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Bicchoi (NA)
: that was vs a mord who sat in my turret while the jungler sat on his ass and did nothing same as the mid lane. seriously i sware 99% of people i play with have no idea how to actually play the game. core concepts are lost on them,
The real question is how do i force my team to win.
: Zero times? That seems like a lot of hubris. What about you Nautilus game where you went 0/5/1 and died at 3 minutes (so level 1 or early level 2), and again at level 8? You're certainly one of the reasons your team lost there.
that was vs a mord who sat in my turret while the jungler sat on his ass and did nothing same as the mid lane. seriously i sware 99% of people i play with have no idea how to actually play the game. core concepts are lost on them,
: Your skill level might be higher in the things you're looking for. You might be lacking in other areas that you aren't looking at. If your teammates are picking a bad fight, back ping. Communicate what you want to do as a team before they make a bad decision. You force a team as a jungler by getting them so fed it doesn't even matter if you're 3v5, they have the gold behind them to win. This comes from smart ganks and warding around lanes that are likely to get ganked. I just looked at your match history. The past few have certainly been rough, but if you're that far ahead you should be able to use your advantage. Communicate that you want to split if they have nbody that can duel you and for them to avoid fights unless they send multiples at you. If you want to teamfight, wait until the enemy team uses their CC and then go destroy them. You don't need your team if you're that far ahead as yi. Wait for abilities to be blown on your teammates then destroy their squishies. Additionally, I see that you don't take towers much if you get a successful gank. Especially post 6, if you get a gank off, push the tower. Team gold is very important. As an aside, your winrate on Shyvana, Xin Zhao, and Sejuani is very good. If you kept playing them you would climb.
Actually re rolling Ivren. If i have 1000 kills i can't 1v5, but on him i don't need kills so i can help the bad players not do so badly. in my last 30-40 games 0 times have I been the reason we lost. I don't know if its bad queue luck or what but its getting out of hand.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bicchoi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P3alJmnF,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-31T23:22:49.993+0000) > > So I'm gold 3 and I got there by basically carrying usually as a tank such a Zec or Sej. Now I'm stuck. I cannot advance any further because every one I get on my team is so bad, its like they're playing the game for their first time. I'm talking bot lane dying 12 times in 12 minutes, mid lane basically doing the same no one has any idea what a control ward is and my top laners might as well just play ad Janna because they're so useless. If you're stuck somewhere, accept that you belong there for the moment. If you're much better than where you're playing, you'll carry despite your teammates. Especially if you're the jungler, there is something you can do to ensure that it doen't happen. Have laners that don't ward? Ward around their lanes for them and track their jungler so that you can warn them. > How do I get out of this elo hell, how did other plays this bad get to where I am? Those players are there because you're the same skill level. I've gone through gold 3 times in 3 years. My first year playing, I got stuck in gold like you did. I thought elo hell was real then. Then my friend showed me a game replay that he said was one of his games, and hid the name. He locked the camera on what was my character (the game was a month old so I didnt remember it). I absolutely picked apart what I thought was a random guys gameplay and told him it was guys like him which get me stuck. Then, he turned the names on. No matter how good you think you did, you can always do something better. > I've changed my play style completely because I'm convinced that I have to 1v9 to win so now I'm playing master yi. which works pretty good as long as your team doesn't feed endlessly, so basically its not working. This ties into what I just mentioned. You got to where you were with different champions and a different style, so it will take time to adjust and learn the new style. Additionally, lets look what you're asking of your team here. You're asking your team to play 4v5 while you farm up. Sometimes they can pull it off, but you're basically asking your team to be better than their opposition here. Especially if they happen to be in a bad matchup and get camped, what can they do? You're not providing them any relief or pressure. Even when you're Yi, you need to be helping your team. You can not and will not 1v9, you need to help your team. > Some one give me answers, do I pay for elo boosting until I play with players that are decent. Do I re-main to a lane so there is 1 less feeder? I don't know how to force my team to win. Trust me. I had a friend do this. he got stuck in silver 1 and thought he was better than he was, and was held back by his teammates. So he paid for a boost to gold 2. Why gold 2? I have no idea. He immediately got down to g5 in 3 days. It was horrific. He got stomped in all of his games because he just wasn't good enough. I'll let you in on a secret. It doesn't matter how high you go. You'll never have "decent" teammates. I would keep at jungle personally. Jungle is very high impact, which is either first or second highest impact role with midlane. You alone have the ability to affect every single lane and make sure they get ahead.
Yes I understand what you're saying, but I'm carrying games to the point we have won the game and its no problem and teams are all dying to get an objective they will obviously not get. If I try and carry its a loss because late game i cant actually 1v5 them and if i dont carry i have teams that just feed so hard and then im in the late game with no power and no team behind me. I don't know how to force a team to win. My skill level is clearly much higher than all of my team mates.
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Bicchoi (NA)
: Twisted Treeline Ranked team.
Add me as friends we can star right away. i already have a 3rd. ty!
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