: Read through the novella of abilities again, he has slows, massively increased slows, global ranged roots and more. He absolutely has CC, and hard CC to boot. He also has shields, so uh, you might want to try reading the post again.
To be fair, it's easy to miss small details like that in this novella of a champion kit
: Were* simple. At this point I'm expecting volibear to have 22 abilities and fiddle to apply a fear meter to opponents while he operates copies of himself that appear in all bushes
"Fiddle's ultimate now has different effects based on what Edgar Allen Poe short story you most recently typed into allchat"
: Normalize Item drops NOW!
Fun fact: CertainlyT, the man behind Zoe, Thresh, and the Morde rework, was responsible for the items in TFT
: _Rework is revealed._ Community: He's still an overloaded piece of shit... Riot: B-b-b-but being an overloaded piece of shit with outrageous amounts of CC is his theme doe! We can't kill a champion's core identity guys! Community: Sometimes the "core identity" is actually the prob- Riot: Shut up! We made the game so we know better! That's his theme, deal with it!
You forgot the part with Riot going "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUU" for eight months and then suddenly pulling a 180 on the whole thing.
: oh, so now the new thing on the boards is to complain that riot doesn't do what we say _fast_ enough? pretentious brat
I think the point was that Riot ignored us for nine months on something that EVERYBODY agreed was a terrible idea, only to do a complete 180 this week and drop all of their bullshit stats defending dynamic queue, not that it didn't happen fast enough. Pretentious douche.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: When you are the only one playing off-meta in your team
: **Riot:** Free skin guys! Victorious {{champion:57}} is h- **Community:** *everyone flips their crap to no end* **Riot:** ... Ok, um ... how about popular picks then? {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:41}} **Community:** *everyone says how Riot picks favorites and flames them harder* **Riot:** ...... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} I don't care if I get downvoted, it's true. People will always want either their champion to be given the free skin, a popular pick / impactful champ to get it, or an off-meta champ to get the respect they deserve. It's a lose / lose situation, cause I don't see Riot winning when they pick who's getting the Victorious skin.
Wow, it's almost like different people are complaining on the different sides. Weird, I always thought people on the internet were some kind of hive mind if they disagreed with me.
: I thought YoRick and Mordey My entire life's been a lie
*whispers softly* "Mordekaiser isn't real, he's a character in a vidjagame"
: oh okay i forgot we are represented by an agency and promoting a team/brand while collecting fatty paychecks. millions of people arent watching our games. everything about this is a bad analogy. i dont even say gg ez, and i hate toxicity, but this is sad.
Okay, let's try this. You and your neighbor kid are playing Yugioh, and he wins. He jumps up, screams "You were so easy to beat!" and moonwalks away Is this analogy more to scale? Or is attempting to use an analogy at all kinda pointless because you just wanted to shit on my comment even though you agree with it?
: I don't get Riot's logic behind making URF all random. I've seen more outcry at the all random part than there ever was about the same champs over and over.
Because when you were happy with URF, you didn't go searching the boards for other people who were complaining, right?
: TIL something like "gg easy" is punishable.
It's pretty much the posterboy for "unsportsmanlike conduct" Like if after a football match everybody on the winning team didn't shake the other team's hands but yelled "you got SERVED"
: Because mommy told him he is a special snowflake and no one should say anything bad about him.
Look, I understand that people calling you a dick hurts your feelings, but you're gonna have to come out of your safe space and accept that people will call you names eventually. You can't just surround yourself with other people who agree with you and protect you from those meanie-pants SJWs you're so scared of.
: Can ff time in Urf be less please.
"welp, they rolled a Hec and it looks like he knows how to press Q and E, /ff"
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Renascent,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=HtV9eTyo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-23T18:30:30.077+0000) > > How the flip do those upvotes even happen? Upvote bots or fan brigade? I'd assume he has some loyal followers that he asks to upvote his Boards post whenever he goes online? I never see the beginning of his stream, so I can't tell if he asks people to do that.
Well, it's the same spam advertisement post he puts up every time he streams, and he always has his stream viewers upvote it for visibility. Frankly I think he's a piece of trash, but all we can really report him for is Spam
: [Stream] How to Teemo with the Captain! The Teemo stream with TeemoCAM, lots of shrooms & weirdness!
Rioter Comments
: Make a champion disgustingly OP without changing their ratios/base numbers
{{champion:54}} Passive continues building the shield with no upper limit
: The OP's intention, yes is to have fun and play how he wants because it's how he wants to play but Riot states, "Play at your own expense and not other's expense" therefore if he wants to troll around and goof around since Faker Jr. is playing competitively why must he feel the need to ruin the game for others? His point was that he wants a queue just for 'troll'ing or goofing around. It also sounds like he was playing a Ranked game and "Faker Jr." was enrage at him for doing what he does best, playing his way. His point is completely unjustified, regardless if he paid money or not. Nobody is granted a special title because they're paying to play. They're still a gamer that has Terms and Conditions to follow just like the Professional gamers do.
Yes, but isn't Faker Jr ruining the game for him as well? OP is trying to play for fun (*which I assume means Normals, not ranked*) so why can't we have an "Anti-Ranked" queue for people who are here to play a game rather than compete in a life-or-death battle? Normals can be the middle ground where both kinds of assholes can torture themselves by trying to play together.
Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Biff Manly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hVpbf1Ja,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-08-31T18:01:30.534+0000) > > Dude, you have no room to talk about respecting other people. Your first comment that was downvoted into oblivion is full of condescension and assumptions that the person you disagree with is a little kid. > > I'd rather be disrespectful than completely oblivious to what's actually happening around me. > > Though I suppose it's hard to see with your head shoved so far up your own ass... Lol, downvotes. Social media is exactly your problem. My first comment was in response to the OP's post. You don't like my opinion so you try and justify being disrespectful towards other players who play the game the way it was intended to be by RIOT. Nothing more and nothing less. If you don't like my opinion then say so. That is your right, but don't try to justify yours because all you are doing is showing exactly what people think you are. Also, L2literate and maybe you won't miss things and comment on things that you don't understand.
I said your first comment that was downvoted into oblivion, not your first comment. "L2literate" buddy Maybe you won't miss things that would be inconvenient for your side of the argument.
Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Biff Manly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hVpbf1Ja,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2016-08-31T17:25:25.520+0000) > > But... but he does. You don't have to listen to them, but anyone who wants to can tell you how to spend your time. > > You've been wasting your time replying to these comments to argue against a viewpoint that isn't even there, so I think he has correctly judged that you are terrible at spending your time wisely. Lol, ok. Opinions are like... I will continue to call people out who are disrespectful to me in the same manner. In game or out of game. It's sad there are so many people who have been raised the way you are in regards to respecting other people. No wonder the world is the way it is today.
Dude, you have no room to talk about respecting other people. Your first comment that was downvoted into oblivion is full of condescension and assumptions that the person you disagree with is a little kid. I'd rather be disrespectful than completely oblivious to what's actually happening around me. Though I suppose it's hard to see with your head shoved so far up your own ass...
Herim (NA)
: I'm so tired of the "it's normals/aram" excuse
Y'know, this probably wouldn't even be an issue if Riot added ***ANOTHER GAME MODE THAT TOOK LESS THAN 15 MINUTES*** to the game. ARAM's cool and all, but I still have to free up a full half hour if I want to play. League is a fucking time vampire.
Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Verandure,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hVpbf1Ja,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-30T22:52:20.020+0000) > > You're playing a video game. > > Saying you are old enough to appreciate time is hilarious. Get off your soap box. Another ignorant apathetic sheep who thinks they have a say in what I do with my time.
But... but he does. You don't have to listen to them, but anyone who wants to can tell you how to spend your time. You've been wasting your time replying to these comments to argue against a viewpoint that isn't even there, so I think he has correctly judged that you are terrible at spending your time wisely.
Knoyle (NA)
: That one dude that is never satisfied with getting carried.
When life gives you lemons, call 'em "exotic yellow oranges" and sell 'em for double the price!
: I think Annie has been around Garen to much lately.
Who teaches her how to suplex people? Voli or Singed? http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/985/091/077.gif
: "SQ nd DQ can't co-exist because no one would play DQ"
I mean, if you want n example of how having too many modes is bad for a game, check out Dota 2. You want to play anything other than All Pick? Too bad, you're waiting half an hour.
: why does kled have % hp damage? Isn't that just asking for the next ekko/fizz
He doesn't have a resource either. Where's the knockup, Rito?
: You guys just love picking apart what he is saying just to what make him mad? Just annoying is what it is, and not needed.
It isn't "picking apart," it's "pointing out that what he said is flat out wrong"
: "Make It Fast, I Have To Leave In 30 Minutes"
I never even sign into League unless I have over an hour.
: Can we like, stop bullying Viktor?
Maybe Viktor is trying to turn everyone into robots so that he can actually have somebody to be friends with. That said, the reason he doesn't have friends is probably cuz he's an asshole.
łnśane (NA)
: Don't forget their ban rate starts to increase because of it :D. "oh everyone is playing/banning this champ time for a nerf!" Had a game where some dude was trying to tell me how to play Miss Fortune :D. While i'm sitting here with 200k+ mastery and lvl 7 laughing my ass off. No I don't give a rats ass about the korean build, I very much prefer my high crit build thank you! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
{{item:3070}} {{champion:133}} {{item:3070}}
: Jailed Jinx skin idea
Give her stripy black and white hair and I'm sold.
Arakadia (NA)
: Thats kinda the boards problem. The hivemind/circlejerk mentality.
Weird. It's almost like the groups that are most present on the boards will have a louder voice. WEEEEIIIIIRRRRDDD
: really??? REALLY? Are people STILL Complaining about lee sin? I honestly thought the boards got past the circle jerk of Lee Sin being OP honestly; How dumb are you people. Literally like EVERY Champion can do what Lee does if there ability is instant.
He's not OP, he's just no fun to play against. Like the boards hate Teemo. Teemo is by no means dominant in this meta, or any meta for the past 2 years, but nobody likes having to put up with his shit. Lee Sin receives the same reaction because he's a sticky, 7-ability-having, pub-stomping, low-cooldown-having pizza shit.
Rakvir (NA)
: Well, as long as no one has a gif of the original banned episode of Pokemon with Porygon, I think we can declare this thread a success. No seizures allowed.
That flashing was Pikachu shocking some missiles! Porygon isn't even involved in that whole flashing sequence! #PorygonDidNothingWrong
: How it feels to fight Rammus as an ADC
Sukishoo (NA)
: New Project skins: they are coming :D
Oh *good*. Y'know, I was just saying to myself, "which champs already have too many skins?" and BOOM, Rito delivered.
: League ranked > Overwatch ranked
Why on earh are we still comparing Overwatch and League? I don't complain about WoW's PVP and use Super Smash Bros examples, that wouldn't make any sense. ***They're completely different genres.***
: Groovy Zilean isn't very groovy
: See now were going to have those nice Nunu Jungle Ryze mid fuck bot lane squads running rampant lmao.
Only if your midlaner collaborates with them by not pinging MIA. Which happens every game, I know, but an attentive midlaner could exist some day.
: When You're The Only One Who Doesn't Own Overwatch
As a Mac user I know this pain far too well. Just let me play Dark Souls, c'mon.
: Zeds win rate is the 3rd lowest for midlane yet hes still at an 85% banrate.
If we continue banning him long enough, eventually everyone will forget how to play him well, and we'll have a bunch of terrible Zeds just feeding kills to the enemy team for a whole season! Source: experienced the same effect with Bench the Kench. He was obnoxious, he was banned, now nobody has played him in almost a year so nobody has any idea how to use him. Profit!
Fritterz (NA)
: Looks like the makings of a porno to me.
HayRoss (NA)
: But I like lemon ice cream...
I like Hawaiian pizza, so I know this feeling. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cfu2qwUWQAAaxxd.jpg
: One point of contention... with Neapolitan.. at the end of it all, you still get Icecream. With SQ V DQ, you either get what you enjoy... or you don't. Not everyone gets icecream :-(.
*the ghost of teambuilder sneaks up behind you and tickles your fanny* But seriously, Teambuilder was great in Normals. I could play what I wanted for sure, as long as I was willing to wait for it. Between secondary roles, bans, and champ steals, I play exactly what I want only around 50% of the time.
: The Real Reasons Riot is Forcing Dynamic Queue
I keep forgetting how awful the Boards' **BOLD** text is until I notice how much **BOLD** text I missed. **You can barely** see it, such that **the parts of ** a post somebody **wants** to emphasize hardly stand out **at** all.
Leetri (EUW)
: Bans are meant to prevent your opponent from doing or countering certain strategies. Say if you're gonna play Kog'Maw and build a team around that you'd ban champions capable of diving and killing Kog'Maw, like Zed or LeBlanc. Of course, no one bans that way and instead ban whatever the pros have told them to ban.
If you want to create a team built around a strategy like that, you may want a premade. You can't just lock Kog and throw out "plz everyone peel for me thx" Everyone would have to plan it first, and that's just not possible in the 10 seconds everyone has to lock in their bans.
Lowvyr (NA)
: The amount bans doesn't really change anything. If you ban all the anti-fun champs, there will then be another set of anti-fun champs and everyone would complain and eventually there would be no playable champs. The entire roster would be banned every game. If you ban the most op thing, the next thing under it becomes the most op so you have to ban it. No matter how many bans you have there will always be anti-fun champs. You can get rid of the biggest sources of cancer and aneurysms but you can never get rid of them all.
I'd argue "why have bans AT ALL" to that. This is less about balancing the game ourselves (because we all know Riot has no idea how to) and more about giving each player an input on it. This is the first season where I think bans aren't cancer thanks to new champ select, it used to be one person with three bans and you had to pray he wasn't an asshole. If each player gets one ban, 1st pick won't feel like such a liability, as you'll be able to remove one champ you KNOW is a hard counter to the one you want to play, at least.
: I agree, all it takes is one smurf is all it takes to ruin a game for everyone else because it's one player with an absurdly high skill level compared to the people that he or she is playing against. As a Silver player, I ran into someone who claimed he was Gosu Pepper 3 times last season.
If I ever smurf, I will recreate my new player playstyle by running Warwick mid and building Infinity Edge, at least until I hit level 20.
Mojihito666 (EUNE)
: Actually you have a bigger % that smurf will be on enemy team than in yours so odds are against you :)
Unless *you were the smurf all along* in which case there's a preeeetty good chance you have a smurf on your team.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lemon Graber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bZZN8QMu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-17T15:37:21.032+0000) > > R.I.P > > {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:72}} Not all of those changes where bad. Although the Vel ones certainly weren't necessary.
Old Vel was a Purple Xerath. Whichever could do more damage was the one you picked.
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