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rujitra (NA)
: I'm not sure you understand my post. I was pointing out that it goes both ways. I will be frustrated if I want to ban something but you hovering it prevents me from doing so.
yeah no i got what u meant
rujitra (NA)
: I am absolutely disgusted that is so easy to hover someone someone on your team is wanting to ban. I just hate playing with or against and I don't want them in my games, but someone can just hover them preventing me from banning them. This causes me to get upset and then have to dodge because of one kid and they get no penalty while I do. It's horrific. There has to be something to prevent this its completely ruining a fun game when I have to play with or against . I was thinking when someone wants to ban a champion it should be impossible for someone to hover them to prevent you from doing so. **** And no, you don't get to remake a queue just because you don't get your 1/140+ champions you wanted to play that game. It's called draft pick for a reason. If you want blind pick, go play blind pick.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Easy solution is to insta-pick what you want and just dont prepick at all... unless you want to play Yasuo or something other edgy-popular~ then RIP
yes but doing that allows randoms who arent toxic to ban who u want to play unknowingly
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