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Nhifu (NA)
: Remove Ravenous Hydra, for better Deathes Dance and Warrior
: What champions of each class can "1v9" carry?
Darius, Renekton come to mind first of all. Idk about the rest but not azir for sure. He's a grain of sand compared to what he used to be.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Darius has 49% win rate in plat+ with 11% pick rate Garen has 54% win rate in plat+ with 11% pick rate Yorick has 53.5% win rate in plat+ with 3.5% pick rate (doesn't deserve a nerf)
Kind of reminds me of Shen. 48% winrate and still got nerfed LOL because of the LCS. Didn't Darius get a penta in the LCS?
: Nami is too cute to nerf.
Best laugh in the game haaha yeah hahaah hahaha hahaa yeaah hahaha yeahhh
Toppien (NA)
: yeah shes cute eating that ramen {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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LeBlorgh (EUW)
: Azir is in the worst spot ever so far
Line up with the rest of the LCS nerf squad. I'm sure Shen can keep you entertained. They don't care how this champ is in solo queue. All they care is that he doesn't do well against their poor little flashy plays.
: Gosh darn, what happened to this game I used to enjoy?
It's the same as when you were young and you were soooooo obsessed with this one girl. She was beautiful, funny, and complete waifu material. And then you grew up and realized your puberty was just making you see things.
: Anything for {{champion:98}} in the future?
Why of course! They'll probably take off an additional 5% slow on his Q drag because his 48% winrate is too oppressive.
: Ty for killing Tahm Kench. His 47 % Winrate was way to high. Keep the good work up.
Welcome to the Ryze/Shen/LCS-came-so-fuck-you-solo-queue-players club! Have a seat, your champ will be here a while. But we at Rito gamings don't care because LC$BIGPLAY$ and these champions are getting in the way of our ~~money~~ balanced play. Serious talk though, I wonder how many more champions will get this kind of nerf before they realize how shitty this move is.
: Does this happen in all of your games?
> The issue doesn't happen when I play fortnite, Dota 2, or CSGO only when I play league since patch 8.15. Oh or do you mean every match of league
Neloc (NA)
: Aurelion Sol's passive
Wait I thought it was like, If you hit a minion with the W, and let's say the minion would be taken down to 24 health, he'll just die instead? If not, lol back at it again.
: [Discussion] Does anyone find the game a little dull at times due to somewhat limited item choice?
Lol. You know what the build is for Shen? Hydra, Sunfire, Visage/Adaptive. Tell me I'm wrong. Much variety. Much fun.
: Did you used to main an updated champion, who was it?
: Did you used to main an updated champion, who was it?
: So why exactly does LCS feel completely different than solo q? Is organized pro play the only thing?
For one, they nerf champions that work very well with people who know how to coordinate. Shen, Ornn, Sejuani, etc. Shen has a 48% winrate in solo queue lol. Yet they still nerfed him, only because people with actual brains can play him in a team, in LCS. It's obvious they care bout the seperate, distinct balance environment of LCS, rather than the normal folks.
: Strange snowball and dash animations [gameplay?]
Please fix this. it's a bigger distraction than you think. Completely messes up anyone against talon, kayn, malphite, etc.
: He's a melee champion so he can get poked by other mages/aps on lane so i find that mr fine. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first guy who finds talon too strong and someone who needs nerfs, but not in those terms rather with nerfing his Q range ( current nerfs that are coming to him are literally nothing )
Shen, Renekton, Maokai, all tanky fighters... 32 MR. Lmao. As if they never go against top swain, vlad, or rumble.
: Why hasnt Fiddlesticks Support been nerfed yet?
They're too busy Nerfing Shen's 48% winrate.
: honestly I think {{item:3905}} for AP and maybe {{item:3065}} for tanks would be the best options for ignoring unit collision if we go by name, given (at present), ignoring unit collision has been implied to be tied to ghosts (_Phantom_ Dancer, Youmuu's _Ghost_ Blade, the _Ghost_ summoner spell). Given Twin Shadows is known for its Spooky Ghosts, I think it would be a great fit; Spirit Visage I just bring up because of the fact that Ghosts are well... Ghostly Spirits.
No, for tanks Deadman's would be perfect for tanks. They can even balance it by saying "Gain ability to move through units when you have at least 50/70/etc stacks.
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Nazghul (NA)
: Reverting Shaco Completely
I feel you. Back then I used to love jungling with him. Level 3 ganks were my favorite, and it was the only champ i felt comfortable ganking with. His late game was "split push cus ur gonna get rekt in team fight lol." Now? His invisibility at level 3 is like 0 seconds, his E has no damage at that stage, and it's just not the same. Wahtever, I know people play him good but it's not mine anymore. I wish it didn't have to feel so different.
: I think the reason league feels boring sometimes
A lot of people will say "no you're wrong, I enjoy stomping my enemies." You know what, I felt the same until this season rolled around. Granted, it's hard to "stomp" as a shen main lmao but it does happen. Games become so one-sided that I just walk through their team because they have like 2 items while I face tank the entire thing. I don't enjoy that. Would you enjoy participating in elementary school wrestling and beating everyone? No, that's 0 satisfaction and waste of time.
Aimléss (NA)
: I like boobs as much as the next guy, but we need some more booty skins.
This man has his fetishes in the right places. May the frostbutt be with thee
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: Anybody prefer it when they're champions are not meta
I prefer it when champions that see play in LCS don't get nerfed. This is why Shen is never OP/meta. Cus riot can't stand a true tank/warden putting a damper on their LC$ BIGPLAY$.
: There are champions that basically represent the major issues with LoL.
Upvoted because my baby Shen was in the good subsection xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pxJUhd0E,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-02T15:28:14.612+0000) > I don't think there's an ability more useless than his E. I disagree. His R is more useless.
For the life of me I can't understand why it's so *nothing*.
Cunky (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zeromatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6bEIisRG,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-07-01T19:55:31.179+0000) > > {{champion:11}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:62}} > > No idea how varus or kassadin are op but well. kassadin not op? ult ult ult ult ult FOR FREE on practically no cd
3 seconds. He doesn't 80% CDR on his ult lol.
Axtrous (NA)
: Bro, you havnt even touched rank this entire season and spam aram's with a 45% win rate. Your peak is also gold 1, which is shit. Don't rank shame players if you're not even a high ranked player.
I feel for him tho. Aram is more tolerable than the ranked environment xD
: I like the Aatrox rework.
Okay but man I don't agree with the ult. The old ultimate REALLY embodied who aatrox was, a killing machine without the fear of death, no matter how outnumbered he was. The new ultimate just doesn't feel like anything. it gains power when he's not fighting anymore. His revive is on a timer. Meaning, he's not THE enemy. He's afraid of death, because time is what determines his fate (12 seconds), and not whether he's in battle. Fight, and be remembered, or die and be forgotten. Fight (for 12 seconds), and be remembered, or die (after 12 seconds) and be forgotten. The rest of the kit? Fine, I'll get used to it. it's what I had to do for Shen and I main him now. I just need something from Aatrox's ult, that sends the message that he will fight without the fear of death, as long as he faces an enemy. I'll even forget the part where the more enemies there were, the more his bloodwell would fill up. Just give me something that says come at me, because I will live again as long as I fight.
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: Not enough hot Girls!
This man has his fetishes in the right places. He's not letting the balance state of the game get in the way of his true love.
: 150 armor, Zed takes 85% of my HP with w q e combo. Ok?
Derailing this like the proper Boards degenerate I am, at least it's more tolerable that Zoe's single ability chunking that much from 90 miles away.
: I'm not saying the game is in a balanced state right now, I'm saying that stating "guys with big degrees opinion value more than your average player" is a pile of bs
I mean, chances are if you understand physics and engineering, maybe you better insight into numbers that make up league. Damage has definitely gone bonkers lmao.
: frontline, cc, and peel for your backline
What does frontline mean? It means to be a massive meatshield for your team, to buy them time to kill the damage dealers. Yi's true damage means there is no enemy frontline.
: Lol this is why they don't listen to the community, so many of these are just awful.
The shen one sounds cool tho
Glory97 (EUW)
: Diamond doesn't mean anything when it comes to approaching and evaluating a new champion/rework. Back at azir release everyone said this champ is garbage (inlcuding diamond and shit) and it took even faker up to a hundred games of practise until he could utilise the strenght of azir's kit. Half a year later azir became the by far best midlane champion in competitve gameplay. You may argue that azir might be the most difficult champion in the game, but aatrox reworked kit also does look anything but simple to me.
I agree ofc it's not a simple kit. But it's not aatrox. Imagine they reworked Azir to be a shapeshifter who could BECOME a soldier, a wall, whatever. That wouldn't be Azir anymore. It's a new champion. Just like that, Aatrox isn't a caster fighter. He's like a drain tank based on auto attacks. What's wrong with that? Tryndamere is very auto-attack based but they don't think about changing him into an AD caster with minimal auto-attack interaction. New champion could be good for all I know, but it's not who Aatrox is. World ender? Lmao. Nothing in his kit facilitates 1v5 like the old Aatrox. His new ult gains effectiveness while NOT fighting. Is that really a world ender? The old Aatrox jumped in, ulted, without the fear of death. The more enemies, the better his fight would have been. The new Aatrox begs for 1v1. Is that really a world ender?
: > [{quoted}](name=Bhagswag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OT7ktyEA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-22T13:23:19.234+0000) > > Why would rank matter, when ARAM is decided in champ select? > > Have you seen Ziggs winrate in ARAM? Lol. Ranked is supposed to be about what you can do as a player, not "I got Xerath this game GG diamond here I come." I'm not sure you even read the post. =/
I read all of it bro. I've thought about this for a long time. And ultimately decided ranked is better left on SR. If it's not 100% random, it's not ARAM. If it is random, it's not fit for ranking. If we use your drafting style, you must realize some tanks completely faceroll other tanks in ARAM. Mundo can single handedly take an entire team.
Glory97 (EUW)
: I don't know. Back at riven release it took people months to figure out the best combos and all the things you could do with her kit and all the animation cancel. And now we are judging a rework with very a very similar kit based on just a few games experience. For me personally all these gameplay opinions have no value...
It has value to me. It's not just a bronze rando playing with forehead slamming on the computer. He's been diamond and shit, he's played the game a lot, with every champion. He makes some good points in the video as to why this rework is garbage. The value you can get out of it is to see what he's saying, go test, and realize that yeah, this is shitty. if not, of course you don't gotta care about it. Just a game. ^_^
: 24:15? This video is half an hour long? Yeah, i'm not clicking that lol. Rather wait until his release and make up my own opinion.
24:15? hell yeah, fav youtuber, one of fav champs. Def clicking that.
: Ranked Howling Abyss not quite ARAM
Why would rank matter, when ARAM is decided in champ select? Have you seen Ziggs winrate in ARAM? Lol. Ranked is supposed to be about what you can do as a player, not "I got Xerath this game GG diamond here I come."
: Why does it seem like Aram one sided stomps are 100x more often/worse than ever?
Nahhhhhh. Hard disagree. I find Aram to be far more tolerable than SR. If you're gonna get stomped, you will get stomped in 10-15 mins guaranteed. If game is going past 20, it'll probs go past 25. I find the constant fights and the random champions to MUCH more helpful to improving my skill than beating your lane with your favorite champ, pushing it out, and then going to your botlane inhibitor to defend it against the 50/2 enemy carry.
: aram is the only fun in this game anymore, prove me wrong
Aram was the only fun thing ever. The ranked atmosphere was always tense and toxic. if you came to play a game, why would you willingly go in there.
: Ppl quitting league ? Is it just me ???
that moment when you can get off like 3 shen ults before game is actually over xd
: Or atleast hot men lol im always triggered when i have to look on those ugly guys XD
S-Step sis, y-you weren't suppose to be back home so e-early O///O
PussNoShoes (EUNE)
: Aram and Gathering Storm
I can't agree to this. Why change just a single rune to be good on Aram. it's not a primary rune either. Maybe you should just pick something else, simply because in this gamemode, runes that are good for early game are a better choice. Kind of like how you can't just expect Overgrowth to be buffed for tanks in this mode just because it takes too long to be good.
: Quitting League after 6 years.
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