: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
My friend and I just spent a few hours going down the entire list. These first 4 I'd say are highest priority for reconsideration; I wouldn't buy something to track the stats/behavior of my allies instead of myself. {{champion:89}} P stacks -> DMG/DMG mitigated from W (Leona can't pop her own passive) {{champion:16}} Time spent hastened by P -> Healing given to allies from QW combo {{champion:412}} #Allies that have taken a lantern -> total value of shield provided {{champion:19}} W bonus distance traveled -> Q dist traveled **We saw "a few" picks for improvements (in our opinion):** {{champion:103}} Distance traveled with R -> Healing from P {{champion:32}} E CDR (could incentivize jungle camping) -> P true damage dealt to champs {{champion:34}} #Passive activations -> Q stuns (don't have to brag about getting almost-killed) {{champion:432}} Distance traveled with E -> #stuns with Q {{champion:150}} Distance traveled with E -> time spent Hyper (3hit W) {{champion:104}} Reloaded shells with E -> DMG mitigation from Grit {{champion:420}} Kills with R -> Healing from passive {{champion:126}} DMG with HammerE -> mana restored with HammerW {{champion:85}} Kills with W -> #times passive stun goes off {{champion:43}} Hits with RQ -> BOTH hits of RQ {{champion:96}} **No suggestion**, but incentivizing suicide bombs are probably not healthy to gameplay {{champion:64}} R target towards allies -> R additional knockups (for when you're peeling) {{champion:127}} Healing from R (incentivizes self-cast) -> damage emanating from R {{champion:99}} Kills with R -> P marks consumed with R || P marks consumed -> Q's landed {{champion:267}} E bonus DMG -> #of W's with at least one bounce {{champion:111}} Q-hits on champs -> #collateral knockups from R {{champion:78}} Shields thrown P -> E collision stuns {{champion:555}} Distance traveled with W -> Gold Shared {{champion:133}} Distance traveled with E -> Champions revealed with W {{champion:35}} Backstabs P -> QP backstabs after Q {{champion:50}} Long-range W's (satisfying, I know) -> Lifetime P stacks {{champion:517}} #P hits -> #double Q hits {{champion:223}} #P stacks -> #consumed P stacks {{champion:6}} Kills with R -> Fears with R {{champion:161}} Kills with R -> # of times P has activated {{champion:106}} Healing from P -> Executes with W (My main. I'll see u post rework <3)
: FAQ: Eternals
There's a lot of new terminology here, and aside from a few screenshots, i'm not really sure I get it? So is the first batch just the god/class "Eternals" or is batch 1 gonna have custom achievements for each champion like the article refers to several times? And while i'm not completely opposed to these features being behind a paywall, will there be any consideration for giving a discount to players based on their mastery score? I.E. would I have to pay the same amount for my 130k mastery score Volibear and my 1k mastery score Yuumi? And the Eternals are being "sold in sets of 3" do we get to chose which 3? or if I want a Volibear Eternal i'm gonna have to pick up another 2 random champions I don't care about? The FAQ article doesn't shed much light on this either. (copy/pasted from my own post on the /dev article)
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: Teamfight Tactics
LoLwut is autochess
kywh (NA)
: Can't copyright a game mode.
PUBG literally tried to sue Epic Games for making Fortnite. They chose not to pursue the lawsuit, but it did happen.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
I don't play a ton of wukong, but as someone who loves the tricky champions (Neeko, Shaco, Teemo, etc) this definitely sounds exciting. Anytime I get Wu in aram, I'm constantly using S to play mind games with the enemy, so having his kit highlight that seems great to me.
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Amusing AND informative. I have such a deep appreciation for the casual reporting Riot does on new releases. "Talented Taric players will have more, clearer opportunities to make lock-down plays for their team, **and bad Taric players will have more opportunities to disappoint you.**"
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
The most exciting part of featured game mode posts is seeing the adorable Ziggs self-doodles.
Veraska (NA)
{{champion:57}} Maokai - After my friend got me into League, he told me to just glance at all the champions, and I immediately fell in love with the big ol' tree. I made sure he was one of the first champions I'd unlock, and ended up maining him in the jungle the rest of season 3 (I know, I'm still a noobie). The first time I bought RP was to get Haunted Mao while he was available. I find his subtle, yet oh so punishing CC satisfying to use, and love how versatile he can be in a team comp depending on how you build him. Of course, his sapplings are always too cute to ignore, too.


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