up to a certain division that you wouldn't have reached solo, then decide to play Solo, you are screwing your teammates over. I'm only Gold IV but I've seen it even here. Low-silver to bronze skill level players playing solo in Gold because they got there Dynamic queuing. Searching their match history's validates that point. It lowers the enjoyment and satisfaction of the game for everyone involved, and makes matchmaking worse because their numbers are skewed
: > That's the discrepancy, and you said it yourself. Sometimes your data and statistics can't solve every problem, and you need to sit back and think of the humans experiencing it for themselves. Totally agree. It's dangerous to rely too much on data, and we try not to do that. Data are useful when you're countering claims such as "Nobody likes DQ" or "Almost every game I am paired with a premade." Data does a less good job when the sentiment is "I don't like DQ," or "When I get placed with a premade, it's really frustrating." (There are data that can capture that sentiment of course -- just different ways of gathering data.)
Exactly! Thank you for confirming my thoughts here. Data is important, but putting it aside in importance when dealing with sentiments is super important and feels so much more genuine when dealing with us.
: > So, why not make a solo Q and a dynamic queue? Remove normal draft, slap a rank on it and add solo queue. If the answer is "solo will canibalize dynamic queue because no solo player want to play with premades" isn't obvious wich queue is the right one for the game? It's not as simple as which one is more popular. If 51% of players prefer one version and 49% prefer another and you go with majority rules, then you end up with a lot of unhappy players. We wanted to launch a separate solo queue, and we even made that announcement, which got us in trouble when we realized mathematically that it wouldn't work. The TLDR of that is that if even a sizeable fraction of solo players enter solo queue only, then queue times for DQ get longer and longer, which then pushes more players out of DQ and into SQ, until DQ becomes a ghost town. This is similar to what happened to the original Team Builder, where some players really loved it (and still miss it) but as queue times became longer, more players abandoned it, driving queue times to be even longer and so on. > If the premade size is duos and 3s, why not restrict to solo,duo and 3s? The biggest complaint I have with dynamic queue is being left in the dark in a 1/4s game. Sure, there are benefits but the solo players get shafted in the process. We are talking a lot about if there is really a ton of benefit in 4s. Anecdotally, we hear a lot (even internally) about what a bad experience they can be for the solo player. So far our data doesn't support that conclusion though. We're not dismissing the feedback -- just trying to understand why there is a discrepancy. > Why not specialize and restrict the key stones? Does graps need really to do damage? Why not just sustain so tanks can be the CC tanking machine designed for that? We are looking at keystones. Part of the problem is that it's some pretty old code and pretty fragile, so when we make changes at all, it's really easy to cause bugs. That's not acceptable so we are going to rewrite the code and the question is to what degree. If it's a medium size update, then there isn't much point in changing the current masteries because a new update might be soon(tm). If it's a large update that takes longer, then it probably makes sense to work on keystones again until the new system can come online. Hope that explanation makes some sense.
> We are talking a lot about if there is really a ton of benefit in 4s. Anecdotally, we hear a lot (even internally) about what a bad experience they can be for the solo player. So far our data doesn't support that conclusion though. We're not dismissing the feedback -- just trying to understand why there is a discrepancy. I believe the discrepancy lies in exactly what you just said. You hear from a lot of players how it FEELS to play with that, but according to your statistics they still have the same chance of winning or something like that. It is ALL about how it feels to play in that situation, most players couldn't care less about the win rate's etc if it feels like crap to play in. It's because being the 1 out of 4 means that your decisions and your playing matters a great deal less than the any one person's in the premade. They can force a surrender immediately with 4, they can choose objectives with 4, they can completely, and most often do, ignore the single player compared to if it was even premades of 2 or 3. That's the discrepancy, and you said it yourself. **_Sometimes your data and statistics can't solve every problem, and you need to sit back and think of the humans experiencing it for themselves._**
: > The game is just so much harder to win as a solo this season than it was last season. I'm an infinitely better player this year by every possible metric. This time last year I had only been playing the game for 2 months. I was playing Cassiopeia without knowing quick cast existed and I was ranked about the same as I am today. > > So what do the data show? What is the gap in climbing speed and season-over-season rank between solo players and group players? Why is playing in Silver 4 this season so much harder than playing in Gold 4 last season? I haven't seen those data ("Is it harder to climb this season?") though I imagine some Rioters have. I will poke around and ask.
I think a portion of that would be the seemingly larger number of smurfs being created/played by very high level players. It seems there are at least 1 or 2 players in every game I play (in Gold IV) that are WAY off the power curve for the average player in my division. It's a very distinct experience that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.
: > How the biggest issue with Dynamic Queue is that it CANNOT be an accurate measure of skill with so many variables in queue groups being a part of the equation. It cannot be accurate for people who play in groups or accurate for people who play solo, and it being a RANKED system that should always be the VERY TOP priority over anything else. > > I just want my rank to matter again, to be accurate, if that means SoloQ or some other solution like different ladders but same queue. > > Hope to hear back from you :) Ranked was never that accurate a measurement of skill, and duoing has been a thing for some time. But that is begging the question. We understand there are plenty of players out there who want to be able to measure (and display) their personal skill as accurately as possible. We are exploring things like filtering ladders by the solo/non-solo emblem and similar ideas. While we need to have a single queue for matchmaking purposes, we don't need to have a single list for evaluation purposes. And as I said above, we want to make players feel that even when they do join a team with a premade or play against partial premades, that they do have a fair chance of winning.
Thank you so much for responding to me! And yes, i can understand how splitting the queue would make matchmaking times worse for everyone. Just a simple suggestion, but one way to do split ranking on the same ladder could be a relatively simple fix. Everytime you queue up as solo, the game that you play affects your SoloQ ranking. Any game queued up as 2-4/5 would be your Dynamic Queue ranking, and then there's the ranked teams ladder. Do you think that would be a feasible idea? ( not looking for confirmation of what you are doing, more looking for confirmation that I'm on the same page as you ). Thank you!
: > However, I am unhappy with how good a job you do at communication about all the other facets of League. DQ being the most current example, but also clubs, series, social features, matchmaking... I may not have the answers to very specific questions, but what about these topics do you wish to see addressed?
How the biggest issue with Dynamic Queue is that it CANNOT be an accurate measure of skill with so many variables in queue groups being a part of the equation. It cannot be accurate for people who play in groups or accurate for people who play solo, and it being a RANKED system that should always be the VERY TOP priority over anything else. I just want my rank to matter again, to be accurate, if that means SoloQ or some other solution like different ladders but same queue. Hope to hear back from you :)
Goatfish (NA)
: ***
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: Pros: * Role Picking * Multiple people banning * Pick Intent Cons: * Premade groups * Queue Time Inflation * Fill = Support The "decrease in toxicity" thing is ambiguous, but I would be inclined to say that: Yes, it has.
The decrease in toxicity is a bullshit argument because if you are queuing up with people you know you aren't going to rage at them in chat, and you are more likely to complain and talk shit about teammates in voice instead of flaming them in chat. It didn't change toxicity, it simply moved some of it around.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Indominus 1337,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IwkzObPg,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-06-03T11:47:23.694+0000) > > Overwatch doesn't need solo que because of the nature of the game and in game voice communication. Overwatch was build for the queue system they have, League of Legends wasn't. Solo queue was what made League of Legends ranked great. It was the lore that interested us in the game. It was the gameplay that made us stay. It was the actual skill-based rank system that made us good. Now? We have no lore to interest us in the game. We have none of the gameplay that made us stay. We have a casual 'ranked' mode that reflects nothing about your ability.
: I mean, would you show up to a place knowing you're going to be yelled at constantly by a couple hundred people?
I made a massively popular post about this a few months ago. There wouldn't be hundreds of angry people if they routinely showed up. The angry mobs are a symptom of their disregard for communication, and would disappear, and have disappeared, when they are found routinely being a part of the community again.
: > [{quoted}](name=Solaxo,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=BLbi9TTB,comment-id=00060007,timestamp=2016-06-02T12:18:50.985+0000) > > I wish you'd bother to reply to actually serious threads about SoloQ. But looks like Riot doesn't have balls I understand your frustration. For some context, I work on the Skins team, so I wouldn't want to speak on behalf of a different team and misrepresent the Rioters working on it.
Yeah and the frustration comes from the fact that the only people who ever respond with any semblance of regularity is the skins teams, the gameplay analysts, the lore team (finally) etc, it unfortunately means you guys will end up getting falsely blasted a lot because the people who we are frustrated with are the ones who NEVER show up to talk about what we want them to talk about.
: I do think Dead Man's Plate compromised the intended strength/weakness profile of Juggernauts. I don't know that everyone here feels the same, however.
How do you feel juggernaut items have affected the game as a whole? While the "damage for/while being tanky" work for juggernauts, many champions (melee carries and assassins mostly) have been able to abuse these items to great success. The "juggernaut items" like {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3742}} etc are great for juggernauts, but they aren't in a vacuum. Was this intended? Or was it more of a woops didn't think those items would become so popular on squishy champions? Keep doing the good work!
: When you enter the Loading Screen, you are attempting to connect direct to the individual game server, not simply to the internet. This is why you can encounter connection issues during the Loading Screen, but can load Youtube perfectly fine. What we need to investigate is what is blocking you from connecting to the individual game server. To that end, make sure to complete all of the steps found in our [Connection Issues Guide]( The steps there are the most common solutions that should resolve this issue and get you back into the game. Feel free to reply back and let me know if the issue is still there!
That exact same issue happens to me. THERE IS NO ISSUE IN THE LOBBY OR GAME. But the error pops up every single time I get into a lobby. It's really irrititating
Meddler (NA)
: Not 100% certain, it's been a while since we wrote Illaoi's tooltips, so can't recall discussion around them. Could be that it got removed unintentionally when shifting text around between the different tooltips (something like got taken off individual abilities to add it to the passive but never got added to the passive). Might also have been a call not to mention it simply because of the length of Illaoi's tooltips at the time and its lack of impact on in game decision making versus emphasizing other information that does drive play more.
Meddler (NA)
: This has been mentioned elsewhere, throwing it in here as well just for the visibility though. Damage reduction on multiple tentacles has been on Illaoi since her release. We'll add mention of it to a tooltip at some point.
Why would a a seemingly crucial bit of information like that be left out? I'm just curious as to the choice for that
: Ask an Irelia Main - Completed
Irelia main AMA? .... Better nerf irelia {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be looking at both champion and item states yeah. Will generally want to avoid significant changes to both at once though. Whether we change a kit or an item will also depend a lot on the wider balance state. If most champions of a type are struggling that often suggests their items aren't up to par. If it's only certain champs, kit solutions are usually more appropriate.
But with many of those "on-hit tanky" champions like Jax/Shyv, they were decently balanced until the double-hit passive was introduced, after which specifically Shyvana's kit was fairly severely hit, especially early, followed by the removal of Devourer, which was what was the cause of them being broken. This seems to be similar to "sejuani-ing".
: > [{quoted}](name=1337JMAN,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IjgT3leq,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-04T23:17:10.014+0000) > > They could remove it when those masteries come out. They could have. But maybe they are programming the 6 and 7 based on the absence of the rank 5 emote. You nevery what they could be doing when it comes to programming code. Even the slightest error can cause bizarre issues, so maybe that's why 5 is being removed now.
From programming experience there is no reason, because the previous version won't affect the next version.
: Welcome to champs in an age where mages can't count on having infinite mana.
They paid for infinite mana by lowering their potential damage. There already was a tradeoff. Maybe infinite mana was a bit much, but this is far too extreme.
: Seriously, buy one of the many items that give you mana upon leveling and your fine. Syndra is the only champion I had mana problem on but that was the same for me before today because I suck.
But it's such a small amount that it barely matters when you are competing for wave push, expecially against someone like vlad/zed/kennen
: Thats becuase Riot is run by Darius and he is like "who needs mana? ha"
Kotex (NA)
: Funniest ive read all day lol
I'll be here all night ladies and gents
: > [{quoted}](name=BetweenSkill,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jfrAxYmM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-05T00:53:58.049+0000) > > The issue that not even mana-heavy champions are running out of mana. Anyone who isn't Ryze is running out of mana haha. Well you obviously arent playing them right. Im not having many mana issues at all :P Sure if Im in lane for extended periods of time at levels 1-8 then yeah I run out but if you are running out of mana you probably should have headed back to buy and refill before that point
Yes you should run out of mana, but you shouldnt be CONSTANTLY forced to back when youre only trying to maintain your lanes position
: If really mana heavy champs are running out of mana there's an issue
The issue that not even mana-heavy champions are running out of mana. Anyone who isn't Ryze is running out of mana haha.
Genm (NA)
: {{item:1004}}
Rioter Comments
: a small 300 range dash doesn't matter versus assassins, as they have enough in built mobility to keep them onto the mage. And mage assassins won't build this because the better option would be the slowing one to keep them in their reach while their abilities come off cd
I think you misunderstand my point. The damage potential of this item is insane for an item active. It can potentially deal more damage than some mage's ultimates if you dash on top of someone. This is PERFECT for assassins.
: Account Sharing (even for the PBE) is against our Terms of Use and may get your live and PBE accounts banned. I highly recommend not trying to do so. If you applied for the PBE already, just sit tight and hopefully you'll get accepted soon! Don't worry, Taliyah will understand if you don't get to play her until she's live :D
I understand this player's frustrations, I've been signed up for the PBE since early season 2 and still haven't gotten in. I've checked with player support and all they've told me is that I'm fully eligible and they have no idea why I haven't gotten in yet, even though friends who recently got 30 have accounts. The urge to do what the OP is saying gets a bit tempting in these circumstances.
: its for mid range/short range mages to have that extra umph in their burst, think annie who has the three spells, and if that doesn't kill you, then she has to run for her life. The extra damage can help with bursting, or running away, slightly
But what will this do to assassins? It's basically a dfg dash that deals more damage than dfg did potentially. I'm not saying it is an interesting item, but Riot got rid of DFG for the exact same reason you're saying this item is good for.
: Patch Chat 6.9 - Playtesting the Mage Update
The belt... it deals so much damage. Was that the goal for it? Or was it for mobility? I really dislike the idea of this item making it to live :(
: "Plat" try Master. Not that I agree with him being toxic, but don't treat him like he's garbage lol
He's good at Draven but garbage at League. If he can only play Draven well (which is true, almost everytime he's forced to play something else he does terribly if he's not doing terribly already on purpose), then he is bad at League. Being good at League is being able to play more than one champion lol
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