: I'm surprised you're still posting here XJ9. Thought you woulda been gone years ago.
> [{quoted}](name=Its Yuu and Mi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zsdWEhLF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-01T01:06:43.706+0000) > > I'm surprised you're still posting here XJ9. Thought you woulda been gone years ago. If anyone else had made this comment, it would have been removed both for harassment and for spam cause it doesn't actually add anything to the current conversation.
: If your meme doesn't directly harass or insult, it can stay, even if it criticizes mods. If the mod team likes it, they may even join in. Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes/8vFXBiTu
The difference between 3 minutes and 10; you sir, make me ashamed for my lack of effort on this front and I apologize for so.
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: Holy downvote bot
> [{quoted}](name=Its Yuu and Mi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=J7RVPFyX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-30T02:36:10.833+0000) > > downvote bot {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: We'll review anything if you'd like to come to the discord or post particulars here. I have not seen any obvious issues with Jikker's recent removal history.
That's a funny one; where'd you get that, that's good!
: Learn More: Spring Split Watch Missions
Rioter 1: "Play rates and viewership has gone down in NA, what do we do?!" Ritoer 2: "It's only NA, the rest of the world is fine; we shouldn't panic yet, right?!" Rioter 3: "You fool! NA is our homeland! We need to keep up main support!" Head Ritoer: *Spins around in spiny chair at the head of the table* "We'll just offer them some icons and an emote they can't equip more then five of; trust me, it'll be enough to attract in some new _dogs._" Ritoer 1,2,3: "Wow, what a genius; truly amazing! So smart!" *All three Rioters bark in agreement as Head Rioter spins back in the spiny chair.*
: How to be Mad at Riot.
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/7d/Wahaha_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20180731211711 Please, tell me more, I'm interested. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/e/ee/So_Cool_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20180911200538
: C&C's Odyssey of Art: WINNERS!
Rules said you can't just MS Paint to victory yet two of winners did exactly that, lmao. Okay then. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Shlidd (NA)
: Why aren't the team icons/emotes able to be purchased seperately?
: Found the bronze here LOL, oh sorry it is Iron
A Silver 4 barely grasping a 50% win rate trying to talk rank? Classic. Shouldn't you be feeding on Vi or Trynd right now? How do you even go that negative on a champion whose ult prevents him from dying, rofl?
: You know nothing. You are talking like the company that not only produces the game you play (for thousands, if not millions worldwide), but also foots the bill for the eSports venue, advertising, event planning, and everything else involved with keeping the game going and the event going, is somehow not entitled to the revenue that their event is going to generate. Like do you think they do all of this out of good will and donations? They do it to make money, so they can keep doing it in the future. You are not considering that employees have salaries - ranging from probably 25K a year for like their cleaning crew to upwards of 40-50K for their programmers, tech people, and then even higher for upper management. Get a grip on reality. Riot cannot operate on fumes if they want to be a successful business. They have to take a cut of the revenue they generate. PLUS, those eSports players would be absolutely nothing without Riot keeping the game going. Their salaries and careers are 100% dependent on Riot keeping their lights on.
Considering every comment you have one this page has already been downvoted into oblivion, I don't even need to waste my time letting you know how you're wrong. Thanks for the effort though hun~ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Imagine producing a free game and a free to watch esports league then being called greedy lol{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Imagine not knowing the "free game" has over a billion in net worth and then thinking they need the money despite their "free" esports being riddled with sponsors and ads. Imagine being a pro players with over 12 hour practices, no time to yourself with the constant moving and various matches, and no time to see your friends, family, or do anything really. Imagine only getting 25% of all the income you should be making. Now imagine idiots like yourself saying the person taking the other 75% of your income needs the money when they have billions.
: Unpopular opinion here. When Riot announced they would have to cut on some stuff for Worlds because of cost, everyone said "sell event passes" now they're doing it and its still met with complaints? Bohoo you can't get any of the "good" loot, my dude, Riot is giving you a FREE skin shard. In addition to, ahem, the fact that the entire game is free! Like Jesus, some people can never get enough, maybe they should just remove all the extra free stuff and make you pay $80 for the base game, stop updating it bi-weekly, and still charge you for skins like any other game out there that you've probably spent way less time on. Maybe then there wouldn't be any complaining.
Lmfao, I love listening to children like you defend Riot as hard as you can. Tell me, once you've gotten your random skin shard, when are you actually able to unlock it? Orange Essence rates got cut down to 20% even last pre-season. It takes roughly 5 disenchanted skin shards to upgrade 1 skin. And in a game where, if you want to get better it's encouraged you have a small champion pool, good luck trying to cram champions you don't play to get chests; even then assuming you play daily enough to get keys enough to open the chests you have stored. "Boohoo"? Spoken truly as a whiny kid without any actual experience on how this game and its systems work lol.
: Someone online complaining about someone online complaining about people online complaining?
Someone should look up the definition of 'complaining' lol. When the illiterate try to belittle someone, lmfao.
: If you guys are upset about their decision to put an event pass, then don't buy it. Simple as that. To a company like riot, the thing that speaks louder than words is a loss in sales. Quit complaining online and just ignore the whole thing.
Someone online complaining about people online complaining? Hold on, common sense clearly just left the room.
NaesKun (NA)
: Usually I don't step in to these comments because the point never reaches the opposing party and they usually keep believing what they believe, and basically downvoting anything that causes discomfort but I'm just going to leave this here to get this off my chest. You know you're being an ass for how much it costs **for you**. C'mon a kid from Make a Wish helped make this skin, if you talk like this (doing math calculations like an entitled high school/college kid) you basically invalidate **the kid's vision and dream working with Riot on something he wanted to bring to life.** You should really grow up a bit. The charity is a choice, you either donate or you don't. You could donate 30 dollars through Riot to charity and get a nice skin/emote/icon whatever. If that's too expensive and you're so upset about Riot "scamming" you then go an donate your 30 bucks or whatever less amount that's not "too expensive" directly through a charity, where all the "profit" Riot is making won't go to Riot, but go to kids in need. Riot here is simply giving you guys some incentive to donate, because otherwise you guys probably wouldn't donate directly to a charitable organization because you guys care so much about a limited skin more than kids with critical illnesses. I'm also seeing arguments below need to pay the bills, then yes pay for the bills, but don't complain about a skin that isn't necessary for your life if you need to pay bills. League Skins are a luxury, don't confuse it as a necessity. I don't care if this post gets downvoted to hell, I'm just incredibly upset and disappointed in the League community who is supposed to foster community and encouragement, but instead focus on all the unnecessary negatives that ostracizes your fellow players and gives the League of Legends community such a bad name. #offmychest
Did you even properly read any of the comments on here actually? Or did you just skim a few and then make a post complaining to try to make yourself feel relevant? Because the points that everyone has brought up make perfect sense, leading the only person here sounding like a spoiled, "entitled" child is you. In a normal charity you can donate your choice amount, in this case you can't donate unless you can afford the price of the content. You clearly were spoiled because for most college kids they have to make it by barely affording it or finishing college with a bunch of student loans. $5 is a lot for some people, just like $5 is enough to help make a difference in a charity case. So now you explain to me why Riot decided to up the price on all their normal content? Emotes just got dropped to 350RP but this one is 600RP why? The bundle for the skin only includes an extra icon and the border but goes up by 1000RP why? The only person sounding like a fool is you and it's actually the only thing disrespectful going on here. You're as close minded as Riot and that narrow thought is why this charity case won't be as successful due to people like you.
: So give what you can...and be happy you get something back at all. It's like you guys just don't get it. I am floored by how this community is acting over this. Then again I am 43, and understand how things actually work. Keep crying though guys maybe Riot can use your tears as a donation.
> Then again I am 43, and understand how things actually work. Keep crying though guys maybe Riot can use your tears as a donation. > I am 43 > Keep crying; Riot can use your tears as a donation. > Then again I am 43, and understand how things actually work. > Then again I am 43 > 43 Who the hell are you trying to convince? xD
: >You're literally trying to pull the most literal nonsense out of thin air What?


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