: *0pens all the boxes and see's Bard bard is 50% off* 375? dang cool ill get it should have eno-.... *see's 358 rp. cries a little inside*
Time for the classic "try to draw the character in paint and post it to Reddit and hope a Red sees it" strategy
: You can still earn chests and keys (if you're willing to/capable of earning an S on a champ you never play) just like before the capsules were added.
Keys are only earned through Honor now, afaik. Only chests are earned through performance now.
: Patch 6.21 notes
Still no Master Arcanist Ziggs Q visual fix {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Kithkan (NA)
: Good breakdown for those of us who have not followed other regions all split, thank you. I think you were a little too generous in your assessment of Samsung and Splyce though. Playing impressively in the gaunlet against the 2nd tier of their region should not be given as much praise as Samsung got, even with a KT win. And Splyce is just not at the level of play of the other teams at World's as the stats you quoted clearly show. Not even middle of the pack, but bottom of the barrel in some cases. This group will not be as deadly as it sounds. It is for TSM and RNG to fumble away in my opinion.
Looking at how TSM was in the group, meaning C9 couldn't end up in it as well, Splyce was the toughest 3rd seed team that could end up in the group. If you replace SSG with SKT then you have an undisputed group of death imo. And Samsung has the talent, it just comes down to consistency.
YoloMeToo (EUNE)
: Playing ziggs with this skin but without Q's explosion animation isn't fully satisfying. I hope RIOT will know this visual bug as fast as possible! :D
> [{quoted}](name=Awar7,realm=EUNE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=jOUjXLQq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-09T10:42:42.385+0000) > > Playing ziggs with this skin but without Q's explosion animation isn't fully satisfying. I hope RIOT will know this visual bug as fast as possible! :D Right? Why play Ziggs if we don't get to see stuff explode?
Rioter Comments
Reav3 (NA)
: Soon! Yorick will be sometime between now and the next new champion.
This just in, Riot confirms Kled is the last champion to be introduced into LoL.
Rioter Comments
: Preach. Woad Skin Quinn ftw. She flys with a freaking Guardian of Ga'Hoole!{{champion:133}}
Stop all the arguing! It's utter Quinnsanity!
: Whatever did {{champion:44}} do to deserve only 3 skins :(
I assume (ok let's face it, I'm just hoping) he'll get a skin whenever they get around to his simply fabulous visual update. So a couple of years and he'll have 4. Maybe. >.>
: Patch 5.14 notes
"Syndra can no longer pick up Baron with W - Force of Will" I had to triple check and make sure I read this right. Then realized what a shame it is that I'll never get to see what Baron looks like running back into his pit.
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
They dubbed Shadow Isles as a "Temporary" thing way back during Halloween some seasons ago. Look at our 3s Map now {{item:3070}} . Never forget.
: Patch 5.12 notes
Does Enchanted Armor increase the gain from Adaptive Armor? I know it hardly makes a difference, I just wanna know. For great science and all that {{champion:74}}
: Team Up & Pool Party
For the sake of {{summoner:13}} ... If we don't have 10 champs left to receive, do we get defaulted to a mystery skin at Tier 3 instead? Or will we just get one of the champs we don't own? (I know with mystery skins you have to have at least 10 skins available to receive, but I'm not sure if it's the same with champs or that rule applies to this gift).
: Patch 5.10 notes
I'm assuming you meant to say "truly outrageously high" in the {{champion:44}} buff
Rioter Comments
: Refer-a-Friend Update is now live
"Redeem Reward Error Service Down", does this just mean try again later?
: Store Problem
Same problem here, trying to purchase a champion but half of the time, the store just stays black. When I finally get the store to pop up and click to purchase my champ, Kat just dances endlessly.
NeonPike (NA)
: Starcraft Lurker?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
My body is ready. Let's see these logs, preferably one where I made a pun so Phreak-Senpai will notice me.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
JayOnes (NA)
: The man has a point.
And a spear behind it.
: Lists of Legends: 10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder
Who the hell is Sarah? WHEN DID SHE GET A NAME?
: make a new skin for {{champion:154}}
Idk, any skin ideas I see for Zac are always a bit of a stretch.
: Patch 4.14 notes
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
I'm genuinely intrigued as to why Phantom Karthus has such an odd RP value of 460. Does anyone know the story behind its 460 RP price?
: Dyrus cute? LOL are u fukin kidding me? He looks like a fukin hobo (homeless person). He looks like some emo, hipster "i like to cut myself" kid. I puke inside everytime i see him. He's also really bad at League. Worst mechanics in the LCS.
: Sona Update
At Rito, no one can hear you scream (at the huge nerf). {{champion:37}}
Skanah (NA)
: PBE actually was testing that recently
That's been in the PBE longer than Scorched Earth Renekton was.
: Well i was playing my main {{champion:30}} and i was securing blue buff because i needed it. When i started, Out of the freaking blue comes {{champion:64}} and he kills me then ran away.
He came out of the blue? Like, the golem itself? Damn nature, you scary.
Ay3lex (NA)
: {{champion:16}} nobody expects the banana {{champion:16}}
Some say the world will end in bananas. {{champion:63}}
: Ill never be able to play jax again after this patch, with braum, kass, and kha nerfs. jax will have the old kassadin ban rate of like 95% and up. {{champion:24}} {{item:3070}}
Maybe then something can be done after the question of WHY he's banned so much is pondered.
: Rumors abound of a band called "Hexakill." Is Pentakill adding a new member, or is this a rival that Pentakill will have to outplay 6v5?
It has to be {{champion:112}} : Metal is perfection.
Arcy (NA)
: Popstar Team: Sivir (Latin Pop), Lux (American Pop), Ahri (Korean Pop), Vi (Pop/Rock) and Fiora (European Pop). Sivir's the closest to Latina I could find... Oh yeah... Boyband Team: Ezreal (the cute one), Garen (the sexy one), Taric (the gay one), Twisted Fate (the bad boy) and Tryndamere (the one everyone forgets).
Graves replaces Garen, have you not seen that manly bod?
: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
I'm glad that the lore is sort of being brought back (not the champs themselves but the skins at least). Can you guys keep this trend going? I really did enjoy the lore behind LoL and it's just sort of fallen off :S.
: I'm glad that the lore is sort of being brought back (not the champs themselves but the skins at least). Can you guys keep this trend going? I really did enjoy the lore behind LoL and it's just sort of fallen off :S.
: The particles look great but can we get some hue variation? Like, at all? All four of his abilities are the exact same color and shade. At least make some contrast between Defile and Lay Waste.
Is it bad I actually thought he was referring to the {{champion:82}}hue and forgot that hue was actually a word?
: Sadly not. Visual updates are not making up for the lack of any real NEW content for months and months on end. I don't even play Karthus. Or Twitch. Or Rengar. Or Skarner. Repeat ad nauseam with every rework and update you lot put out.
I'm sure if you took the time to make a list of all the champs you played Riot would go out of their way to update just the ones you want. /sarcasm I highly doubt everyone is going to play every champ so they vu the ones that they feel need it not the ones they feel are played by the most people. Especially because the VUs can encourage more people to play these champs (Twitch for example is really popular now).
: what about.. i'm almost afraid to ask..{{champion:44}} he is in need of a truley fabulous VU
You meant truly outrageous.
illiji (NA)
: disagree, he plays way too safe and reserve and yields no reward for his no risk play style. Doublelift has become a gaming pro goof but if he played with the same mentality that got him to the professional level he'd be #1 adc NA hands down
Playing safe = not good? Do you WATCH Lcs? They take 20 minutes just to make sure they can get one tower without dying.
: The All-Star Pick 10 Results Are In!
Riot, don't leave it in the hands of this community please. Just literally randomize what champs they get. At least then there's a better chance of us seeing something original.
: People why didnt you vote for this Team Fire {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:115}} Team Ice {{champion:113}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:34}}
But what if they use Ice Drake Shyv?
: Upvote to finally get {{champion:133}} Quinn into a pro game! I'd really like to see someone show off this champion so people can recognize her talent.
Quinn was played by Qtpie already.
: All-Star U.R.F. Results – Pick 10 Revealed!
{{champion:78}} vs. {{champion:107}} Top lane. WE ALL KNOW WE WANT IT.
guygx (NA)
: lol me and my prom date are playing the shit outa league before and after:P
Be sure to gift 'em Lil' Slugger {{champion:48}} when you're ready for Second Base.
: The weekend before final exams. GG.
The cycle of life and Rift continues. Rift will live, life will die.{{champion:75}}
: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed
The poro vid led me to believe one of his abilities would be creating a mustache on a target. I am disappointed to see this isn't an ability D:
: Hello, i feel like this is the underdog week. as these champions and skins are never really used. Ahem! REWORK PLEASEE!. {{champion:3}} {{champion:4}} eh this guy doesnt really need one, but maybe a Visual Update and some more skins? {{champion:120}}
TF is perfectly fine and has a buttload of skins. Hecarim has plenty of skins and honestly is NOT in need of a VU right now. Galio doesn't look too terrible, and he doesn't NEED a new skin, but if he got one it wouldn't be too controversial.
: All-Star Hexakill Results – U.R.F. Mode Revealed!
Demanding a recount. Jatt didn't make it.
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