: What community of mains is the worst in your opinion.
Most toxic community of mains? {{champion:69}} :^)
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: > is there any in story lore about the item? Who is Sterak in Runterra, and does he have any story significance? Devil is in the (lack of) details. If there was in fact "lore" for Sterak and the Wiki failed to mention any of it then it would be a pretty bad wiki dont you think? Okay but less sarcastic response: Items and any reference to figures/individuals/names associated with items dont have any in-universe equivalent, at least none have been officially mentioned or utilized in a story yet. Another factor is likely because some names are in reference to a real person and which the use of said name wouldnt belong exclusively to Riot, and Riot may only have permission to use it for the item only. Lastly, you can definitely invent your own character lore out of these items but it is worth understanding that items usable in-game isn't completely canonical to the lore setting.
I really appreciate the response! I'd already decided as I was doing some reading up that I would be taking liberties, and I had some ideas of implementation of items and the names of them as well. I'm thinking of making Sterak a sort of Deity figure. Thanks again!
: "This item is related to Czech YouTuber "Radek Starý" (known as Sterakdary) for achieving high number of referrals. Although the newer referral system was available, Sterakdary was still using the original referral system."
I did see that, as I mentioned, was just curious if there was any other information is all! Thank you for responding though, helps to know some people see this lol.
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: Im afraid i ate all of my potato chips, u can have this snacc instead {{champion:141}}
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Death recap is so bad, that you can make up some ridiculous situation of how you died in league, and death recap still has a chance to display it. For example, it can display that little krug did 262 magic damage wth blade of the ruined king.
> [{quoted}](name=Annie2hardtoplay,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LqLxN50Z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-03T23:08:03.505+0000) > > Death recap is so bad, that you can make up some ridiculous situation of how you died in league, and death recap still has a chance to display it. For example, it can display that little krug did 262 magic damage wth blade of the ruined king. Getting Killed by a literal blue screen with no name or abilities is still my top death recap
: Ya know, I’ve been avoiding jumping on the “Turrets 2 wek” train this past season...
It's honestly absurd. Games where things get really snowballed (almost every game now it seems) I'm seeing two turrets down in bot lane pre 10 minutes. You know I'm all about the shorter games, but these 15 minute surrenders poppin up every other game is getting pretty boring.
: Darius is Really bad with Runes reforged what can we do about it?
nm1010 (NA)
: Nothing will make up for having a 5th member of a team unless it is blatantly unbalanced. If something that unbalanced was implemented it would encourage people in uncomfortable match ups to just afk. There is no world in which any 'solution' would be implemented without greatly hurting game health or being useless. That was the point of my previous comment, this will never be a thing. Remake is something for emergencies/computer problems and early surrenders avoid wasting too much time if a teammate rage quit. Outside of that there is nothing else that ever should be implemented.
Taking away the consequence of leaving during a match would make it too easy to just leave. Plain and simple. I don't think the op understands this.
: Solutions for AFKing
An afk player will always offset the balance of a game, and implementing countermeasures does not mean that it will fix the issue of playing in a 4 v 5. If you can't handle the fact that you will be punished for leaving in the middle of a team game, where your value as a player being there, doing well or not, is more important than you not being there, you shouldn't play the game. Cut and dry. Team games aren't for everyone as they say.
Lovepet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dat500PingPlayer,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dq6GEtJq,comment-id=0002000000010000000000000001,timestamp=2017-10-05T13:23:45.869+0000) > > You cannot in any way play League of Legends without first agreeing to the terms of service. I dont understand how your comment is on the topic of: Bullying and abusive players. Plese stay on topic and avoid going offtopic as it doesnt help not contributes to the thread. Also: Yes, yes you can. Your knowledge is not absolut just like riot.
You physically cannot play the game without agreeing to the terms of service. You can not. You agreed to the terms when you made your account, and you agree every single time you update the game. It is the reason you can be punished for bad behavior, or even banned. What you are saying makes actually no sense.
: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch: Do I have to keep them?
I have nothing to say to this other than what does any of that even mean. It's a cosmetic, not like you're being forced to use it.
: You can't even justify this matchmaking.
The justification is that it is displaying their solo queue rank, not their flex rank. There are high elo solo players with low flex ranks, it happens. And in some cases, vice versa.
kedliest (NA)
: Tyler1 is only banned from streaming League. I don't think Riot cares if he plays it.
> [{quoted}](name=kedliest,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pOsPgXYX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-15T14:55:38.254+0000) > > Tyler1 is only banned from streaming League. I don't think Riot cares if he plays it. Riot bans Tyler's accounts whenever he makes even a minuscule mistake. They don't want him to play, even though there are countless other people who are more toxic.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: When I play support, I feel like I am playing a bunch of items.
I think that's a flawed mentality. There are plenty of champions that get their power from items, not solely their kit. Saying items make supports unskillful is like saying items make any mage unskillful.
: POS Broken Yas Trash
Context is important to making an argument about a champion. Complaining and whining and bitching doesn't make you look very intelligent either, I might add.
: Permanently banned for no reason (no previous warnings or suspensions)
Damn, I'm used to coming to posts like these and just goofin on people who can't handle that they're toxic but you... Send a support ticket mang. It's possible there's been a mistake. If that's the case, they'll be willing to work with you and unlock your account.
: How long do you usually stay on for?
> [{quoted}](name=phoenix1997,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=n3nUqN48,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-26T23:21:26.395+0000) > > How long do you usually stay on for? Changed my mind, gonna play with some chums instead haha. But when I play, I usually play til 10-11
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mekasapa123 (EUNE)
: Hextech crafting
Or you earn boxes and disenchant champion shards for blue essence. You know, the thing that gives blue essence.
: Okay, whatever. Apparently I played poorly. It was my fault that top went 0/10 by 15 minutes despite me being trapped in lane for the first 10 minutes of it. I see now, simply existing in the game makes all errors of all players my fault. The game that ended at 14mins was my fault because mid, top and jungle decided to open mid at 10 because Irelia top was 7/1 at 8 minutes. I just had a poor attitude is all, never mind the fact that I never spoke or harassed anyone, not even the top laner. You are so determined to make this my fault you can't even consider the idea that maybe, just maybe that top laners might have been the cause. I suppose I should have completely abandoned my ADC at minute 5 to bail out the top lane. You are not understanding anything! This is all, every single bit of it, happening BEFORE I CAN GET OUT OF LANE! Your glorious and perfect top lane has this magical summoner called TP and I have literally watched top laner after top laner TP back into lane after dying only to die again. I play the game as best I can BUT I CANT FUCKING FIX TOP LANE AT MINUTE 5! Guess what, if top didn't feed so much pre-10 minutes I can find time to roam up and try to help relieve pressure and help them get back into it. Hell, how about a lane swap? I CANT DO THAT IF THE TOP LANE ALREADY LOST BOTH TOWERS! What you want me to do let them take inhibitors? What the fuck can I do? I'm a damn support player. I'm not the jungler with options to help. I'm not the mid laner with options to help. I'm the fucking support and for the first part of the game I HAVE TO BE THERE TO HELP THE ADC! Sure I can find rare occasions to roam pre-10 minutes BUT NOT TO TOP. The reason I am so pissed off is because the game is giving me no options to help! Sure, it might just be horrible luck but every single loss for my past 10 games has been a direct result of a top laner feeding out of his mind. Most of those game I WAS WINING LANE! I was winning, not only that but pressuring mid and trying to help out jungle with deep vision. If you are so fucking amazing tell me what I can possibly do at 10 minutes as a support to help out top lane when top lane is 0/6 and the enemy top laner is 6/0? What magical way should I have been playing to have made a difference? What poor choice did I make? Was it trying that last ditch effort to defend top lane's inhibitor with the rest of my team? Was is helping my ADC for the first 10 minutes instead of the top laner? Was it the amazing play I made stunning bot lane duo to score a double on my ADC? Was it itemizing against the enemy fed as fuck top laner? If this is what diamond is? Fuck It. I look forward to leaving the realm of idiot top laners. I can go back to actually enjoying my games and not worrying about whether or not my top laner is intentionally feeding.
If you're gonna main support in diamond, you're gonna have to be ready to have games where your laners feed and you can't do anything about it.
sSquash (EUNE)
: Pls give unban. Thx
Why would you ask me that question. I'm not a rioter. And you're not getting unbanned. It's permanent for a reason.
: How? How does my state of mind affect me when I am winning my lane every game but top lane (which I have 0 control over) feeds? Apparently winning lane and doing well is a terrible state of mind to have as apparently that causes the top laner to feed. I won my last game very easily as I won lane again and this time my top lane got super fed. So although I won...I had almost no impact on the game (outside of completely shutting Jhin/Thresh down) as top lane once again decided it all. Even when I win I hate the top lane. This makes 9 games with a super fed top lane....at least now I can say once the fed top laner was on my side.
Doing well doesn't matter if you get pissed off. Legit doesn't matter. You'll tilt, and you'll start playing bad. Even if you don't think you are playing worse, if you're mad about something happening in the game, you're gonna start playing bad. Always. Ignore it. Forget about it. Top isn't your concern, playing the game is your concern. If you don't know how to adapt to what's happening in the game, you don't deserve to be diamond.
: What the fuck do I do then? What option or choice or play or anything in the universe is there to combat the hyper feeding top laner? I've had 8 FUCKING GAMES IN A ROW where top lane fed so much that our ENTIRE TEAM could not kill their counterpart! Tell ya what, find a duo partner, and have him feed 5 kills pre-10 minutes. Let me know how many games you win. One game, sure they happen. hell 2-3 games sure. 8 games in a row isn't a coincidence anymore its an epidemic. It is a failed mentality of top laners. It is a symptom of top laners always thinking they can 1v1 no matter how many times they die. All top laners are idiots as far as I am concerned as they can't even comprehend the very basic fact that a 5/0 enemy will win any fight you give them.
I had a game during my plat V promos where my mid fed, tilted, and DC'd. Me and the ADC didn't give a fuck, sucked it up, adjusted to the situation, and won the game. Your own personal state of mind greatly affects how you play, so if you tilt because you have a useless lane, you're far more likely to not win the game, because you don't play as well. I frequently play games where I or a teammate does piss poor. It's the state of the game my guy. You just have to grow past it and try to be a better player. That's all we can do.
: 8 games in a row. let that sink in. 8 games in a row where the top laner fed so much our entire team couldn't deal with his counterpart. I have played top lane. I'm not good at it and until about a week ago it was my secondary role. You know what? I picked a tank and this amazing thing happened. I didn't feed. Sure I lost lane, but as I didn't feed 10 kills to the enemy top laner my team wasn't as impacted and I stayed relevant due to utility. I didn't create some kind of hyper monster that has enough stats to 1v5 my team and as a result my team was able to help me out later and I eventually scaled back into it. I do recognize that other lanes occasionally do this...but It is really bad in top lane. 8 games now, their lane is so bad that everything completely breaks apart around them and the rest of the team can do nothing. 8 games now where I could have had a win if only it wasn't over at 15 minutes (with one exception where I somehow miraculously managed to snowball bot harder then top lane could lose).
Get over it. People feed. Everyone feeds. I don't get on the boards to bitch about it though. I move on to the next game and learn. That's all anyone can do. Making a "PSA" doesn't do anything.
: PSA to top laners: STOP FEEDING!
Because top lane is probably the most volatile and difficult lane to play in. It's frustrating to lose lane as a top, because you're on an island and you can't expect help from anyone but yourself. More often then not, you try to redeem yourself, fail, and get tilted. Don't sit on your high horse tho my guy. You've fed, mids fed, jg's fed, sups fed, adc's fed, everyone's fed. Quit pretending top is the only lane that fails. The issue with giving up and just afk farming when you've died is that the more you do it, the further you fall behind anyways, because a fed enemy top laner will just zone you off cs, force you keep the wave in their favor, and you'll naturally lose out on experience, farm, and therefore gold and mid game potential.
: ( Ability Concept) Blessing From Beyond
So a worse Sion W passive and a Poor mans redemption more or less. Not a fan really.
: > [{quoted}](name=A Man Named Mike,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MZd3jemX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-05T21:02:29.211+0000) > > Bloodlust. > That picture... > That Is Gattsu from Berserk and you can't convince me it's not. Just letting you know, his name is confirmed to be "Guts". Any translator that says otherwise is lying to you, because the video games, the official print, and the creator Kentaro Miura have confirmed it as Guts. http://i.imgur.com/Y53CHac.jpg
Thank you ^_^ I appreciate that information, I had been under the impression it was Gatts for a long time.
: Runes Corner: Runes Content Development Peek
Bloodlust. That picture... That Is Gattsu from Berserk and you can't convince me it's not.
Dynamia (NA)
: It says only Season 7 and it says you got G5 7 days ago. There's no previous climbing and there is nothing else after. I highly doubt you're better than me. I highly, highly doubt it. I have two Platinum and one Diamond account and another Gold. You're missing the entire point. THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS POST, SIR, IS TO STATE THAT: 1) Team A has an advantage of 10+ kills. 2) Team B can't contest anything. 3) Team A does nothing with advantage by refusing to group or take objectives giving Team B time to recover losses. 4)Team B catches up at the ~35 minutes mark. 5) Team B aces or catches someone out and wins the game. The entire point of this post is that we have the power to end the game but the team refuses to use it.
"refresh button" If you're Diamond you should know how to carry yourself out of low elo. Get a grip.
K4izen (EUNE)
: sSquash
You don't own anything you buy in League. Read the TOS sometime.
: What the fuck do you want me to do
You report them and you say what they did, then move on to the next game. That's what everyone else does.
Dynamia (NA)
: One of them is Silver IV. The fresh one is due to placements done well. It could easily go down that's why you haven't touched it. That S4 to G2 or w.e took you more than 3 months. All you do is split push with Trynd proving my point. Grouping is a failure in lower elos and the best way is to split push. I don't understand what your problem is but you've been agreeing with me this entire time because you don't fucking read.
Placements done well? That account started in Silver 5 cause I went 3-7 in my placements. What the fuck are you talking about? You're saying low elo is hell cause people don't group. I'm proving the opposite of your point saying I can climb without grouping. I don't play on my smurfs cause I don't care enough to focus my ranked efforts playing on alts. It took me less than a month to get that one to gold. You're doubling back on your argument to prove an invalid point against me. I've literally played League for less than 2 years, and I'm already better than you. Feel bad bud.
Dynamia (NA)
: One of those is Silver. The third one is Gold V but it looks like you just got auto placed there after placements based on last season. You didn't climb. Only the one says you climbed.
One of those was a fresh account that had never been in ranked. One of them I leveled myself, and got placed in silver, climbed to gold. This one I climbed from silver 4. You don't delve very hard eh?
Dynamia (NA)
: Clearly, that's a lie. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/n3f5kn7V-as-a-diamond-silver-elo-is-surprisingly-hard Yea, the Kha'zix finished with 22/1/7. My other teammates besides me and the ADC gave 24 kills. How the fuck do you even do that? Nice, another game ruined just like that. I don't care if this happens 1/4 or 1/5 games. But once every second game is just way too much. This is ridiculous.
What do you mean clearly thats a lie? A Man Named Mike A Sir Named Mike A Guy Named Mike It took me three days to get one of them from silver 4 to gold. Luckily for me, I don't devote my life to being bad at league, so I've been able to climb with results and theorycraft while I'm not playing. Maybe you should try it sometime.
Dynamia (NA)
: I have done everything possible. I have 3 champions in each lane at mastery 7. I've almost mastered 21 champions. I ward. I counter jungle. I get FT. I get Rift Herald. I get all the dragons. I get each lane fed. I get myself fed. I have the highest cs in almost every game. I split push, steal inhibitors and towers. I delete enemy carries and live so we can push after. I study psychological player behavior. I give inspiration speeches. I do everything fucking thing possible and it goes fucking nowhere. I do everything fucking possible. If people aren't mentally capable, they aren't. This season has just been a mother fucker. Every time we get the advantage my team pisses it away. You don't get it. Like. At all. Restart an account and try to get out of Silver. It is not easy. Try it and tell me how you do. I practice with Diamonds and Platinums all the time. I listen to every single piece of advice and nothing works. The matchmaking system is completely fucked up by something. I don't know what it is but something is fucking it up. Bronze/Silver are a total fucking crapshoot based on pure fucking dumb blind luck.
I've played league since Preseason 6. I have multiple accounts that I have pushed to gold, and I started in bronze both season's of climbing. I have a third of your play time, and I've already done it.
Dynamia (NA)
: The HUGEST problem in Bronze and Silver elo...
Who cares. Some people are bad. Get over it. If you can't carry yourself out of the lower elos, you probably belong there. You have to learn to carry yourself before you can rely on your teammates to do the same.
: Not all champions are designed for grouping. Some enemy champions also punish grouping. Looking at auto attack reliant champions, excluding marksmen, they either become splitpushers (for example, {{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} ) or the clean up crew ({{champion:11}} is the prime example of this) unless they're so hilariously fed that they can engage a 1v3 and kill all 3. {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:61}} for instance can heavily punish grouped teams if given even a second of an opening. Juggernauts like {{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:420}} also will punish your team if you can't instantly knock them down, darius will heal a good chunk of his health then trigger his passive into ults, Morde will hurt like hell, and illaoi will both heal and AOE a team down with tentacles. There is strategy in not grouping. You simply need to understand how it works. For example: Let's say you have a {{champion:92}} top. Didn't lose lane, didn't win it either because her opponent played safe. She farmed up and is now split pushing top. If they send only one to stop Riven, odds are unless they're fed Riven can probably kill them. If they send two or three, that means those two or three can't help stop the rest of your team from pushing an objective, for example. The enemy team is forced to pay for an objective either way if done right, either by Riven taking a tower or by the rest of the team taking a tower, or dragon, or even baron. There is strategy in every choice people make. Even if they may not realize it.
Honestly a little surprised you didn't list Tryn when you said splitpushers. There is literally no other champ I think of when I hear that
: Or that time Trinimortal beat Bricky in For Honor
Or the time he smashed beat in Sky
: When you get grabbed by Blitzcrank
Reminds me of the time Dunkey beat Sky in smash.
: https://i.giphy.com/media/BmmfETghGOPrW/giphy.gif
: No. Due to Dyrus being a washed up, ex-semi-pro, you'll need to first proc your Bloodrazor, if you want Seth to give back your socks.
Daaaaamn had I know that all along I'd have been building Randuin's Deathgrail instead
Hmagamer (NA)
: Ni🅱🅱a what.
: I'm not doing this again
That's okay, it's encouraging to know you're at least here. >Insert picture of confused Gardevoir<
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