: Can Nullifying Orb be changed to a shield tuned to block CHAMPION DAMAGE? Or just replace it
Wait, people actually take this rune? And you think it’s overpowered? It’s a fill in for champs like Vlad when they want Phase Rush but don’t have mana, at best.
: That's all they care about. LCS. If someone on LCS picks it, fuck it, leave her broken. Who cares. She's great. We get money and people watch LCS, who cares about the actual players.
You’re joking, right? Azir basically isn’t a champion in the game anymore because too many people in LCS were playing him. They’ve specifically said that they balance champions for both soloq and Pro levels.
: Patch 8.12 notes
Will we be getting the M’Pengu emote if we purchased ANY emotes, including bundles such as the Sweetheart Xayah/Rakan bundle?
: Aatrox destruction
He’s also literally next in line for a rework. So just wait for that to show up.
: If Pyke's R is simular to Darius R: Does this make Darius an Assasin?
Pyke isn’t an assassin because of how execute ult. Pyke is an assassin because of his stealth and dash, combined with the hook (that Darius does sort of have, I’ll admit), but Darius doesn’t have the mobility of an assassin.
: Does anyone else feel like Pyke's Ult should be Untargetable?
Why should he be untargetable? He already dashes and does an AOE health based execute. Making him Untargetable during it would break him so hard.
: Changing Runes during game
I could see a reason for being able to switch between rune pages you have set up already, but set it like the refund thing, you can’t do it if you leave the base fountain. Would be good for realizing you have the wrong runes and losing automatically.
: Playing the Devil's Advocate Here...
Yeah not sure why Yasuo’s passive is getting reworked when Lissandra may as well not have a passive at all.
MeowGath (NA)
: Turrets in 8.11
I believe it was stated that “hurr durr, ADCs nerfed, towers need to be nerfed too”, but this is a ridiculous statement. Towers haven’t been relevant in diving under them in months, maybe years. They need to be fixed, somehow.
BigVi (NA)
: Knock it the fuck off with true damage and invisibility or give us the tools to counter them.
To a certain extent, building health over resistances is the counterplay to true damage, but I completely agree with there being too much true damage out there. As for invisibility, it definitely needs a rework. When players take the initiative to put down a control ward and think they’re safe but camouflaged champs just walk right over that contro lqard without being seen, it’s dumb. And the detection radius for all stealth seems a bit too short as well.
: Idk about you, but I actually like jungle changes
That’s funny, because their stated goal and intention do these changes were to cut down on the impact of early game junglers. Apparently they didn’t do enough testing to realize this just lets the snowball roll even faster.
: No, I was agreeing with you completely. No one can buy pinks anywhere but base (minus Kleptomancy RNG), and these warding changes are in fact bad.
Especially combined with the jungle changes, which are basically demanding early game junglers such as Warwick and the like. Not having as many wards is just set up to let these early junglers thrive.
DaCurtis (OCE)
: You're attacking the wrong side of that analogy. The point is you can't buy pinks in lane.
No, I was agreeing with you completely. No one can buy pinks anywhere but base (minus Kleptomancy RNG), and these warding changes are in fact bad.
You’re kidding right? Lanes still aren’t decided by the laners, they’re decided by whichever jungler got the most scuttlecrabs. They’re not just bad for junglers, they’re bad for you too.
Áery (NA)
: Says who? If you die to a gank you’re bad. Especially when you know your own jungler can’t respond.
“If you die to a gank you’re bad” well shit I guess everyone who’s ever played the game ever is bad at the game then. Damn.
: That's part of laning though. Interaction with the jungler. If your jungler is 2 levels behind, expect to have it affect you negatively. Same exact thing with roams too.
The problem here being there’s enough XP in scuttlecrabs alone to easily dictate two levels either way. If you as a solo laner don’t respond when your lane opponent leaves to help with scuttle and your jungle asks for help, you shouldn’t complain too much. Now, this is more of an issue with the jungle changes and not the laners itself unfortunately. But that’s a different issue.
Áery (NA)
: No problem, laners asked for laners to determine their lane not you.
Except when the enemy jungler shows up two levels ahead of even you (which is what they tried to stop btw) and kills you. THEN it’s the junglers fault, right?
DaCurtis (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=whizkid75,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q9pZzYfu,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-05-17T17:54:28.047+0000)"until you just place another ward." What other ward? Chances are it's on cooldown, if you want to walk up to a bush blind while you just saw an enemy jungler around, be my guest. >"You can still ward (in fact, they last LONGER)." Do some basic mathematics and re-read the change. They added +30s onto the ward duration level 1, but added +60s onto the cooldown of the trinket. 60 - 30 = A 30second nerf. >"And in the interim of your charge timer, buy control wards." Are you playing Ornn? No? Then you're in lane without access to the store. This is such an absurd argument.
Even as Ornn you can’t buy consumables. So no pink wards in lane for you.
Jbels (NA)
: You mean, don't force mages to take a tree that doesn't provide early defensive power if they want that ult cooldown? Why?
Because Sorcery has moved away from “Mages get more unique tools to add damage to their kit” and moved towards “fuck it, just move faster or whatever”.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: she was picked twice by koreans, while being in this current garbage state this should tell you something about what would happens if she gets buffed
Twice. By two players. In all of MSI. And you expect to believe she’s broken still? Yeah, no way.
Uni3489 (NA)
: Jungle Changes
Removing the Smite heal would make the jungle less healthy, as only champs with built in sustain would have any chance at being a viable jungle. And I’d rather not see Warwick, Yi, or Xin literally every game, thanks.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No, she's kept weak because right now Pros are picking her in MSI while her kit in regular is garbage, any buff to her would make her pick/ban in pro once again
What are you talking about? Kalista has seen a minimal amount of play at MSI, I think it was like one game? When they nerfed her passive Oathsworn bonus to give AD instead of AS and reduced her range a bit, she became unviable. Do you actually watch MSI?
: With the new Jg Changes it might be time to change how Kindred's marks work
If only Riot actually cared about keeping Kindred somewhat viable FeelsBadMan
Onotori (NA)
: What nerf? The lovetap to Cait's W? Or Morg's massive buff she just got? Yeah I see no nerfs.
The fact that the ADC patch coming up next will no longer allow her passive to Crit? As well as stat nerfs across all ADCs? Don’t worry, what you want is on its way.
Onotori (NA)
: When a champ has been a fucking recurring issue for 8 years...
You’re actually joking, yeah? Have you just ignored the nerf coming to her, or does it not fit your agenda?
: Urgot is the only other champion in a game with a "Kill Guarantee" when an ability is used. The execution goes through shields, armor, magic resistance, and healing of any kind. Even Percent damage reduction won't help. No amount of maximum health or current health can fix it, and it just labels your champion _dead as fuck_. Garen, Veigar and others with "Executes" aren't 100% able to kill enemies under a certain health thresholds every single time should one of the above be used on that target, especially when shields are involved.
You realize this is a flat amount of health, right? Not a flat percentage of health. So if you just build health it makes it harder for him to ult kill you.
: Scaling with what? I´m assuming Pyke will build similarly to Thresh, so it´ll probably scale with his own HP.
We’re not exactly sure yet, honestly. Probably not his own health, as any extra health he picks up will be converted into a small amount of AD instead. So most likely just a flat health limit. (Like 200/400/600 or something)
: I need a Rioter to explain why health threshold executes are being implemented.
It’s not a percent health though. Pyke’s Execute is a “flat amount of health”.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bigrig107,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GOzaWrFw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-23T22:22:30.656+0000) > > They said it was a remake game, that can only happen in the first 3 minutes. Only two minion waves. So I doubt any of that happened. First blood or either turret or simply runes
I have a feeling they may have mentioned that if that was the case.
: They may got drake.. baron.. herald.. turret.. first blood etc.
They said it was a remake game, that can only happen in the first 3 minutes. Only two minion waves. So I doubt any of that happened.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord of Math,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0B6ZTfcA,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-04-06T16:59:46.238+0000) > > Anyone could build it, so unless you restricted it to adc's somehow, anyone could buy it. And if it lacks any sustain, then why would people buy it? {{item:1055}} is purchased in a large part because of the life steal. Again it shouldn't replace doran's blade, it's simply useful against early support mages that do a lot of poke damage and make trading useless early game.
“Make trading useless early game” And here we have the problem. They don’t want to make trading useless early game. It’s an integral part of the laning phase.
: > I mean, what’s the downside of letting you buy champs in champ select? Ranked games. Nuff said.
I mean, what stops those exact people from buying the champ right before the game? If someone’s dead set on trying a new champ in Ranked for the first time, you’re not gonna stop them. I can only see upsides for this, from Riot’s perspective anyway.
: Emotes in stealth?
I think your opponents have to have vision of you to see any emotes. So even standing in a brush will let you spam emotes unseen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raoul,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0UQ4ydpu,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-04-07T07:15:49.190+0000) > > Why didnt you use your advantage to help your ADC? > You do know that ADCs decide every game, or dont you know that? It doesnt matter what you do. The game is won or lost by which teams ADC is stonger in the end, thats why its your job as a jungler to make sure it is yours. bruh, I stopped playing solo q cuz bot lane decides the game, ofc I know that shit. btw, I think I ganked bot 2-3 times where we got double kills and I got a tower after. Idk what else should you fuckin' do.
“We got double kills”? Yeah, that didn’t happen. YOU got double kills. Another resource management problem there. Just let the Kai’Sa have them, and everyone is happier for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malix Farwin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PuQ5AUGG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-07T07:51:33.845+0000) > > Obviously it would be for pock trades mostly. Second, people can do that anyways before entering champ select and you wouldn't know it so it really makes no difference there. Then...what difference does it make if you can buy a champ in champ select then?
If someone in queue wants to switch champs with you. Or you’ve been practicing a champ for a well while they’re free, but then forgot that today was the day they rotated and you don’t own them yet. I mean, what’s the downside of letting you buy champs in champ select?
: This Is What Is Wrong With ARAM
That’s because there are ARAM only accounts out there. They only buy the champs that are good on ARAM, and then just have fun smashing the other team on their mains. It’s not an easily solveable problem, so it’ll likely continue to happen. Not much that can be done about it.
Rioter Comments
: The other day, someone on the forums complained about getting banned for (among a list of other reasons) for picking Jinx when filled into support. So...are you sure?
I imagine the Jinx pick specifically wasn’t the reason for the banning. The “list of other reasons” is probably closer to what actually resulted in a banning.
: Let's have a talk about Kai'sa
I already knew about her Q’s targeting problem (made an extensive thread about it myself), but I wasn’t aware that only allied roots activate your ult. Are you sure about that?
BBW Chaser (EUNE)
: Lets buff Kaisa cause she struggle bot...
“I know what this champion is/does and this champion is obviously broken”. “I also don’t play this game seriously”. Makes it hard to take your criticism seriously.
: How to buff Caitlyn's early game to make her the lane bully she should be...
Yeah, Caitlyn doesn’t need any buffs. Her win rate may be low, but she herself is super strong as is. Giving her more damage and laning power is not a good idea. The traps lasting a minute at all ranks is also a horrible idea.
: @Any Rioter Concerning Karthus
Wait, Braum’s Shield can actually block a Karthus ult? That’s...counter-intuitive.
: He will still represent being scorpion of League, I disagree with you. Totally disagreed.
This doesn’t make any sense. No one said every animal was going to get a “representative” in League. He’s a ‘scorpion’ because he looks like one and uses his stinger to Impale people. Just because you think this ‘scorpion’ should be venom focused doesn’t mean he will be.
: How i felt about Cass & Skarner after seeing them
He’s a scorpion made completely of crystal from a desert that doesn’t exist. Don’t expect him to live up to all of your real world scorpion expectations.
Grunt666 (NA)
: Hard to take your DEV team serious when patch notes read like this "heal vs ignite"
Didn’t they say that Teleport was the real balancing factor between taking Ignite or something else in the mid lane? Like, Teleport was becoming the go to for most mid laners, so they buffed Ignite. And Teleport will probably still be popular after they buff Ignite, just because of how useful it is.
: Surrendering
Because “giving up” is a reportable offense, “refusing to give up” shouldn’t be one as well.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: How about readding the mini red/blue buff?
I feel like it would only decrease the jungle clearing options, honestly, and punish some champions way too hard for their tough multiple monster clear ability. Mages would also have a slightly harder time acquiring buffs solo late-game, which doesn’t really strike me as necessary. It seems to be fine as is.
: Afaik, no. Keeping the name banned is part of the punishment as the permabanned player cant recreate the original account with the name.
: first time new champion bs
Yeah, I don’t really like either side of the argument, as “it’s just a normal” is an excuse a lot of people use for supposedly not trying hard enough or whatever. But then on the other hand, playing bot games with a champion new to you isn’t even close to the same as playing against other players. The bot AI is actually pretty bad compared to what you’ll see in players, so it doesn’t really help beyond just seeing what the champs’ abilities do. So, try to cut them a bit of slack and understand that everyone has to learn new champs eventually.
koshkyra (NA)
: What is the counterplay to singed
1. CC is actually a great answer to Singed, so I’m not sure why you dismiss it so easily. A lot of champs have ranged abilities that can be used while rooted, slowed, walled off, etc. But Singed doesn’t. His only means of combat is to simply run at you with his Q up. His only gap closer is faster movement speed. If you can riot him down or wall him off, he effectively becomes useless to his team. 2. Don’t chase him. Just don’t. It’s one of the golden rules of League: Don’t. Chase. Singed. So many times I’ve watched people chase him slowly across the map as his Rylais-enhanced Q slows them and slowly destroys their health bars. Don’t chase him. The kill isn’t ever worth it. 3. Build some MR. He’s all AP and movement speed, so MR helps immensely. I find Adaptive Helm to be immensely useful in the matchup in-lane, as his Q will be reduced each time it hits you. But even with Helm, don’t chase.
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