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: Patch 9.23 notes
thank god stopwatch is still around because everyone loves that item...
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: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
"we want top laners to not whine as much so were nerfing the already weakest role in the game so they can be more of a punching bag" get rekt jungle mains
: Patch 9.18 notes
jfc it took you longer enough to make rift scuttler not pop shrooms... only 5 years, speedy response.
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Sebvalik (NA)
: Have they ever done that for other champion reworks?
pretty sure they did for eve
Netorare (EUNE)
: No, the only way of making URF balanced is making it not fucking random and give it 10 bans and also remove the stupid cannon. URF has to stay IMBALANCED when it comes to stats because that's what its all about.
ok but this isnt completely urf, not random for my idea, AR is lame anyway. Its a middle ground. Did you read it all
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: I don’t know how I feel about taking away Teemo’s invisibility completely, what about maybe giving him invisibility in brush but camouflage while out of brush?
thats basically what i was gonna say. It looks like enough people think this that hopefully this is how itll work out
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
holy shit thats a ridiculous PD nerf. stats and losing 2 passives. for the same cost? comparing DR to a shield is tought but its still a nerf overall wtf. At least yasuo can still get 100% on 2 items but loses AS and MS and 225% crits instead of 250% which it was before right?
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: PSA Regarding ranked placement and seedings for all who are confused
mmr doesnt always equate with division tho right? because im silver 4 but every game the other 9 are high silver low gold
: Retiring Dominion
new game modes dont work in their own queues huh? i guess were in some universe where ARAM doesnt exist. Maybe instead of condemning the idea of making new maps is not an ok thing to do just to save someones ego and not have to admit that dominion was just a shitty game mode.
: It's debatable, but imo it's not Riot's fault. Riot has (and it was very widely talked about, since the NRG roster was completely revamped) the 3/5 Rule - you have to retain 3 out of the original 5 players and play at least 1 game with them if you buy out an LCS Spot. The only original players left - apart from Konkwon - were Cris and Shrimp, so they necessarily had to replace Impact and Moon. Players probably should've read up on that rule, tbh. Maybe it wouldn't have caused as much confusion. I'm also one of them - I had Moon as my starting Jungler, rip. :(
OMFG i totally forgot about this rule, yeah i got fucked too. i think maybe i drafted poorly too tho, but the origen loss really got me down in 3 leagues
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: Fantasy LCS 2016 Spring Split draft guide
hjarnan was like the best player on h2k, why would u pick his replacement XD i mean sure lucian is strong right now but he'll be permabanned especially against 0-4given
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: Team Up & Pool Party
i only have 1 champ left, so does the free mystery champ just give me that? lol or if u dont have any do u just get a skin instead?

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