: Forecast Janna spreads misinformation
: I'm starting to believe that the gameplay section of the boards is ignored
They should ignore the boards, because no one uses these things. None of the posts on the home page have more than 100 upvotes, so few people actually come on here that Riot has very little reason to look at it.
ZEDxi (NA)
: Just a discussion on veig, nothing serious.
Your logic doesn't make sense. You want them to nerf him just to nerf him, regardless of whether he needs it or not? What if he doesn't need it, then he should just be nerfed, cause? And what about Diana? She hasn't been nerfed in even longer, only buffed, but should she also be nerfed too? And why wouldn't you count indirect nerfs to his items and other things? Those are a major determining factor for how strong a champion is.
: its hilarious watchinng sjws go nuts in game chat
: Why is Ivern getting his 10 damage shield buff halved on the PBE?
I'm ok with them being slow and careful on buffing Ivern, that champ is insanely broken when he is op. He can steal camps easily, can straight rush support items, get tanky while doing so, and do enough damage to duel other junglers. Keeping him a bit on the weaker side seems like a pretty alright idea for right now.
: Share your OWN thoughts on how you'd nerf Kai'Sa, Graves, Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot & Akali
I think something that would be a small but nice nerf to Kai'sa is to change Infernal Drake to give either AP or AD, instead of both. Very few champs utilize the fact that it gives both, and it allows a Kai'sa to gain an even larger lead than she would have had compared to other champs with the same lead.
: It's my 27th Birthday tonight at midnight and I only have one request
: Suddenly we got a map of runeterra
nope, it's a battle royale, 100%
: Why phase rush Xin Zhao
If you're playing Xin Zhao in the current jungle meta, you will probably be going up against someone like Graves, Kindred, or Taliyah. These are ranged champs, and in early skirmishes this gives them an inherent advantage. Taking Phase Rush allows you to stay on these champs and makes it way more difficult for them to kite you. Plus, Frozen Mallet isn't that good on anyone.
: Guys I'm literally crying right now
Frontier is actually the worst fucking internet company, turned my internet off for a month because they "thought I didn't want it" and then still charge us for it, lmao. Fuck them. Congratulations on finally getting off of them.
Rioter Comments
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
Zoe- Passive: Damage changed to 50% against towers. Q: Cost increased by 10 at all ranks. W: Movement speed duration reduced to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5. Movement speed reduced by 20 at all ranks. E: Changed to magic damage from true damage. Ratio increased by 10% total.
Wolfaxx (NA)
: Mobile version?
I highly doubt it could be done, there's too much in this game and too many complicated champions that would make it extremely hard and unfun to play on mobile.
: What's the point of Aurelion Sol ?
High elo players played him because he roamed really well, much better than any of those 3 champions.
Delebru (EUW)
: End of IE Garen
They should reduce crit items from 30% crit to 25%, no idea why they didn't.
: I am Bat Man
eat less food
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: My girlfriend is silver
if you're the kind of guy who cares what elo his girlfriend is, I'd hang onto any girl you can get
: Shouldn't celestial body go to the resolve tree instead of the inspiration tree?
: Rumble is trash and could use some buffs...
Palekim (NA)
: Why should I be punished for not playing well?
people saying mean words does nothing, you leaving the game actively ruins the game experience for all other 9 people in the game very poor clickbait title btw
: Can we get a rune that does AOE damage?
: Zilean's ultimate can get lowered to 28 seconds
lul in what universe do teamfights last for a minute now
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: What champion did you guys "Win Against Most" in your reveiw?
hghug (OCE)
: I need elementalist lux
save up enough money until you can afford it
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Ahris (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Ahris,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7HHJy1Lp,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-11T06:40:06.239+0000) > > Ya adcs get so much lifesteal and mages will sacrifice all the damage from other masteries. No mage will probably even use it. The champ that i would mainly want to take it on if this was the case if Kassadin, seems like it would be really good on him.
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wildfox99 (EUW)
: make precision viable for AP champ
I'd actually really like to take fleet footwork on Kassadin, but the attack just isn't worth it on him.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Unpopular opinion I'm sure but...Breath of the Wild doesn't deserve game of the year
If BotW is removed, then PUBG sure as hell needs to be removed too.
Ahris (NA)
: Why did Riot rework Ahri the 2nd time?
If I remember correctly, they did what they did because they were removing DFG. that's when they changed Veigar as well I believe.
Rioter Comments
: Here's what I love about Nintendo's business model
too bad they anally slam anyone who wants to make a video of one of their games
ADC Bard (NA)
: Why didn't they just call USA "America"
The United States are in America. The Americas is the land mass comprised of North and South America. So we are just a bunch of "states" located in America, that are united. It would just be plain stupid to name a country solely after the continent it is on.
MysterQ (NA)
: How Does QT Duo on his Alt?
chowdog is master, feed l0rd is d4, and I don't think he's played on clg imaqtpie69 this season
: Ahri is the most generic mage ever
I think the term you're looking for is "jack of all trades"
: If Master Yi charges towards a guy with ulti
: Please give us the option to disable this map skin
Skorch (NA)
: One important thing to note about brittle.
: Ornn and his item upgrade passive Discussion
Abyssal Mask is a tank item, not an AP item.
: Deathcap better give 70%+ ap for this price.
I'm pretty sure you buy the item, then the upgrade.
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: Counter picks to a midlane Zed?
Vladimir does pretty well
: What is wrong with you people? You shouldn't need a reward to be a pleasant and positive person. This system is designed to reward consistent positivity. And if all you care about is the award you're definitely not as honorable as you think
For the record, I'm not referring to myself as not getting it, I'm referring to high elo streamers who play 10+ hours of league a day that haven't been able to get it, even though they get a lot of honors. I just find it strange that no one has been able to get it yet.
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: How to counter Jax (Counter play, not champions)
Finding a way to dodge his stun is always really helpful, and avoid 1v1'ing him later on or when he's fed. Grouping and allowing your carries to kill him if you're top or jg (I assume, since you want tips on countering him) will be very good. But yeah, he is pretty annoying.
: Its true that only 15 % of them got released but lets think about it a bit what if you know hes gonna be stuck with 100 health increase or who knows what
What are you even trying to say? There's no point wondering, because we only have a fraction of the runes revealed.
Leyin (EUW)
: no they announced now about 15%.
Ok, so yeah, why would OP even make a discussion about this?
: New runes and our lovely jhin
They haven't announced all the runes yet, have they?
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