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: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
: Why hasn't Aatrox {{champion:266}} seen any direct changes? I see he was mentioned in the context for Rageblade's {{item:3124}} 2nd rework, but he wouldn't build that item do to it not being very good on him unless he was full offensive? New Trinity on the PBE currently doesn't help him either. With that said, why does Blade of the Ruined King {{item:3153}} have such an obnoxious price? That's my only problem. Why doesn't Executioner's Calling {{item:3123}} / Mortal Reminder{{item:3033}} have a requirement to apply Grievous Wounds like Morellonomicon {{item:3165}} ? It just allows AD top laners to counter out entire champions mostly (Aatrox, Mundo, Darius kinda). Enough about top lane. Do you guys have any plans to make ADCs who used to build Rageblade {{item:3124}} viable? Kinda works with the question of why Essence Reaver is such a powerful item Caster ADCs have that auto attack ones (Ashe, Varus, Tristana, ect.) don't? Will items like Moonflair Spellblade {{item:3170}} and Dervish Blade {{item:3137}} ever see Summoner's Rift? Same with potentially allowing some Black Market Brawlers items back. They seem like some interesting items that seem to wasted. Why doesn't Wit's End {{item:3091}} have a stat with 42 anymore? Finally, out of the 130+ champions, how do we not have on that uses 2 swords? Kassadin {{champion:38}} is more of a caster, I'm talking something like Fiora and Yasuo.
I guess Shen and Zed don't have 2 blades. Akali has 2 stabbers.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
I'm just here to praise that Emerald Taric
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: http://imgur.com/3OZz1Er Here is maybe a leaked ability, note the weird bar under the health bar Also is that maybe a new Vi skin meaning that the teasers from earlier are also skins?
Hey mongo, if these are real where did you get them? And why are they resized?
: Possible Jihn Leak?
HE HAS ANOTHER HEAD! I KNEW IT! Edit: If you watch the teaser, his elbow is bent the other way. He must have a rotating arm too.
: Wait, is this the guy from Ekko's cinematic??
What if this guys has a disfigured face, so he wears a mask to hide it. He makes people "beautiful" and "perfect" because he is not beautiful himself.
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: i'll gift someone 10$ rp card if they
http://ask-humble-ahri.tumblr.com/ {{champion:103}} Best Ahri Blog on tumblr, says her story
Aéther (NA)
: Fiora can parry ignite but graves cant has cigar?????
Anti-Blazin campaign
: Miss Fortune Used "Make It Rain"
When gp uses his ult but you're too tanky to care
: Rotation Quote game: Replace one word of the champions selection Quote with Rotation, Rotate, Rotating, etc. (In Mundo's case just try to fuse them) {{champion:268}} Shurima, your emperor has rotated!
: Happy Independence Day!!! To Celebrate, I am giving out a Free Mystery Skin!
https://33.media.tumblr.com/d0ae6399f856a024bd7591198621bfff/tumblr_mpefun0jLd1rth122o1_500.gif Abe I'm finished here.
: 1 every year is good enough for me
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Tepig223 (NA)
: I got {{champion:245}} guys! just coming back to relive this wait.
Bergk (NA)
: Players who already own all the champions are going to get a mystery skin INSTEAD of a mystery champion
I'm talking about an event from a while back
: Wait so it had to be between 6/28 and 6/29? What if we're already connected?
"If you’ve already signed up for the feature, you’ll unlock a Mystery Champion too."
: i thought it was 5. hmmmmm...
Alright I checked on it and people are saying 10, they are claiming that's what Riot said
Gati (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kermin,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=kzABcpIr,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2015-07-01T13:27:07.631+0000) > > Some claim to have gotten them already, I'm guessing thy're going to ship them out over the course of the day like they did the mystery skins. > > Patience is a virtue {{champion:98}} mystery skin? i never got mine :( btw i was playing like 24/7 5v5 for PP rewards
Mystery skins were a reward for being good in the new year, that was a while back- not PP
: I own all but like 7 champs and I am hoping for either Hec or Azir.
I think Riot said that if you have less than 10 remaining you get a skin
: I actually got this challenge that I'm telling people to do. Challenge: Main the mystery champ or skin you get for the WHOLE PATCH. I'm up for it, are you?
Challenge accepted. {{champion:114}}
: Riot Leaked Their Newest Champion
Heavens {{item:3187}} {{item:3348}}
: That would be a perfect featured game mode. 5 Teemos on each team.
: you missed the t in your title and i read it as "misery champ day" all I could think about was how miserable it would truly be if people spammed {{champion:17}} all day
Update: I made it look intentional, ssh
: you missed the t in your title and i read it as "misery champ day" all I could think about was how miserable it would truly be if people spammed {{champion:17}} all day
Here I checked all the grammar and everything, and I mess up the title. Ugh.
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
Personally I would be happy with anyone who's 4800 or above, I only have a few 3150s remaining
: when exactly are we suppose to get them oo?
Some claim to have gotten them already, I'm guessing thy're going to ship them out over the course of the day like they did the mystery skins. Patience is a virtue {{champion:98}}
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: hey guys my cousin wants to sign up for this game but it keeps saying sign up failed. what should i do?
http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=53b81c3b42726860501663 This link should work fine
: Your Team Up Week Party IP Weekend is here!
: Jared Polis: Community Congressman
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
*Breathing intensifies* *Breathing intensifies to infinity*
: do you even lift bro? - *no i doublelift*
: Bit of advise, you could just edit the original post.
: Two more champions join the Battlecast arsenal
You want to know what would be amazing? Pets. A little animal to follow you around, no buffs, no gameplay function, just a little bro. Riot, can this please be a thing? You can make a lot of money off of it and the community will love it. This can be used to display a little bit more personality than just a skin. -Just a Silver V
: Dev Blog: Optimizing the Rift
So when is this coming out? This has been alluded to for so long and there has been no date except for "Next Season." Well, It's next season now and I'm pretty sure there is a number of people (just the whole community) just looking for a rough release date. This doesn't have to be definite, just a rough date. Anyways thanks so much and the new rift looks amazing! Thanks Riot!
: Kalista Q&A coming 11/11
Unlimited stacks? Oh no. She's the next Teemo.
Aeon123 (NA)
: Updated Summoner's Rift Q&A (11/7)
Are any of the jungle camp getting stronger or weaker, and if so, which ones? Are any of the camps going to have different fight styles besides the two extremely epic monsters? {{item:1039}}
Aeon123 (NA)
: Updated Summoner's Rift Q&A (11/7)
R.I.P. Doran. Never forget. {{item:1056}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1054}}
: Patch Rundown Preseason Discussion!
MsPudding, who is your favorite champion? Do you refer to each other at Riot as your summoner names or maybe even their main?
: I think that turrets/towers should be more harder to pass through: 1st tower: Easy 2nd tower: Moderate 3rd-4th-5th tower: Difficult because it's too easy to win the game quickly. Turrets should have true vision meaning they can see invisible objects or heroes/champions. The Baron Nashor will the buff be the same? Hp higher? More gold? Item drop (^O.O^)
They literally said this is what they are going to do, and turrets have true vision already buddy. The Baron Nashor buff is going to be even better, but no item drops. Source:http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/preseason-2015-diversifying-objectives
: New free champion rotation: Sion, Lucian, Jinx and more!
: More playtime with Gnar
Solideus (EUNE)
: Some Rioters has talked about Sion and Jarvan I, stating it was roughly a century/centuries ago they killed each other. Four generations of Jarvans should be pretty close to a hundred years. How soon after this was he resurrected; how long was he in service under Darkwill; and how long has Swain had him in the current timeline? What has he been used for after his resurrection? Did anyone survive his first deployment to tell the tale? TLDR; Do you have a solid grasp on the timeline? What conflicts was he used for?
No, but he had a solid grasp on Jarvin's neck (Ba dum Chee)
: SION QUESTIONS: * Who would you consider Sion's main rival? J4? Galio? Swain? * In terms of Sion's splash, who is it that he's killing? Is it helmet bro? Some demacian? A noxian? * Sion's old. Like, really old. What's the hardest thing he has to understand? (My guess is Zaun/Piltover technology) * Generic traditional skin question goes here * How does Darius feel about Sion? Is he an idol? A veteran past his prime? Worthy ally? * [Sion Krang Skin?](http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100314150933/tmnt/de/images/4/44/Krang_android.jpg) for a Sion skin plz?
Well Sion did kill {{champion:59}}'s ancestor king man soo probably him. (Lore Junkie)
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
Oh wait you want to kill me? Soldier. Oh wait you got past him oops here's a whole army has fun

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