: Darius and Illoai work. Nasus almost works. They are still Juggernauts. They need ways to deal with mobility and range. Or melee bot laners won't happen.
Illaoi works into melee champions; her entire kit except for Q gets dumpstered by ranged harass and DOT spells, if you have both then she's fucked. Darius is also much better into melees, but the Quinn matchup I always felt was overrated. You also have to consider that giving them any tools to combat ranged will be even more effective against other melees. >They need ways to deal with mobility and range. Or melee bot laners won't happen. I don't have much issue with either of these in most cases. Besides Vel'Koz's stupid true damage ult and the ridiculous damage a couple of ADCs do from very long range, I can manage that fine even with Mordekaiser. What is most detrimental to Juggernauts, beyond early laning, is being stun locked and dying before you get to do anything, because like all carry classes it completely shuts them down. We've seen Riot sort-of give them means to counter this recently. Mainly between Shyvana's CC immune dash letting her counter a disengage and Olaf's ult. Given that they're forced to tank those spells because they're melee and immobile, I think (some/most of them) should be able to outplay that with some conditional means of cleansing status effects. I'm not opposed to giving them means to shut down mobility; if there were any class that Riot should be liberal about slapping the Grounded debuff onto, it's these guys.
: Honestly, most of the juggernauts are ok in this aspect. They can do something to gapclose or cause damage beyond AA range. They all have some minor ability to get them closer. Except Morde. That special snowflake who's slow enough that he can't move properly. He needs something beyond sadness.
Mord has 2 ranged spells, though. Of the juggernauts, he's probably the least offended by ranged champions. Especially when he builds an item that gives him permaslows
: With Liss new Passive let's talk about melee top laners
>poke or Leaps/Dashes So remove the most defining trait of the class? ?_? They wouldn't be immobile melees if they were mobile. Lissandra and Rumble and Quinn are not just a problem for immobile melees; Lissandra especially shits on nearly every melee champion in the game when she's good or, god forbid, top tier. I've always advocated for ranged CC on melee champions but ROYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET won't listen to me. > Like Arthas built in perma slows and ranged root. {{champion:72}} had a permaslow. And he was cancer for it and dumpstered other melees harder than he did ranged champs. {{champion:2}} has a potential permaslow if he plays well, but squishy carries throw a massive fit whenever he becomes prominent so don't expect to see him for extended periods of time oops, submitted too early. What you should do for Juggernauts instead is give them innate tools to brush off or negate CC. Currently, as a carry class, they hate getting stunned and snared, but being melee they have no choice but to tank them and being immobile they don't have an easy time avoiding them. IMO it's also why they're crappy in 2v2 lanes; the ADC's endless poke is annoying, but it's when the support starts throwing their CC damage combos at you that it really gets shitty. Giving them the means to get past that hurdle would be a very good step to making them a more reasonable class.
: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2013/12/lincoln-memorial-DC.jpg That's Big Lincoln.
http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/913/734/f50.jpg NO
tl;dr i'm bad at macro play and i'm bad at bard
: Why is your favorite champion your favorite champion?
{{champion:432}} voice works great with relaxing tunes and/or vaporwave good stuff for gettin' comfy
: Flyquest, please don't put Balls on Camille again
: Yeah, when I saw this on Riot's Reddit I did a double take. That and Shen's new W are getting me hyped.
my favorite part is how she'll be even less fair to play against as a melee champ :') good job riot
: You posted twice you cheating motherf*cker. Also, why is a frankenstein WW here.
: If you could permaban one person in each lane, who would it be?
{{champion:10}} top {{champion:61}} mid {{champion:203}} jg {{champion:90}} support {{champion:429}} adc
: Time to throw some shade bois
: Time to throw some shade bois
>Big Lincoln. For some reason is very paranoid about going to theaters and helped make Captain America: Civil War start. Also he has a Napoleon complex. IT'S NOT ABRAHAM LINCOLN YOU TWAT IT'S BIG LINCOLN YOU'RE ABOUT TO CATCH THESE HANDS BOI http://68.media.tumblr.com/d5f04f92e1abf5409b94deccdd482001/tumblr_nvdsuoBZc21tn0m8vo1_1280.jpg REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
: Riots best castors have left for overwatch, when will you?
: @Riot Which champions do you consider the best definition for their subclass?
: Illaoi's animation canceling was removed
to be fair it made the E both invisible and instantly cover the entire length of the skillshot. It's a little more BS than you're letting on
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EnOXAjJj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-25T02:08:42.431+0000) > > I prefer enchanters, too, but I still think that they're very archaic and need to be updated for complexity > > fuq mages You could definitely make the argument that many champions require this. I don't think that's exclusive to enchanters.
I have an agenda for supports though http://chsbleuprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_0824-475x382.png
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YXKFVE6e,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-25T00:22:10.294+0000) > > I've moved beyond Darius, he is for peons > > Illaoi is the juggernaut of the highest classes The game went down hit the moment riot added the Juggernaut class.
: As much as Supports like Janna, Lulu, Karma, Sona and Soraka annoy me...
I prefer enchanters, too, but I still think that they're very archaic and need to be updated for complexity fuq mages
: Any thoughts on the best troll in the game?{{champion:77}}
I like tiger stance best but he's been hit too hard for me to keep playing him needs a rework that just gives him more to do, imo
: this has to be a troll
: I know, but I know Big Lincoln plays Darius, so it should be an example he can relate to. Doesn't mean the people who say that shit are right tho. There are SO many stupid examples of things you can call Free.
I've moved beyond Darius, he is for peons Illaoi is the juggernaut of the highest classes
abdul569 (EUW)
: Your main now gains a new passive ' basic abilities reset on kill'. How op is it?
: These Shaco changes aren't enough.
they're pretty stupid, i dont want to play AP shaco give me the old crit builds back
: It's not ''Free'' tho...
: "Tank shaco is too strong, how are we going to balance it?"
Rioter Comments
not even remotely similar but sure, let's shitpost
: We have Bloodstone Taric and Bloodstone Lissandra
: so after trashing armor as a stat, were now moving on to mr? i mean. yea it looks cool at first. but it feels like the mastery nerfs riot did a couple of patches ago to counteract damage creep are slowly being 1 upped by damage buffs to champion kits. werent the lethality buffs also after the mastery nerfs? amumu being in a game is going to massively amplify magic damage overall. i dont understand the purpose of allowing mages to deal a lot of damage to tanky targets, even if its due to an indirect buff. theyre generally not supposed to hit tanks and fighters too hard, to offset their range and utility.
but duuuuude offense is supposed to outscale defense :^)
: {{champion:14}} Q can now crit. I want more reasons to build crit on Sion so I can see that beautiful crit animation more often.
Kaeblen (NA)
: You nerfed Bard...
im assuming you misread because bard does the same or more damage for almost every bracket of chimes that build, you're reported
: How do you get an Uruk hard, if you don't mind me asking?
mostly game progression and trial and error, cull the weak ones til you have one you like then either let them kill you so they get stronger or see of they do it on their own just realized how I worded that though
: Is Trundle garbage?
no, he's out of meta trundle will be God tier again post tank update
: After the mid game, Lucian's done being relevant, period, though...
well that shouldn't matter much, since the boards generally agreed that games end at fifteen minutes now
: Galio seems a little oppressive
he's boring, just like Shen he'll farm and push all day long and never interact with you except galio can clear the entire wave between his Q and passive so there's not even the risk of being melee only and getting zoned
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kLfUTEFz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-24T15:06:33.345+0000) > > gave AD AS and MS > > passive was that every 3 hits your next attack would be 3 in 1 but did half your AD for each one(150% total, on hit applied in full I believe) I'm down for having 450 true damage on one auto attack on my boy Yi.
lets make it happen
Dasdi96 (NA)
: So I got a kill on the enemy ap mid laneras an ap mid.
: wtf did that item do again? I know it was part of the Black Market Brawlers gamemode, but I forgot it's purpose...
gave AD AS and MS passive was that every 3 hits your next attack would be 3 in 1 but did half your AD for each one(150% total, on hit applied in full I believe)
Rioter Comments
ßriąr (NA)
: "Lulu is op" LOL WHAT?????
I main juggernauts and Bard lulu is too strong
: Whenever you get kited as a melee...
>...time to get Youmuu's... won't work vs ezreal or kalista that's when you need a combination of {{item:3800}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3142}}
: WHERE IS THIS ITEM GIVING A SHIELD ON 10 SEC CD AND GAVE YOU GOLD IF THE SHIELD WAS BROKEN? fck man, this item would solve botlane melee vs range problem
ya if they made flesheater more of a farming tool like the uh, midas glove(?) that'd help a lot in melee v range matchups too imo. at least for AD ones
: A E S T H E T I C
once I get dis space Darius skin it's gonna be doom sound track
: What Kind of Music suits your main?
: Found the dirty {{champion:50}} top player
yeah, looking me up on op.gg or just reading my post history would tell you how much I looooooooooooooooooooooooove me some mages dude
: Ugh. I'd rather forget Shadow of Edgedor exists.
i thought it was fun uruk grooming was really enjoyable once you got them hard enough
: I think his current theme of having a different blade for a different kind of foe to be kinda cool in its own way. Tbh, I don't want his Q to change. I love his new Q and its made playing Shen such a blast. What needs to go is his W. Its too gimmicky to use and its not useful for much. Blocking auto attacks for such a short time frame isn't helpful for a tank like Shen, and due to the nature of how he is forced to move the sword around, he isn't getting much use out of it in terms of saving his squishier teammates either.
that's fine, I know some people like the current Shen, it's just sort of a what-if that popped into my head while I was writing today >What needs to go is his W. I actually like this ability a fair amount? It works kind of crappy with his sword mechanic, sure, but it has a lot of potential to be something good, honestly. I think it should be more rewarding, for sure; if the duration scaled up to a maximum for successfully eating auto attacks, it'd be an incredibly good ability.
: Typhoon Claws {{champion:122}} would be extremely fun. E-AA-W-AA-Typhoon for max Hemorrhage on your target without having to use Q. Broken probably, but fun. What if Typhoon Claws was activated on landing a number of abilities? That would make it a diverse item that could apply to a lot of roles, and it would have more dimension than an "abuse on-hit effects" item like Guinsoo's.
i want typhoon claws specifically for {{champion:106}} finally having an offensive item man that shit would be so cash with his ult up
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